Kristijan Dragic

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  1. Name: Kristijan Dragic
  2. Age: 18
  3. Mug:
  4. Class: Mercenary --> Hero
  5. Character Skill: Charisma
  6. Affinity: Steel
  7. Personal Fault: Deluded Ray of Sunshine: Against enemies that can't hit him back, Kristijan deals 4 less damage.
  8. Personal Skill: The Power of Camaraderie!: When within at least three spaces of three allies, +15 Hit.
  9. Personal SKill: Thanks for the Pick-Up: When healed, Kristijan gets +15 Evasion until the beginning of next player phase.
  11. Preferred Stats: SKL, STR
  13. Weapon Profs: Crush (C), Sword (D)
  15. Level: 2
  16. Total Level: 7
  18. Base Stats:
  20. HP: 18 (70%)
  21. STR: 5 (60%) (+1, included)
  22. MAG: 1 (0%)
  23. SKL: 5 (40%)
  24. CON: 4
  25. AID: 3
  26. LCK: 2 (20%)
  27. DEF: 4 (60%) (+2, included)
  28. RES: 1 (25%) (+1, included)
  29. SPD: 4 (60%)
  30. MOV: 4
  32. Trainee lvl2: HP, SKL, DEF, RES
  33. Trainee lvl3: HP, STR, DEF, SPD
  34. Trainee lvl4: HP, STR, DEF
  35. Trainee lvl5: HP, STR, RES
  36. Promotion to Mercenary: +2HP, +2STR, +1SKL, +1SPD, +4CON/AID
  37. Mercenary lvl2: HP, DEF
  39. Current Stats:
  41. HP: 25
  42. STR: 10
  43. MAG: 1
  44. SKL: 7
  45. CON: 8
  46. AID: 7
  47. LCK: 2
  48. DEF: 8
  49. RES: 3
  50. SPD: 6
  51. MOV: 5
  53. INVENTORY:       Type ( ) | Rng | Wt | Mt | Hit | Crit |  QL
  54. Wooden Sword   | Crsh (E) |  1  |  4 |  6 | 100 |   0  | 50/50
  55. Vulnerary (3/3)
  56. Steel Lance      Pier (D) |  1  | 12 | 10 |  70 |   0  | 30/30 [DROP]
  58. Battle Stats (Wooden Sword):
  59. AT: 16
  60. Hit: 115
  61. AS: 6
  62. Eva: 14
  63. Crt: 3
  64. DG: 2
  66. Bio: Davor Dragic, is a swordsman, notably nimble and lethally precise but about as tough as an eggshell. Annette Beyersdorf is a knight, a shieldbearer who protects her comrades with ardor and success but who has a lot of trouble actually harming her opponents in response. Though each was a natural soldier from the outset, they were beset by their flaws and struggled to succeed... until they were placed in the same unit. There, they complemented each other, and struggling and knife's-edge military performance became a competent duo -- Davor and Annette went from nobody to quite a few people's nightmares, and though the two never became national heroes they are commendable in their combat together. They also found that they completed each other off of the battlefield, and the two became inseparable, then lovers, then wed, and then had Kristijan. Though they never plainly left the Astasian army, raising a child necessitated some shaky combat-readiness.
  68. Thankfully for Kristijan, this meant they they were often there to raise him, and to speak to him, and as his parents had very much had their lives improved by their tenure as soldiers (a tenure spent usually stomping out other problems than rebellions), the stories they told him of their time in the military were rather overwhelmingly positive, often with the more negative bits cut out. In addition to that, little Kristijan was surrounded by loyal members of the empire, who told him all of the things that the empire boasted of, and all that it claimed to represent, and he was fascinated. Astasia, clearly, was a wonderful place, with a noble military who upheld its glory. What a wonderful place, what a wonderful profession...!
  70. With his fascination with Astasia's military and his parents' positive experience in it quite naturally came Kristijan being groomed for the military, the starry-eyed boy seeming to have his mother's sturdiness and his father's aptitude for the sword, things he honed as he grew into a man. When he was declared old enough to join the Astasian military, Kristijan leaped at the chance, bringing a boundless energy and optimism to training... and through it, as that was far from enough to dampen the young man's spirits. Now that he's completed his training, Kristijan is striking out to begin his real military career -- a process that will provide the real test of his character.
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