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Fuascailt agus Maithiúnas part 2

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Feb 22nd, 2013
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  1. Chapter 11
  3. Courtroom 12, 7:00 P.M.
  5. (Bellatrix's POV)
  7. As the Foreman said that I was not guilty of any charges, my heart skipped a beat and I breathed a sigh of relief. I looked up at the ceiling, towards the heavens and thought, 'Thank you God.'
  9. Before I finished that thought, I was suddenly crushed. I opened my eyes and saw that Tig, Wiley, Tonks and Sirius were bear hugging me.
  11. Releasing me from the group hug, I said to Wiley, "Thank you so much!"
  13. He smiled and said, "No problem. It's kinda my job."
  15. Minister Bones looked down at us from the stand and said, "I hereby declare Bellatrix Trager a free woman and pardon her for any crimes she committed while serving Voldemort. This court is adjourned."
  17. With that, she banged her gavel, ending the trial. Tig said, "I'm getting Dromeda on the horn. Tonight, we are going to celebrate!"
  19. Stepping to the side, Tig started dialing Dromeda's number. While he contacted her, my nephew walked up me and Wiley. I put on a neutral face and asked, "Yes, what is it, Draco?"
  21. He took a deep breath and said, "Aunt Bellatrix, it's obvious to me right now that you have changed. I do not approve of who you chose to marry, but I will accept it. So, I guess what I'm trying to ask is, no hard feelings?"
  23. I thought about it and replied, "No hard feelings, Draco. Though one thing mystifies me. Why did you take the case?"
  25. He replied, "To be honest, when you served Voldemort, you scared the shite out of me. I felt this was an opportunity to get back at you. For that, I truly am sorry."
  27. I told him, "You know, you are probably the first Malfoy in history to apologize for anything he did and mean it. Apology accepted, my dear nephew."
  29. He smiled at that. Turned his attention to Wiley, he said, "Congratulations on winning the case, Wiley. Well done."
  31. Wiley replied, "That I did, Mr. Malfoy. I would like to leave you with some words of wisdom from a former prosecutor to an up and coming prosecutor. The next time you go to court, I'd suggest not wearing such a high volume Flarity suit."
  33. Surprisingly, my nephew laughed at that and said, "Maybe I will dress differently next time. By the way, as a proper way to congratulate ya, I'd like to give you this."
  35. With a flick of his wand, a bottle of red wine appeared in his hands and he handed it to Wiley. He explained, "It's my family's label. In fact, when you all go out to celebrate, share it with my Aunt and Tig. I'm sure that you all will find it refreshing and very enlightening."
  37. Before we could say another word, he had walked off. Tig got off the horn and said, "She says she'll meet us at the Three Broomsticks. Let's go."
  39. The Three Broomsticks, 7:45 P.M.
  41. (Emily's POV)
  43. I took a long swig from the tall boot of Guinness while petting my favorite kitten, Bones, inside my pocket. I usually now a days take one of me babies with me wherever I go. The others stay in me office at all times. That way I know for a fact that they'll be safe. On me office, I have charms and wards that are enchanted so that only I or someone I allow in can enter.
  45. I began thinking of the trial Bellatrix was going to today. If I were capable of emotions or feelings, I'd probably be worried about the outcome. Fortunately for me, I'm not.
  47. As I was about finish the boot and call for another one, the front entrance doors opened and I saw Wiley, Tig, Bellatrix, Andromeda, Sirius, the Trio and Minerva enter. In Wiley's hand was a bottle of red wine. I guess it went well. I suddenly felt warmth over my body. For whatever unfathomable reason, I decided to go and congratulate them.
  49. I walked over to them with me Boot, taking in the sight before me. Tonks was shoulder to shoulder with her aunt and mother while Sirius sat next to Andromeda. Wiley sat at the left hand of Minerva. Ron sat near a vacant chair while Hermione and Harry sat right next to each other.
  51. "I assume all went well?" Upon hearing my voice, they all acknowledged me.
  53. Wiley smiled and said, "Aye, Emily, it did and better still. Bellatrix is a free woman. Come on over and have a seat. Celebrate with us!"
  55. They all looked at me, waiting for me answer. I thought about it and replied, "What the 'ell? I came to get hammered anyways, might as well do it with the lot of you."
  57. I pulled up a seat next to Ron while Wiley popped the cork of the bottle and filled our glasses to the traditional height. Once everyone had a glass laced with wine, Wiley raised his. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I propose a toast. Here's to damn fine defense work, clearing Bellatrix's name and to ugly suits."
  59. We all said, "Here, Here!" and clicked our glasses to his own.
  61. Moments later, the Barmaid had given us all the house special for dinner, homemade Pumpkin Pie that was steaming hot. As we tucked into it, Ron said, "Emily, it alright if I ask you a question?"
  63. I replied, "As long as when ye do, your mouth isn't full."
  65. He swallowed his mouthful of pie and asked, "Do you remember that night, at the SAMDON party, when you were lavishing me with all of those kisses and dry humping me?"
  67. I smiled at his directness and the fact he remembered that. I threw me arm over his shoulders and replied, "Aye, that I do, Ronnie dear. Have ye ever told Daphne about that? Speaking of which, I happened to take a look at your lovely wife. You have quite the catch there. Tell her if she's in the mood and wants another girl to join, I'm more than willing."
  69. Everyone laughed at how quickly Ron's face turned redder than a tomato. Once the laughter died down and Ron gathered his senses, he continued, "No, I never told her about that. I have another question, now that I think about it. Why didn't I recognize you from school while you were doing that?"
  71. I thought for a moment and replied, "You were more than a little bit preoccupied at the time. Add to the fact I had a shite load of makeup on and I doubt that you could recognize me."
  73. As he nodded at that, I looked over at Sirius who was telling Andromeda a funny joke. He had certainly changed since the last time I saw him. His hair was getting a little salt and pepper to it, but aside from that, he looked a whole lot better then when he first escaped from Azkaban.
  75. Then again, anyone would look better after escaping from that nightmare. I took notice of a new patch underneath his "Sons of Anarchy" one. It read "Born Again Heathen".
  77. I then looked at Bellatrix, who was staring at her glass of wine. She should be having the time of her life! She'll never be hunted again and can go out in public without fear. But instead, she seems distant and lost. That just wasn't going to do.
  79. I told her, "Ye know, Bellatrix, for a woman who was just cleared of all of her past charges, ye seem distant. What's wrong?"
  81. That snapped her out of it and she replied, "Sorry about that. I was just thinking."
  83. "Thinking about what, Darlin'?" asked Tig. He seemed concerned. Bellatrix certainly did find her quite the catch.
  85. "It seems my dear nephew has certainly done well for himself. Up and coming prosecutor and wine maker. You know, he'd probably be the very first Malfoy to ever own a winery, let alone a family label." she said, looking at the glass in her hand.
  87. "Very true, Bellatrix. He would be the first one. Come to think of it, for being his first wine, this is pretty good." Said Wiley as he sniffed it.
  89. I took the bottle and looked at it. I noticed it was a bit heavier then most wine bottles I've picked up before and a bit longer then most I've seen.
  91. Realization struck Bellatrix like the Whomping Willow. "Wait a minute. I've read a lot about wines and not even recently has a Malfoy ever purchased a winery, let alone have a family label."
  93. Wiley took the bottle from me and gave it sniff and said, "It's Italian wine. I can tell from the smell of the grapes. They grow near a coastal town called Morte Verde, in Genoa, Liguria, Italy."
  95. A realization came to all of our heads. The Dark Queen's nickname was Italian. Was Malfoy trying to give us a clue as to where we should start looking?
  97. I looked up at them and said, "Wiley, is it just me, or is that wine bottle heavier and longer then normal ones?"
  99. He looked at it and said, "You are correct, Emily."
  101. Wiley began examining it thoroughly. Within 5 minutes, while trying to twist the bottom part of the bottle, it suddenly came off, revealing 6 vials sealed with corks in a false bottom. We immediately knew that they were Pensieve memories.
  103. "The plot thickens." said Sirius as he examined one of them. As he placed it back, Bellatrix said, "Andromeda, Tig, Minerva, Sirius and I are going to Morte Verde. Harry, Ron, Tonks, Hermione and Emily, you all examine the memories. Wiley, you can keep the wine and thank you for clearing my name."
  105. Wiley said, "It was nothing, Bellatrix. Really."
  107. Bellatrix then asked, "How much is this going to run me and Tig?"
  109. Wiley then thought about it and said, "Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to charge you."
  111. She was amazed at that statement and asked, "But how do I repay you?"
  113. He thought about it for a couple of more minutes and said, "I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to put you on a layaway plan. You can pay me in a short, oh, 1000 years."
  115. Both Tig and Bellatrixs face lit up at that as he continued, "Don't worry about this one, Bella. It's on me. Now go and find out who this Dark Queen is."
  117. As they all apparated away, I turned to the Trio and Tonks and said, "Let's go see what memories Mr. Malfoy has given us."
  119. With that, we exited the pub, leaving Wiley to finish a great bottle of wine.
  121. 45 minutes later, Emily's Office
  123. (Emily's POV)
  125. I undid the enchantments on me office and we all stepped inside and went straight to me Pensieve. I took the first vial and placed the memory into the clear water.
  127. I then put the vial down and said, "Shall we?"
  129. Holding on to each other, the five of us dived into the memory.
  131. Platform 9 and ¾s, September 1st, 1991
  133. (Normal POV)
  135. They landed on their feet into the scene before them. It was a much younger Malfoy when he was about to board the Hogwarts Express for the first time. He was with his mother and father. Narcissa pulled Draco to the side and said, "Draco, I want you to do well in school, but I also want you to uphold the family name. Interact only with Purebloods and shun Mudbloods and Muggle Lovers, do you understand me?"
  137. Draco replied, "Yes Mother. I will make you and Father proud."
  139. Before they could see anything more, they were pulled out of the memory.
  141. Emily's Office
  143. (Emily's POV)
  145. "I guess that certainly explains his git attitude." I said as we landed back into my office. That was certainly enlightening about Malfoy. At least now we knew why he became such a git. It was to make his parents proud.
  147. Morte Verde, Genoa, Liguria, Italy
  149. (Normal POV)
  151. They all appeared on a grassy hill overlooking the small coastal town. From where they were, it looked abandoned.
  153. "I guess this is the place." said Andromeda as they studied their surroundings.
  155. "Keep alert. There's no telling what might be here waiting for us." Sirius warned his cousins and cousin-in-law. In surveying the town and everything around them, Tig spotted a large manor about a hundred feet from where they were.
  157. "This might be a hunch, but I think we should go check out that manor." He said cautiously, already pulling out his Jericho 941 from his Reaper Cut.
  159. Sirius took the hint and took out both his wand and his Glock 21.
  161. With their respective weapons drawn, they slowly made their way towards the manor, which looked to be in great shape and showed signs of life in it.
  163. Emily's Office
  165. (Emily's POV)
  167. I poured in the second memory, "I wonder what this one will hold in store for us."
  169. "Whatever it is, we'll find out soon enough." Hermione said before we dived into it.
  171. Malfoy Manor, July 1st, 1994
  173. (Normal POV)
  175. They landed in the middle of an extremely fancy manor. They saw Lucius, Narcissa and Draco coming in through the door and realized it was their home.
  177. "He looks frightened." said Hermione as they followed Narcissa, who was leading Draco into another room. It was true. Draco had a look of terror written on his face as Narcissa closed the door and turned to Draco.
  179. The quintet walked through the walls in time to watch as she walked up to him like a cobra stalking its prey. Leaning close to Draco, she asked, "Well, my dear son? Have you brought Slytherin the Quidditch cup this year?"
  181. Draco was shaking so much all he could do was shake his head. Narcissa backhanded her son and said, "You ungrateful cretin! After all of the money we spent, all of the strings we had to pull, you still can't win a simple, stupid Quidditch Match? You're more useless then that Blood Traitor sister of mine!"
  183. They all watched Draco cry as his mother struck him over and over. Tonks, Emily, Hermione, Harry and Ron were shocked that Draco's mother could be so cruel. Tears began to form in Draco's face before Tonks, the Trio and Emily were pulled out of the memory.
  185. (Emily's POV)
  187. "I never envied Malfoy's life back when I was a student in Hogwarts. Right now, I still don't." Harry said, looking to myself, Ron, Tonks and Hermione.
  189. "There are still a few more memories to look at." Ron said. Harry and Hermione looked at the next vial, wondering what else happened to Draco that could explain anything about the Death Eater attacks, who was behind it and what turned Draco into what he was.
  191. The Manor
  193. (Normal POV)
  195. With Tig leading the group, they crept slowly towards the manor. When they were only feet away from the gates, he held up his fist, causing the group to come to a stop.
  197. "What is it, Tig?" asked Sirius, keeping his weapons pointed towards the ground.
  199. "You hear that?" he asked. As they listened for whatever sound he had heard, they began hearing melodious tunes, coming from inside the gates of the manor.
  201. "I hear music." Andromeda said.
  203. Tig listened closely, before saying, "It's coming from this way. Let's go."
  205. They headed into the Manor and began slowly creeping to the source of the music.
  207. (Emily's POV)
  209. I poured the next memory into me Pensieve and we dived into it. I couldn't help but wonder how much of the side Narcissa showed in public was real.
  211. July 19th, 1996, Voldemort's hideout, the 'Interrogation' chamber
  213. (Normal POV)
  215. They landed on the cold floor of the chamber. Inside stood Bellatrix, when she was still serving Voldemort, with Draco strapped to a chair with his eyes taped open. Narcissa stood behind him while a helpless victim was chained to the wall. The look on Bellatrix's face was one of pure madness as she demanded, "Tell me, you wretched man, where is he?"
  217. The man begged, "I don't know! I swear!"
  219. As the words left his mouth, Bellatrix yelled, "Crucio!"
  221. While Tonks and the Trio watched the scene with horror, Emily was the one to look at the expression on Narcissa's face. It was one of pure glee and sadistic pleasure as she forced Draco to watch the scene before him.
  223. Before they could witness anything else, they were pulled out of the memory.
  225. (Emily's POV)
  227. "Good God, how could she let her only son witness that?" demanded Tonks as we straightened ourselves. Ron threw back a hearty gulp of Fire whiskey to shake the visions he saw from his head while Harry held Hermione in his arms. Though I was incapable of emotions, I knew that if I was, I'd probably be disgusted with how Narcissa treated her son.
  229. Not even me own mother, the blood thirsty Mary McKenzie-O'Neal, ever abused me or my siblings. In fact, she never once fought in front of us or even yelled at us save to call us.
  231. "What's more disturbing? That one memory we just saw or the fact that we still have a few more to go?" Tonks asked, taking the next vial in her hand.
  233. "There's only one way to find out, Tonks." I said, taking the vial from her hands.
  235. The Manor, The Garden
  237. (Normal POV)
  239. Passing through the plant filled garden, they began hearing voices nearby.
  241. "Regina Scura, the plans are ready and the others are prepared. All we require are your orders." said an eerily familiar male voice. Bellatrix immediately recognized it.
