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  1. [19:45]C'kayah Polaali stirred, lifting his head from the bar. He must have fallen asleep. A half-full glass of brandy fortified wine sat before him. Surrounding him were a number of other people, also just waking up from a coincidentally timed nap. As he met the eyes of the woman next to him, his brow furrowed. He didn't recognize her. She looked familiar. Smelled familiar. But he didn't know who she was. He opened his mouth to speak, then closed it. >>
  2. [19:45]C'kayah Polaali: Now that he thought about it, he didn't know who *he* was, either. And he saw the same confusion mirrored in her eyes as he knew must be in his own.
  3. [19:48]Velvet Ashirk blinks, stirring from the chair she was slouched in. She looks around then suddenly down at her hands. She looks very confused, eyeing over her hands and clothes. "Hmm...?" With a yawn she stands, more curious then scared of the current situation...
  4. [19:48]C'anmaia Polaali had been bent over the counter, using the bowl of oranges as her pillow. She sleepily opens her eyes, first thing that she saw was a strange male. She blinks, straightening up though her body slightly protests after being held in a position so still for a while. She lets out a groan, rubbing out the kinks of her muscles. "Who the fuck are you?" she asks, before blinking, glancing down at herself... "Who the fuck am I?"
  5. [19:51]Sybil Runi cuddles up into corner, looking content with her corner. She nestled neatly between the wall and the armrest of the couch. She yawns, stretching, smacking her lips. "My my... what nap... Now where am I...?" Her eyes slowly opening, blinking. "Oh my, must've been a party if I can't remember anything."
  6. [19:51]Nyinah Polaali wandered in slowly taking time to look around the large entry way as bare feet carried her almost silently across the cool marble floor. she paused near a pillar when she noticed a few others and decided to listen for a moment before approaching. there seemed to be a touch more confusion than she'd expected from the bar. her left ear flicking as she considered the potential involvement of oranges in the apparently identity crisis the female was experiancing at the moment.
  7. [19:56]C'kayah Polaali chuckled. Okay, now *this* was amusing. He worked his jaw for a moment, then spoke. "Okay, now *this* is amusing", he purred. He decided he was thirsty, and he drank from his cup, sucking in a breath at the burn of the brandy. He looked back at Sybil, then over at Velvet. "I'm a lone male in a house full of women. Do *any* of you know who you are?"
  8. [19:58]Velvet Ashirk shrugged at the question. "Maybe?" The kitten taps on her chin, pacing back and forth on the rug. Oddly, the feeling of not knowing yourself felt...common. She simply sways, thinking on how or why she was here.
  9. [19:59]C'anmaia Polaali begins to make a face at the male. "Ugh. Please don't tell me we had a fucking orgy." she mutters, apparently having no filters when it came to her mouth. "Give me that." she snaps, taking the drink and bringing it to her lips, shuddering once she felt the burn of the brandy.
  10. [20:00]Zazanther Rerenther [Kakase] wasn't fully sure how she got here, but thought it must of been for a reason, but that reason elluded her for the moment. She figured for now she'd hang back and observe everyone else.
  11. [20:02]C'kayah Polaali looked down at his lap, one ear flicking. "I think I'd feel a bit more... chafed... if we had an orgy. He looked back at her, watching her drink his drink. Strangely, it was almost as satisfying as drinking it himself.
  12. [20:03]Sybil Runi  tilts her head, her bright green eyes observing the people around her. "I see.... everyone doesn't remember... Must've been one hell of a party..." she mumbled, standing up to her feet. "Maybe we should get to know one another, jog our memories, hm? My name is.. uhm. Well I don't remember." She glances around, her ears flicking as she lands her eyes on the bowl of oranges. "Call me Orange!" she exclaimed.
  13. [20:04]Velvet Ashirk looked over to the cat shouting about an orgy. She opened her mouth to speak but was actually unable, the kitten looking like she wasn't able to process the idea. Instead, she walked to the bar and picked up an orange. One without Miqo'te drool or a face-print.
