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  1. 1. Identify Yourself, Micronian!
  3. 1a. What is your name, email address, and age? PLEASE use your real name and your usual email address, and DON'T fib about your age. We won't tell.
  5. Name: Hasan Mahmood
  6. Email:
  7. Age: 23
  9. 1b. If you have experience on other MU*s, PLEASE name one or two and characters you've played there. If you aren't used to MUSHes, say that too; we'll be glad to help you OUT. If you have any other characters here, or are dropping any, list them here as well.
  11. Multiverse Crisis MUSH: Negi Springfield, Roronoa Zoro.
  12. SRT MUSH: Joe Maya,
  15. 1c. Who are you applying for? If this character has been precreated, suggest any changes you'd like to make here. If the character has NOT been precreated, fill OUT the following information:
  17. Name: Neva Fernandez
  18. Gender: Female
  19. Faction: Divine Crusaders
  20. Squad:
  21. Rank:
  23. Callsign: Colossus Girl
  24. Unit: Colossus
  25. Alternate: None
  26. Assignment:
  30. Quote: "We seem to have a misunderstanding here. Sure, we can be friends, but this doesn't stop us FROM being enemies."
  32. Profile: Neva Fernandez is the pilot of the ancient Colossus, and one of the surviving Boosted Children FROM the School. Neva typically comes across as perpetually optimistic IN the face of negativity, friendly almost to a fault, and is apparently an archeological enthusiast. However, her friendly disposition is offset by a vicious and retaliatory combat style, and an surprisingly hostile attitude when her viewpoints and ideals are challenged, to the point of violence, especially when her father is being spoken ill of. Neva pilots the Colossus, an ancient super robot, that had been unearthed by her adoptive father Howard Fernandez IN an excavation IN the mountains of Peru. The mecha is believed to have been worshiped as a god IN ancient times, and now is being put to use by the DC, as a symbol of the unstoppability of the Divine Crusaders.
  35. Origin: Original Character
  36. BGM: What piece of music would play when you strike IN battle? This can be changed later.
  38. Skills: Unusually Optimistic, School Survivor, Slightly Crazy, My Daddy Isn't Crazy, Inexplicable English Accent, Archeology Buff, Comparatively Weak Physically, Makes It UP With High Spirits, Daddy's Girl, Vicious IN A Scrap, DON'T Talk About My Dad Like That!, Sort Of A Klepto, Exported Mecha, Meso-American Mecha, COLOSSAL Colossal Blade,
  43. 2. The Real History
  48. Like most of the children IN The School, Neva Fernandez didn't have a past to truly call her own. She had been taken at the age of three FROM an orphanage after the Second Impact IN NCA 103 took the lives of her biological parents, and raised as part of the EFA's School Program. The girl was somewhat frail by nature already, and though she was still chosen as a subject, the probability of her survival through the program was predicted to be incredibly slim to none. It was figured that the girl was probably NOT going to survive life after the Second Impact anyway, so the School may as well at least make some sort of use OUT of her. Perhaps it was the fact that she was the unlikely to survive that caused whatever subconscious remained after repeated torture and modifications to keep fighting, and outlast any expectations. The incredibly traumatic experiences she endured resulted IN her mind blocking OUT a good deal of her memories IN the School, though she DOES REMEMBER the constant training, if barely.
  50. Despite surviving against the odds, Neva was still a comparatively weaker solder than most of the other children, even after the modifications, her stamina and endurance IN particular left much to be desired. She did display an unusual sense of optimism during this lifetime, quite unnerving to witness, especially when it was brought to attention that the cynical philosophical outlook that accompanied the optimism. Though she placed far less value IN ideals than others her age would, when questioned as to what she -did- believe IN, for a long time she simply quieted back down, lacking a motivation to argue for. But far more jarring was her rather vicious and retaliatory style of combat, getting set off at the slightest hostile intent during a fight. IN an odd way, her high spirit managed to offset her physical weakness, motivating her to perform to the best of her abilities.
