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  2. You are King Arthur, a knight living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a steel
  3.  longsword and a wooden shield. You are on a quest to defeat the evil dragon
  4.  of Larion. You've heard he lives up at the north of the kingdom. You set on
  5.  the path to defeat him and walk into a dark forest. As you enter the forest
  6.  you see a large black dragon flying around. He looks like an angry version of
  7.  your father
  8. > Use my half-draconic abilities to breathe fire
  10. You charge forward with your sword held high. The dragon flies overhead and dives
  11.  down towards you. You feel his breath hit your face and then you hear a loud
  12.  explosion. You fall to the ground coughing blood as you try to get back up
  13. > Protect myself with the shield and counter with the blade!
  15. You raise your shield and swing it at the dragon's head. It hits but not hard
  16.  enough to stop the dragon from continuing forward. You quickly turn and run
  17.  for the trees. You can't believe that you just used magic against a dragon
  18. > Taunt the dragon.
  20. You take a deep breath and begin to taunt the dragon. "I am the Dragon Knight,
  21.  I will defeat you!" You shout. The dragon begins to laugh and fly around you.
  22.  He turns his head to look at you and lets out a roar
  23. > Roar back, louder
  25. The dragon roars back at you. You let out another roar and throw your sword at
  26.  him. This time he doesn't dodge or block it. Instead he flies through the air
  27.  and lands on top of you. His claws dig into your chest and he bites down
  28. > Rip his tongue out
  30. You pull your sword out of the dragon's mouth and rip its tongue out. You stand
  31.  up and see the dragon looking at you with a smile. He looks like he wants to
  32.  eat you too
  33. > throw the tongue into his eyes, and disengage
  35. You drop your sword and grab the dragon by the neck. You force him to the ground
  36.  and start throwing the tongue at his eyes. He stares at you with an evil grin
  37.  before flying away. You don't know how much longer you can hold him there..
  38. > Grab a wing and tear it off
  40. You grab one of the dragon's wings and tear it off. You toss it at the dragon
  41.  and watch as it hits him. He screams and falls to the ground. You stare at him
  42.  for awhile before running off.
  43. > Wear the wing as a cape, and travel to Larion.
  45. You put the wing back on and continue on your journey. You finally reach the
  46.  city of Larion. You enter the city and find a large crowd watching a great battle
  47.  taking place between two dragons. They seem to be evenly matched.
  48. > Which dragon is evil?
  50. You think about this for a moment. There seems to be no difference between them.
  51.  Both are dragons. One is white and one is black. Both are powerful. Both are
  52.  malevolent. Which one do you want to kill?
  53. > Breathe fire at both of them.
  55. You decide to go for it. You rush over to the dragons and begin breathing fire
  56.  at them. You see the white dragon fly right past you and land on top of the
  57.  black dragon. He laughs and continues to fly. You try to attack him but he dodges
  58.  and attacks you instead
  59. > Parry, dodge, and counter when his neck is exposed.
  61. You quickly jump onto his neck and stab your sword straight into his throat.
  62.  You pull it out and then slash at his other side. He pulls his sword back and
  63.  punches you in the stomach. You scream and roll away
  64. > Wrap my dragonwing cape around my left hand, and switch to cloak and dagger style.
  66. You quickly change to your cloak and dagger style. You quickly slip behind the
  67.  dragon and pull your dagger out. You quickly run back and stab him in the back.
  68.  He tries to rise up but you quickly stab him again. He falls backwards and dies
  69. > Look up at the white dragon
  71. You look up at the white dragon who is still laughing at you. You realize that
  72.  you've killed him. You look at the white dragon's corpse and the black dragon
  73.  who is now dead. The crowd cheers. You walk away from the battlefield and return
  74.  home
  75. > Gather fame and congratulations from my homeland
  77. You feel good about what you did. You also feel proud of yourself. You're king
  78.  now and you'll make sure that you live forever
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