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  1. Dear Linkshot,
  3. The GMs as well as the rest of the RotMG team have reviewed your recent actions and behavior both on the Forum and off.  We have come to a decision that we will now have to end our relationship with you as a Moderator.
  5. Due to breaking our privacy and disclosure clause, as well as reports of inappropriate behavior from other players, we are forced to revoke your Moderator privileges.  We will be removing you from all the Moderator documents, e-mail aliases associated with Kabam, and banning your Forum account. Please remember, that although this Moderator relationship has ended, any information you learned during your tenure as a Moderator is still covered by this confidentiality agreement. Please refrain from discussing any privileged information you were privy to to avoid further action against you.
  7. Thanks for your cooperation.
  10. Best,
  11. The Realm of the Mad God Team
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