Heavy Lies the Tiara (Silver Spoon)

Oct 25th, 2012
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  1. >Another day in paradise.
  2. >You wipe the sweat from your forehead as you walk to the schoolhouse.
  3. >It seems that Cheerilee wanted the fillies to learn about human affairs.
  4. >You are the only human in Equestria, so it only makes sense that you are chosen to take on the task.
  5. >You're also pretty sure that Cheerilee wants the hot monkey dick, so you decide to oblige her request.
  6. >Extracurricular activities had always appealed to you when you were in school, after all.
  7. >You were whistling now.
  8. >The ponies enjoyed Earth music; it was a shame that they had very few instruments or you'd teach them how to jam.
  9. >There were a few mares following you now, humming along to your tune as they usually did.
  10. >You're about to break into a full song and dance with them, but you had finally arrived at the school.
  11. >You wave as the ladies go on their way and you enter a classroom of staring faces.
  12. >"Ah, Anon! Class, some of you may know today's guest but I'd like you to welcome my assistant teacher, Anonymous!"
  13. >You wave curtly at the less than enthusiastic fillies.
  14. >Cheerilee steps to the side as you lean back on the front of the desk and begin your introduction to your lesson.
  15. >You discuss several Earth matters in some rudimentary detail, trying not to draw anything that would compare to life on Equestria such as geology or astronomy but rather the physical properties of humans and animals from your planet and how different things were with sentience.
  16. >You had previously discussed with Cheerilee how you would approach the topic of reproduction and she said that with how quickly the foals were developing, they had already been introduced to some of the activities that special someponies partook of.
  17. >So you are balls deep into the 'sex ed' portion of your lesson.
  18. >A pinkpone raises her hoof.
  19. >She has a cocky grin and sly eyes as if she is going to ask you something very condescending.
  20. >You had dealt with your share of bitches on Earth, but you bite your tongue and point at her.
  21. >"So how much of this is from experience, mister Anonymous?"
  22. >Striking that closely to personal, you choose to dodge it.
  23. "I can't reveal that kind of information, miss..."
  24. >"Diamond Tiara, if you please. And with that answer, I'm guessing you're the Earth equivalent of a..."
  25. >She looks to her friend in the front row, to which they simultaneously cry out, "BLANK FLANK!"
  26. >You clear your throat, grinning nervously.
  27. "Trust me, if that's your logic then on Earth I'd have cutie pox."
  28. >The two of them scoff and you wait for a moment.
  29. "Are you done, Diamond Tiara?"
  30. >She looks up from her hooves, trying to play off that she isn't listening anymore, "Hmm? Oh right, right. Carry on."
  31. "Thank you, mistress." You bow mockingly.
  32. >She hmphs and the lesson goes on as planned.
  33. >...
  35. >The fillies have all left.
  36. >Your pants are wrapped around your ankles and you're giving Cheerilee some after school special.
  37. >She's making a face that would make Derpy appear completely normal.
  38. >You're assuming she hasn't had a rigorous instructor give her a lesson in quite some time.
  39. >You give her the hot monkey dick twice as hard to make up for it.
  40. >After an hour, you finally get dressed and help the teacher clean up after herself.
  41. >She's quite a messy girl, but at least her desk will be nice and shiny for a while.
  42. >You leave and she waves you off, still blushing deeply and fanning herself as she hobbles back inside.
  43. >She might also be walking funny for a while.
  44. >...
  45. >You're heading home.
  46. >The sun isn't quite close to setting, but it's making its way down.
  47. >Quite satisfied, you are walking briskly.
  48. >"Hey, Anonymous!" A high-pitched voice rings out.
  49. >You turn to face two fillies coming from out of the bushes.
  50. >Diamond Tiara and the glasses pony.
  51. "Ah, Ms. Tiara and...?"
  52. >"This is Silver Spoon." Diamond answers for her. "Listen, I know what you were doing back at the schoolhouse with miss Cheerilee."
  53. >As little of a fuck as you gave, you are curious.
  54. "Well... she's old enough to receive special lessons! When you're older, I'm sure you'll be plenty ready for what I discussed in class."
  55. >"Uh-huh. See, I'm thinking we're ready right now."
  56. >Foals say the darndest things.
  57. "You don't want to ruin your chance to do something like this with your first special somepony, though."
  58. >She began to look agitated, "Look, monkey! I don't think you know who my dad is, but he could easily end your little stay in Ponyville quicker than you think!"
  59. >You sigh, these colorful ponies most certainly were going to be the death of you.
  60. >She took the upper hand in your hesitation, "And wouldn't you like to be rewarded for your efforts?"
  61. "Fine. You want it? It's yours, my filly friend."
