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Laska's Midnight Sneak

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  1. >Laska comes home with bad grades
  2. >have to punish the laska
  3. >bend her over your knee as you begin to spank her
  4. >notice that she dosn't even flinch as your hand comes down
  5. >looks like she hasn't learned her lesson
  6. >begin to yank her pants down, and spank her bare bottom
  7. >the sound of your hand coming down on her tight ass resonates through the room  
  8. >you can see her flinch with each strike
  9. >"You learn your lesson Laska?"
  10. >She nods only once
  11. >"Good girl"
  12. >Pull her pants back up and embrace her tightly, kissing her forehead before sending her upstairs to her room
  15. >get a phone call from the teacher
  16. >Laska been acting up
  17. >confront her about it, demanding an answer
  18. >She’s mumbling to you  
  19. >you demand for her to speak up
  20. >She looks at you defiantly, "Shes a bitch."
  21. >Oh shit; you will not have foul language in this house
  22. >pick her up by the arm and place her over your knee
  23. >you rear your hand back and proceed to forcefully spank her
  24. >she cries out with each hit, squirming and flailing as your hand comes down over and over again
  25. >you can see her face go red as tears begin to roll down her face
  26. >you finally relent and send her to her room
  27. >you fail to notice the obvious wetspot on your thigh
  30. >after wards, Laska runs back into her room and locks her door
  31. >she pulls down her pants and marvels at the red handprint on her ass
  32. >she slowly traces it with a paw, biting her lower lip as she touches it gingerly
  33. >the pain sent shivers up her spine
  34. >she needed more
  36. >months pass
  37. >Laska remained a troubeled child throughout school
  38. >on one day, Laska had gotten into a fight with that McCully kid
  39. >god damn it Laska, not again
  40. >you lay her over your knee once more as you begin to spank her bottom; even through the jeans you could see it ripple
  41. >its actually quite amazing to behold
  42. >your hand lingers long after one particularly forceful slap, Laska's head rears up as she recoils
  43. >you notice your hand hover over her bottom, and before you could even stop yourself, you squeezed her butt in your hand
  44. >you instantly let go, but you didn't fail to notice laska's tail and ear's twitch as you grasped her
  45. >confused with yourself, you pulled her up over your knee and sent her to her room once more
  46. >that was wrong; you shouldnt have done that
  47. >you head to the kitchen to pour yourself a stiff drink
  48. >what the hell came over you?
  49. >you definitely needed to forget that
  50. >hopefully she would too
  53. >But Laska had other plans
  54. >she couldn't wait any longer
  55. >she marveled at your hand imprint once more on her bottom
  56. >tonight she'd make her move
  57. >she was cautious, making sure to wait until the dead of night of make you were asleep
  58. >she crept out of her room, making sure to slowly open her door as she began to use her innate catlike nature to cross the hallway
  59. >your room was at the very end, and she knew it wasn't locked at night
  60. >carefully, she opened it, sneaking in on the balls of her feet as she went inside
  61. >there you were, cozily sleeping on the bed, your scent tickling her nose
  62. >She made sure to scan the room, making sure of her surroundings before she slowly crept up to the bed, eyeing you hungrily as her tail swished behind her
  63. >she poked once on your foot, just to make sure that he really was asleep; Years spent living with you had taught her all of your quirks
  64. >your were lost deep in sleep, lost to the comfort of rest and a cotton pillow as you happily dreamt
  65. >you didnt feel her slowly pull down the covers of his bed sheets, exposing your body beneath
  66. >she hesitated as you instinctively shivered at the sudden exposure to cold air, but still didnt stir as Laska carefully removed the blanket entirely  
  67. >you were only in a t-shirt and boxers, but she could see what she desired easily enough
  68. >she tried to remind herself to stay calm as she carefully gripped the hem of your boxers
  69. >slowly, and with the precision of an international jewel thief, she carefully began to pull the thin fabric down, making sure to keep eye contact on your facial reactions
  70. >if she saw a twitch, she'd stop, ensuring that you were fast asleep before she continued once more
  71. >soon enough, she had worked it far down enough to expose you
  72. >it was smaller than she thought, but she remembered that it was supposed to get bigger...if you gave it enough attention
  73. >she leaned in close, making sure none of her other body parts would touch you as her tongue neared you
  74. >she breathed in deeply, the intoxicating scent made her head spin, and gingerly with all the care she could muster, she outstretched her tongue and licked it
  77. >she bolted back upright, afraid that by some misfortune you would have noticed the delicate touch