  52. When the School was shut down, Neva was one of the few surviving Boosted Children, one of those who were integrated back into normal society, thought she never truly fit back IN. It didn't help that her demeanor was rather volatile, friendly one moment and hostile the NEXT, depending on the topic, coming across to many as inconsistent, if NOT schizophrenic. She simply couldn't interact with anyone for a long time. With no past to talk about, no interests taken UP, or even some sort of father figure, she was a lost girl with no place to go but foster homes which bounced her around due to her bizarre behavior. Despite this, she tried to keep her spirits high with the thought that somewhere she would find a place to call home.
  54. At least until Dr. Howard Fernandez took her IN. It was at the age of thirteen that Neva, while still IN the care of the foster system. Howard Fernandez, an archeologist, had been a widower for some years when Neva was brought to his household for care. He and his wife had been fostering kids for several years before, and he'd been taking care of some now and then since. Neva, a girl without a past of her own to REMEMBER, found herself quickly intrigued by the archeologist's work, and took it upon herself to study the topic, just to get closer to him. Before being taken under Howard Fernandez's care, Neva was fairly oblivious to the norms and rules of society, causing herself trouble even when she wasn't trying, all with a smile on of her face as she didn't understand the significance of it all. Howard taught the girl about those rules alongside what she was eager to learn about archeology. IN time this time the two bonded. Within months, Howard Fernandez signed the adoption papers allowing him to take permanent care of the girl, giving her a full name now, Neva Fernandez.
  56. The Colossus doesn't have quite a straightforward history as many other super robots. It had been discovered IN mid NCA 117, hidden deep within an unearthed Meso-American temple IN Peru, by archeologist Dr. Howard Fernandez, Neva's adoptive father. While the Colossus had initially been thought to be merely an enormous statue of some god, closer examination of records found IN the temple describe the statue as, IN fact, being a sleeping god, which would awaken when provided a human to bond with IN spirit, placed IN the chest cavity to unite with as one, awakening the god to guide and protect the land until the world was safe again, and when the god had finally fallen back to its slumber, the chest would open again to release the man, who would be treated as a hero. Careful examination of the mighty statue concluded that it was, IN actuality, a giant robot. How a machine so advanced could have found its way into an ancient Peruvian temple was a mystery, but it was a mystery that belonged to Dr. Fernandez and he wanted to unravel it. There was a small problem, though.
  58. The archeological community would have seen to it that the Colossus be brought to the surface as a Peruvian national historical treasure, which was fine and all, but Howard Fernandez wanted to activate the huge machine and draw the information FROM its databanks, to further learn about the origins of the mecha. The authorities wouldn't have it, as it was viewed that such a historical piece shouldn't be disturbed. It was one of those things topics that heated Neva's father UP, getting into arguments regarding the rights of the machine. It was his find and thus he should have been allowed to activate it and pull OUT as much information as he could FROM it.
  60. It was a viewpoint that Neva had agreed with. It was essentially her father's machine IN her view, he should have been allowed to DO what he wanted. So she decided to DO something about this problem. During the NEXT visit to the excavated temple, she took it upon herself to climb into the machine's cockpit, and using a copy of the translated operations manual that she took with her, took the liberty of activating the Colossus on her own. While she was thrilled to have been able to actually get the machine started, she had inadvertently started an breach IN protocols which called for her father's and her arrest. IN adamant refusal to let the Peruvian Government take her father away FROM her, she fought back with the machine, IN the end leaving the temple IN ruins, while escaping with the Colossus and her father.
  62. This was definitely NOT the way her father had intended to have the Colossus awoken, but since Howard Fernandez and his daughter were now criminals, they had to find amnesty some place. The EFA would surely have backed the Peruvian government's decision to have the Colossus apprehended, there was only one option really, and that was their opponents, the Divine Crusaders, whom had earlier IN the year sparked a new war with the EFA. Howard Fernandez opted to contact the DC, and IN exchange for amnesty and funding for the operation of the Colossus, they would serve the DC with the ancient machine with Neva, who felt at ease within the cockpit of the machine, as its pilot.