  14. [20:04]Nyinah Polaali started to say she remembered thoguh when she opened her mouth to speak of what she thought she knew her ears dropped. So many things simply refusing to come to her when she needed them. " I'm not naked or sticky.. I don't think there was -that- much fun " she commented offhandely as she slowly moved in closer to the group. " she looked to the female that was speaking and tilted her head. " What if I want to call you Rolanberry?"
  15. [20:06]C'anmaia Polaali glances over to the male, raising her eyebrow. "Why you staring?" she asks, squinting her eyes at him for a moment.
  16. [20:07]Zazanther Rerenther [Kakase] still had no idea what was going on but the mention of an orgy made her shutter. That would not be a good idea at the time. Could it simply be due to the fact it would of been with strangers? Still, she kept silent for the time being unless she really needed to say something.
  17. [20:07]C'kayah Polaali chuckled, turning away and looking at Nyinah. "Do you get naked and sticky a lot?"
  18. [20:08]Sybil Runi tilts her head at the black haired pale female,. then she flashes a charming smile at her. "You can call me whatever you want, Spotty." she says with a small wink.
  19. [20:08]Sybil Runi winks at Nyinah Polaali.
  20. [20:09]C'anmaia Polaali turns to find the small girl by the pillar, raising her eyebrow. "You. You haven't said anything, perhaps this means you got something to do with this!"
  21. [20:09]C'kayah Polaali chuckled, looking back at Sybil. "Guess that means I'm not a Nunh, then", he said. He paused, smirking. "Though if I *were* a Nunh, I think I'd enjoy my wives flirting with each other..."
  22. [20:11]Velvet Ashirk looks over the orange and before she can even process it strips the fruit of its flesh. She blinks at her own skills, unable to remember a time she actually peeled an orange even though her body clearly does. Her eyes narrow as she shoves a slice of the fruit into her mouth...
  23. [20:11]Nyinah Polaali: " only when the mood strikes me " she smiled sweetly at the male before turning back to the other female. " then Rolanberry it is .. though I prefer to be called something that sounds less like a monthly mishap and more like a name " she grinned brightly and returned the wink.
  24. [20:13]Sybil Runi purrs softly, chuckling as she strolls over to the female, her fingers wispering up along her bicep. "Your skin reminds me of cream... How about Cream, dearie?"
  25. [20:14]C'kayah Polaali looked between Sybil and C'anmaia, then shook his head and began to peel his own orange, muttering something about being in the wrong body for the fun.
  26. [20:16]Nyinah Polaali rose up on her toes slightly as she pulled her lip between her teeth. one hand raising to rest on the girl's shoulder as she got as close to the furry ear as she could manage. her voice was soft. " I can go with cream .. on one condition.. " she paused but didn't move other than to lean in a little more.
  27. [20:16]C'anmaia Polaali raises her eyebrow at the male, tail flicking, her ears twtiching. The movements felt odd to her but her body clearly remembered the functions. "Nunh? Wives? Are you strong, Mister? I gotta make sure I'll be carrying strong kits." she says, crossing her arms and staring down at him.
  28. [20:16]Zazanther Rerenther [Kakase] for the moment seemed to be ignored, which for the moment, she strangly prefered. It paid to be short and easily missed it seemed. Though she wondered how long that would last.
  29. [20:17]Velvet Ashirk finishes the orange in record time. She looks around, eyeing the lobby-bar she was standing in. She decided to make her way into the lobby part, the kitten eyeing the area suspiciously.
  30. [20:18]C'kayah Polaali poured another drink into a fresh glass, then drained half of it. He looked up at the strangely familiar female. "Are you fucking with me? You seem like you're fucking with me."
  31. [20:20]Velvet Ashirk looks over at the door and stumbles a bit. She frantically scurries to get away from the direction of the door, the kitten cowering behind the petition seperating the lobby and bar area.
  32. [20:20]♥C'anmaia Polaali: "No. What you just said makes the most sense to me by far. I don't hear anything offering any grand theories about why we're here, how we're connected." she mutters, staring down at him. "I am only but a concerned wife making sure her nunh is strong enough."