  243. She whispered to her team mates, "That is Amycus Carrow."
  245. Tig looked at her and asked, "Who?"
  247. "Death Eater." she replied before continuing, "If he's here, his sister Alecto can't be far away."
  249. As the words left her mouth, an eerie, deep voice said, "Excellent. Soon, that incompetent Minister Bones will know her proper place in the ranks of the new regime."
  251. Emily's Office
  253. (Emily's POV)
  255. We dived into the next memory, ready to face whatever horrors may await us.
  257. Near St. Mungo's, June 7th, 2005
  259. (Normal POV)
  261. They landed on the ground next to St. Mungo's hospital. In front of the two wizards and three witches, a very pregnant Astoria Greengrass was being surrounded by Dementors. Because it was a memory, they weren't affected by the soul sucking demons. They also couldn't save the woman.
  263. As they were about to try and exit the memory, they heard someone yell, "Expecto Patronum!"
  265. From almost out of nowhere, a corporal Patronus charged against the Dementors. It was a full blown Wyren. They turned around to see Draco standing with his wand aimed at the fleeing Dementors before walking up to his wife, picking Astoria up and helping her into the Hospital.
  267. (Emily's POV)
  269. As we landed back in me office, I asked, "What the bloody hell does that one have to do with anything? Why would the Dementors attack a woman who is with child?"
  271. Harry looked at the remaining two vials in the false bottom of the wine bottle. "Perhaps these next two will explain it."
  273. The Manor
  275. (Normal POV)
  277. As they continued to overhear the conversation, it became clear that they were planning on attacking the Ministry of Magic soon. As they were about to confront them, Alecto said, "Regina Scura, I believe there are some uninvited guests behind the pots."
  279. Though they couldn't see her, they all got the feeling that Regina Scura was smiling as she said, "You 5 can come out now."
  281. "Shit." said Sirius as they stepped out from behind the plants they were hiding behind.
  283. Emily's Office
  285. (Emily's POV)
  287. I looked at the 4 of them and said, "Let's put both of them in at the same time."
  289. Tonks nodded and handed both of them to me. I proceed to uncork both of them and pour them into the Pensieve. With hands joined together, we dived into them.
  291. Malfoy Manor, June 7th, 2005, 10:00 P.M.
  293. (Normal POV)
  295. They landed next to Malfoy, who was standing behind a wall. He had came to tell his parents that his wife was giving birth.
  297. "I wonder what they're saying?" asked Emily as they listened in on the conversation between Lucius and Narcissa.
  299. "Narcissa, is there any other way? He could still serve the Dark Lord, even if he wasn't marked." said Lucius, obviously trying to be the voice of reason.
  301. "Lucius, don't be a fool. The Dark Lord demands complete commitment to his cause. That includes the Dark Mark being placed on all of his servants. Surely you would know that more then I do." said Narcissa.
  303. "But was it really necessary to send the Dementors after his wife? What about our Grandson?" demanded Lucius.
  305. "Draco needed to learn that the Dark Lord must come first, even before family." said Narcissa as she continued, "Draco may have driven away the Dementors, but when my grandson is born, I will personally brand the Dark Mark into his arm before he even feels the embrace of his mother!"
  307. The Manor, 2016
  309. (Normal POV)
  311. As the five came out from behind the garden, when Alecto, and Amycus saw Bellatrix, they gasped and Alecto said, "Regina Scura, you might want to see whom these five are. One of them may surprise you."
  313. As she said that, Regina Scura rose from her throne and turned to face them. She was a tall and slim woman wearing black robes with blood red lining. A cloak covered her hair and a powerful disillusionment charm concealed her face. When she saw Bellatrix, she gasped and asked, "Bellatrix? 'Dromeda?"
  315. Upon speaking the two names, she lowered her hood.
  317. St. Mungo's Hospital, Astoria's room, June 7th, 2005
  319. (Normal POV)
  321. Emily, The Trio and Tonks landed on their feet a few feet from Draco Malfoy as the nurse brought him and Astoria their newborn son, Scorpius Malfoy.
  323. As Astoria held her new born son, Draco spoke to his wife.
  325. "Astoria, from this moment on, our son will never know his grandparents. I do not want them anywhere near us or him. I want him to be a better man than I was when I was a kid. I swear to you and my son that I will never allow him to become a Death Eater. This I swear, So Mote It Be!"
  327. As he spoke the words, they were pulled out of the memories.
  329. Emily's Office
  331. (Emily's POV)
  333. As we straightened ourselves out, I asked, "Ok. Aside from learning that Narcissa is an absolute monster, what exactly did Malfoy give us?"
  335. Hermione, bless her heart, said the clear answer. "I think he gave us the true identity of Regina Scura. It was a person we would have never suspected at all."
  337. The Manor
  339. (Normal POV)
  341. Bellatrix and Andromeda stared at the face of the woman with absolute shock written on their faces. Bellatrix finally asked, "Cissy?"
  343. Authors Note: I bet ya didn't see that coming!
  345. Chapter 12
  347. The Manor, Italy, 9:20 P.M.
  349. (Bellatrix's POV)
  351. 'Moaning Myrtle on a Billywig. There is no way in Hell's half acre that my sister, Narcissa Aquila Black-Malfoy, is the Dark Queen. This must be some cruel joke.' I thought as 'Dromeda and I faced the sister we hadn't seen in years. I could tell that her face had changed over the years. It was still beautiful, don't get me wrong, but stress had taken it's toll on her. Dark bags now lined her eyes and it was obvious that she had taken to using a lot of make up to hide the crow's feet. Half her hair was black while the other half was bone white.
  353. "Bella, I thought you were dead." said Cissy as she approached me and 'Dromeda.
  355. "What are you doing here? Cissy said, speaking to 'Dromeda, who still remained taller than both of us.
  357. "We could ask you the same thing, Cissy. Then again, the stench of death in this town tells us more than you would."
  359. "Cissy, please tell me you are not the Dark Queen. Tell me this is some cruel joke." I said.
  361. Her face turned Dark and said, "My dear sister, I have never received acclaim for having a sense of humor. 'La Regina Scura' is what the villagers took to calling me. Naturally, after running them out and claiming their lands as my own, the name stuck with me."
  363. My heart sank as the words left her mouth. I knew then, that if she continued to attack Hogwarts, and try and harm my children, I would fight her.
  365. Before I could say anything more, Minerva said, "So you are the responsible for all of those innocent deaths."
  367. Cissy then did something I would have never expected her to do. She laughed in such a way that a Dementor would feel chills. It didn't fit her at all.
  369. In fact, if anyone, it fit Voldemort better then her. She smiled and said, "Even the sharpest minds like Headmistress McGonagall could not have imagined I could be capable of anything. None of you could ever of suspected me. Quiet, proud, loving mother and wife, Narcissa Malfoy? Oh, I forgot. It's Black now. Due to recent events, I am now a widow."
  371. The icy look in her eyes told the whole story.
  373. "You killed Lucius, Cissy?" Andromeda asked.
  375. "He lacked the steel in his spine to do what was demanded of him. So, as the loving wife I was, I put him out of his misery."
  377. Turning her attention to me, Cissy spoke, "Dear sister, I would not dare shun you from my side. Together, you and I can shape the future of Hogwarts to our design, the way it was always meant to be. The Black Family will regain it's prestige, glory and respect."
  379. I didn't even need to think about my answer. "Cissy, I love you because you are my sister. In both our youth and childhood, we were probably the best of friends. But I will not join you. I have turned away from that path and never once looked back once. If I did not return from the dead as a Death Eater then, I certainly will not stand at your side now, family or not."
  381. Narcissa's face turned murderous. "So that is how it goes? You have chosen to side with Andromeda and Sirius, those blood traitors, than with me? Why?"
  383. Tig stepped forward before we could restrain him. "I would be that reason. From this blood curdling family reunion, I'm guessing you're technically my other sister in law. You got a nice rack, I'll give ya that, but Bellatrix is way hotter you are."
  385. She looked at Tig with disgust in her eyes. "You dare speak to me, you degenerate? Who do you think you are?"
  387. Tig's evil smile said everything before he verbally went to town on Narcissa. "Alex 'Tig' Trager, pervert, degenerate, lunatic, full-time psychopath, Sgt. At Arms for SAMCRO, convicted criminal, outlaw biker, thoroughbred Muggle, pure-bred ass-hole, your sister's husband, father to her children...and your brother-in-law."
  389. She looked at me with shock and dismay. "Bellatrix, have you truly lost your senses? Tell me he's lying."
  391. From the iron glare I gave her, she got the message loud and clear. "You actually married a piece of Muggle filth? I thought you had reason inside you."
  393. "He isn't filth. In fact, he's more of a husband and a man then our late husbands ever were. Unlike Lucius, he has a backbone. Unlike Rodolphus, he actually loves me."
  395. As I said the words, a loud crack sounded. We all looked behind us to see Harry, Ron, Hermione, Tonks and Emily standing there, wands pointed directly at Cissy.
  397. "Nice to see you kids made it."
  399. Emily looked at Narcissa with indifference as she crooned, "'Why, hello, Narcissa...Malfoy? Or is it Black? Or should I just call ya 'bitch' and get it over with?"
  401. Looking at the vast manor and the garden, she whistled. "My, how you have come up in the world. From subservient wife and servant of Voldemort to black widow and 'La Regina Scura' the empress of Morte Verde. How 'ave ye taken to your empty kingdom of death, Narcissa?"
  403. Cissy replied, "I have done well for myself, you half-banshee swine!."
  405. Swifter than I thought she could be, Cissy cast a stunner at Emily. Yet for all she may have become, I was always quicker that she. Before the stunner could even graze Emily's skin, I cast a shield charm to protect her. "Cissy, you are my sister. I love you. Don't make me have to fight you. I'm giving you a chance to stop this madness now. Please?"
  407. She smirked cruelly. "You are no sister of mine." Raising her wand, she screamed, "Avada Kedavra!"
  409. Once the words left Cissy's mouth, 'Dromeda cast a spell and a transfigured wall of pure concrete shielded me from a certain death. As the block crumbled into rubble, I shot a stunner at her. Though she was my sister, I would try my best to at least send her to Azkaban and not 6 feet under.
  411. Umbridge appeared out of nowhere and deflected it with a shield charm around her master.
  413. "Shame on you, Lestrange. We mustn't attack our obvious superiors."
  415. Emily roared, "Umbitch! While Bellatrix is not looking to attack your mistress, I'm looking to tear you to shreds, you excrement licking twat!" before charging at Umbridge with the intensity and trajectory of a Polaris missile.
  417. Tackling the older woman, Umbridge and Emily hit the floor just in time to avoid the Torture curse cast by Alecto.
  419. "Sirius, Tig, Dromeda, help me out with this bitch!"
  421. Harry, Hermione, Ron and Tonks teamed up to deal with Amycus inside the manor while Minerva was left to deal with my sister in the garden. Emily took Umbridge to the roof so they could fight one on one.
  423. With all the excitement going on, we didn't notice until we looked around that myself and my four other allies were transported to 20 feet outside of the manor with Alecto, leaving the others to deal with Amycus and Cissy.
  425. Alecto cried out, "You all will feel the true meaning pain." before her hand went to her modified Dark Mark.
  427. Pressing her finger against it, 4 identical copies of her suddenly appeared out of black smoke. She said, "Your dear sister taught my brother and I the blackest of arts, including duplication through shadows!"
  429. "Nice parlor trick, kid. Unless you're going to bore us to death, quit your squawking and fight!" yelled Tig, who had already pulled out his pistol and opened fire upon one of the clones, the .45 slugs tearing through the doppelganger's flesh like Swiss Cheese.
  431. The shadow clone fell only to be replaced by another, which shot a stunner at Tig, whose Marine training kicked in with enough time for him to execute a barrel roll before returning fire.
  433. The Roof
  435. (Emily's POV)
  437. Apparating to the roof, I began shooting a barrage of curses and hexes I knew all so well at the toad woman. For what she did to my babies, Umbridge would pay. She won't get the satisfaction of a trial and a residence in Azkaban. Yes, I am getting an Omen of Death right now. She may not be long for this world, but the pain I give her will last all the way to the next world.
  439. In the midst of throwing curses at each other, I heard the distinctive sound of 5 gunshots. I guess Tig is having fun with me former Ally, Alecto. But that's not important right now.
  441. A killing curse from Umbridge's wand nearly hit me. I turned transparent just in time. As it passed through my spectral body, I knew it was time to end it. I yelled out, "Sectumsempra!"
  443. The invisible blades cut off her legs, causing her to fall to the ground. While she was rendered powerless and defenseless, I approached her with a razor sharp scalpel that I had 'borrowed' from Snape in one hand, a pair of needle nosed pliers in the other and a grin on my face from ear to ear. I placed both tools in my robe, picked up Umbridge's wand and snapped it right in front of the Toad.
  445. Discarding the pieces and pulled out my instruments again, I spoke as best I could to my worst enemy. "Snapping your wand was just for being such a bitch when I had to work for the ATF. I could have let it pass. Then ye had to go after
  447. my cats. Now that is something I can not abide. Let's see how ye like it."
  449. 15 minutes later, I had given Umbridge the Glasgow Smile, removed her teeth straight from the root and plucked her nails out one at a time. A lethal Irish Banshee Scream sealed her fate. I never felt so satisfied with me work.
  451. While I basked in the aftermath of Umbridge's demise, I suddenly began getting another Omen of Death. Before I knew what hit me, I felt a force of warmth swoop over me and embody me. I realized that if I didn't do something to Alecto Carrow in the next 3 minutes, Bellatrix was going to lose a family member.
  453. I don't know what came over me as I jumped off of the roof of the manor and began running towards the fight between Alecto Carrow and Bellatrix's group of allies.
  455. 10 minutes earlier
  457. (Normal POV)
  459. Throughout the battle within the manor, it quickly became clear that Amycus had received training similar to his sister, being able to produce clones of himself out of the dirt around him and able to perform spells none of them had ever seen before.
  461. When one of his clones sent a bone crushing curse at Hermione, Harry and Ron sent Killing Curses at the clone that did, ending it's life and canceling out the curse sent at Hermione.
  463. Tonks deflected several Hurricane Curses with a modified shield charm, combing her ring's protective shield with a mirror charm that sent the curses back at the 3 clones that had sent them her way.
  465. Amycus was set to send a tornado hex towards the trio until Tonks snuck up behind him and yelled, "Stupefy!"
  467. With Amycus rendered incapacitated and his clones destroyed, Tonks picked up the Death Eater's wand and snapped it in half before discarding the pieces and kicking him right in his groin as the proverbial exclamation point.
  469. Looking up to the Trio, Tonks smiled. "That felt good."
  471. Their victory was short lived as a blood curdling scream from outside sent shivers down their spines. It was Bellatrix who had screamed, followed by the high, cold laugh and the loud crack of Alecto cackling and apparating away. The foursome rushed out the door to aid their allies.
  473. The Garden, 5 minutes earlier
  475. (Normal POV)
  477. "So, it's just you and me now, Minerva." said Narcissa as the two women circled each other like two Alpha Females trying to establish dominance over the pack.