  64. The Colossus was brought to Aidoneus Island, and IN the two years since, it had been examined, and tested and retrofitted with modern weaponry and reactor to power the machine. IN early NCA 119, it's sent OUT to the field for the first time...
  69. 3. A Pithy Comment About Personalities
  72. As a child growing UP IN the School, Neva Fernandez had nothing remotely resembling a normal childhood. With all the tortures and modifications that she went through, it's a wonder she survived the ordeal at all. Despite this, her mental state is at this point rather questionable. On the surface, she appears to be a friendly and well adjusted young woman, as socially she's friendly almost to a fault, cheerful and willing to associate with just about anyone, no matter how flawed their personality might be, and incredibly optimistic without pause. It's surprising that such a charming young woman with a demeanor that can shift FROM friendly to hostile without batting an eye or changing her tone, a change that is most jarring.
  74. This is usually when faced with an opinion that speaks ill of her father, though sometimes opposing viewpoints FROM those her father has instilled IN her can achieve such a reaction as well. IN such cases, Neva can become condescending at best, and downright insulting at worst, completely throwing people's expectations of her off.  If she's unable to change the immediate opinion of others around her, she often reacts with increasing hostility, and her attempts at sounding friendly cease almost completely, as her frustration with those who DON'T understand her viewpoint can push her towards reacting violently against them.
  76. Neva is usually kept FROM acting on her violent reactions by her adoptive father, Dr. Howard Fernandez. Though she had first met him IN passing, it was through activation of the ancient mecha, the Colossus, that she first bonded with him. Neva didn't really need that much encouragement IN order to relate and respond to him, as she had already taken UP an interest IN archeology before she became the Colossus' official pilot IN order to get closer to him. With most memories blocked OUT, the void was filled with Howard Fernandez as Neva's father figure, complete with the oddities of such a relationship, regarding her safety and well being. This doesn't stop her FROM piloting for the DC, but DOES keep her FROM going overboard, despite her vicious combat methods.
  78. Neva's OUT of place behaviors were far FROM limited to social or combat. She has for the longest time had a great deal of difficulty trying to determine what was socially correct behavior. While she can carry a conversation well enough IN a friendly manner, other actions have often cause her a bit of trouble. Among other things, she has some difficulty understanding the concept of property and the legal aspects of ownership. While she had been educated about it, she just doesn't get why one wasn't allowed to just take what they wanted, and thus the whole idea of monetary payment was some sort of tedious formality to her that she simply complied with IN order to get it OUT of the way. This hasn't stopped her FROM earning a small reputation for kleptomania, more OUT of habit rather than compulsion.
  80. Neva hopes to become an actual archeologist once the war is over. She goes on jaunts alongside her father when given the opportunity to take a break, as she finds the past to be something mysterious, even with all that is known and recorded already. Perhaps this is to fill the void of her own past, as she never truly remembers anything beyond the constant training. If there was something else to learn about the past, she would try and strive for it, to unearth it, just as her father did, and then show others to appreciate the past, and use this knowledge to make way for the future.
  82. She doesn't seem to have any feelings regarding the act of piloting a mecha, or taking part IN the wars going on. She DOES it OUT of obligation to her father, who is allowing her IN repayment for the DC's funding. She DOES see the benefit of a world united under the ideals of Bian Zoldark, though which seem to be better than those of the corrupt EFA. She DOES, admittedly, get a kick OUT of piloting the Colossus, if only because she feels as though she's brought an ancient being back to life IN the present day. How cool is that?
  86. 4. Blue, Red, Green, or Yellow?
  88. Though she is a surviving Boosted Child FROM the original School, Neva finds herself fighting for the DC solely OUT of necessity and loyalty to her father. No other organization was quite so willing to put what was essentially stolen property to active use, and they readily chose to fund the continued maintenance of such a precious machine as the Colossus, IN exchange for Neva Fernandez's service as a pilot. As long as her father was happy, though, she was willing to DO whatever it took to fight for the DC so he can stay happy.