  33. [20:21]Sybil Runi smiles at the girl, her ears flicking. "Cream it is then~" she purrs softly, reaching up to pet behind the girl's ear. She glances over to the others, listening in. "Wives, hm? Interesting..."
  34. [20:23]C'kayah Polaali drank again, then nodded. It *did* make a certain sense. He didn't remember who *he* was, but he could feel deep down some trace of his father's ambition for him. "I think I must be", he said, rising. He looked at the woman. She was tall and athletic looking, almost intimidating. But he could feel his own body move, as well, and he could feel his own lean athleticism. "It feels right, don't you think?" He looked back at Velvet, then over at Zazanther. "But what about them?"
  35. [20:24]Zazanther Rerenther [Kakase] is currently glad she's not a...whatever they were. Being a wife did not sound intresting, and she probably his anyway, being small and such.
  36. [20:24]Nyinah Polaali smiled and leaned into the attention. she might not have known a damned thing about what was going on or who anyone was but she'd been made creamy by the fingers of an attractive stranger that may or may not actually be one. " Rolanberry and Cream .. I could get used to that ..." she gave a half smirk as she partly purred out the words.
  37. [20:26]Velvet Ashirk stands, calming a little. She narrows her eyes in the direction of the door, making her way behind the bar to collect...silverware...?
  38. [20:26]♥C'anmaia Polaali: "Well... maybe you got bored and wanted someone quiet and... well ditzy." she mumbles, glancing between the lalafell and the pale miqo'te who was hiding behind the pillar. "Obviously I'm the prime choice here." she says, licking her lips for a moment.
  39. [20:28]C'kayah Polaali indicated Sybil with a jerk of his thumb, then grinned brilliantly at C'anmaia. "She's in stockings, though. I like the way she looks in stockings. Wouldn't that mean *she's* the favored wife? Though she seems pretty distracted by my other wife over there, too..."
  40. [20:29]Sybil Runi chuckles as she glances down at Cream. "I think I'll call the white one over there Vanilla... What do you think, Cream?" she asks in a small purr, brushing theough the girl's black and white strands. with her slender fingers.
  41. [20:30]Velvet Ashirk gathered two handfuls of various knives forks and spoons. She walks back to the partition mostly ignoring the conversation going on. She pulls herself onto the wall, tossing a single knife at the door...the loud clink of the metal landing on the marble echoing the lobby...
  42. [20:30]C'anmaia Polaali blinks at the male, she could feel some sort of anger rising up within her. She couldn't explain why she felt it. She mutters to herself for a bit before raising a hand to swing it across his cheek.
  43. [20:31]Nyinah Polaali glanced back over her shoulder then back to fruit she was speaking to. " from the look of her i'd call her sweet cream " she purred that more so than before and leaned in just a bit more. the distraction was nice. Eventually she slipped her hands to the female's hips and rested her head against her chest. " comfy " she murred softly.
  44. [20:33]C'kayah Polaali tried to dart back, but not fast enough. The slap of a hand against his cheek sounded in the room, and three thin lines weeped ruby droplets. "Thal's Bloody Balls and Menphina's Sagging Tits, what the hells was *that* for?"
  45. [20:33]Nyinah Polaali looks at you in surprise.
  46. [20:36]C'anmaia Polaali blinks, glancing down to her hand, a confused expression begin to set into her face. "I'm... not sure." she mumbles, glancing up to the male, her eyes watching the small beads of ruby form across the lines. As if it was natural, she leans forward, licking at his wounds on his face and a small realization hit her, feeling her teeth. "Fangs...?" she asks in confusion, bringing her fingers up to her teeth. "Am I a fucking Keeper?"
  47. [20:36]Zazanther Rerenther [Kakase] was a bit shocked by the developments going on. The male being slapped and the one female trying to advance on the other one. She just hopped to Thal that she did not get involved in all this.
  48. [20:37]Velvet Ashirk stares the creepy door down, drawing a spoon from her armory of cutlery. She holds it high and then lets it fly at the terrordoor! But, the throw was a little too...strong. She slips and falls closer to the door, the sudden sound of all the silverware hitting the ground accompanied by the kitten fleeing in the opposite direction of the strange, terrifying door!
