Vincent Byrne of TNSradio tracing & bullying

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  1.  A statement from the founder of Tir na Saor on Vincent Byrne of TNS radio about his actions of using his Tir na Saor moderator status to locate and threaten users and some other very worrying info of his actions.
  3. "I noticed that Vin was changing 6’s posts, editing his group description and basically just abusing what little authority he had as a moderator on Tir na Saor. It came to light that Vin had located 6’s general geographic location using his email address from the list of users and basically threatened him"
  6.     Setting the record straight...
  8.         Posted by Kev on August 29, 2010 at 21:19 in Law and Sovereignty
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  11.     I am writing this with a truly heavy heart. I cannot believe how this has progressed and what has happened. Before you read the following please note that today I tried to speak to Vin about this at the meetup. I felt
  12.     it would be best to try to discuss this out in the open before doing anything
  13.     further or dragging it across the site like this. I’d hoped that speaking about
  14.     it today would iron out any problems - But after today I have no reservations
  15.     about what I’m about to say. I tried to air the issues that i’ve been having
  16.     only to be told firstly and blankly to “fuck off” – I was threatened by Vin for
  17.     accusing him of being a liar – scoffed at, laughed at – those who were there
  18.     were accused of being in a Coven and accused of Witchcraft when someone
  19.     suggested we use the ancient Brehon tradition of using a talking stick – this
  20.     is pathetic. You have a man hear talking about honour and ‘making good’. The
  21.     man you listen to on the radio is a complete two faced liar! He certainly does not practice what he preaches at all and does not care about anyone but himself.
  23.     By writing this – it is not my intention to create controversy, feed scandal or create a gossip fest – My intention is to put an end to, or at least shine a light on the controversy, scandal and gossip that’s
  24.     across the site in these last weeks and beyond. It’s time that people had the full
  25.     disclosure I believe they are more than entitled to; so they might better know
  26.     where they stand. Enough is enough – I am sick of the lies and hypocrisy being
  27.     spewed from the lips of grown men who are nothing more than overgrown bullies. Most
  28.     people listen to the radio and think that Vin and Harry are lovely guys, men of
  29.     honour and integrity. Vin tries to portray that what he does on the radio is
  30.     some sort of self sacrifice, a struggle that he keeps up just so everyone can
  31.     eventually ‘get it’. I hear him time and time again playing the violin and the
  32.     poor me song, in the hopes that people will turn around and say ‘jeez vin, you
  33.     are a great guy, where would we be without you?’ I see him wearing a mask,
  34.     deceiving those who haven’t actually had any real dealings with him to believe
  35.     that he’s an all round hero. In truth, he is a backstabbing liar, bent on
  36.     control. He spouts on about honour, respect and responsibility for ones actions
  37.     and makes it sound good – but he pisses all over those principles in his day to
  38.     day.
  40.     I have recently learned; although I’ve long suspected, that Vin has been doing some underhanded things behind my back and then putting up a facade on the site of the all round good guy. He has spread vicious rumours and
  41.     lies about me and others on this site in an effort to attack my integrity and
  42.     honour. They have approached members from the site inviting them to attend
  43.     dodgy ‘recorded’ meetings – the reason for which is officially unknown – from
  44.     what i’ve heard this can potentially endanger the lives of people on the site. (Some
  45.     of you may be able to work this one out for yourselves). They’ve attacked
  46.     members on this site for having a difference of opinion or asking questions
  47.     about the IRB – I wonder why?  (The issue
  48.     is only partially to do with the IRB and more to do with the disgusting behaviour
  49.     of these two grown bullies).  Members;
  50.     good people have left the site because of this crap.
  52.     There is a control issue going on here and it’s because simply Vin and Harry want control - ego’s going on a mad one. Most people think that I knew Vin before Tír na Saor was started as he likes to give people the
  53.     impression that we both set it up – that it was our idea. This is not true at all. I wish to now set the record
  54.     straight. As far as I can tell Vin has wanted control of TnS from the start and
  55.     i’ve always felt that he was bitter that he didn’t set it up originally. Here’s
  56.     some lad half his age doing what he claims he ‘was thinking about doing for
  57.     years’. He knows well he had nothing to do with it being set up; his first
  58.     posts said ‘best of luck with this venture’ and he often said ‘well i want to
  59.     take a back seat in all this’ he had no intention of being an ‘active member’
  60.     so to speak – to look at him now after him saying that it’s kinda laughable and
  61.     makes you wonder what changed? It seems to me that as soon as he saw it was
  62.     going to be a good thing he changed his mind about all that and began pissing
  63.     on his patch.