  479. "So it seems, Narcissa." she replied before sending a killing curse towards the Transfiguration Mistress, who artfully dodged it before transforming several pots into spikes, igniting them with Fiendfyre before sending them towards Narcissa.
  481. Without warning, Cissy shouted, "Portego Maximus! Boilio Maximus!"
  483. As quickly as Narcissa could throw up the offensive, Minerva mounted a defense powerful enough to deflect the hexes.
  485. "It appears we are more than evenly matched in magic. I have no problem with simply taking a more practical approach."
  487. Quickly transfiguring a nearby asp into a colichemarde sword, Narcissa started swinging devastatingly and brutally against Minerva, who was defenseless until the sword of Gryffindor appeared out of nowhere. With their respective weapons raised, the two women clashed blades while casting hexes and curses at each other. At the locking of the blades, they glared at each other.
  489. "The first thing my students will see when they enter Hogwarts will be your head hanging over the threshold, Minerva, as the houses of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw are burned to the ground. Bow before me and I might just let you stay on as my servant."
  491. "Never!" replied Minerva as they continued to stare into each others eyes.
  493. "Face it, Minerva. You would never be as good as a Headmistress as I will be!"
  495. "Hogwarts will not become a school for future Death Eaters!" shouted Minerva. In the middle of their standoff, Minerva suddenly heard a blood curdling scream. Taking the momentary distraction to her advantage, Narcissa kicked Minerva backwards, throwing the elder witch off guard. Raising her wand, Narcissa cast the bone crushing curse at her before apparating away.
  497. The curse hit Minerva in her leg, crushing the bones in her shin instantly. The pain was so intense that she passed out from the pain.
  499. 20 feet from the manor, 4 minutes earlier
  501. (Normal POV)
  503. "Come on, you bitch! Is that the best you got?" demanded Sirius as he, Andromeda and Bellatrix continued to send curse after curse towards Alecto and her clones. Tig had been knocked out by a stray stunner. When the final hex was cast, Alecto and her clones blown to smithereens.
  505. "Yes!" yelled out Sirius as Alecto was blasted into mulch. He had a stupid grin on his face, extremely glad they had defeated one of the Dark Queen's best fighters.
  507. Bellatrix was about to wake up Tig when an Irish accent yelled out, "SIRIUS! GET DOWN!"
  509. Before they could register what Emily said, Alecto rose from the ashes and yelled, "AVADA KEDAVRA!"
  511. Sirius was still grinning that stupid smile of his as Alecto's curse hit him, dead center in his back. As he hit the ground, dead before impact, Bellatrix screamed, "SIRIUS!"
  513. Alecto cackled evilly. Just moments before Emily's blood boiling curse hit her, Alecto apparated away.
  515. (Emily's POV)
  517. 'No way. There is no way that Sirius is dead.' I thought to me self as Bella went into shock. It was a normal reaction, I guess. Though I had no emotions, I did know the textbook definition of grief. Great sadness and sorrow. Right now, she was in shock because she thought that Alecto was dead.
  519. Speaking of which, how the bloody hell did she rise from the ashes like a phoenix? Then I remembered the phoenix ritual. It gave the user the ability to rise again if he or she fell, as long as their wand was intact. Not only did Narcissa teach them the dark arts, she also taught them psychological warfare.
  521. Bellatrix wept as she held her cousin in her arms. In the blink of the eye, her emotions changed instantly from grief to psychopathic rage as she started yelling out, "ALECTO YOU BITCH! WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, I WILL MAKE THE DEMENTORS LOOK AS MENACING AS NEWBORN KITTENS!"
  523. In spite of her grief, Andromeda had the sense to at least wake up Tig. Just as Tig came back to consciousness, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Tonks came down. Looking at them, I realized that Minerva was missing.
  525. Upon the sight of Sirius' dead body, Harry rushed over, crying over his fallen godfather alongside Bellatrix. The others were standing there in shock. I decided to go find Minerva.
  527. I walked back to the garden and found her lying in pain. I rushed up to her to assess the devastation. Her shin bones had been crushed and shattered. She needs to get to St. Mungo's fast. Come to think of it, we all might need to go there, or at least they will. I picked up her body and carried it back to the others.
  529. "Sorry to interrupt this grieving, but the Headmistress needs to get to St. Mungo's before she loses both her legs from the knees down."
  531. Andromeda seemed to be more composed than everyone else. "I'll make us a port key. We're in no condition to Apparate anywhere."
  533. 5 minutes later, a port key was constructed and we were transported to St. Mungo's. Not only did Headmistress McGonagall need medical attention, they had to get the body ready for a funeral.
  535. 7 Hour's Later
  537. (Emily's POV)
  539. We all waited in the waiting room, waiting to hear the verdict about Minerva. Harry was tended to by Hermione and Ron while Tonks, Tig and Andromeda tended to Bellatrix, who had forced the healers to sedate her, leaving me to my thoughts and my Inner Banshee a.k.a. my mother. As I watched them, my Inner Banshee said, 'Tis a shame about Sirius. I liked him. Ye are going to make sure Alecto pays for this atrocity, aren't ye?'
  541. I replied, 'I would welcome the chance to rip that bitch to pieces. The problem is that there are six to seven people in front of me itching to do it first, not to mention a whole MC charter that will be on the warpath once they get the news.'
  543. 'Emily, as much as I hate violence, I'd personally love to see Alecto's throat cut from ear to ear.' said Missy's eerie voice. Quite frankly, at that moment, after all the things that had happened the previous night, I was too tired to care.
  545. 'Never thought I would hear such talk from the dead, much less you.' I replied.
  547. "What happened out there?" We all looked up to see Remus Lupin looking at us with what looked like anger and concern. "Where's Sirius?"
  549. Chapter 13
  551. St. Mungo's, 7:00 A.M.
  553. (Emily's POV)
  555. Once the words left Remus' mouth, I knew that Tonks might go into tears. She picked up Sirius' SoA Cut, walked up to Remus and said through near tears, "We lost him, Remus. He's dead."
  557. Remus was flabbergasted. "No. That's not possible. I don't believe it."
  559. "I wish we could say the same, but we were there when it happened. He's dead." I spoke, my eyes looking over the gaunt werewolf. "Tonks saved his Cut from being ruined when they were cutting off his clothes. I'm sorry."
  561. Remus looked at me and said, "Who did it?"
  563. I could tell he was trying to contain his anger. Revenge was probably forming in his mind already. He was practically hoping that there would be a full moon out when he found the one responsible. I can not blame 'im one bit.
  565. "The one responsible is Alecto Carrow."
  567. Before he could say something further, most likely a string of curse words that would probably express what we were all thinking at that moment, I heard a deep voice say, "Is Professor Minerva McGonagall ok?"
  569. We turned around to see Hagrid talking with the receptionist. He was holding a giant bouquet of posies and roses.
  571. I walked up to him and gave him a big hug. "Em, what happened with Minerva?"
  573. "We don't know, Hagrid, but we got some bad news."
  575. He returned my hug and said, "What is it, Em?"
  577. I took a deep breath and said, "We lost Sirius. He's dead."
  579. "Has anyone called SAMDON?"
  581. Leaving Harry's side for a moment, Ron stood up. "I have to find Fred and George. They can relay the message to SAMDON."
  583. Turning to Hermione, Ron whispered in her ear. "Take care of Harry, 'Mione. He'll need you more than I right about now."
  585. Hermione smiled, pulling her grieving husband into her arms. "Of course, Ron."
  587. I pulled the young Son over to me. "I'll go with you. They may not take your word let alone mine. I was a direct witness to what happened to him."
  589. We walked over to Tonks, who gave Ron the SoA cut so it could be delivered to SAMDON's President Alan Bishop. "Be safe, Ron."
  591. "I will, Tonks. Right now, I reckon that your Mum and Aunt will need you."
  593. Tonks nodded before we apparated to Fred and George's flat above their Joke Shop.
  595. (Normal POV)
  597. After Emily and Ron apparated away, Tonks realized something. "Merlin's beard! I almost forgot. Has anyone spoken with Filip Telford?"
  599. "Tig called me. Said me Grand mum was 'urt. What the 'ell happened?" asked a Scottish voice. They turned around to see Chibs and Jax standing behind them.
  601. Upon first glance, Chibs saw Bellatrix laying in Tig and Andromeda's arms, knocked out cold. He asked, "What's wrong with 'er, brother?"
  603. "Chibs, since yesterday to now, it's been hell for us. My brother in law and brother in arms was killed yesterday. Sirius Black is dead." Replied Tig.
  605. Jax's face turned murderous. "How did it happen?"
  607. Andromeda answered since Tig couldn't say he knew anything. "The killing curse, one of the three Unforgivable Curses. It's used often by dark wizards and witches, more frequently by Death Eaters."
  609. He asked through gritted teeth, "Tell me, Tig, that you at least got the one responsible."
  611. Tig shook his head. "I'm sorry, Jax. I was knocked out at the time. She ran off before we could do anything."
  613. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Jax said, "I don't blame any of you, but make no mistake about it. There will be retribution. One of our own got killed. Has anyone informed SAMDON?"
  615. "Emily and Ron are on their way." said Andromeda.
  617. Chibs nodded at that before walking up to the receptionist with Jax to see about visiting his Grandma, Tig laid Bellatrix on Andromeda to stand up until Jax stopped him. "Tig, we got this covered. You stay here with Bellatrix. Your old lady needs you more then I do."
  619. "Keep me posted with whatever happens, alright?" Tig asked the blonde National President.
  621. The moment Jax, Chibs and Hagrid were led to Minerva's room, Bellatrix began to stir. Tig looked to her with consolation in his eyes. "Hey Bella. I'm sorry about Sirius."
  623. "Don't be sad about Sirius, Tig. He died the way he would have wanted to; with his boots on and a smile on his face." Andromeda said as she comforted Bellatrix. Bellatrix looked at her sister and said, "Thanks, 'Dromeda."
  625. Andromeda looked up to her brother-in-law with a kind smile. "You know, long before he ever thought about being a biker for the SoA, he always had a rebel spirit in him."
  627. Bellatrix then said, "You got that right, 'Dromeda. You know, while the rest of the Black family was sorted into Slytherin, he was the only one to ever be sorted into Gryffindor."
  629. Tig then asked, " 'Dromeda, what house was Tonks put in?"
  631. Tonks replied, "I was put in the one house no one seems to brag about. Hufflepuff. They aren't as boastful as the other houses, probably because it's the most humble."
  633. "What are the qualifications for each of them?" asked Tig. He decided that he needed to know what the school was looking for in their students. Remus, Harry, Hermione and Tonks went into detail about the stories. Each of them were glad for this since it took their minds off the recent events.
  635. "Slytherin seeks the ambitious and cunning. That has earned it a very spotty reputation." Remus said.
  637. "Gryffindor prizes those who value bravery and valor. Sirius had all those things and more, just like my father and I'm proud to have followed them into Gryffindor." Harry said, proudly thinking of how all three of his children followed his footsteps into the house of Godric Gryffindor.
  639. "Ravenclaw value those with a thirst for knowledge and quick study." Hermione spoke, leaning her head against Harry's shoulder.
  641. "I'm quite sure that if Hermione got sorted to Ravenclaw, they would have called it the house of Granger and Ravenclaw before her graduation."
  643. "Sounds more like a law firm than a house."
  645. They all needed a good laugh and that line helped to relieve the gloom hanging over them.
  647. "Last but not at all in the least, there is Hufflepuff." Tonks said with a smile. "Hufflepuff has a requirement that's simple but yet mocked by the other houses. Those who are kind, true, caring, compassionate and hard working find home there."
  649. With each tale of Sirius' life, they felt their spirits lift considerably. Tonks conjured 7 shot glasses, handing 4 of them to the elders and two to Harry and Hermione. Keeping the last shot glass for herself, Tonks filled them with Fire whiskey from a flask she got on her 24th birthday from Sirius.
  651. She raised her glass and said, "To Sirius Black. May he rest in peace."
  653. They all raised their glasses and repeated the words before downing their shots, embracing the hot liquid soaking their throats thoroughly.
  655. Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, 30 minutes later
  657. (Emily's POV)
  659. We apparated in front of the marvelous Joke shop and walked to the back alley where the stairway to their flat was. If this wasn't such a serious visit, I'd most likely go in there, but alas, it is. As we got up the stairs, Ron turned to me and asked, "You want to do the honors?"
  661. "One of us will have to, if not both of us." I responded as I knocked on the door. Taking the time to look at said door, it appeared to be made out of Walnut and had the Son's of Anarchy's logo covering most of the door. 2 minutes later, one of the twins opened the door and said, "Ron! Emily! Glad to see ya both! Come on in!"
  663. Entering the flat, Ron asked him, "Which one are you?"
  665. "I'm Fred." he said before a pop sounded and another voice said, "And I'm George!"
  667. I turned around to see George. As much fun as we had back in Hogwarts, I still hated it when they did that to me. As they laughed at our surprised expressions, they stopped when they saw the cut in Ron's hands. Fred was the one who asked, "Who's cut is that?"
  669. Ron quietly said, "Sirius' cut."
  671. George said, "Where's Sirius? He never takes that thing off."
  673. As the words left his mouth, Ron looked like he would go into shock. I had to break the bad news. "Sirius was killed yesterday. I'm sorry to tell you boys this, but it's true."
  675. George said, "That's Bullshite…"
  677. "Emily. He can't be dead. If this is some attempt at setting us up for a joke, it isn't funny." finished Fred.
  679. I gave them my death glare and asked, "When have I ever lied to ye two?"
  681. Fred and George sat down simultaneously from the weight of the news. For a moment, not a word was spoken between the four of us. Fred took his wand in hand and said, "Accio, Jameson."
  683. In the blink of an eye, two big bottles of Jameson whiskey appeared on the table between the twins, Ron and me. Transfiguring four tumbler glasses, I poured each of them a hearty pint of Jameson to help dull the pain.
  685. "Where is..." George couldn't even bring himself to finish that sentence.
  687. "In the morgue at St. Mungo's. Tonks got there in time to make sure the Cut wasn't ruined as they removed his clothes." I replied.
  689. Taking a gulp from his glass, Fred got up from his seat, took out his pre-paid cell phone and dialed a number. A few minutes later, he spoke, "Bill, it's Fred. I have some bad news. I can't tell you over the phone. George and I are coming over to the clubhouse. We're bringing Ron and Emily with us."
  691. Hanging up, Fred tucked away his phone. "George, refill my glass. Ron, call the Knight bus. We need a transport to SAMDON and none of us are flying sober enough to Apparate."
  693. Once the triple Decker bus arrived, we were on our way. The coffee served aboard the Knight bus was better than most and helped to get us sober enough to walk upright again, if only to some degree. Arriving at the clubhouse, we all smelt of a pub and a coffee shop.
  695. SAMDON Clubhouse, 15 minutes later
  697. (Emily's POV)
  699. Fred and George knocked on the door simultaneously. Bill opened it and said in a gruff voice, "Come on in. Let's get it over with."