  49. [20:38]Sybil Runi: "Sweet cream, hm? She ah... certianly interesting." she murmurs, glancing to the door. She pets at the Polaali girl some before slowly prying herself away. "Poor poor Kitten... What is wrong with the door?" she asks, smiling as she slowly begins to inch toward the 'creepy' door.
  50. [20:39]C'kayah Polaali blinked at her, touching his fingers to his cheek, still feeling the strange wet touch of her tongue. "I could make a joke about that, but..." He peered closer at her teeth, then nodded. "Your eyes don't look like it, but your teeth, yeah..."
  51. [20:41]Velvet Ashirk was actually shaking, the poor kitten looking to the woman addressing her. "S-Scary! VERY scary! The cutlery did nothing, though! I don't know why it is scary...?" The confused kitten returns to rocking and cowering, starting to calm a little...
  52. [20:41]Nyinah Polaali she'd been distracted earlier though now that she'd somewhat caught up on events she t urned her attention to the door in question then in true Polaali form she marched right up to it and stared at it. eventually she might remember something helpful but for now the door was causing problems for her .. she was feeling a chill now that the warm body had moved away.
  53. [20:44]C'anmaia Polaali raises an eyebrow at the male, tilting her head. "So  have no idea if I'm a fucking seeker or a keeper. Great." she mutters, pulling her fingers from her teeth. She looks at his cheek and she couldn't help but feel bad. "I uh I'm sorry about your cheek." she mumbles.
  54. [20:46]C'kayah Polaali touched one of her sharp claws gingerly, then chuckled. "It's okay. And I think it means you get to choose. Though if you're a Keeper..." He looked past her at the cowering Velvet. "What's scared *her*?"
  55. [20:46]Nyinah Polaali slowed as she approached the door. Her ears dropped to the sides of her head and that lip was pulled between her teeth as she took a single step back. she didn't dare take her eyes off of it. Every part of her was telling her to move but something else a little deeper was just getting pissed off and wanting to push this thing to it's limits. she stayed put just staring at the woodframed obsticle.
  56. [20:49]Zazanther Rerenther [Kakase] decided to head away from the two at the counter the scared one. It seems like something might be up with the door and decided that it might be worth seeing what the other two were doing.
  57. [20:49]C'anmaia Polaali blinks as she looks to the pale miqo'te, apparently named Vanilla by the strange attractive miqo'te. "She was attacking the door, wasn't she?" she asks, turning to peer over the male's shoulder. "also, it looks like Cream got stuck... Do you think the door has anything to do with this?"
  58. [20:51]Sybil Runi blinks as she watches the people interact, chuckling almost but for the most part she was observing as if one might be munching on a popcorn and watching a movie. "Hmm Interesting. Yes..." she looks over to Cream, smiling. "Come, come my Cream..." she purrs softly.
  59. [20:52]Velvet Ashirk finally calms enough to stand and makes her way back to the partition. She eyes the door, just the top of her head over the shelf. She tries to think of something, clearly not having any weapons and unable to remember any spells...
  60. [20:52]Velvet Ashirk is on her tip-toes...
  61. [20:52]C'kayah Polaali looked over at the door, then shrugged. "I don't know why it would", he said. He turned, marching past the others to the door, reaching his hand for the knob. He froze, brows furrowing.
  62. [20:53]Sybil Runi: "Why is everyone so interested...? A door could have possibly done anything~ It's just a silly door, right?" she asks, smiling.
  63. [20:53]Nyinah Polaali glared at the door a few moments longer before she turned her head toward her distraction of the evening. SHe supposed Rolanberry always was better with cream she turned and moved slightly closer to the female. Pausing just for a moment as the male passed her. Something nagging at the back of her mind that just wouldn't make itself known.
  64. [20:54]Nyinah Polaali: " it's going to sour the cream " she said softly once she'd reached a speaking distance.
  65. [20:55]C'anmaia Polaali follows after the male, as if her body knew what to do but her mind was unaware. It was like she was a puppet. She felt attached to the male for unknown reasons. "Is it the door?" she asks, before her face made the exact same frowning expression as the male.