  65.     It wasn’t too long before I heard Vin telling his first blatant, barefaced public lies about the establishment of the site. When we were at a Gathering I organised where we had Brian Gerrish over, I had asked
  66.     Vin and Harry to do a talk. This was Vins first time talking on behalf of Tir
  67.     na Saor and he did a talk on the Brehon Laws – however near the end he told
  68.     this little porky:  He told people that
  69.     “meself and Kevin got together, and we decided to set up a little website...
  70.     Kevin went off and done all the technical stuff...” eh what the fuck?!?
  71.     Implying what? He done the rest? (You can hear the lie for yourself here:
  72.     at 1:11:10 onwards. The meeting he is talking about was actually arranged
  73.     through the site so – TnS was ALREADY SET UP before we ever met!) Now Vin knows,
  74.     and I know, and so do a heap of other people – that that was utter bullshit! So
  75.     why say it? What image is he trying desperately to portray to others, knowing
  76.     that it’s a lie and why? I let this slide at first. He repeated this crap on
  77.     the radio, any chance he got – with the ‘I remember me and Kevin sitting there
  78.     thinking we’re going to be the lonliest two freemen in the country’ – again this
  79.     is total b*llix – Vin wasn’t the second, third or even fourth member on the
  80.     site. It was obvious to me that Vin was trying to establish some falsehood as
  81.     truth and he seemed to think if he kept repeating it eventually people would
  82.     think that it was true especially with newer members. The truth of the matter
  83.     is he had absolutely nothing, zero, zip, zilch, nada to do with the founding or
  84.     creation of Tír na Saor. This went on for a while and members even came to me
  85.     and were like wtf is he saying that for (again and again)?
  87.     It got to the point where I had to call him on it and ask why he was saying it. It was pulling the integrity of the site into question. I figured that the best way to deal with this would be to invite him to my house
  88.     for a cup of tea and a man to man chat rather make it public and drag it out
  89.     over the site. It started with me asking: “vin, what do you remember about the
  90.     site being set up” – at that moment he knew what I was talking about, a long
  91.     awkward uncomfortable silence followed... Vin’s justification for this seemed
  92.     to be that he was ‘thinking’ about doing that before I’d done it so...? My amicable
  93.     response to that was ‘credit where it is due’ and I thanked him for everything
  94.     he has actually done in sharing his knowledge with others but was clear that he
  95.     did not set up the site or come up with the concept of Tír na Saor....he seemed
  96.     to agree with what I was saying and took it onboard – seemed to - however, I
  97.     have learned that he took this personally and wasn’t happy that I confronted
  98.     him on it at all. (Seems expressing a claim for it to be resolved isn’t enough).
  99.     Vin has told people that I have a big ego (pot, kettle, black? Are we
  100.     projecting here?) and that when I invited him to my house I ‘demoralised’ him
  101.     in front of my ‘parents’ – I do not live with my parents and there was no one
  102.     in the room when we were talking?!? Yet another lie - what the hell is he trying
  103.     to portray to people about me and why is he trying to damage me and put me down
  104.     like this? Thankfully most people see through his bullshit and are telling me
  105.     what he has been saying to them. That talk we had seemed only to drive a wedge
  106.     between us and I never felt the same around him after that. I’m disgusted, but
  107.     not surprised to hear what he has been saying about me and others behind our
  108.     backs. I shudder to think what else he’s been saying to people in private.
  110.     Now, the Radio was set up, developed and created by another member to be a feature of Tir na Saor – a vehicle for the use of the community. When this member stepped back due to college pressure’s the access to the radio
  111.     site – was supposed to be given to a handful of members so that we
  112.     could use it and in case of a worst case scenario, others would be able to keep
  113.     the radio going. In retrospect it’s no surprise that this never happened and
  114.     Vin has very much taken control of it and made it his own. Since then the radio
  115.     has been used as a propaganda machine to prop up their own egos, promote the
  116.     IRB and put down any opposing views of ‘folks who just don’t get it’.  He is using this radio to define himself and
  117.     create what to me – is a false image of what he’s really like – put’s himself
  118.     on a pedastool, makes out what he’s doing is so hard, a big sacrifice that he
  119.     just has to do – but really it’s so people will be like ‘oh Vin, what a great
  120.     guy he is’. He’s even making out that his life was endangered for being the
  121.     host – this is another crock and i’ll explain why now shortly. Newsflash – no
  122.     one ever asked him to do this – it was completely voluntary and of his own
  123.     accord – he seized the opportunity - so anything he feels as a result of this
  124.     is completely a result of his own choice and his own doing. We are supposed to
  125.     be responsible for our actions, not moan about the results of them when it
  126.     ‘stops being fun’ for you.  Around this
  127.     time Vin was expecting a substantial donation being made to the site by another
  128.     member. More than anything we received before or since and these funds were
  129.     supposed to trickle down to be used for guidebooks, flyers and another
  130.     Gathering presentation – to my knowledge no one has seen any of this (?) and he
  131.     hasn’t mentioned it since.