  701. As we walked into the clubhouse, I noticed that the entire Charter appeared to be there. Alan sat at the bar and asked, "What is it, Fred?"
  703. Ron stepped forward and placed the Cut on the bar table. "It's Sirius. We lost him last night."
  705. Alan's face turned dark as well as the faces on every member of SAMDON. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Bill fingering his wand with that familiar itch for retribution. He wanted to do to Alecto what he had done to the Lestrange Brothers and so many other Death Eaters. If I had anything to do with it, I'd be the one who helped Bellatrix kill Alecto.
  707. "What happened?" asked Bill through gritted teeth.
  709. "We had tracked down the location of 'La Regina Scura'. A fight broke out. Sirius thought he had Alecto Carrow down and out. Alecto had the phoenix ritual performed on herself and her brother. She rose from the ashes and killed Sirius with the Killing Curse before running away." I replied.
  711. Trying as best he could to reign in his temper, Bill spoke, "Where is she?"
  713. "If I knew, ye'd have to fight me, Potter, Bellatrix, Andromeda, Tonks, Hermione and Tig to do the deed, Wallace."
  715. Swifter than I thought him to be, the Necromancer stepped up to me, "Is that a challenge, O'Neal?"
  717. I went forward to face him and said, "It's a promise, Wallace. Would you like to take me up on it?"
  719. Before this argument could escalate into a Pier 6 brawl, Fred and George stepped between the two of us and said simultaneously, "Both of you, stop it!"
  721. "This kind of bickering is not helping us find Alecto Carrow. We all loved Sirius Black. He would not want us yelling and fighting each other like this. Sirius did right by SAMDON. Now it's SAMDON's turn to do right by him." Ron said, speaking with a courage worthy of a Gryffindor.
  723. "Wallace, I promise you, the moment we get our hands on Alecto Carrow, there are many wizards, witches and Sons who will want to take a shot at her. I understand that you were his sponsor and he was a good friend to you. Knowing what you can do and how you are in dispatching an enemy, especially one that bears the Dark Mark, we must save you for last. It's not a reflection against your abilities but rather the fact that if you went first, there would be nothing for us." I told him.
  725. He seemed satisfied at that and said, "True enough."
  727. "Where is Harry?"
  729. "Hermione's taking care of him, helping him get through his grief."
  731. Ron, Fred and George walked over to the bar and were greeted by Bill Wallace's old lady, Mary with three full glasses of Jameson whiskey. "Drink up, my Sons. You've had a hard day."
  733. "Thanks, Mary." Ron said, happily taking a swig of his glass.
  735. They downed their glasses of whiskey before Alan said, "As soon as we get done with our drinks, we're going to St. Mungo's."
  737. Ron said, "Alright."
  739. St. Mungo's, 1 hour later, Minerva's room
  741. (Normal POV)
  743. "'ello, Grand mum." said Chibs as he gave his Grandmother a hug. "Thank God you're alright."
  745. "Hello, Filip. How are you?" asked Minerva as she hugged him back. Jax stood by the door waiting for SAMDON's arrival so he could go down to the morgue with them to view the body.
  747. "I would be doing better if you weren't stuck in St. Mungo's. How bad is it?" asked Chibs, concern evident in his voice.
  749. "They said I can go back to teaching in 2 weeks. They say I'm very lucky." said Minerva. She then asked, "How's Fi?"
  751. Chibs' face fell. "Fi isn't coming back."
  753. Minerva asked, "Kerrianne?"
  755. He shook his head. "She called me yesterday, telling me to send her the Bowie Knife she gave me for our 20th wedding anniversary."
  757. "It would appear we both experienced pain, Filip. That was your favorite, right?"
  759. Chibs replied despondently, "Aye."
  761. "What happened between you two?" she continued, eager to get the conversation away from her present condition and away from what happened to Sirius.
  763. "Said she missed Ireland. I wasn't eager to go back. We hadn't seen each other for a while. Along with a whole lot o' other shite, it just didn't work." He said sadly.
  765. Though she was hospitalized, Minerva held her grandson's hand. "I'm sorry to hear that, Filip."
  767. As they continued talking, Minerva and Filip heard Alan's loud voice from outside the hallway. "Jackson Teller!"
  769. They all turned around to see all 12 members of SAMDON, along with Tig, Bellatrix, and Andromeda standing at the door. Jax turned around and shook hands with the SAMDON president. "You must be Alan. Sorry we had to meet under these circumstances."
  771. Alan said, "Aye. Wish they were different. Unfortunately, they aren't. You ready to say goodbye to Sirius?"
  773. Jax replied, "Yeah. You call Sharky?"
  775. "Sam will be in here in time for the funeral. He wants to take part in the execution of the one responsible."
  777. Jax replied, "He's going to have to get in line behind me, Chibs, SAMDON and everyone else who wants a piece of this bitch."
  779. "You got that right, Jax." said Tig as Chibs turned to his Grandmother and said, "Got to go, Grand mum. Love ya."
  781. Minerva said, "I love you too, 'Filip."
  783. St. Mungo's Morgue
  785. (Normal POV)
  787. Healer Orbit opened the autopsy drawer containing Sirius' body before addressing the gathered group bikers, wizards and witches. "Here he is. I'm sorry for all of your losses."
  789. "Thank you. When will he be ready to be buried?" Bellatrix spoke, standing in between her sister and husband.
  791. "In about 3 days. We'll need a set of clothes for him to be buried in."
  793. "Can we give you the outfit now?" Alan Bishop inquired.
  795. "Do you have it?"
  797. Alan motioned for Bill to bring it out. The Scotsman produced from his backpack a black button up shirt, a set of blue jeans, Sirius' wallet, knife, boots and SoA cut and handed it to the Healer and asked, "Can you put this on him?"
  799. Orbit replied, "No problem. I'm sorry for all of your losses."
  801. As they all gathered around, Bellatrix spoke first. "I'm sorry that you had to die, Sirius. Thank you for having faith in me and for helping me leave Voldemort."
  803. While she talked, tears somehow managed to find their way out of her eyes. Tig placed an arm around her and said, "Sirius, though I'm sorry to see ya go, I'm proud to have called ya a brother, both as an In Law and a Son. When ya get up there, send my best to Missy."
  805. Once he finished talking, both he and Bellatrix left, unable to be there anymore. Harry walked up with Hermione to see his godfather one last time. "Sirius, I'm proud to have called you my Godfather. Thanks for being the best that you could be, for being my Sponsor and friend."
  807. He nearly went to tears. Thankfully, Hermione was there at his side. "Goodbye, Sirius. Thank you for giving me your blessing to marry Harry. I love you. I'll miss you. When you get to heaven, tell my parents I love them."
  809. After the rest of SAMDON and their old ladies said their goodbyes, Emily appeared and said, "Farewell, Sirius. I know we were never the best of friends, but I guess I owe ya for making the Marauder's map and for inspiring Fred and George to be pranksters. I guess what I'm saying is... I'll miss ya, Padfoot. Have fun in the next Great Adventure."
  811. Chapter 14
  813. SAMDON Clubhouse, Monday evening, 7:00 P.M.
  815. (Emily's POV)
  817. I downed the shot of Guinness with Bill, waiting for the Sons of Anarchy's unofficial Club Chaplin to show up to the clubhouse. He had called the Clubhouse about an hour ago at the airport and had said that as soon as he got his rental Harley, he'd be over to the clubhouse.
  819. The Golden Trio and I had taken the next two days off for the Funeral and we were waiting at the SAMDON clubhouse. While Bill and I had gotten ourselves into a drinking contest, Daphne Greengrass-Weasly was comforting Ron nearby on a couch. Fred and George went off to chat up some sweet butts hanging around the clubhouse. I don't know where Harry and Hermione wandered off to.
  821. As he poured us another shot of Guinness, he drunkenly said, "Ye know, O'Neal, I still remember the first time I laid eyes on Sirius when he stepped into this clubhouse. Looked great, cleaned cut and cleaned shaved. You want ta know what his first task as a Prospect was?"
  823. I replied, "What was it?"
  825. He said with a smile, "I made him clean the clubhouse's toilets 3 times before I deemed them acceptable. Without magic. And then we made him inspect the wards. Took him about 3 hours to realize we had lifted them!"
  827. I faked laughter at that and said, "That's a good one. First time I ever 'eard of 'im was in my final year, in '93, when he was still a fugitive. Ye know, that entire year, I was afraid that he would kill Harry before I got the chance to play against him in me final Quidditch match."
  829. "Many of us were like him. Or maybe it was him who was a lot like us." Bill said with a slight slur to his words. "Then again, perhaps he was better than most of us."
  831. I replied, "I'll drink to 'hat Wallace. Ye know, first I met 'im, face to face, it was at that party, in '98. He was snogging some blonde before he went up to you. Ye remember 'hat?"
  833. He replied with a smile, "I remember that. I killed seven of your now former comrades that night, ye know? Then I sent the 'eads to the Scaly Bastard."
  835. I smiled and replied, "Aye. I remember that."
  837. As we continued discussing various tales of what we knew of Sirius and of his life, I sighed and said, "Ye know, if it 'weren't for 'im, Fred and George would of ne'er had the Map."
  839. He replied, "Aye.
  841. As he sighed, he said, "I'm goin' miss 'him."
  843. I replied, "Same here."
  845. In the middle of our nostalgic talk, the door opened and we saw Samuel Voorhees, AKA Sharky walk in. He was wearing his Reaper Cut and a grey thermal shirt underneath a what I recognized as a black shirt from his Tattoo shop, along with Navy Blue cargo pants along with a grey wool scarf wrapped around his neck.
  847. He walked with a slight limp in his left leg, which I knew had came from a Bull shark that had nearly taken his leg off. His short cut black hair now had some signs of salt and pepper in it and he still sported a full mustache and goatee.
  849. As he approached us, I wondered how much body armor he had underneath his clothing. Last time we saw each other, in 2007, he wore 3 layers at least. But then again, since he had came in through the proper chanells instead of being smuggled into England, he might not be wearing any.
  851. He reached the bar and said to Bill in a Florida accent, "You must be Bill. I'm sorry to hear about Sirius."
  853. Bill replied, "Thanks Brother."
  855. As they continued to chew the fat, I noticed Sam spitting out some sunflower seed shells. I asked, "What's with the sunflower seeds?"
  857. He replied, "Gave up smoking in 2011, after smoking since 9/11. Decided after they finally got the bastard, wasn't any reason for me to keep giving me self cancer. How have you been, Emily?"
  859. "Been well, Sam. I guess you're here to preach at his funeral."
  861. He replied, "Yeah. Do you know who the one is that did the deed?"
  863. I replied, "Alecto Carrow. Before you ask, you're going to have to fight me and a whole lot of other people to do the deed."
  865. He thought for a moment and replied, "I guess you're right."
  867. "You want a shot?" asked Bill.
  869. He thought for a moment and replied, "Why not?
  871. With that, Bill poured him a shot of Guinness and as he took it, he said, "Here's to Sirius Black, whom, from I've heard, was quite the prankster back in the day."
  873. I replied, "Ye have that right, Sharky.", before joining him in downing me own shot. It was going to be a rough day tomorrow.
  875. SAMDON Clubhouse Couch, 7:13 P.M.
  877. (Normal POV)
  879. Ron was smothered in kisses from his wife since 2012 and his girlfriend since 1997, Daphne Greengrass-Weasley as they lay on the couch. His wife did what she could to keep his mind off from what had happened to his best friend's godfather and what was coming up the next day.
  881. While the former Ice Queen of Slytherin took a break to catch her breath, Ron said, "Thanks for coming, Daphne. I don't know what I'd do without ya."
  883. She pulled him close to her, laying her head on his shoulder. "I'll always be there for you, Ron. I'm sorry to hear what happened to Sirius. He was a good man."
  885. He replied, "Thanks."
  887. "I wonder what I could do to bring a smile back to your face." She spoke before making a paper carrying sack appear from almost out of nowhere. "I know how much you love a good snog, a great shag and a snack in between. Since we're not in more private quarters, how would you like two out of three?"
  889. The goofy grin on his face said it all.
  891. Daphne pulled out from the bag 2 Pastrami on rye sandwiches with hot mustard and dills on the side. Along with that, two New York style cheesecakes with strawberry topping on top. Upon his astonished facial expression, she explained, "Paid a visit to New York a couple of days ago. An American Son by the name of Coyote helped me get one of these sandwiches. Trust me when I tell you, they are delicious. The best you'll ever find in New York."
  893. Ron bit a large portion and relished the taste bud overload. "Daphne, one of these could feed half the club."
  895. She laughed at his response to New York deli sandwiches. That sound was music to his ears. "I thought you might like them. The guys from the New York Crew send their condolences and an open invite to you and the Potters if you are interested on visiting America."
  897. Though the food was spectacular, a sudden thought brought Ron to his senses and he asked something he never thought about until now. "Daph, I still don't why you didn't back off when you found out I was prospecting for the Sons of Anarchy and that you never made me choose between you or SAMDON."
  899. With her fingers combing his hair, Daphne replied, "I know you'll do great things for the club, Ron, because I've known you since we first saw each other in 1991. Even though it seemed like our houses separated us, I never held anything against you. When I see you, I don't see a house patch or an MC patch. I see Ronald Billius Weasley. You've become a great man and I intend to be a proper 'Old Lady' to a great Son."
  901. Daphne gave him a peck on the cheek that warmed his weary heart before digging in to help Ron polish off the comfort food.
  903. While they ate the New York food, Fred and George apparated behind them, much to the surprise of Sam and the annoyance of Ron and Daphne.
  905. George began, "Awww, little Ron is…."
  907. "In love. You got any more of those?" finished Fred as they took a seat on opposite sides of the couple.
  909. Daphne smiled at her mischievous brothers-in-law as she pulled out another bag containing the same supper. "Enjoy the pastrami, you two rascals."
  911. As they continued eating, Sam looked at Bill, shaking his head in amusement. "Bill, I'll still don't think I'll ever understand your world."
  913. Emily raised her glass. "Don't spend time trying to understand the inexplicable. The best you can do is get used to it, Sharky."
  915. Harry's apartment in the Clubhouse, 7:30 P.M.
  917. (Normal POV)
  919. Harry was in his wife's arms as they lay on the bed. This was the 5th time today that they had retreated to Harry's apartment that day and while the shags were great, they hadn't really helped all that much to relieve the grief. Though he wasn't related to Sirius, he was his godson and Sirius, aside from his wife and children, was the only family he had left as well as one of the few ties he had to his parents. Now he was dead.
  921. Hermione held Harry close to her as he kissed her large breasts languidly. Resting his head against her chest, Harry exhaled a breath as Hermione kissed the top of his head. "I'm sorry about Sirius, Harry, but he died the way he would have wanted to. A smile on his face, his fists up and with his boots on."
  923. "I know, Hermione, but I can't help but wish that he did not die. He could have lived a while longer." Harry said, wishing for something that was perhaps impossible.
  925. Hermione thought for a minute and said, "It could have been worse."
  927. Harry looked up at her incredulously. "How could it be worse?"
  929. "He could have fallen through a damn veil of death or something. Or he could have been killed by tapestry."
