Chocobo FEMTO 3.0

May 21st, 2022
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  1. Chocobo
  3. Race: Griffon/Earth Pony Hybrid
  4. -Tough (Passive): Earth Ponies can take one additional Hit before falling helpless and have one additional Wound, for a total of 6 Hits and 6 Wounds. They can also lift, carry, and move heavier objects than other races, such as Pegasi or Unicorns.
  5. -Griffon Flight (Passive): Griffons can fly and have a +1 bonus to melee divebombing attacks from high altitude. This is about as taxing as running at full speed.
  7. Talents:
  8. -Epic Mount (Passive): Sitting atop an intelligent mount keeps one from having to worry much at all about things like spacing, moving, and other issues, letting them focus on what's more important. A single ally may use you as a mount (if you allow it), and they gain a +1 to all actions made while mounted on you. If an ally is rendered helpless they don't receive this bonus until they recover, but are still treated as mounted- allowing you to move them from zone to zone/around. You aren't rendered helpless after Protect's effect ends if your protected ally would be, instead being lowered to 1 Hit.
  9. -Special Talent
  11. Hits/Wounds: 8/7
  13. Class/Multiclass: Knight
  14. -Grappler (Passive): Trained in melee and close quarters combat, you overpower foes easily in such situations. You have +1 to all rolls when making non-combat actions to grapple, subdue, restrain, or in any way preventing a target from moving with your own body. You can apply this bonus in combat to remove an enemy from combat without killing them, but only when they’re the only enemy in their zone and helpless, or on very low health. (Pure Skill)
  15. -Slam (Recharge 1): Crush an enemy with your body, dealing damage. Crits on 9+. (Free Skill)
  16. -Protect (Instant, Automatic, Recharge 2 after effect ends): Shield a target, directing all damage they would take to you for 2 turns. Neither of you can be rendered helpless in any way during that time, but you will fall helpless after if you would have, either by damage or an effect, during Protect’s duration. (Class Skill)
  17. -Cavalier (Locked, Passive): The exotic warrior. The fabled fighter. The knight and their trusty steed. There are many tales of the lone master, or a duo with their companion at their heels, having the strength of armies. You are one of those. When learning this skill you must choose whether you are the lone knight, or have minion who aids you. You also can pick 3 of the Doctrines listed below. (Class Skill)
  18. ->Lone Knight: You fight by yourself. You have a Bonus Action every turn for basic attacks only. You have +2 Max Hits and +1 Max Wounds. All Doctrines from Cavalier apply to you.
  19. ->>Tribal Training (Passive): Your fighting style is primitive and unpredictable. All damage you deal and you take is lowered by 1. (Animal Husbandry)
  20. ->>Sprinter (Recharge 3): You can perform feat of great speed as part of an escape or charge. If used to escape combat, only fast fliers will be able to catch up with you as long as there is open terrain. You can also use this as a basic charge attack that has DC-1. (Animal Husbandry)
  21. ->>Tranquil Hooves (Instant, Recharge 2): The calm lifestyle and mountainous home has made Kirin light and nimble to walk without disturbing even the grass or air. On success you can walk across any terrain you normally can without causing any disturbances or triggering any traps. Or you can leap high into the air, gliding through the wind to reach as high as those who can fly and land as soft as a feather. (Animal Husbandry)
  23. Inventory:
  24. -Item
  25. -Item
  26. -Item
  27. -Item
  28. -Etc.
  30. Appearance:
  31. Chocobo
  33. Background:
  34. Wark!
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