  133.     There have been several failed attempts by Vin to set up alternative sites to Tír na Saor and divert traffic to them but the membership and usage always dwindles off. I didn’t see it as a problem at first although I
  134.     often wondered why? Now i see that he has set up yet another ning site – this
  135.     time using the branding (so to speak) of Tír na Saor itself. I mean we all know
  136.     well what TnS stands for right? It seems to me that they are attempting to
  137.     orchestrate some sort of split – This is obvious by the fact that they set up
  138.     an alternative site and have been banning people who raise questions they do
  139.     not want to answer. A small few members have cancelled their a/c here and moved
  140.     to the radio one...Divide and conquer much?
  142.     Take a closer look at his most recent post for example, read between the lines and you’ll see what’s really going on ( Firstly he asks the ‘OP’ to come on the radio to ‘put forward their point of
  143.     view’ avoiding the actual issue. Excuse me but are they not putting it forward
  144.     in writing? Why should they have to go on to the radio to do so? Are they not
  145.     putting their point of view across here?
  146.     Answer the question vin – deal with the matter! Then he goes on to say
  147.     how much he admires me – bleh!; when I read that it turned my stomach knowing
  148.     what he’s really been up to behind my back and what he’s been saying! It’s just
  149.     another attempt to create some sort of squeaky clean self image, it means
  150.     nothing to me – Why even mention something like that in that thread? What’s on
  151.     his mind, what’s he trying to portray to people? Actions speak louder than
  152.     words Vin! Actions speak louder than words... Everybody take Notice of this and
  153.     how he repeatedly refers to this site as ‘Freeman Ireland’ (on the thread and always
  154.     on the radio etc) and the radio ‘TnS’(...which in the mother tongue
  155.     means...wha?) – in an attempt to create some sort of distinction – Vin reality
  156.     check - THIS IS TÍR NA SAOR!!! The distinction is in your mind only. FYI type
  157.     in to your web browser
  158.     and look where it takes you... Furthermore I Notice how he’s talking about ‘not
  159.     asking for permission’ to do things, what’s he implying here? That he doesn’t
  160.     have to ask for permission to use the Tir na Saor name? Why set up another ning
  161.     site, call it ‘TnS’, then ban – yes BAN members from this site including myself
  162.     the original founding member with no justification or reason? To make matters
  163.     worse Vin ignored my repeated efforts to get in contact with him and i’m yet to
  164.     receive a reply as to why I was banned...? If that wasn’t bad enough he deleted
  165.     a thread from a member who raised this very issue. It seems there’s no room for
  166.     questioning minds on that site, only people who are willing to toe the party
  167.     line and too blind to see what’s really going on. Make sure you don’t get on
  168.     the wrong side of them, because you’ll be banned too on a whim and if it’s
  169.     really bad they’ll start spreading some nasty rumours about you. Isn’t this
  170.     just the same old mindset we are trying to get away from? You’ll see CcC’s post
  171.     and his response to this in the ‘turning your back’ thread here:
  172.     . Seems a pretty automated, callous and robotic response to send to someone who
  173.     you know doesn’t it? Of course he makes sure to make the customary jab at the integrity
  174.     of the original poster. Then to go on the radio night after night talking about
  175.     principles of honour, fairness, integrity and justice; – does anyone else see something
  176.     wrong with this picture?
