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  1. root@silktail [/home/starhubc/backup]# maldet -a /home/starhubc/
  2. Linux Malware Detect v1.6.4
  3.             (C) 2002-2019, R-fx Networks <>
  4.             (C) 2019, Ryan MacDonald <>
  5. This program may be freely redistributed under the terms of the GNU GPL v2
  7. maldet(3816429): {scan} signatures loaded: 15549 (12737 MD5 | 2035 HEX | 777 YARA | 0 USER)
  8. maldet(3816429): {scan} building file list for /home/starhubc/, this might take awhile...
  9. maldet(3816429): {scan} setting nice scheduler priorities for all operations: cpunice 19 , ionice 6
  10. maldet(3816429): {scan} file list completed in 2s, found 38702 files...
  11. maldet(3816429): {scan} scan of /home/starhubc/ (38702 files) in progress...
  12. maldet(3816429): {scan} 253/38702 files scanned: 0 hits 0 cleaned
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