  90. Due to circumstances beyond their control, the Fernandez's were forced to pledge their service to the DC. Since the Divine Crusaders were actively at war with the EFA Neva was bound by obligation to fight them. There really were no hard feelings against the EFA, but since she would have likely been arrested by the EFA for the initial act of stealing the Colossus, she was better off fighting them
  92. The Orb Union declaring its 'war on warmongers' was a development IN the political landscape that hadn't been expected at all, but since they were going to be combatting the DC, Neva had no real choice IN the matter if the higher ups decided that they were equal opportunity targets.
  94. The Trailers are an iffy case to her. She has no strict opinion of them either way, except that they are quite often mercenaries IN one way or the other. She often makes a point of inquiring their allegiance before making a move.
  96. Unknowns were targets that, considering all the propaganda going on, were probably going need to be dealt with, and quite frankly Neva was pretty sure she could live with that. Madmen, aliens, beast-men, and anything else that decided to pose a threat to the greater good of the Earth. Those were her enemies, and she will try to destroy them with all her ability, IN her service to the DC.
  99. 5. COME OUT, Gundam!
  103. 5a - Me, Myself, And I
  105. Neva Fernandez is known for going all OUT IN combat, striking and blasting away at all her enemies without the slightest care for her own mecha's well being, taking all the hits that COME at her without even attempting to dodge, merely tanking her way through combat while unleashing all hell on her opponents. More than once this has resulted IN her ending UP IN a wrecked mecha, and often times she puts minimal effort IN trying to aim, with the philosophy that with as much fire power she's unleashing, they're bound to hit something inevitably, or charging into melees putting all her power into a strike that may NOT even hit will likely cause a serious amount of damage. This fact is NOT lost on the higher ups, resulting IN Neva being put IN sturdier, if slower, mecha that will surely last longer whilst IN her care.
  107. Neva is also an incredibly spirited pilot, if IN a vicious and retaliatory way, which is jarringly different her social persona. She will put her fullest efforts into crushing the enemies of the Divine Crusaders, striking back at her enemies at every available opportunity, and coming UP with new ways to make her opponents feel pain IN every fight, no matter what mech she's IN.
  109. Spirit Commands:  Unstoppable, Zeal, Valor, Void, Assail, Guard
  110. Suggested Abilities: Innovative, Aggressive, Retaliator, Revenger
  111. Will Bonus: Getting Hit
  114. 5b - And My Giant Robot Buddies
  116. The Colossus
  118. The aptly named Colossus is, for lack of a better word, simply colossal IN size, towering over other mecha at the lofty height of 143 feet. It makes no pretense IN trying to be fast, the machine is a lumbering titan built with unstoppably IN mind. The Extra Over Technology that has since been retrofitted into the Colossus for the expressed purpose of NOT maneuverability, but the ability to remain standing when it had been struck sufficiently hard enough to knock it over, with additional Tesla Drives fitted IN order to provide the machine with limited flight. This machine was seemingly built to keep standing, as it's heavily armored, and incredibly durable. The machine is ancient, and while its frame and original weapons are still completely functional, its original reactor had to be replaced entirely with a new, modern one, due to having been completely drained before the machine could be put to active use IN modern combat.
  120. The armor that protects the ancient machine is still the very same stone armor that it had been unearthed IN, which comes as a great surprise as normally the armor would have been the first to have been stripped off and modernized if their had been any left. The stone is surprisingly dense, and has a strong structure that makes it difficult to damage. While this DOES make making modifications and repairs difficult, it's durable nonetheless, and the stone maintains its ancient and imposing image.
  122. The Colossus wasn't designed by anyone on Modern Day Earth, though the systems were fairly simple to decipher once a translation of the 'operations manual' was made of the records within the temple, but even without it, tests of the machine determined that the machine's interface reacted to the pilot's spirit, and became stronger with increased effort on the pilot's part. Putting forth this effort takes quite a bit of energy OUT of the pilot, enough to require a day of rest before going back OUT into fray.