  178.     Many of you were made aware of issues on the site from the carry on in that ‘Occult Ireland’ thread and might think that this issue is solely to do with the IRB. While it is an important aspect I feel the issue
  179.     goes deeper than that. Now in the weeks coming up to Michael Tsarions interview
  180.     David posted an article of his in a thread called ‘occult history of Ireland’.
  181.     A most appropriate article if you ask me considering the site and the guest we
  182.     were having on. The article raised some questions about the IRB which prompted
  183.     people to voice questions of their own. In no time at all Vin, Harry and others
  184.     began to outright attack the people raising the questions when it really wasn’t
  185.     called for at all. Vin has described this as a ‘loaded thread’ – whatever that
  186.     means. Harry instantly jumped in with: ‘oh you’ve been nlp’d by some psycho’ in
  187.     a sly underhand reference to the man who posted the thread up but also to
  188.     undermine the intelligence of anybody who apparently didn’t agree with him. The
  189.     hypocrite had the gall to call others ‘pot smoking hippies’ and was desperately
  190.     trying to discredit the questioners instead of um...engaging in healthy debate
  191.     to come to some Truth – isn’t that what we’re here for? Well excuse me if that
  192.     truth wasn’t what some want to hear.
  193.     Either they’re wrapped up in something they don’t understand themselves
  194.     - or they know exactly what they are doing and keeping it secret from others –
  195.     I do not know which is more worrying.
  196.     Here on TnS they are promoting what appears to be a shady brotherhood,
  197.     with mysterious ceremonies, hierarchical structure, and still remains a secret
  198.     society – every secret society has been infiltrated what makes people think the
  199.     IRB would be different simply because it’s Irish? I ask, has Tir na Saor been
  200.     infiltrated also? And what’s more; what makes others think that people on here,
  201.     truth seekers no less would not want to know more about this society especially
  202.     as it is being promoted heavily through this site and that some ‘members’ of
  203.     TnS appear to now be members of the IRB – or else they really really want to
  204.     be. Are people not allowed to have an interest in something, while questioning
  205.     the same thing without the risk of being bullied and attacked? What started out
  206.     as curiosity for many has become suspicions validated - true colours were
  207.     shown; instead of questions being answered, people were attacked and the same
  208.     questions remain unanswered..! I still don’t know what to make of the IRB either
  209.     way but if Vin and Harry’s behaviour is anything to go on, I’ll be dealing with
  210.     them at arm’s length from now onwards until I find the answers i’m looking for –
  211.     very Masonic feel to the whole thing in my opinion. I see ceremony and
  212.     pageantry and I wonder how can the IRB claim ownership of a symbol that’s
  213.     thousands of years old? Surely the symbol doesn’t belong to anyone and it’s for
  214.     mans understanding? I still don’t know how seriously involved with the IRB
  215.     (have they taken the Oath? Has Harry taken an Oath to be Chief Justice? – if so
  216.     is it to the people or the IRB?) or are they just dazzled by the glitz and
  217.     glamour and the thoughts of re-living the glory days of men who came before
  218.     them? Going on their actions alone it would appear as though they are keeping
  219.     something secret – but what? And why? Are they using Tir na Saor as a
  220.     springboard for the IRB? If so would they be rewarded for this?
  222.     Now what was going on with that thread Occult Ireland thread? At first it was people discussing the Hidden history of this land – we know we have one so what’s the big deal? The IRB weren’t the only order discussed but
  223.     they were the only one that people had a problem with. Why were more lies being
  224.     spewed out for people to lap up on that thread? Lies that the majority of people
  225.     would not know to be lies, would overlook them and not bat an eyelid to – but lies
  226.     nonetheless. Such as for example Vin claiming he “sought them (the IRB) out”. This
  227.     I know to be false, as I was there, and I wonder why he said that? Sure there
  228.     was talk about the Harp and the number of strings, which Vin noticed before
  229.     Billy came on the scene but the significance of this was unknown until somebody
  230.     brought a hotpress article to a meeting talking about the Sovereign Seal this
  231.     was the first many of us heard of it, in such detail anyway. I’d first heard
  232.     about it in September of 2009, a couple of months before hand. I found it to be
  233.     a curious piece of information, was intrigued and wanted to know more – a
  234.     couple of weeks later Billy was interviewed. That was in November of 09 –
  235.     however Harry knew Billy from at least September because myself and a few
  236.     others went to Court for the challenge to Lisbon2 and they were both there and they
  237.     knew each other - as far as I know it was he who contacted Billy and arranged
  238.     the interview – so i’m confused, why allude to the opposite above?  What’s more I, along with many others were
  239.     lead to believe that this year was Harry’s first year turning the Seal in the
  240.     mansion house, but apparently Billy turned to him and said – ‘there’s more here
  241.     this year Harry’ so go figure? – Now I didn’t hear that myself but I have it on
  242.     good authority and I don’t feel that the individual telling me was lying – when
  243.     it was brought up at a later point Harry just laughed it off... I thought it
  244.     unusual that he was made Deputy Chief Justice and though hmm... that happened
  245.     fast.
