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Jul 5th, 2012
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  7. --Vibe, Sage, Hazem Sayed and the Usurpation of OWS--
  9. Since Occupy Wall Street began on September 17th, a person known to occupiers as "Sage" (!/Graizur/media/slideshow? ) has been involved in countless disruptions of GAs and other actions. Sage has gone so far as to assault another occupier during an early January GA. These repeated disturbances resulted in efforts to encourage him to leave the movement. Despite public sentiment, Sage continues to be present at Occupy gatherings and has continued his disruptive behavior unabated.
  11. Even though Sage is largely disruptive, divisive and an all around asshat ( ) to OWS, he still manages to get three paragraphs worth of press from the Guardian about NatGat: -- Great.
  13. Anyhoo, during the National Gathering in Philadelphia on July 4th weekend, Sage made the unfortunate error of sexually harassing a member of LulzTeamSix. In addition to this unacceptable divergence from sociable behavior, Sage engaged in photo stalking a female occupier (!/Graizur/media/slideshow? ) as well as making crude, racist, and alarmist comments while generally acting like an insufferable prick to all the fine people encamped at the Quaker compound.
  15. It was at this point a group of occupiers arrived at a consensus agreement to eject Sage from the Occupy encampment. Joining in Sage's exodus was his associate known as "White Hat." When pressed by Clark from the WikileaksTruck ( ) about the nature of the connection between the two men, Sage claimed then that White Hat was his uncle.
  17. TeamSix's broadcast team discovered through subsequent investigation that Sage had been pushing for the use of a social media messaging platform named @VibeWall since the very beginning of Occupy. Sage's associate "White Hat," is the creator of this application. @VibeWall (@VibeApp) is a geolocation based application that allows users to engage other users participating in the platform within an ascribed range. Though no one knew who this mysterious "White Hat" was, LulzTeamSix's intrepid reporters were able discover "Uncle Maurice's" real name is Hazem Sayed.
  19. Sayed and Sage pushed Vibe -- (@VibeWall and @VibeApp) onto Occupiers touting the purported anonymity of the application. However, the application is a geolocation based operation which actually stores all of the data that is pushed through the app onto Sayed's own server: and is easily accessible. After sending out an emergency All Points Bulletin via ZE TWITTERZ, we received feedback from researchers confirming that this so called "anonymous" application is anything but.
  21. What makes Sayed's presence even moar alarming is his, ahem, "interesting" past. Originating from Kuwait with the last name of Sayed implies "Uncle Maurice" comes from an affluent family. Hazem Sayed came to America and studied at Stanford, Harvard and MIT, elite intelligence agency recruitment grounds, all.
  23. We've learned Sayed has owned the following companies: Paradigm Software, Inc., Digitools, Hotdispatch (which had $16 million backing money that was squandered and sent into the abyss [ -- note: Mitch Kapor of EFF]). He started a non-profit initiative in 2007 called Bila Hudood ( ), which no longer exists... or does it?
  25. Sayed also possesses a phone number in Dubai (971-50-825-2035), and his current project is based at, which hosts the Vibe app data. His work history focuses on an expertise in geolocation services. Vibe was acquired by Betaworks last year, which owns,, 301works and a number of other apps/websites. For whatever reason, they tried to keep this acquisition rather hush hush:
  27. Betaworks was originally a small startup, but quickly gained financial backers ranging from smaller donors like Lerer Ventures to larger entitites such as AOL Ventures and The New York Times ( ). Agenda much? We will let any intrepid reporters try to figure out for themselves where that rabbit hole leads.
  29. It's worth noting that Betaworks also funded Tweetdeck, which was one of the first twitter platforms to be 0wn3d. Coincidence? Maybe. Lulz? Certainly.
  31. @Vibewall can easily be used not just by protesters, but infiltrators, agitators, disruptors and police forces, who can use the platform to gather intelligence for managing and quashing peaceful protests. Six security researchers revealed vulnerabilities in the platform including the ability to read everything in plain text without encryption ( ), as well as the ease of impersonating someone within a remote geolocation to intercept data. Sayed has been rapidly trying to cover his tracks since he knew he became a person of interest... Hey, Mr. Whitehat! Y U NO PRIVACY POLICY ON YR WABSITE?
  33. Vibe's platform vulnerabilities include the reporting of all users' geolocation data to the server of the proprieter This makes the actions of "Uncle Maurice" Hazem Sayed and other anti-OWS actorfags more curious considering the pageantry that the primping peen Sage employed in attempting to push the use of Vibewall onto Occupiers. His influence was even felt at the Summer school of disobedience at OWS which was using the VibeWall platform to troll a certain Hipster Cop.
  35. Though the end to this saga has yet to transpire, one thing appears certain: Sage himself may be the only person capable of absorbing more quad anal punishment than his mother, and Mr. Hazem Sayed's app has roundedly been criticitzed as fail. This should serve as a jolting wakeup call for Occupiers and other activists around the globe to start shoring up some semblance of a security culture and not to trust any computer applications on face value.
  36. >;6
  39. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. Misc. links and info dump on Sayed. Do with it what you will, but there are some VERY interesting dots yet to be connected:
  42. Vibeapp dissassembled:
  45. Paradigm Software, Inc. information:
  48. Market Visual shows a connection between Paradigm Software, Inc. in its current incarnation and Sayed, however this is unsubstantiated, since it is unknown when exactly he abandoned the company. However, the address associated with the company in its current incarnation is connected with a Raytheon contract with a Gregory R. Barnes, which shares the same address and last name as the current owner of Paradigm Software, Inc., Chris Barnes. The full Raytheon contract is located here:
  50. We've also found multiple connections to the Sayed family and an address in Cambridge, MA:
  51. owned by an Ismail Sayed, who is also 54, like Hazed, whose middle initial is "I". Twin brother or him? The Dana St. address: Have at it, boom boom shabam!
  53. raid6 PDF's on Sayed, etc
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