  931. That made Harry laugh. "I guess you're right. The guys would have never let him live it down."
  933. Looking into Hermione's face, Harry kissed her passionately. "I love you, 'Mione."
  935. "I love you too, Harry." Hermione replied.
  937. Several moments later, they both emerged from his apartment and as they walked to the bar, Sam handed them two plates with New York styled cheesecake and said, "Enjoy the cheesecake, you two."
  939. "Thank you, Sam." Harry and Hermione said to the Club Chaplin as they accepted their slices of cheesecake. "Sam, do you have your tattooing equipment with you? I have a favor to ask you."
  941. Sam replied, "Unfortunately no. Damn Airport security wouldn't let me through with it. Why?"
  943. "I want a tattoo in memory of Sirius."
  945. "Do you have anything in mind?"
  947. "His Animagus form with a smile on his face and if you can incorporate the crystal ball with the Anarchist 'A' inside, that would be brilliant. Maybe even a halo over the dog's head." Replied Harry.
  949. Sam thought for a moment. "I'll call Wiley and have him bring the kit over."
  951. He pulled out his prepaid cell phone, which airport security had let him through with, and dialed Wiley's number. About 2 rings later, he got an answer.
  953. "Angel Ink Tattoo shop, Wiley speaking, how can I help ya?"
  955. Sam smirked and said, "Hey Wiley, it's been a long time. How are ya?"
  957. Wiley replied, "Doing good, Sam. What can I do for ya?"
  959. Sam replied, "Need ya to come over to the SAMDON Clubhouse with a tattoo kit. I need one."
  961. "What are you doing in Jolly Ol' England?"
  963. "Here to preach at Sirius' funeral."
  965. "Alright. I'll be over in a few. See ya then." finished Wiley.
  967. 30 minutes later
  969. (Normal POV)
  971. Bill was showing Sam some selections for a gun he could borrow while in England. Upon his opting for a Smith and Wesson M1911 and placing it in his Cut's inner pocket, along with 2 extra magazines, the door opened and Wiley stepped into the clubhouse.
  973. As he stepped into the old clubhouse, Sam walked over to him and shook his fellow tattoo artist's hand and said, "Great to see ya again, Wiley. How's the Hogsmeade shop holding up?"
  975. "Doing well, Sam. Got more customers then you'd expect. Anyways, I got the kit for ya." said Wiley as he handed the box filled with tattooing supplies to the Nomad SoA member.
  977. "Thank you Wiley. Stick around. Won't take that long." replied Sam as he opened it and began drawing Harry's design on a stencil. About 3 minutes later, he had finished it and asked Harry, "Where do you want it?"
  979. Harry took off his Cut and shirt and pointed below his heart. In his time as a Son, he had gotten several tattoos, including the Club logo on his back and on his Right Bicep, a Stag with a Lilly in it's mouth above his heart and a Werewolf covering his outer left forearm, along with a Hungarian Horntail on his left Bicep.
  981. Sam placed the stencil below his heart and began tattooing it.
  983. "How are you dealing?" Wiley asked.
  985. "Each day as it comes, Wiley." Harry spoke before downing a shot glass containing two fingers of Fire whiskey.
  987. "I can not say I know what to say in times like this, kid. I can say that this is a good way to pay respects to your godfather."
  989. As Sam wiped off a line of residual ink and applied modest drops of white to highlight certain areas of the tattoo, Wiley looked at the others. "The stag with the lily, it's a homage to your parents, right?"
  991. Harry nodded. "The stag was my father's Patronus. My mother was named after the flower. There are times I wish they were still around."
  993. "You have her eyes." Sam said unconsciously. Those four words sounded so familiar that Harry almost thought Sharky was channeling Sirius. "They have always been with you, Harry. Carry them in your heart and they'll never go away."
  995. "Sirius too?" Harry asked.
  997. Wiley nodded. "I was shocked and more when I heard it. For a while, it did not register in my head. I could not believe that such a thing would happen. One thing comforts me through this. He died surrounded by his family, his godson and friends rather than a horde of soul sucking Dementors in Azkaban. The fact that I cleared him of those charges and saved him from a life in Azkaban helps to alleviate the pain."
  999. "Thank you, Wiley." Harry said, not just for helping Sirius, but for being a friend. "As I was a friend to him, I'm a friend to you. No conditions, catches or strings attached."
  1001. Within 30 minutes, Sam stopped the needle, cleaned the needle. After sterilizing it, Sam started wrapping it up. He turned to Harry and said, "All done, Harry. Take a look in the mirror and see how it came out."
  1003. Harry walked over to the club's mirror and nodded in approval. Sam began wrapping the fresh tattoo up so that it could heal.
  1005. After Sam had wrapped it up, Hermione came over and kissed her husband after he had put his shirt and Cut back on. Sam took the time to give Harry his condolences. "I'm sorry for your loss, Harry. From what I've heard, he was a good Son."
  1007. Harry replied, "Thanks, Sam. For both the tattoo, and for your condolences."
  1009. Sam replied, "It's no problem. When you finally do get the one who did it, make sure that they pay. I'm usually not one for random, unnecessary violence, but this won't go unanswered. Life for a life."
  1011. Emily along with the other Sons and assorted people gathered in the building said, "Amen!"
  1013. Number 12 Grimmauld Place, 8:00 P.M.
  1015. (Normal POV)
  1017. Tig, Andromeda and Bellatrix raised their shot glasses full of Firewhiskey and said, "To Sirius." before downing them. They had finally came home from the hospital about 3 hours ago and had spent that time drinking, comforting, and recalling tales of Sirius's life that they knew about him.
  1019. "Probably was the greatest brother in law that I've ever had." said Tig as he took the bottle of Firewhiskey and took a long slug of it, relishing how the warm liquid burned his throat. Quite frankly, he needed it.
  1021. Andromeda said, "Best cousin we ever had."
  1023. Bellatrix finished, "Best friend we ever had."
  1025. As they continued to talk about his life, Andromeda said, "Tig. I want to show you something. Bellatrix, how'd you like to see the Family Tree?"
  1027. Bellatrix knew what her sister was talking about and said, "Why not?"
  1029. Together, they walked into the room and Tig was amazed at the Family Tree on the tapestry, lining the entire room, on all of the walls. He took note of several burn marks. Bellatrix explained the Black Family Tree as best she could to Tig. "This is the Black Family Tree. It traces every member of the family and their relatives."
  1031. Tig said, "Wow. Question: What's with all of the Burn marks?"
  1033. Bellatrix walked over to one of them and said, "Those were the ones that were disowned from the Black Family."
  1035. As the two sisters continued taking Tig through the tree, they came to Andromeda's spot, which, due to Sirius being Lord Black until his death, had been reinstated into the family tree. Next to Bellatrix's spot in the tree, was Tig's name underneath her own, with their children underneath it. They then came to Narcissa's spot in the family tree. Tig then asked, "What about her?"
  1037. Bella asked, "What?"
  1039. Tig asked drunkenly, "She had my brother in law and your cousin killed. Shouldn't she be burned off?"
  1041. "While you may be correct about that, Cissy was not the one who killed Sirius. Alecto Carrow was. Besides, even if she was the one who did it, the only person who can disown a family member is Lord Black. Currently, we don't know who that is, so, until we find out who it is, she remains on the Tree." Bellatrix explained.
  1043. "That sucks." Tig responded.
  1045. "Tell me about it." Andromeda said.
  1047. "Despite us being distant, and the fact, that we may have to fight her, I wish we could be three sisters again, without all of this fighting and killing." Bellatrix said, looking between the tree, her husband and sister.
  1049. Andromeda replied, "I wish that too, Bella."
  1051. Chapter 15
  1053. SAMDON Clubhouse, The next day, 1:00 P.M.
  1055. (Emily's POV)
  1057. I sat down on the Rec Room's couch, reading a book on the Phoenix Ritual that Alecto and Her brother had performed on them selves while Tonks was researching several of the spells that they had used on us. We had all decided that if we were going to be fighting this enemy, we needed to know what we were up against.
  1059. The basic concept of the Phoenix Ritual was to give the user eternal life, as long the user's wand was intact. As long as the wand was not destroyed, basically, no matter how you tried to kill the person or how many times you tried, even with the killing curse, the user would rise from the dead and be free to exact their vengeance on the one who tried to kill them. It was an extremely ancient, dark and evil magic that no one, not even Voldemort himself, has even tried to use.
  1061. However, despite it sounding wonderful, it comes at an extremely high price. In a nutshell, you would lose your soul, have to sacrifice an infant, along with having to perform it on yourself every 50 years.
  1063. Unfortunately, because the Ministry of Magic thought no one was stupid or evil enough to attempt it, it wasn't illegal to use. Idiots. As I continued reading, Tonks said to me, "Here's something her brother tried using on us."
  1065. She pulled the book over and showed me. It was a cutting curse that Amycus had attempted to use on Tonks. When executed correctly, it would tear the victim into a thousand pieces. The incantation was in Italian as opposed to the usual Latin incantations. 'Tagliare Corpo Verso Un Mille Pezzo'.
  1067. Come to think of it, I remember seeing Bellatrix and Rodolphus use it once or twice while we were in the Death Eaters together. It was a very effective curse if you wanted someone to suffer immensely.
  1069. Come to think of it, I'm itching to use it on Alecto the next time I see her.
  1071. "Well, Tonks, it seems we've figured out what exactly we are up against." I said as we looked over the dark curses and spells. "How'd ye like to test some of them out on some Death Eaters the next time we see them?"
  1073. Before she could reply, an owl flew in through the open window and dropped a letter on Tonks's lap. Before she could pick it up, it floated into the air and began reading itself. "Mrs. Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin, after due consideration and in the aftermath of Dolores Umbridge's passing, we have decided to offer your old job back to you with the same benefits that Umbridge had and a pay raise. If you choose to accept it, please send back a reply with the owl. Sincerely, Madam Amelia Bones, Minister of Magic."
  1075. The letter burst into flames after it had read itself. I looked at Tonks and asked, "What do ye think? Because of me killing Umbitch, you can get your old job back with benefits. What do ye say?"
  1077. Tonks said nothing as she took out a piece of parchment and wrote, "Madam Bones, I accept your offer. Tell me when I can come back to work. Also, with all due respect, NEVER call me Nymphadora. Sincerely, Mrs. Lupin."
  1079. She then handed her written reply to the owl before it took off for the Ministry of Magic.
  1081. She then asked, "Does that answer your question?"
  1083. I replied, "Aye. What time is the funeral today?"
  1085. She looked at her watch and said, "It's at 3 o'clock at the Black Family Cemetery. The reading of the will is in 10 minutes, here. Wiley is supposed to show up soon to execute it."
  1087. Almost as if she had spoken of the Devil himself, Wiley apparated into the building with a loud crack, startling everyone in the Clubhouse. Sharky barked in astonishment. "Wiley, why the heck do you got to do that? Some of us are not exactly young bucks anymore."
  1089. Wiley smiled. "Needed to make sure everyone here heard me. Everyone, gather around, we need to get started with this Will reading."
  1091. I guess him going to two types of Law School paid off for him immensely because we won't have to deal with the Goblins at Gringotts. I know for a fact that they would try and swindle us the first chance they got. That's why I don't go there any more then absolutely necessary.
  1093. We all gathered around Wiley, who had taken the stand at the Rec Room's podium, pulled out the Will and read,
  1095. "If you're reading this, it means I've kicked the bucket. I bought the farm. I'm 6 feet under. I'm pushing up daisies. I'm giving the Grim Reaper a hard time. I've gone on to the Next Great Adventure. I'm knocking on Heaven's door. I'm dead. I can only hope that I went out with my boots on, my fists up, my wand in my hand and my SoA cut on my back. I hope I didn't suffer or choke on some chicken leg while in my Animagus form.
  1097. 'I guess we can't expect him to be Serious in his last will.' my Inner Banshee said to me.
  1099. The manner of my death not withstanding, I, Sirius Orion Black, being of relatively sound mind and sexy body, do declare this to be my Last Will and Testimony.
  1101. 'Ye have that right, Mum.' I replied.
  1103. To my dear godson, Harry James Potter and his beautiful wife, Hermione Jean Granger-Potter, I leave everything in the Black Family Vault that is not given to anyone else mentioned in this will. I also declare my godson to be Lord Black and leave him in control of the family.
  1105. 'I guess it makes sense that he would do that.' I said as I watched Bellatrix, Andromeda, Tonks and Harry's reactions. Suffice to say, both Black sisters and the reinstated Auror were surprised as well as pleased.
  1107. To SAMDON, I leave the sum of 1 million Galleons and I also entrust you all with the care of my Motorcycle. I hope it looks good in the Garage of the Honorably Departed.
  1109. Alan Bishop, Bill Wallace and the other SAMDON Sons raised their glasses in respect to Sirius' last wishes.
  1111. To Fred and George Weasley, I leave the sum of 2 million Galleons to help with their Joke Shop. I also entrust them with my giant book of Practical Jokes.
  1113. To Remus Lupin, my dear old friend and the last of the old school Marauders, I leave the sum of 3 and a half million Galleons on the condition that 5000 of them be used to purchase yourself a new wardrobe.
  1115. I nearly laughed me arse off at that as I struggled to keep it to me self. It was true. Remus did need a new wardrobe.
  1117. To Nymphadora Tonks (Ha Ha You can't hex me now for saying it!), I leave the sum of 4 million Galleons and the assignment to make sure that Remus does indeed purchase a new wardrobe and to look after him. He's the last of the Marauders now.
  1119. To Oswald Wiley Linwood, I leave the sum of 2 million Galleons and my eternal gratitude for clearing my name. You don't know how much I appreciate it.
  1121. To my dear cousins, Bellatrix Orion Black-Trager and Andromeda Vela Black-Tonks, I leave the following combination, 8-13-29-50, to a safe inside the Black Family vault, containing the sum of 4 million Galleons a piece.
  1123. To my brother in law, Alexander 'Tig' David Trager, I leave my firearms and that motorcycle that you used during your stay at SAMDON. I know how much you loved it.
  1125. To Emily O'Neal, I leave the sum of a 500,000 Galleons and I also leave you my cat, Orion. I also leave to you my second book of practical jokes in the hope that you will learn to have a sense of humor.
  1127. 'Very funny, Sirius.' I thought to me self as Wiley continued.
  1129. To the Ministry of Magic, with the exception of Madam Bones, I bequeath unto all of you the finger, followed by a not-so-humble request that all of you line up in single-file formation to kiss my dead arse.
  1131. We all laughed at that before Wiley said, "Alright. Settle down. We need to finish this."
  1133. Right now, I would like to leave all of you with this message. Harry, you are like a son to me. I might be dead, but I will never be far away from you. You have a great wife in Hermione. She will be your strength as will Ron, your children and every Son who rocks the Reaper on their back. Whatever happens, know that I loved James and Lily as my best friends. I'll send them your love when I see them up above.
  1135. Nymphadora Tonks, take care of Remus. Try and make sure he doesn't feel too bad about me being dead. Like I said before, he's the last Marauder standing.