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  260.     Permalink Reply by Kev on August 29, 2010 at 21:21
  261.         One thing Vin has been saying to anyone who will believe him is that i’ve been...wait for it – ‘Hypnotised’, that I’m ‘brainwashed and under mind control’ – perhaps under the influence himself of Harry’s ‘Nlp’d’ comment, who knows? What matters is that he is telling people this in all seriousness; hoping to convince them that not just me, but a handful of others have been hypnotised. He’s saying that a certain member has been at my house ‘every day for weeks’ or something to that effect – hypnotising me to what.... have a questioning mind? Question the IRB? And by implication they are alleging that this member has it in for Vin and Harry and the IRB...Why are you doing this Vin and Harry? What do you hope to achieve? Manipulation and backstabbing will get you nowhere – not in this age. If that isn’t bad enough he’s also told people that I was “in a cult” – relating to a few meetups a handful of us had with a self-proclaimed religious figure – I wonder is he saying that those other members where ‘in the cult’ too? It would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragically serious! It is disappointing beyond words. Trying to use and manipulate members and turn us against one another – why? It’s sickening and guess what - it’s backfired – I see through you.
  263.         On top of this; and further proof of what’s going on - the link in the Radio box on Tír na Saor was sneakily changed to tnsradio.ning site so that when members clicked to listen they were brought there instead...again I ask wtf? And why? A moderator went into the code and fixed the link. To my knowledge he also moved something in the box – This resulted in Vin having a verbal in the chatbox for all to see with a “you should have asked me” angry head on him knowing full well that he had changed the link. Those members know each other since the beginning of the site and it wouldn’t have taken much to have a call on skype or a pm – instead Vin and Harry started going on as if the radio was ‘under attack’, presumably with the intention of spreading paranoia on the site, and alluded that the moderator deleted all the podcasts – (For the record the podcasts went when we paid the subscription because we can’t have them on this package.) If that wasn’t bad enough I noticed that the mission statement was changed (from lives/sovereignty), while it is only one word the mission statement reflects the ambition of the entire site and its members and there is only one moderator who would change the mission statement like that and think nothing of it – not to mention about setting up a facebook site, of which there are now three (!) and a TnSradio ning page – this sheer blatant and blind hypocrisy is beyond worrying, in fact hypocrisy is too small a word.
  265.         I also want people to know that these slanderous allegations are causing harm – they are seriously damaging. Vin and Harry attempted to shit stir and start a smear campaign against another member who had according to Vin left some female members “stranded” - this backfired in their faces also– when the people involved contacted him and were like wtf? Mind your own business! (fyi all the people actually involved are ok with each other). One member is totally being used as a scapegoat here. Last week I logged on to Tir na Saor to see Vin had sent a mail to 95 members and posted a little thread on the site entitled “Has anyone any info on this; I was shocked blah blah blah” – The opening line read “I was told this in confidence...” yet here you go everybody! When I first read it I was not aware of the full story – i knew who it related to and instantly saw it for the farce it was. He was trying to imply this member left the girls ‘stranded’. Nothing more than an attempt to stir more bullshit and sway public opinion against this man – ask yourselves why? So I responded asking why it was sent – apologies for the confusion I know this lead to in some members but it was a genuine response and I have answered anybody who has asked me questions about it and many have. They seem to underestimate the intelligence of the people on the site and think they can get away with that shit unnoticed – well im glad that the majority of people do not think like that.
  267.         What really saddens me is that there are a handful of members whom I would have until recently considered friends (you know who you are) who are actually buying into all this and believing whatever Vin and Harry tell them. I mean ask yourself if you thought you’re friend was being hypnotised and under brainwashed mind control – and you really believed that – would you just turn your back on them and leave them *ahem “stranded”?! Not so much as a phone call, txt, email, pm – nothing! No: ‘is everything ok’, ‘wanna talk about anything?’ or even just ‘hi’. Either they just believe everything they’re being told or they really don’t care about people that two months ago they called friends perhaps even brothers? You wanna talk about brainwashing look for a change in behaviour. Lads in truth you should be ashamed of yourselves. At least I know where I stand – Thanks for the lesson learned.