  124. Also found IN that temple were records of the Colossus engaging IN furious battle with other Smaller 'Gods', which was taken to mean other relic mecha, and that despite a consistent tendency to fight while outnumbered, the Colossus would always push back. It is suspected that the Colossus is a machine that was meant to fight enemies IN great numbers and NOT fall, and its weapons systems  have been designed around the concept..
  126. Suggested Mecha Abilities: Combo Breaker, Soul Eater, Special Material
  127. Size: 6
  131. 5c - Now With Karate Chop Action
  134. Colossus Blade - It would be more accurate to refer to the enormous sword that the Colossus hauls around on its back as a club, were it NOT for having been carved into the shape of a claymore, FROM stone unseen on the surface of the earth. While NOT particularly sharp, the stone FROM which the Colossus is made is far more durable than any other, with only occasional chips on its edges. The sheer weight of the weapon, coupled with the incredible strength of the Colossus itself, is more than enough to take down smaller machines IN as few as two or three direct strikes. - Physical Type, Melee, High Damage
  136. Palm Blaster - One of the few weapons built into the ancient machine FROM the start, the palms of each of the Colossus' huge hands are mounted with a blaster weapon which draw energy FROM the mecha's reactor. Often enough the Colossus will simply charge one blaster IN a given instance and attack IN short bursts, as a full charged blast would often be energy wasted unless IN sweeps. - Beam Type, Ranged, Medium Damage, Counter.
  138. Dual Palm Blasters - When a machine is armed with more than one of the same kind of weapon, the NEXT logical step would be make use of both of them. It will NOT simply be firing a pair of short bursts, however, because if the machine has to go through the trouble of actually charging UP both blasters, it will NOT be playing games as it would be going for a fully charged blast, targeting an enemy with concentrated fire. - Beam Type, Ranged, Medium-High Damage.
  140. Burst Palm Strike - The use of the blasters on the hands are NOT limited to ranged combat. This can be demonstrated when the Colossus charges UP a Palm Blaster for a short amount of time, and releases the bust IN concurrence with a big palm strike. Needless to say, the combination can be brutal. - Physical-Beam type, Melee, Low-Medium Damage
  142. Colossus Punch - Unlike many Super Robots, the Colossus DOES NOT actually have a rocket punch for its own, the arms firmly connected to the rest of the body, unable to detach IN any way. This is NOT a hindrance at all, especially if the Colossus is IN close range of an enemy. The fists are so big that it renders the issue of range moot, because it's going to hurt anyway. - Physical Type, Melee, Low damage, Counter
  144. Shoulder Missiles - Among the modifications to the Colossus' armaments, the machine had been fitted with missile racks IN each shoulder, used as secondary ranged weaponry. - Missile Type, Ranged, Low Medium Damage, Counter.
  146. Shoulder Missile Barrage - This is when those Shoulder Missiles get used IN large salvos, littering the battlefield with missiles, attacking as large an area and causing as much damage as possible to
  147. the enemies caught IN the explosions. - Missile Type, Ranged, Medium, Spread
  149. Gun Pods - Fitted into the forearms of the Colossus are a set of gun pods utilized as secondary ranged weapons.. - Physical Type, Ranged, Low Damage, Counter
  152. 6. All That Other Stuff
  154. Neva Fernandez is an amateur archeologist, as she takes part IN the occasional archeological jaunt with her father when given some free time.
  156. As a Boosted Child, Neva has all the skills of a soldier that she'll ever require, weapons and close combat training, and because of the body modifications made to her, she's more capable athletically than the average girl her age. Compared to the rest of the Boosted Children, however, she's somewhat lacking.
  159. 7. My, How The World Has Changed
  161. Original Character
  164. That's it! Welcome aboard. PLEASE send your application, with the header Application - <Name> - <Faction> to; we will reply as soon as we can. App staff will contact you if any revisions or modifications are neccessary, as well as to GIVE you your login information once the application is accepted.
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