Woshou SACs ver 2

Jan 18th, 2021
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  1. Woshou’s SAC abilities take 2:
  3. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  4. Phoenix Fist:
  6. Burning Soul Qigong: when you use ki to enhance your unarmed attacks with fire damage, inflict 40% of the physical damage again as fire damage in a 30ft cone. This ability stacks with other effects that add fire damage by expending ki (including Monkey Fists Heart Cultivation Qigong).
  8. Shenque Style:
  9. Gain Increase Evasion I, Increase Physical Defence II, and Increase Physical Damage I.
  11. Phoenix Returns from Ash (Ex):
  12. The user may spend 6 ki to apply the effects of [Heal] to themselves, with caster level equalling their monk progression level. The Phoenix Fist may not use this ability on others.
  14. Taiyang Qin Xi:
  15. Your stunning fist now afflict the target with Decreased Fire Resistance V for 1 minute, in addition to its other effects.
  17. Shining Bird Embraces Heaven (Ex):
  18. Consume yourself in fire, initiating a process of Rebirth.
  19. Become Status Immune. Each second, lose 1% of your HP plus an additional 1% of your HP per second since beginning Shining Bird Embraces Heaven. Emit fire damage equal to the HP you lose to enemies in a 30ft AOE.
  20. After you die, 5 seconds later, you resurrect with full HP and Ki, suffering no level or item loss, and removing all buffs and debuffs in the process.
  21. This ability has a 100 hour cooldown.
  23. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  25. Master of Many Paths
  28. Unknown Students Cross Paths:
  29. Each level in Master of Many Paths also counts as a level in each Monk progression class you possess for the purposes of ability scaling within those classes (increasing, amongst other things, interrupting strike count, etc), and counts as 2 levels in a class for the purposes of Monk progression (increasing, amongst others, ki, stunning fist attempts, etc).
  31. Wushu worth many lifetimes:
  32. Any non-instant effects from abilities sourced from monk progression classes have their durations extended by +35%.
  34. Disparate Schools Combine Arms:
  35. When striking with Stunning Fist, you now apply every potential stunning fist option available to you to the target simultaneously (even if they explicitly do not stack). When employing an interrupting strike, you now apply every potential debuff option simultaneously (even if they explicitly do not stack).
  37. Forging New Paths:
  38. Gain a *1.3 bonus to your Wisdom stat; this multiplicative bonus applies after any additive bonuses.
  40. Endless Retreading:
  41. On activating this ability, all other abilities from monk progression classes that are on cooldown are no longer on cooldown, or all expended stunning fist uses are recharged, and your ki is restored to maximum. This ability has a 100 hour cooldown, and cannot itself be refreshed through any non-cash shop means.
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