  269.         Now to get back to this ‘death threat’ and what was going on there. For most it would seem that it just appeared out of the blue on the site that day. I know for a fact that it was at least two months old at the time it was posted by the user with the unimaginative name of ‘DonCarlosOliveOil’ (hmm) who posted it up and then deleted their account. As soon as I seen the threat I had my suspicions as to who posted it up. Well let me tell you the backstory as I witnessed it and having spoken to all those involved:
  271.         When Billy was first interviewed one member known infamously as ‘Number.6’ started asking questions about it all – in fairness he didn’t handle it as well as he could have and started by saying “Billy McGuire is full of shit” in the chatbox which Harry didn’t take too kindly to for some reason and began arguing with 6 – it was petty and childish from both sides and no one was getting anywhere – this reached its pinnacle when 6 told Harry to ‘suck his cock’ and Harry became quite offended. The next morning when I was getting ready for college I got a call from Vin and Harry complaining about it all – I tried to cheer them up and get them to see beyond the pettiness of it all – I even jokingly repeated 6’s quip to harry at the end of the call – we laughed but obviously it wasn’t over. When I came home I found that Vin had taken it upon himself to torment 6 in what could only be an act of vengeance. I noticed that Vin was changing 6’s posts, editing his group description and basically just abusing what little authority he had as a moderator on Tir na Saor. It came to light that Vin had located 6’s general geographic location using his email address from the list of users and basically threatened him for what he had been saying and doing on the site – hardly honourable behaviour – (now just to point out 6 would be around my age, early-mid twenties). When 6 posted this on the site Vin quickly deleted the thread so others couldn’t see. He eventually apologised to 6 both through email and later over the radio for what he’d done. Now obviously some people didn’t forget that and harboured bad feelings towards Vin.
  273.         Two months ago now, Vin contacted me saying that another member (one who he previously told me was dodgy and not to be trusted) had contacted him to say they had this skype conversation threatening to run over him – Vin told me the details of what it said and that he was considering going to the Gardai – I told him I couldn’t agree more, if he really believed his life was in danger; that’s what they were for afterall! That was the last I heard of this before it was dragged through the site via that Occult Ireland thread. Now I spoke to the member who found the skype conversation and they tell me they only sent it to two people and Vin was one of them. I re-iterate – this was two months ago – so what happened? Why did this come out when it did, Where it did and how it did? What effect did it have on the site and the topic of discussion in general? How did a handful of people behave in relation to it? I even seen Harry asking who ‘deleted the evidence’ – Evidence?! Like Tir na Saor is the real world and if it’s on here it must be fact!? Vin has had a copy of this for weeks and weeks, he was even supposed to send it on to me so why not get a copy from him instead of implying that other people on the site are conspiring against you. On the radio following the threat being posted I heard Vin on the Radio saying ‘He regrets posting it up’ – not sure what he was referring to and that ‘there are people on this site who don’t want you to know this information’ – who are you referring to exactly Vin? Or are you just trying to breed paranoia and division on Tír na Saor for some reason? This is in truth a petty squabble between some members that has been dragged out and aired across the site and it goes right back to a member asking questions about the IRB. Really people wtf is going on here? This is madness and the whole thing is feeding on itself – In relation to the threat being posted on the thread I feel the maxim ‘quo bono’ – ‘who benefits’ is worth considering.
  275.         Vin has abused what little authority he has on this site time and time again – from changing posts to banning members – Once a new member had joined and was in the chatbox asking the usual questions a newbie would, and being sceptical and critical of what we are talking about. A few of us were responding to the questions when all of a sudden Vin comes on and says: ‘i’ve banned suchn’such – they obviously weren’t here to learn’ (!) Everyone who seen it was shocked, were like wtf? and told Vin to unban him! – when he did he says ‘play nice guys’ – Seriously? Banning someone because in your opinion they’re ‘not here to learn’ – what gives anyone the right to determine that. Needless to say that member never came back.