  1137. Bellatrix, thank you for proving my faith in you to be correct. Even when we were on opposite sides, I prayed that there was some good in you and that it would drive out the madness and cruelty Voldemort put in you.
  1139. To Andromeda, thank you for being such a great cousin.
  1141. Tig, my brother-in-law and brother in arms, watch over Bellatrix and keep her well. Other wise I will haunt you for the rest of your days.
  1143. To SAMDON, thank you all for being my brothers and for helping me whenever I had hard times. I'll never forget them.
  1145. To Emily O'Neal, since you can't kill me for saying this, you are a scary bitch.
  1147. I then shouted, "You're damn right about that!"
  1149. They all laughed and Wiley finished,
  1151. Got to go now. When I get to those Pearly Gates, I hope that the first words out of their mouths will be, 'Welcome home, Sirius'. I'll be sure to vouch for every one of ya when ya get here.
  1153. With Love,
  1155. Sirius Orion Black."
  1157. As Wiley finished reading the will, I could tell that a lot of the people there, though they did their best to hide it, had tears in their eyes. I guess this is one of the advantages of being dead inside. I don't have to worry about tearing up at some emotional, sad scene.
  1159. Then again, if I were capable of emotions, hearing my Godfather's last will and testimony would tear me up, I guess. I suppose I should be thankful though. He did leave me his cat, and a giant book of practical jokes.
  1161. As I was thinking this, I heard purring and looked down to see Orion, the cat he left me. It was an orange Tabby cat with red eyes. It couldn't have been more than 2 years old.
  1163. "Ah, who's a good kitty?" I asked as I pulled him into my lap. I put me finger to him and he nibbled on it playfully.
  1165. "Looks like O'Neal found a new playmate." remarked one of the Sons sarcastically. I gave him the bird and said, "Sod Off."
  1167. Sam then stood up and spoke to all of us. "Alright, everyone, the Black Family Cemetery is about 45 minutes away, so we need to get going. The casket is already there and we're having the funeral outside."
  1169. With that, we all either apparated or rode off to the Black Family Cemetery to lay Sirius Black to rest.
  1171. The Black Family Cemetery, 2:58 P.M.
  1173. (Emily's POV)
  1175. "Alright, everyone. Get settled down. We're about to begin." said Sam as he took his place next to the coffin. We were all gathered around it in a semi circle. The Coffin was made of black ash, and had the SoA Reaper painted over it. I must say, whoever did it certainly did a good job on the artwork.
  1177. Sam then cleared his throat and began. "Good afternoon. By now, we all know why we are gathered here today. We are here to honor Sirius Orion Black, who passed away on November 17th, 2016."
  1179. 'Go right ahead, Sharky. State the obvious.' I thought to me self as he continued.
  1181. "I did not know Sirius personally, which I count as a loss for myself. Nevertheless, it's my duty to serve at each and every member of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club's funeral and this is no exception. From what I have heard from his relatives, friends and SoA Brothers, Sirius Black had a rebel's soul with the heart of a lion. In fact, in Bill's own words, he was probably one of the best Sons SAMDON ever had."
  1183. 'Least he's honest.' My Inner Banshee said to me.
  1185. "He never did wrong by this club, always putting others before himself and was quite the prankster. From what his best friend and fellow prankster, Remus Lupin, told me, he was one of the famous Marauders, who inspired several generations of pranksters." said Sam as he continued, " In addition to being a dedicated member of this Club, he was an equally dedicated family man. When his cousin, Andromeda Tonks, was disowned by the Black Family, he stood by her anyways. Despite them being on opposite sides of the war, he kept hoping and praying that his cousin, Bellatrix Black, would leave Voldemort. She did. When he knew that his godson, Harry Potter, was in danger, he broke out of prison, after being wrongfully convicted, to go and save him."
  1187. 'Wow. He really is covering all of his bases. He's a pretty good Preacher.' Me Mum said to me. I guess it was true. He was a lot better then some of the priests I've met in my life were. Then again, none of them were Outlaw Bikers, nor did they blow up drug labs for a living.
  1189. "When he was cleared of the charges that he was convicted of, he helped Harry learn more about his parents. He will be missed by many and he will always be loved. His Harley is going to look great in the Garage of the Honorably Departed."
  1191. A lot of the Sons howled at that. Have they no respect? Then again, I guess, this is their way of grieving.
  1193. "To sum Sirius up in a few words, he was a Prankster, Son, Rebel, Marauder, cousin, Godfather, friend, Sponsor and loved one right to the very end and beyond." he concluded.
  1195. 'He forgot damn good fighter.' My Inner Banshee said as Sam asked for all of us to bow our heads and prayed, "Dear Lord, Thank you for this day and for all the time we had to know Sirius. I hope that he is having fun in Heaven. Thank you for being his savior and lord. Amen."
  1197. As he concluded the prayer, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of aching in me cold heart. Not now.
  1199. Sam then walked up to the casket and patted it three times before concluding, "Goodbye, Sirius, my brother in arms. May the angels guide you into Heaven."
  1201. As everyone applauded his conclusion, several House elves lowered the casket into the pre-dug grave and with a flick of his wand, Bill put the dirt over it.
  1203. In the inscription on the headstone, as a personal quote, it read, "It doesn't matter what you've done in your past. It's what you do with your present and future that counts."
  1205. If you ask me, it was a very fitting quote.
  1207. SAMDON Clubhouse, The Lot, 8:00 P.M.
  1209. (Emily's POV)
  1211. The SAMDON Party was in full blast. I guess this is their own personal way of holding a wake. Lot's of Booze, and wild women. I suppose Sirius would have wanted it that way.
  1213. I walked into the Clubhouse and took a seat at the bar, and ordered me a tall boot of Guinness. It was going to be hell tomorrow, but I knew that I might as well enjoy the off time while I could, because I'd have to go back to teaching the day after tomorrow. As Bill, who had been chosen to play bartender tonight served me the boot, I heard a soft voice say, "That's a very interesting choice of drink, Ms. O'Neal."
  1215. I turned around to see a young woman with blonde hair and fair skin taking a seat next to me. I recognized her as Luna Lovegood-Longbottom, the Interim Headmistress until Minerva got out of St. Mungo's. I had never really held any opinion of her, though I did know that Neville had landed himself quite the catch.
  1217. "'ello, Luna. How have you been?" I asked 'er. Come to think of it, why was she here? Then again, I suppose that Harry would have wanted her to come. But that raised the question of where her husband was? Despite her being cleared, I wasn't exactly sure of how Neville would react around Bellatrix. Then again, if I was capable of emotions, I'd say I'd be extremely mad if someone tortured me parents into insanity. Then again, I've recently heard that they've been cured and are back on their feet.
  1219. "I've been well, Emily. My husband couldn't make it to the funeral, but he does send his condolences to Harry." she said in a soft voice. How the bloody 'ell did she know that I was thinking that?
  1221. "Ye know, Luna, it isn't polite to read other people's minds." I told her as she ordered a shot of Jameson's Irish Whiskey.
  1223. "I did not read your mind, Ms. O'Neal." Luna spoke as she nursed her shot of Jameson's Irish Whiskey. "You really ought to pay a visit to her grave. It's obvious you miss her."
  1225. Her words sent a chill down me spine as she sat there as innocent as a lamb.
  1227. "I have no idea what ye are talking about."
  1229. "You miss Christine. It is easy to see as the nargles dancing in your hair." With more liberty and calm than even the most trained Healer, Luna patted me blonde locks of hair as if I were one of me cats. "That will keep them at bay."
  1231. She spoke as if it were as normal as anything else.
  1233. "Oh, one more thing, your Mum's wild side told me to tell you that she and Missy are enjoying Heaven. If you may excuse me, I'm famished. I hope the Sons have some pudding." she replied before walking off with a skip to her step.
  1235. How the bloody Hell does she do that? I know that she can't read minds. But how?
  1237. As I was thinking this, I heard a commotion out side and everyone rushed outside to find Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Tonks dueling Alecto Carrow.
  1239. She's mine.
  1241. Chapter 16
  1243. SAMDON Clubhouse, The Lot, Outside, 8:30 P.M
  1245. (Emily's POV)
  1247. "Stupefy!" I yelled, joining in the fight with Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Tonks against that bitch, Alecto Carrow. How could she be so stupid as to attack the wake of the man she killed? Then again, I'd probably do the same thing.
  1249. As she dodged the stunner, I knew that I had to send Non-lethal spells at her until we snapped her wand. Otherwise, she wouldn't die and will just be pissed off. Furthermore, we need to get information out of her. The real problem is, due to an Omen of Death I've just gotten, Alecto won't live long enough to see a trial.
  1251. While we sent spell after spell at her, several gunshots rang out. We all looked behind us to see Sam, Bill and Tig opening fire on Alecto with their respective firearms. Despite me knowing that they were all extremely talented and skilled marksmen, their bullets seemed to do nothing to Alecto apart from amusing her.
  1253. Alecto danced around their bullets like they were nothing, cackling and mocking the Sons. She said, "Come on! That the best you got?"
  1255. No sooner than when the words left her mouth, a shot rang out. Bellatrix stood at a distance behind Alecto, holding a smoking Glock 23 that she kept concealed in her black leather vest.
  1257. "WHAT DID YOU DO?" demanded Alecto as she realized her wand had been shot in half. Time for some payback. Me, Tonks, Andromeda, and Bellatrix all yelled at the same time, "Stupefy!"
  1259. With Alecto knocked out by the four overpowered stunners, I cast a silent reviving spell as Tig and Bill held her by her arms. Once she came to, I walked up to her and said, "This is for Sirius Black.
  1261. My right fist connected with her cheek swiftly and brutally, popping 4 of her teeth out and drawing blood from her mouth.
  1263. 'That's me girl!' I heard me Inner Banshee say to me. 'Show her why we're called, 'The Fighting Irish'.
  1265. I then yelled, "Crucio!"
  1267. I watched her writhe in pain at the effects of the torture curse, lifting it momentarilly as many of the other Sons approached from behind me.
  1269. After 30 solid minutes of beating the shite out of her, they all stopped as I approached the bloody, broken, Death Eater and said, "We could keep doing this all night. But as long as you're able to open your mouth and speak coherently, we might as well get some answers out of ye. I think you know what we want. Were is your Mistress, Narcissa Black? Tell us, and we will stop beating the shite out of ye."
  1271. She answered, "I can't tell you. I'm under the Unbreakable Vow, remember?"
  1273. I then motioned for Hermione to come foward and told her, "Extract a memory that gives us a general location."
  1275. Hermione took out her wand and extracted it, before sealing it in a vial. I turned to Alecto and said, "Enjoy Hell, bitch." before motioning for Bellatrix to come foward.
  1277. "I thought you said you'd let me live!"
  1279. I replied, "I only said we'd stop beating the shite out of you. Levicorpus."
  1281. As I cast the levitating spell, Alecto was lifted 15ft in the air. I turned to Bellatrix and asked, "Would you do the honors?"
  1283. Bellatrix smiled that sadistic smile of hers that I knew all too well. With her wand raised and aimed at Alecto, Bellatrix cried out, "'Tagliare Corpo Verso Un Mille Pezzo'."
  1285. As Alecto struggled in vain to break free of the levitating spell, the blue light hit Alecto sqaure in the chest, instantly killing her. Her lifeless eyes stared at us as she was torn into a thousand pieces without one drop of blood spilt.
  1287. I smiled at Bellatrix and asked, "Satisfied?"
  1289. "Very much. What are we all standing around for? Let's get back to the wake!"
  1291. As we went back to having the wake, it gave me some time to think about what had just happened. Bellatrix, who was my mentor in the Dark Arts, and I, two people who never really gotten along that well in the past, had just exacted vengeance for her cousin.
  1293. If ye ask me, I suppose that, with time, relationships can heal. We aren't the best of friends, but I guess we can just co-exist long enough to work together in order to effectively take down a mutual enemy. If that doesn't say anything, I don't know what does. As I thought this, Missy's sweet voice rang in me ears, "Luna is right, Em. It's obvious that you miss me and that you feel regret."
  1295. I turned around to see nothing behind me. As I was staring at the nothingness, Tig asked, "You ok, O'Neal? You look like you saw a ghost."
  1297. I turned around to see him and said, "I'm alright, Tiggy."
  1299. As I took me seat and went back to me drinking boot, I began thinking about Missy. Though it was nowhere near the anniversary of her death, she still haunted me. I was barely getting any sleep and I noticed that I wasn't eating that much. Come to think of it, I was drinking more then I usually did. If I didn't look at any mirrors, I would have probably have never noticed.
  1301. Through my peripheral vision, I saw Luna come into the Rec Room silently leading Bellatrix, Andromeda and Tonks with her to a nearby room, closing the door behind her. So far, I'm not getting an Omen of Death, so I guess that's good.
  1303. Without warning, something was set in front of me. It looked like food and smelt like nothing I had ever smelt before.
  1305. "What's that?" I asked, turning to see Sam sitting next to me at the bar.
  1307. "It's an extra burger I brought over from the States. The Nomad Vice Pres, Cowboy, cooks up a mean burger called a 'Knock Out'. That's the reason Sons all over the country look for him. He's the only one who knows how to cook it. Not even Quinn knows all of it's secrets." he explained.
  1309. Casting a heating charm to reheat it, I took a bite of it. My taste buds immediately went into over drive as it touched my tongue. It was like nothing I had ever tasted before. It was delicious.
  1311. As I took another bite of it, Sam said, "Take your time. Enjoy the flavor, taste and texture before you wash it down with the rest of your Guinness."
  1313. Looking back to the couch, I noticed that Harry and Hermione had vanished. More than likely, those two were off to shag each other's brains out.
  1315. Meanwhile on the couch, Daphne was giving a subtle yet seductive lap dance to Ron, who seemed to be fighting the urge to clear out the room and take her over the pool tabke, I smirked as I finished eating the 'Knock Out' burger.
  1317. For a while, I wondered why it was called a 'Knock Out'. Then I began to feel drowsy as my stomach started digesting what I just ate.
  1319. That Son of a Bitch slipped me a Mickey. That was my final thought before everything went black.
  1321. (Normal POV)
  1323. Catching the blonde Half Banshee in his arms, Sam found an empty bed in the clubhouse and set her down so she could get some much needed sleep. He returned just in time to hear Tig arguing with Bellatrix, Andromeda and Tonks.
  1325. "Ok, what did I miss?" he asked.
  1327. "Tig can't be with Bellatrix when she, along with her sister and niece, go to confront Narcissa Black. He doesn't seem too happy about it." Luna said calmly to Sam before looking at his left leg. "If you would like, I may know of a charm that can fix that limp."
  1329. Sam took a seat on the couch without saying a word. Rolling up his pants' sleeve and propping it on the coffee table, he revealed to Luna the old scar and mangled flesh on his leg. Above it, tracing the exact bite mark, was a tattoo of the exact jaws over it. Though the shark had taken some of the flesh from his leg, he had taken it's jaws and head.
  1331. Other men and women had squirmed before and would continue to do so, but Luna just tilted her head in keen interest. He looked skeptically at the Blonde witch and asked, "Can you really do that and not have any side effects?"