  62. >She had enough rupees.
  63. >...
  65. >The agreement became to go to your house to perform.
  66. >No reason to become uncomfortable now. It was either fool around with foals or risk eviction.
  67. >You had already speculated ways out of it, but teaching the fillies a lesson the hard way seemed right as well.
  68. >Of course, this could also have consequences.
  69. >You are 200% fucked. In all ways.
  70. >Your jimmies are rustling on their own.
  71. >You lead the girls inside your house and up to your bedroom.
  72. >"This will do. Get on the bed, Silver Spoon."
  73. >You look between the two. Diamond has accosted a chair and sits in it with a judging gaze.
  74. "I... take it your friend's first?"
  75. >She laughs joyously and then stops abruptly to cast you a cold look, "Don't think for one second you get to touch me, stupid. I'm calling all the shots from here on out. You will do to Silver Spoon what I tell you and when I tell you. Got it?"
  76. "Very well."
  77. >"Get over there and start making her feel good."
  78. >You want this to be over with quickly and without the headache from hearing Diamond's voice for too much longer.
  79. >Silver Spoon looks at you slightly fearfully and slowly spreads her legs as approach her at the edge of the bed.
  80. >You gulp and go to work right away, moving in for the kill by grabbing her by the legs and pushing your hand up along the soft fur of her fetlocks.
  81. >She sqeuaks and Diamond Tiara calls out in her defense.
  82. >"No, you stupid ape! Touch her slowly..." Diamond looks on as you nod and turn back to Silver Spoon.
  83. >Ponies are barely familiar to you, and fillies are completely foreign.
  84. >You assume they function the same if they're setting up sexual encounters with an alien, though.
  85. >Your hand finishes sliding up her inner thigh and she lets out a gasp as your fingers trace the lips of her fillyhood.
  86. >Her heavy breathing steams up her glasses.
  87. >You bring up the other hand to her undeveloped crotchtits, pinching her small puffy nipples gently.
  88. >She shivers and bites her lip.
  89. >Success.
  90. >"Better, now put those dirty fingers in her mouth so she can clean you up."
  91. >You pull both hands away to let her service both.
  92. >She desperately licks and sucks on each individual finger, small gasps and moans as each digit passes between her lips.
  93. >She swallows after every finger as well, treating the mixture of sweat and saliva like some precious nectar that sustains her.
  94. >Watching the inexperienced girl tend to your fingers is already hitting close to home, and your stiffness is pressing against your pants.
  95. >As your thumb pops out of her mouth, she gulps down her last treat and starts panting.
  96. >She looks over at Diamond Tiara and writhes a bit on your mattress, crossing her legs uncomfortably.
  97. >"Nice and clean. Now it looks like you have some cleaning to do, Anonymous." Her hoof points directly between Silver's thighs.
  98. >Even with them mashed together, you can see where the fur has started to mat from her dampness.
  99. >Just from cleaning?
  100. >You grab her by the flank and slide her to the edge of the bed, her legs dangling awkwardly.
  101. >You kneel in front of her and spread them slowly to let her legs rest on your shoulders as you lean in to breathe her scent.
  102. >Chamomile and eucalyptus with a hint of ...new. She was one of the rich girls, so it was the only way you could describe it.
  103. >She's already winking just from her prior play and from you staring at her so intently.
  104. >You swoon as you take your first lick of her moist fillyhood.
  105. >She has a sharp intake of breath and you feel her body jerk back and tense up as you begin eating her out.
  106. >"Hold her. And don't stop what you're doing until I say so."
  107. >You wrap an arm around a leg and press one to her heaving chest, pinning the filly in place.
  108. >The taste of exotic tea and filly juice fills your mouth.
  109. >Silver Spoon is moaning and squealing as you push your tongue into her and suck on her throbbing clit.
  110. >"Here it comes, Anonymous." Diamond Tiara says, snickering.
  111. >You can't process the words quick enough, but notice Silver Spoon takes a deep breath and groans.
  112. >Soup's on, everypony.
  113. >The edge of your bed and your shirt are soaked in sweet fillygasm and you're still lapping away at her sensitive lips.
  114. >"Stop." You hear Diamond slide off the chair and her hooves clopping on the floor as she moves over to the two of you.
  115. >"Now take off those clothes."
  116. >You stand, towering over the demanding foal, and strip.
  117. >Fully nude and completely erect, you await further orders.
  118. >"Get on the bed with her so she can clean that... thing of yours." She points at your dick and then to your bed, flipping her hair dismissively.
  119. >Silver Spoon still has a glazed over expression as you climb up onto your human-sized bed.
  120. >You feel Diamond Tiara get up there as well, nudging Silver Spoon and waking her up from her trance.
