White Victims of Black Crime - 0032 - Amy Gibbins

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  1. 0032
  2. ----------------
  4. June 16, 2013
  6. Location: Calumet,OK
  8. Victim(s): Amy Gibbins 22, Bryor Gibbins 5
  10. Attacker(s): Derek Don Posey 30
  12. Description: Posey raped Amy, before beating her to death. He then set her house on fire before fleeing, causing her son Bryor to die from smoke inhalation.
  14. On June 16, the bodies of 22-year-old Amy Gibbins and her son, Bryor, were found in their burned down Calumet home. OSBI has now determined Amy was killed by blunt force trauma and Bryor died of smoke inhalation.
  15. On June 25, Investigators arrested Derek Posey in the Tulsa area for the murders. Posey worked the oil fields around Calumet and was an acquaintance of Amy's according to the OSBI.
  16. Investigators say Posey is spotted on surveillance video using her ATM card to withdraw money at an El Reno bank on June 16. The video is from around the same time the 911 call came in for the fire, according to OSBI.
  17. Investigators say Posey also took Amy's cell phone which helped them track Posey to the El Reno ATM.
  18. "It's a tough job, especially when you work something like this," says Calumet Police Chief Brian Huckabee who knew the victims.
  19. "She was a good mother. She was a good friend to many. She was a good person," says Chief Huckabee about Amy Gibbins.
  21. Link(s):
  22. Charged with murder.
  23. Posey is sentenced to death.
  25. Amy’s find a grave memorial.
  26. Bryor’s find a grave memorial.
  27. ----------------
  29. New info about man arrested for the double murder.
  30. He beat & raped a woman back in 10/2/2008.
  31. He was acquitted
  32.  in the rape case, but was convicted for a 2002 peeping tom incident.
  33. Arraignment set for December 2014.
  34. Death Penalty paperwork filed 2/4/2015. Status conference set for May 26.
  36. Gibbins surname info
  37. Gibbins surname info house of names.
  38. Gibbins surname info surname database.
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