  1333. She replied with a smile, "Absolutely. It's fairly simple, really."
  1335. Sam began weighing the options in his head, obviously trying to decide whether or not to let her do it. Though he didn't know much about the magical world, from what Bellatrix had just done to Alecto, it was natural for him to be suspicious of it. He sighed in acceptance and replied, "If you can do it, then do it. I'm sick of the pain it's given me."
  1337. Luna pulled out her wand and and cast a healing charm on Sam's leg. Within moments, relief went to his face as he streched it, for the first time since 1993, and felt no pain in it.
  1339. He looked to her with an expression of relief. "Thank you so much. You have no idea what this means to me."
  1341. "I'm glad to help you let go of lingering pains from the past, Sam." Luna said, kissing him gently on the cheek. "I'm sorry that I can't stay. I have to attend to my duties as Interim Headmistress in Hogwarts. Would you let me know how things turn out, Sam?"
  1343. "Of Course, Luna." Holding her hand, Sam said, "Thank you."
  1345. Luna smiled before she walked outside to her Thestral-drawn carriage. Within moments, the carriage rose off the ground and flew swiftly across the sky into the horizon.
  1347. Sam shook his head and said to himself, "Crazy."
  1349. SAMDON Clubhouse, extra bedroom, 8:45 P.M.
  1351. (Normal POV)
  1353. Bellatrix said, "Ok. From what this memory is telling us, the best guess is the Roman Coliseum in Rome, Italy."
  1355. After they had killed Alecto, they had gone to the Clubhouse's Pensieve to examine the memories extracted from the recently deceased Death Eater. Cissy was still in Italy. Looking at the memories more closely, they had figured out that Cissy was hiding out in the old Coliseum. So having a location confirmed, they had decided to go there in the morning.
  1357. This new information didn't change the fact that their relative was an extremely dangerous witch with a high skill level and Bellatrix didn't want to risk her husband's life. So, in the end, they decided that it would be between them and Cissy. Tig would stay at SAMDON.
  1359. Tig, for obvious reasons, was 10 different levels of mad when he heard that decision and argued that he should be able to come along and help. Bellatrix had managed to convince him that Narcissa was too dangerous for him to handle and it would be best for him to stay at the clubhouse until they returned.
  1361. He wasn't happy about it, but in the end conceded and told them that they had better come back in one piece.
  1363. "Alright then. Tomorrow, when we get there, I'll make the arrest." said Tonks as they exited the room to get drinks at the bar. As they ordered them, Bellatrix and Andromeda looked to each other with Tonks in between them before bringing up the white elephant in the room.
  1365. "Tonks, I love you and I have no doubts about your ability to bring my sister into custody. You have the brains for it, but I doubt you have the stomach to do what might have to be done. Can you bring yourself to end her life if the situation calls for it, without hesitating for one moment?" asked Bellatrix.
  1367. "Bella, Tonks may be a Black but that doesn't mean she's a cold blooded killer like you used to be and, to some extent, still are." Andromeda spoke, already fearing for her daughter.
  1369. Bellatrix downed her shot Jack and said, "Sometimes you have to do what you might not want to do, Andi. Cissy will probably put us against the wall, and she might not leave us any choice but to kill her. I don't want to do it, but if I have to, I will."
  1371. "Well, let's ask Tonks if she can." replied Andromeda. With two sets of eyes now trained on the young Auror, the two women asked the inevitable question.
  1373. "Tonks, if it came down to it..." Bella began.
  1375. "Could you kill Narcissa if left with no choice?" Andromeda finished.
  1377. Tonks thought seriously for a moment before repling, "Honestly, Mum and Aunt Bella, I will defend you both as best as I can, but I don't know if I could kill her if it came to it."
  1379. Bellatrix place her arms around Tonks, pulling her into a hug and told her, "My niece, I won't mince words. Cissy will be ruthless. She is a cold blooded killer. She won't hesitate to kill any of us. Defense will only last for so long before we have to attack her."
  1381. "I may not be a killer, but I will cut down Cissy if she harms you even once, Tonks." Andromeda said with conviction as she hugged her daughter and sister.
  1383. Tonks sighed and hugged both of them and told them, "I love you both. Never forget that." before saying, "Let's go to bed. Considering what and who we're up against tomorrow, we'll all need a full night's sleep."
  1385. While Andromeda and Bellatrix retired to their rooms, Tonks went to her room and fell asleep.
  1387. An hour before sunrise...
  1389. (Normal POV)
  1391. Daphne looked at the morning feast she had prepared for everyone. Crisp bacon, French Toast, scrambled eggs with chopped green onions & garlic, several stacks of hot cakes, sausages and toasted bread.
  1393. Looking at the amount of food that could feed an army, Daphne took several of each along with a cup of fresh brewed tea, set it all on a tray and walked over to Emily's room. Emily looked like she hadn't eaten properly in a month.
  1395. (Emily's POV)
  1397. I was dreaming the most wonderful dream involving me and me cats in a cottage on the countryside in Belfast when I suddenly heard, "Emily, wake up. It's Breakfast time."
  1399. I replied, "5 more hours, Mum."
  1401. The voice said, "I'm not your Mum, Emily. It's time to get up. You need Breakfast."
  1403. I woke up and saw a tray with a feast in front of me. I looked over to see Daphne, sitting next to me bed in a chair. "Daphne, what is this?"
  1405. "It's breakfast, Emily. You look like you haven't eaten properly in a month." she replied.
  1407. I said, "Daph, I'm fine. But thank ye though."
  1409. While I sat up and pulled the tray closer to start enjoying it, I saw her sitting there, looking at me. I knew I look good, but can't I eat in peace? I finally said, "It's not polite to stare Daphne."
  1411. "Sorry. I was just thinking to myself."
  1413. Alright. Now she had me curiosity. Why would she stare at me if she was just thinking? I asked, "May I ask about what?"
  1415. "You were the one who inspired me to be the Ice Queen of Slytherin while I was in school. When I was in my first 3 years, I admired the way you acted so coldly to everyone except your closest friends and didn't take shit from anyone."
  1417. "I'm flattered, Daphne."
  1419. Suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, she leaned forward, pressed her lips against mine and began snogging me like there was no tomorrow. As her tongue wrestled with me own for dominance and I was quickly getting hot and bothered, I recognized the way that she was kissing me. Only one person had ever kissed me like that.
  1421. Pulling away, Daphne said in an eerily familiar voice, "You are still a much better kisser that that git, Malfoy."
  1423. Suddenly without warning, Daphne's eyes blinked quickly as if she just woken up. "What just happened?" she asked with genuine bewilderment.
  1425. I replied, "You brought me breakfast and I was about to eat it."
  1427. "Ok. I'll see ya around then." Daphne said as she made her way to the door.
  1429. After she left the room, I felt a chill go down me spine as I realized what had happened. Daphne had just made out with me for a good 5 minutes straight. That in itself did not shock me. It was that she had done so in a way that only one person had ever done before. Add to it the fact that she remembered nothing of the incident and I realized what had happened.
  1431. Missy had possessed Daphne.
  1433. Old Coliseum, Rome, Italy, 9:30 A.M.
  1435. (Normal POV)
  1437. With a loud pop, Andromeda, Tonks and Bellatrix apparated inside the ancient battle stadium to come face to face with Narcissa Black, who had her wand in hand and a smirk on her face.
  1439. "How did you figure out where I was?" She asked. The tone in her voice would have frozen the Sahara desert twice over.
  1441. "You can thank Alecto for that, Cissy."
  1443. "Impossible. She's under the Unbreakable Vow. Speaking of which, where is she?"
  1445. Andromeda replied, "Her Pensieve Memories led us to you, Narcissa. As for where Alecto is, I'd say that she's currently receiving the red hot poker up the arse torture in Hell right now."
  1447. If Cissy was surprised at all at that, her face didn't show it. She said, "You killed her then." It wasn't a question so much as a statement.
  1449. "Technically, Emily and Bellatrix did."
  1451. Cissy yelled, "No one asked you, you filthy Half-Blood!"
  1453. As quickly as the words left her mouth, Andromeda sent a nonverbal stunner at Cissy, who artfully dodged it and sent a Hurricane Curse at her, only for it to be blocked by Bellatrix, while Tonks sent a Bludgeoning hex Cissy's way.
  1455. Dodging the hex, Cissy began her assault. "Avada Kedva..."
  1457. Halfway through the lethal curse, Bellatrix tackled Cissy to the ground and began wrestling with her youngest sister, each of them throwing punches at each other before Cissy had gotten on top of Bellatrix, her wand at Bella's neck. "Give up now, Bella, and I might spare your life."
  1459. Bellatrix replied, "I'll surrender when Hell freezes over!"
  1461. With her attention pointed at Bella's face, Narcissa didn't see the boot knife until it was well into her side, allowing Bellatrix to kick her younger sister off her, simultaneously disarming the other witch of her wand. Bellatrix picked up the wand and pocketed it. It was a Black Family wand, 14 inches in length, Oak wood and Dragon Heartstring as the core. Once they returned, she was going to return it to the Vault, but first, she and Andromeda needed to take care of something.
  1463. Bellatrix pulled the knife out of her sister's stomach and sheathed it. After casting a healing charm on the wound, she and Andromeda picked Cissy up by her shoulders, placing her in front of Tonks.
  1465. Bellatrix looked at her niece. "What do you want to do, Tonks? The decision is yours."
  1467. Tonks pulled out her wand and pointed it right between Narcissa's eyes. "I could do it, you know. Two words and it would be all over."
  1469. Cissy stared at Tonks with hate evident on her face. "Then do it. Show me you've got the stomach for it!"
  1471. Tonks thought for a moment before replying, "Only I have never used that curse before and I don't plan on starting with you, Aunt Narcissa. You're going to spend the rest of your life in Azkaban. Narcissa Black, you are under arrest for crimes against the wizarding world, multiple accounts of murder and torture, conspiracy to overthrow Hogwarts and multiple accounts of attempted kidnapping."
  1473. Before Tonks could bind her, Cissy said, "You don't think I'm going to go quietly, now do you?"
  1475. Narcissa expelled pure magic throughout her body, pushing both of her sisters and her niece away and wandlessly summoned her wand from Bellatrix's inner vest pocket before apparating away. Before she could fully Apparate away, Bellatrix cast a Bone Crushing Curse at her, shattering the bones in her right leg as she disappeared.
  1477. Walking up to her niece, Bellatrix put a hand on Tonks' shoulder. "I don't blame you for not doing it."
  1479. "At least you managed to get a good shot in before she got away."
  1481. "Unless she has a well trained healer, she'll have to go to St. Mungo's for treatment." Andromeda said, looking over her sister and daughter.
  1483. "Let's get back to SAMDON." Bellatrix said as they all apparated back home.
  1485. SAMDON Clubhouse, 11:00 A.M.
  1487. (Emily's POV)
  1489. "You Son of a Bitch." I said as I slapped Sam upside the head as I plopped down next to him on the couch. He deserved it for slipping me that Mickey in that burger last night. Then again, it was the best hamburger that I've ever had in me life. But that's not the point.
  1491. He scratched his head nonchalantly. "Emily, you are not the first hostile woman I've ever had to deal with. I've also been called a lot worse in my life. In fact that's probably the most polite term that anyone's ever used to describe me with." The grin underneath his mustache and beard just spurred me forward.
  1493. "You slipped me a Mickey in that 'Knock Out' Burger last night, didn't you?" I demanded.
  1495. "No, actually, I didn't slip you a Mickey. In fact, that's why it's called a 'Knock Out'. It put's ya right to sleep after it fills ya up. But if I had done what you've accused me of doing, you needed it. I know what it's like to be an Insomniac. No reason for the world to have one more in it."
  1497. I looked at him curiously and studied the dark circles around his eyes. I asked, "Are ye one?"
  1499. "Yeah. I'm a chronic. Have been since '91. I don't like to talk about it much." Looking at the half-banshee, Sam paused for a moment. "Emily, I understand it's probably none of my business, but you don't look so good."
  1501. "Ye are right." I said, looking him in the eye. "It's none of your business."
  1503. He nodded at that and then wrote down something down on a piece of paper and handed it to me before saying, "If you ever need to talk, you can reach me at this number, day or night. Right now, I'm going to go find some lunch."
  1505. As he left the room, I took the piece of paper and placed it in me robe's inner pocket. As I did, Orion walked up to me and popped his self down in me lap before curling up and going to sleep. He's a cute cat. I wonder how me other cats will take to him?
  1507. While Orion began purring in his sleep, I began thinking of why Sam gave me his number, saying I could reach him at it day or night. I know that he's happily married and he isn't interested in sex or an affair for that matter. I guess it's part of his job in the club as its unofficial parish.
  1509. Come to think of it, he probably has offered his counsel to a lot of the other Sons. So it would make since that he does this for a lot of people.
  1511. As I pondered this, the door opened before Bellatrix, Andromeda and Tonks walked in. They were all carrying bags that I assume were full of food yet all I saw were the expressions on their faces. Things clearly did not go the way they wanted. Something had gone south very quickly and very badly. That was the only explanation for it. "So, how'd it go?"
  1513. Bellatrix replied, "I don't want to talk about it."
  1515. Andromeda and Tonks said in chorus, "Me neither."
  1517. I then asked, "So, what's in the bags? Lunch?"
  1519. Bellatrix handed me a bag and said, "Lunch. It's Tiramisu, Corn beef, pasta and some bottle of Jameson and Red wine. Got it from a girl in New York named Angela Cortez. Also got ya a can of Guinness."
  1521. As she handed me the can, I dug into the food and as I was doing so, I knew that tomorrow I was going back to teaching, so I guess after Lunch, I need to get back over to Hogwarts. Oh well, the down time was nice while it lasted.
  1523. Speaking of Hogwarts, I wonder if Snape got his hair back to normal while I was gone? Then again, that was a powerful charm I used on him. He'll probably be back to his old, greasy self in no time.
  1525. I also began thinking of Hagrid. Ever since Sirius died, I had noticed he was acting strangely. Then again, for this entire school year, he's been acting oddly. Then again, he was getting old. But I guess he hasn't been the same since Grawmp died in the summer. Ever since then, he's seemed distant, and he seems to be having trouble being Gameskeeper. Without warning, I began getting an Omen of Death and something came over me. I suppose that, by definition, it would be dread.
  1527. An Omen of Death is usually spontaneous and I've never really planned to have one. Another weird thing about them is that they usually occur within 3 years of the person's death.
  1529. On June 15th of next year, my best friend and confidant, Rubeus Hagrid, was going to die of cancer. He would have to be admitted to the care of St. Mungo's in May and would finally succumb to it on that date. My heart, if I was capable of having emotions and feeling anything towards anyone, would probably be sinking right now.
  1531. Chapter 17
  1533. Hogwarts, Tuesday, November 21st, 2016, 5:00 A.M., Emily's Office
  1535. (Emily's POV)
  1537. I studied the Saturday edition of The Daily Prophet that had been left on me desk by one of the school's owls. It was on top of several parcels of mail. I suppose that I need to take care of the mail situation before it gets out of hand. So I placed Orion down to make some new friends, plopped down in me seat and picked up the paper. On the Front page was an article by Skeeter, covering Bellatrix's trial.