  121. >Silver crawls over to you slowly, staring at your erection and sizing it up.
  122. >You don't wait for any instruction, but look to Diamond Tiara anyway.
  123. >Stare into her eyes. She has an intense look about her, like she really wants to join in but is willing herself against it.
  124. >You feel Silver Spoon's tongue on you now, licking from your taint upwards over your sack and along the underside of your shaft.
  125. >Her hot breath washes over your tip and down as she takes you in without hesitation.
  126. >Diamond Tiara is next to you two, watching closely.
  127. >"Pull on her mane. Don't let her stop!" Diamond is starting to get into it more.
  128. >You run your fingers through her mane and place a hand on the back of her head.
  129. >The other hand grips her long braid and tugs on it firmly like a leash so her head tilts to the side.
  130. >Your tip rubs against her cheek over and over and you breathe heavier in response, the sensation doing wonders for your cock.
  131. >You pull harder and your cock pushes against the back of her throat.
  132. >You can't shove it down, but you keep fucking her mouth and shoving your tip against her airway.
  133. >Silver is struggling to keep this up, starting to pull away from you in desperation as her air is constantly cut off.
  134. >"HOLD HER!" Diamond Tiara has a hoof between her legs and is watching her closely.
  135. >Her drool and spittle drip down your cock and she coughs, spraying more over you.
  136. >You're nearing your edge, not even caring if she asphyxiates on your cock in the least.
  137. >Her eyes roll back in her head and you feel her whole body begin to spasm.
  138. >"Let her go, Anonymous." Diamond stands on the bed and moves around to the backside of Silver Spoon.
  139. >You release her with a pained groan and lie back as you hear her take huge, gasping breaths.
  140. >She coughs some more, trying to clear her throat of saliva and the feeling of being stretched open by you.
  141. >Diamond doesn't seem interested in this as she grabs Silver in the midst of her fit and turns her around in front of you, shoving her head against the mattress roughly.
  142. >"Now make her into a mare, Anonymous..." Diamond says coldly, staring at you with a crazed look now.
  143. >In spite of this, your cock twitches when she reveals you're taking this filly's virginity.
  144. >You get on your knees behind Silver and put your hand on her back, pointing your tip at her entrance.
  145. >Silver Spoon looks back at you and bites her lip. Diamond continues to watch you, narrowing her eyes.
  146. >Pushing yourself inside Silver Spoon, you sigh at the instant warmth and tightness enveloping you.
  147. >She cries out below you, arching her back and lifting her flank more.
  148. >You can't quite bottom out in her, as she's tightening up every time you push deeper.
  149. >It's providing the same sensation as when you were pushing against her throat.
  150. >She makes a pained grunting sound on every push and she starts to shudder as you grip her flank and pound her fillyhood.
  151. >Diamond Tiara moves closer to watch you thrust into her friend.
  152. >She stands on her hind legs and whispers a few things to you as you work.
  153. "You're a bad filly, Silver Spoon. Letting a dirty human steal your precious virginity and loving it. Now you'll probably let anyone touch you like a common street whorse."
  154. >You continue to degrade Silver Spoon, repeating Diamond's harsh words in time with your dicking as some perverted cadence.
  155. >She doesn't take this badly, though. You can feel her fillyhood winking again and her voice cracks, straining as she approaches another fillygasm.
  156. >You pull on her tail and give one really deep push and she loses it, forcing your cock out of her as she sprays your waist with a coat of love juice.
  157. >You didn't need this bed anyway.
  158. >You look over at Diamond Tiara and see that she, too, has rubbed herself to climax.
  159. >The room reeks of filly soup and sweat.
  160. >"Mm... let her finish you, Anonymous. I did say you'd be getting a reward after all."
  161. >You roll your eyes and lie back again as Silver Spoon weakly crawls to you but sucks on you hungrily.
  162. >You were already close, and it's not taking much from her to give you a familiar sensation.
  163. >You grip the bedding and hold on as she slips your tip between her lips.
  164. >it's happening.gif
  165. >You moan loudly as you squirt into her mouth.
  166. >She responds with her own weak moan, trying to swallow as much of your hot monkey jizz as she can.
  167. >As you finish, you look down and see that she couldn't handle all of it and that she's collapsed on your leg.
  169. >"Hmm. Good enough." She prods at Silver Spoon until she stirs and then jumps down from your bed.
  170. >Before she leaves with the woozy filly, she turns back to you, "I hope you know that you aren't done with this." She smiles cruelly, "I'm going to line up a lot more... lessons for you. And remember, if you don't help me then you're out of here."
  171. >Not saying a word, you collapse and black out.
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