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  1. #opRenaissance
  3. Brought to you by @Transhuman and @DharmaTemple
  5. Welcome to phase 0
  7. Once a week we will provide a topic.  Research and discuss the topic with your peers.  The hive mind will prevail and bring more important topics to the surface - if we do this together, we will not fail.
  9. opRenaissance is a Humanist Social Experiment designed with three specific goals in mind;
  11. 1. To unite and educate human beings through exposure to alternative cultural worldviews and belief systems.
  13. 2. To provide an objective and logical outlet of humanistic thought to scientific-social sectors of society.
  15. 3. To facilitate the alleviation of all suffering.
  17. These goals are met through a series of operations or phases which utilize funding, member volunteers and free exchange and provision of information. The key to our success thus far - is a sanskrit word called “u, pie, yah”, which is often translated as, “Skillful Means.” In a sense, the movement strives to use any and all resources, whether they be psychological and scientific knowledge, spiritual understanding, pop culture, or artistic ability and any other human faculties to the end of fulfilling, what we believe to be our human obligations to the world.
  19. There are no requirements to become an active member of opRenaissance - though a general curiosity in the nature of existence is encouraged, the primary requirement is love for one’s fellow man.
  21. As a member of opRenaissance your first assignment is to tell two other people about opRenaissance. The second assignment is talk about it with somebody who's heard of opRenaissance. Make friends, meet people, talk deeply and passionately about ways to change the world. Spread the idea of Intelectual Renaissance. Everybody has something to contribute. Spread the word and await our next transmission.
  23. We are progression.
  24. We are becoming.
  25. Expect The Renaissance.
  26. Become The Renaissance.
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