  277.         I never wanted to see the site as ‘mine’ as such. I may have created it but I see it as everybody’s, ours to share and nurture into a beautiful thing. Unfortunately that approach has caused this to happen and allowed dominant ego’s to try and take over a good thing. I feel as though I am being forced into a position where I have to make my claim. I tried to speak about it face to face and in private and it only made matters much worse. I see Tír na Saor being railroaded and pushed into a direction that it was never intended to be in. I see Vin and Harry orchestrating some sort of split attempting to get a chunk of the members onto the tnsradio site, why? Because he’s in control of that one and if you say anything out of line you will be banned. If people want to set up their own site, with a different concept and a different ethos than they are more than welcome to do so (as has been attempted on more than one occasion) - but they may not do so under the banner of Tír na Saor! – It is officially copyrighted and therefore this constitutes theft. We have an established representation and ethos and i’m not about to sit back and see Tír na Saor, its members and what we have achieved be dragged through the mud witnessing the same old story that has happened to numerous other groups for the sake of some ego’s bent on control. Why not set up an IRB specific fan club or another Sovereign Seal site and promote whatever the hell you want through that, there’s nothing stopping you. TnS is not the place fro lies and dishonest people. They jeopardise the integrity of the entire concept.
  279.         Basically I’ve lost any respect I had for them, can no longer trust them and their credibility is null in my book, I want nothing more to do with any of them – in my eyes they’ve broken the laws that we’re supposed to hold dear: do not cause harm, do not cause loss, do not commit fraud! Do they really think they can treat people like this and it would go unnoticed? Did they think that their lies, deception and bullying would not catch up with them? – This is Tír na Saor ~ Land of the Free and the people here don’t take to kindly to those tactics – We’re smarter than that for one. I wonder if they will see the error of their ways and decide to ‘make good’ and retain what little shred of decency they have left– Regrettably we may be passed that point but only time will tell.
  281.         I sincerely hope people can now see things for as they are or at least have a clearer picture. We are in the age of revealing now, the maxim states: the truth will out. We are truth seekers, so we know more than most that the truth isn’t always pretty when we find it – but it always remains truth. I am sorry if this breeds disillusionment for some people but disillusionment isn’t necessarily bad – it means seeing through the illusion to find truth. Please remember why we are doing what we are doing, what we are hoping to achieve as a collective of individuals. This whole episode is nothing but disappointing and upsetting because not only have people whom I considered friends breached trust and maliciously dishonoured me and the site but more so because I thought that on here, on TnS we were passed all that and we were looking to bigger and better things – new approaches to old problems, this is perhaps my own optimism failing me, a lesson I have certainly learned from. So i’m putting a call out to all members who were put off by all this and have avoided the site – please come back and rebalance this negative energy we’re dealing with. Make your mark – let your spirit shine. Let’s move passed this distraction and get back on track. If my posting this thread has only served to spread more confusion I am truly sorry and I am more than willing to clarify anything people are unsure of. I care more about the integrity of Tír na Saor and its purpose as a whole than the sensibilities of a few dishonest people who resort to name calling and backstabbing in an effort to prop up their own reputations.
  283.         It seems we are dealing with that same old illuminati mindset here friends power and control – the only difference it seems is the level of control involved.
  285.         Just to remind us what Tir na Saor is about:
  287.         "Tír na Saor aims to provide information to those wishing to empower themselves with the knowledge necessary to stand up for and exercise their ancient rights.
  289.         We aim to educate ourselves and others on the true nature and purpose of Law; how it applies to you and how to go about taking your life back.
  291.         We also recognise the importance of healthy and sustainable living, growing of food, permaculture, free and renewable energy, community spirit and spiritual growth.
  293.         We never advocate violence. Our philosophy is one of purely peaceful means, using knowledge to achieve our goals. We do not promote or condone violence, divisiveness or dishonourable behaviour. Do not ask others for advice legal or otherwise just discuss and learn.
  295.         We are purely trying to bring information to people so they can peacefully take back their lives, and take back their power . We also recognise that we each have a personal responsibility and a duty to ourselves and future generations.
  297.         Tír na Saor is about joining together, pooling skills, knowledge and resources to form a community of dispersed yet united Free Men and Women living on, from and for the land, maximising freedom and abundance for as many souls as possible.
  298.         Anything that opposes the values outlined in this mission statement naturally belongs somewhere else…"
  301.         Welcome to Tír na Saor ~ Land of the Free
  303.     Permalink Reply by Kev on August 29, 2010 at 21:26
  304.         I was not aware at the time but one of the people at the meetup began recording what was going on once vin had told me to 'Fuck Off', realising that it wasn't going to go well. I will make this audio available to anyone who wants to hear it and you will hear for yourselves how Vin handles issues like this.
  306.     source link
  308. mp3 link of meeting
  310. skype  vincenttemp1
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