  78. >but she breathed a sigh of relief as you appeared to be fully asleep
  79. >she leaned in once more, tasting it with her tongue once, then twice, and as soon as she felt bold enough, she started to tease it
  80. >gradually, to her own amazement, the appendage began to grow, and with each lick it began to get harder as well, until finally it stood erect for her
  81. >she marveled at it; part of her wanted to grab it now, but she knew that would be too much
  82. >she carefully leaned over once more, and slowly she placed her lips around your head
  83. >she looked up, her golden eyes looking for any signs of reaction, but there was none
  84. >slowly, while maintaining looking at you for any signs of reaction, she began to descend upon the hardened shaft, taking the rod into her mouth and all the way down to the base  
  85. >she came back up once again, still searching for any signs danger before going back down once more
  86. >slowly, she began to pick up the pace. She had heard that lots of stimulation was needed to get what she sought out of you
  87. >she could feel it twitch in her mouth once or twice, but all the while she continued to play with him, dragging her tongue along the shaft and wrapping around it
  88. >she pulled back up and dragged her tongue around your head; it elicited a slight moan from you, but still you didn't stir
  89. >’maybe he was having a nice dream’, she told herself, as she came back down again. She had to admit, this was pretty addicting.
  90. >she felt a sudden throb, a powerful pulse that shook her very core
  91. >It was coming
  92. >she was slow and sensual now, rocking her head from side to side to try and wring it out, dragging her lips ever so slowly across the flesh
  93. >she felt another powerful throb, then another, your face seemed to furrow at the sensation  
  94. >and then finally, to her estatic surprise you came, filling her mouth with your hot seed
  95. >it was sudden, and she almost cried out at the sudden warmth in her mouth as it threatened to spill out
  96. >she quickly began to swallow, desperately trying to gulp down the warm milky fluid as it came
  97. >instantly she could feel something grow inside her, a warm sensation of pleasure and dominance as she hungrily took your seed  
  98. >she moved her tongue along the inside of her mouth, cleaning her teeth and suckling down any remnants before giving her attention back to your head  
  99. >she cleaned up well, swirling her tongue around the head once more to collect any excess fluid, before turning her attention to the shaft  
  100. >it was beginning to grow limp, and to her own amusement, it was very cute to look at
  101. >she gingerly kissed it, before she once more carefully took hold of your boxers and began to shimmy them back up
  102. >again, you didn't stir at all as she worked the fabric back up; perhaps your were more at peace with your sudden release
  103. >your boxers carefully replaced, she gingerly took the bed sheets and covered you once more, trying her best to remember how they were before she had entered your room
  104. >finished, she carefully dismounted the bed and made her way to your sleeping head
  105. >she leaned in, and ever so lightly, touched her lips against yours
  106. >"I love you, Daddy." she whispered under her breath
  107. >her words were that of a girl wanting more than a familial relationship
  108.  >she began to pull away and make her escape, closing the door once more and taking refuge back in her own room
  109. >that night, Laska found herself licking her lips over and over again, still basking in taste of her fathers seed
  110. >needless to say, it was many hours before she finally feel to sleep, her fingers had long since becoming cramped from playing with herself that night
  111. >in the morning you began to stir
  112. >for some reason, you felt more drained than usual
  113. >perhaps  you shouldn’t drink before going to bed, you managed to convince yourself as you began start the day
  114. >as you flung the covers off you, you noticed some strange stains upon your boxers
  115. >you thought nothing of it; perhaps it was just that lewd dream last night
  116. >you hadn’t had a dream that raunchy sense you were a teenager
  117. >never came that hard either
  118. >oh well
  119. >you never put much though into it, as you began to pull them off and head into the shower
  121. >afterwards, you head down stairs and started making pancakes for breakfast
  122. >you barely noticed Laska creep into her chair, a giddy smile creeping on her face as she tries to maintain her composure.
  123. >you flipped a pancake on her plate and set it out for her
  124. >"Why are you so happy this morning? You have a good dream?" you asked her
  125. >she'd bump her knee into the table before putting on a smile and laughing ."A dream? I ...maybe..." she said innocently
  126. >"...more like a dream come true." she whispered to herself in a hushed voice, smiling once more before digging into her pancakes.
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