  66. [20:57]C'kayah Polaali pushed gently at the door. Far too gently to open it. It felt as if his body was holding him back. As if it didn't want him to open the door. "Nnnnnnno", he finally said, turning to face C'anmaia. "It's definitely not the door. How about a drink? Do you want a drink? Maybe some shwarma?"
  67. [20:58]Velvet Ashirk remains behind the partition, the kitten suddenly shouting to the two. "I-It is bad! Watch out!" She returns to eyeing the clearly inanimate door, glaring at it asif she was wronged by it in some way.
  68. [21:00]C'anmaia Polaali blinks at the male. "A drink? Not the door...?" she asks, squinting at it. "Hm, sure. Why not, then we can discuss how to correct this stockings matter. Come along husband." she says with a huff, marching back to the bar with a sense of purpose.
  69. [21:00]Zazanther Rerenther [Kakase] watched from a distance as the male attempted something with the door and then seemed...repelled and wanting to go back to his previous attempts at swooing. She could now tell that there was something...about that door but couldn't figure out what. She was also now nervious about apparoching it.
  70. [21:03]C'kayah Polaali: "Correct the stocking matter", he chuckled, following her. "I like the sound of that. Though I'm getting a little tired, too..."
  71. [21:05]Sybil Runi smiles down at Cream. "Hmmm I see. Sour cream can be delicious too." she purrs, flicking on the girl's nose gently. She glances to the door before she turns around, facing everyone else, giggling for no reason.
  72. [21:07]Zazanther Rerenther [Kakase] suddenly started to get a bit tired but had no idea why. Perhaps she had a busy day already? Since the door worried her, she didn't want to fall asleep near it. She headed back towards the couch. It was at least compy, she hopped.
  73. [21:07]Velvet Ashirk supressed a yawn as she once more climbed the wall, the kitten regaining her courage. She drops to the 'No-Man's Land', making a dash for the door and grabbing the handle! As the fear hit her she turned, darting for the stairs behind her...without letting go of the handle. A sudden, sharp yelp was heard as she fell face-first on the mable, never actually turning the handle and sending herself spinning onto the tough tile under her. She was very tired, so tired she 'decided' to nap on the >>
  74. [21:07]Velvet Ashirk floor...completely by choice.
  75. [21:07]C'anmaia Polaali raises her eyebrow, squinting at him. "That supposed to be your clever way of getting me into the bed with you?" she asks, squinting at him before she blinks, letting out a small yawn. "Oh... I guess I am too..."
  76. [21:08]C'kayah Polaali: "Well, you *are* my wife", he chuckled, settling onto a stool. He reached for his drink, then decided he would rather lay his head on his arm. He was wearing a nice jacket, after all. It looked *very* comfortable.
  77. [21:08]Nyinah Polaali 's lip found its way between her teeth again at the lick to her nose and she turned her deep blue gaze up toward the female. " I suppose.. with the right extras ... " she said in a hushed tone that wasn't quite a whisper. she wasn't sure what it was about this female but she felt comfortable near her with the odd door and other things that had set her slightly off balance tonight. Her mind was racing but any waiting conclusions were passed by multiple times.
  78. [21:10]C'anmaia Polaali also thought it looked very comfortable, the jacket that is. She yawns again, ducking under his arm to rest on his lap, her head using his shoulder as a pillow. "Hmmm yes, very nice."
  79. [21:12]Zazanther Rerenther dozes off quietly.
  80. [21:18]Sybil Runi continues to keep giggling, her eyes bright with contentment. She looks down to Cream, smiling sweetly at the girl before she places her fingers over her eyes, closing the lids. Everyone in the house seeming to lull off into blissful slumber. All was silent. She hums a lullaby, kissing the pale Polaali's forehead and leans her carefully against the pillar. She turns on her heel, strolling across the lobby, easily opening the door with no ounce of fear and just like that, she disappears >>
  81. [21:18]Sybil Runi: out into the wilderness of the Shroud.
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