  1539. The Trager Trial by Rita Skeeter
  1541. There are few times where such events shake the foundations of the world to such a point that everyone takes notice. Such an event has occurred.
  1543. On the seventeenth day of January in the year of 1998, Bellatrix Orion Black-Lestrange was found dead in the House of Parliament in London, England.
  1545. Having accessed the surrounding devastation, the Aurors dispatched to assess the situation reported that a fight of epic measure had taken place from within the clock tower known to most as Big Ben and led into the House of Parliament below. It was said that she was brutally broken, beaten, bloody and barely recognizable.
  1547. To say that every wizard and witch who knew her was surprised to see her alive again would be the very definition of a textbook understatement.
  1549. According to sources, the Dark Witch met with Minister of Magic, Amelia Bones, in order to arrange a trial to clear her of charges that ranged from escaping Azkaban to her service to the Dark Lord.
  1551. After much deliberation, the Ministry of Magic held a trial to determine the future of the recently resurfaced and infamous Death Eater who served with a slavish devotion to the Dark Lord, formerly referred to as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, on the claim that she had left You-Know-Who's service willingly and had changed.
  1553. This trial brought out numerous figures who had interactions, altercations, collaborations and involvements with Bellatrix Orion Black-Trager. They ranged from estranged relatives, enemies by association, former foes and acquaintances.
  1555. Andromeda Black-Tonks, the late Sirius Black and Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin all have had rough pasts with Bellatrix Lestrange, respectively as her estranged sister, cousin and niece.
  1557. The MC-associated wizard and ex-Auror, Harry Potter, along with his wife, Hermione Granger-Potter, made mention of the times they crossed wands with the Death Eater.
  1559. Though the number of foes are more than what most would care to count, one name stood above most of them. William Wallace, the Scottish Necromancer affiliated with the Sons of Anarchy's London Charter and the one who claimed responsibility for the deaths of Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange along with the violent deaths of numerous other Death Eaters who served You-Know-Who, claimed that the Death Eater had indeed changed from the murderous Psychopath she once was.
  1561. One of the most shocking witnesses, however, was the one who the Death Eater claimed to have married. A Muggle by the name of Alex Trager, an American member of the infamous Motorcycle Club's mother charter. That is correct. The infamous Death Eater claimed under Veritaserum that she had, in fact, married a Muggle and had left the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's service.
  1563. Her estranged niece and quite possibly the most photographed Auror of her time, Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin, surprisingly, testified on behalf of her Aunt and claimed that, in fact, Trager actually protected her from a young age.
  1565. After 3 hours of deliberation, the Jury found Bellatrix Orion Black-Trager not guilty on all her pending charges, thus Minister Bones pardoned her. It leaves this reporter to wonder if they are in their right minds.
  1567. Though everything seemed to be laid out crystal clear, there was one unspoken question.
  1569. Who is Christine Callahan, the one who took the chance on Trager's reform while Tonks was ready to send Trager straight to Azkaban? What would drive a Muggle-born witch to save a witch who was viciously against Muggles and those born as Half-Blood?
  1571. Though 12 impartial jurors rendered the not guilty verdict, has this 'reformed' Death Eater really changed? One cannot help but wonder how long it will be before she lands herself back in a cell in Azkaban.
  1573. With the passing of her cousin, fellow ex-Azkaban convict Sirius Black, it leaves to question whether she will relapse due to the grief of losing a loved one, lashing out indiscriminately at anything or anyone with a pulse.
  1575. As I read the article, I couldn't help but wonder how this woman became the journalist she is. Really? It's clear as day that Bellatrix has changed. That's the whole reason Voldemort sent me to kill her that fateful night. At the time, he thought she had defected.
  1577. But, I guess that it is an improvement from her articles from the past. I suppose me, Bill and the Twins paying her a visit managed to change her slightly. But I guess she's also lucky that we aren't going to her office again. Bellatrix, on the other hand, might very well pay her a visit.
  1579. But then again, I know for a fact Bellatrix doesn't want to go back to Azkaban, since it drove her further into madness. As in love with Tig as she might be, I'm not sure she ever fully regained her sanity.
  1581. Oh well. In the meantime, I need to go through this mail, plan some new lessons, and see how Bones, Ghost, Banshee, Spirit and Rocky take to Orion. As I went through the parcels, a letter caught me eye. My heart, for some reason, started twisting in a knot. It was from Hagrid.
  1583. It read, "Dear Em, I'd like ya to come over for tea this afternoon around 5. Hagrid."
  1585. Somehow, I'm sure I'm not the only one joining him today for tea. I have a feeling that Harry, Hermione and Ron all received letters similar to this.
  1587. I then thought of the Omen of Death I received yesterday. The idea that Rubeus Hagrid, one of the few true friends I've ever had, was going to die of Cancer in June of next year was appalling. On the other hand, I guess it does explain his odd behavior. I wonder if he knows.
  1589. I then realized that Harry, Hermione and Ron haven't shown up yet to Hogwarts. I guess they're at either SAMDON or Number 12 Grimmauld Place. I wonder how they're doing.
  1591. Number 12 Grimmauld Place, 5:30 A.M., The Black Family Tree
  1593. (Normal POV)
  1595. Harry, Hermione, Tonks, Ron, Remus, Andromeda and Bellatrix gathered around the spot on the tree where the three Black Sisters names and faces were located. Tig had had to be taken back to Charming because of his duties for SAMCRO. Because of the fact that she was no longer a wanted woman, Bellatrix had opted to stay in England until this whole thing with Narcissa was over. It also gave her some time to reconnect with Andromeda and her niece.
  1597. Right now, however, Harry had said that it was time to 'officially' add Tonks to the family tree, along with Remus.
  1599. Harry then asked Tonks, "Are you ready?"
  1601. Tonks nodded and Harry cast the spell, inscribing Tonks' full name in a banner and her true face along with a banner containing her husband's name, face and their children appeared on the ancient wall. Harry then turned to Tonks.
  1603. "Welcome to the family, Tonks."
  1605. Before he could hug her, however, Tonks turned to the tree, raised her wand and said, "Incendio!"
  1607. As the words left her mouth, the word 'Nymphadora' was burned off of the tree. She then hugged Harry happily. "That's better."
  1609. Looking at the young man in front of her, Tonks smirked. "I'm proud to have you as head of the Black Family, Harry. We all are."
  1611. Without any warning whatsoever, a loud CRACK reverberated through the building. Standing before them, wearing pitch black robes with blood red lining, leaning heavily on Lucius' walking stick, was Narcissa Black with her wand raised at the others in the room.
  1613. Before anyone could raise their wands, Bellatrix asked her, "Cissy, what are you doing here?"
  1615. "I've heard that the Half-Blood Potter was made Lord Black. I wanted to see it with my own two eyes. Is this true?"
  1617. Harry said nothing as he held up the Black Family Ring, one that only the Head of the family could wear. Cissy's eyes burned with unbridled fury. "In that case, don't bother disowning me. I'll do it myself!"
  1619. Without any warning, she cast the burning curse, removing her name and face from the tapestry, thereby disowning the entire Black family. She then turned to Harry and cast a cold stare at the newly christened patriarch.
  1621. "I never thought a Half-Blood outlaw biker would ever receive the run of the Black family. Then again, no one ever expected anything of me," Narcissa hissed as Ron and Hermione drew out their wands, flanking Harry's sides.
  1623. With her attention and contempt being aimed directly at Harry, she didn't notice Tonks moving until a wand was pressed up to the back of her head. "Now that you have cast yourself out of the Black family, you have forfeited your privileges to be here. You are no longer a Black but you are still my aunt though only by blood relations to Aunt Bellatrix and my mother. Leave while you have the means to do so on your own terms."
  1625. Narcissa looked to Harry who now had Andromeda and Bellatrix standing behind him. "The House of Black will burn to the ground, Potter. When it does, I will feed you the still-beating hearts of your Mudblood wife and children. I swear it!" Narcissa exclaimed.
  1627. With that, she disapparated from the House and from the room, leaving them all in shock.
  1629. Bellatrix finally asked, "What just happened?"
  1631. Harry replied, "It would appear your sister just disowned herself from being a member of this family."
  1633. As they attempted to make sense of what had just happened, an owl flew in through the open window and dropped a letter in front of Hermione, who picked it up and said, "It's from Hagrid. And it's address to Harry, Ron and me."
  1635. Ron then said, "Well open it, 'Mione."
  1637. Hermione opened the letter and read the crude handwriting, "Dear Harry, Ron and Hermione, I'd like you all to come down for tea this afternoon. Emily is coming as well. Hagrid."
  1639. As she read it, they all began wondering just what was wrong with Hagrid. They all knew that he was getting old and had arthritis in his knees and hands, but lately, he just seemed off. Perhaps this would shed some light on the situation.
  1641. Hagrid's Hut, 5:00 P.M.
  1643. (Emily's POV)
  1645. I knocked on the cabin's door and my old friend answered it. "Emily! Come on in. Tea's almost done."
  1647. As I walked into the Hut, my heart began aching more than it did now because of what I knew was going to happen and the fact there wasn't a damn thing the Healer's at St. Mungo's could do about it. The reason for this is because of the Omen of Death I received. I knew for a fact that his demise was as certain as Death itself. No one, when a Banshee predicted his or her death, ever survived. It was a fact of life. But I guess that didn't mean I had to like it.
  1649. As I took a seat, I noticed that Hagrid was having trouble pouring the tea from the kettle that seemed to fit his large hands.
  1651. He finally sat the kettle down and I said, "Here, Hagrid, I'll get it."
  1653. He sighed in acceptance and I poured the tea into the five mugs there. It looked like a homemade style of tea and smelled great. I handed him his mug and he took a long sip. "The Trio are coming over as well. I think that, since I'm closest with all of you, the lot of you ought to be the ones who know."
  1655. "Does it have anything to do with the way you've been acting lately?"
  1657. He replied, "It does."
  1659. As the words left his mouth, I began noticing that his words seemed to flow with acceptance, like he had accepted his fate that was to come. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door and I walked over and opened it, revealing the Golden Trio. It would appear that they all had the suspicions that this was about his behavior.
  1661. I told them, "Come on in. Tea's done."
  1663. As they took their seats and I gave them their tea, Hagrid said to them, "I guess the lot of you have figured out that this isn't exactly a social visit, I suppose."
  1665. Harry said, "What is this about Hagrid? We all love to visit you, but, lately, you seem off? What's wrong?"
  1667. Hagrid finished the rest of his tea and said, "I've got some bad news for all of you. I've got cancer in my liver and lungs."
  1669. The Trio gasped at that and I nearly broke down in tears. I know I'm not capable of emotions but hearing what my Omen of Death had told me, coming from my best friend, was almost too much for me to bear. Hermione was the one who finally asked, "How bad is it?"
  1671. Hagrid replied, "They say I've got until about the middle of June or so. It's degenerative cancer. I don't want you lot to worry about me or to cry for me. I've lived a long and good life. I guess my time is getting close."
  1673. Harry spoke as well as he could though I could see it was taking all his strength to keep from crying. "Hagrid, what if they're wrong? I mean, they have all sorts of treatments for cancer now. There is a possibility that you could pull through and beat it!"
  1675. Hermione held Harry by his arm to help keep him from breaking down while Ron stood by Harry as a sign of support.
  1677. As they began talking, I considered telling them about the Omen of Death, but decided against it. As cold as I might be and though I might not have emotions or a conscience to speak of, I could not find it in myself to rid them of their hope, as pointless as I think it is.
  1679. I suppose that hope, even if it is pointless, is what holds them together in trying times like this. If it keeps them from doing anything rash, such as attempting to commit suicide or something to that affect, I'll do my best to keep my mouth shut about the Omen. As much as I consider Hagrid my friend, I also know that I won't feel anything in regards to missing him.
  1681. That, I guess, is a disadvantage of being dead inside. I'm unable to feel mourning, grief or anything for that matter. Oh well.
  1683. After about an hour or so, Hagrid said to us all, "Thank you all for your support. I'll be seeing you all later."
  1685. With heavy hearts, we all left the Hut. I guess that Harry, Hermione and Ron are going to dinner. For some reason, I lost my appetite, so I'm going to me office.
  1687. Emily's Office, 10:00 P.M.
  1689. (Emily's POV)
  1691. 'I'm sorry to hear about Hagrid. How are ye taking the news?' asked my Inner Banshee as I cracked open a fresh bottle of Jameson's Irish Whiskey and poured me a tall glass before taking a long pull of it.
  1693. 'I guess I'm taking it as best as I can, all things considering.' I replied. I knew that, while I more than likely wouldn't be sad about his passing, things just wouldn't be the same without him, come June 15th. He was the one who I befriended after Missy when I came to Hogwarts and I personally think that he was a great friend.
  1695. 'Emily, I know what ye are thinking. Hagrid isn't dead yet. Spend as much time as ye can with him,' me Mum said to me.
  1697. I replied, 'Ye are right, Mum. I will.'
  1699. As we were talking, Missy's sweet voice rang in my head like a bell. 'With all of this death around you, and Hagrid being terminally ill, doesn't it make you wonder where you'll be when or if you finally kick the bucket?'
  1701. I turned around in me chair to see nothing there. This was starting to get annoying. Why does she haunt me? But then again, I guess she has raised a good question. Where will I be when I die?
  1703. I had never been a religious person and I've rarely attended Church, but I have always believed in God. I do also know that, the year before she died, me Mum became a Protestant.
  1705. I also know that me Dad and siblings, in life, were attending Church when I accidentally murdered them.
  1707. But recently, I guess I've been giving the Afterlife a lot of thought. Where would I go when I passed away? I figure that, with all of the things I've done in me life, I'm heading straight for Hell. If God knows half the things I've done, the angels would never let me past those Pearly Gates.
  1709. As I contemplated this, Missy's voice said again, 'There is hope, Emily, even for you. All ye have to do is ask for it.'
  1711. The fact that it made sense to me was unnerving.
  1713. SAMDON Clubhouse, Friday, November 24th, 2016, 9:00 P.M.
  1715. (Normal POV)
  1717. "Hello, ladies," said Bill as Bellatrix, Tonks, Andromeda and Luna made their way into the SAMDON Clubhouse. Since Bellatrix would be staying with Andromeda and Tonks until the thing with Cissy was over, she had decided to stay at her sister's house. Alan Bishop had invited them and Luna to the party to give them some time to relax.
  1719. Along with the invite, the President of SAMDON also told Andromeda that Ted had just arrived back and was waiting for her at the clubhouse.
  1721. Andromeda, when she had gotten the news, had been extremely relieved and overjoyed at that. She knew that, with what her husband did for a living, a lot of people wanted him dead.
  1723. Upon entering the clubhouse, they noticed Ted chatting with several men at the Bar. Andromeda recognized one of them as Quinn Thomas, the American Version of her husband, and the only man Ted was afraid of.
  1725. Ted motioned for them to come over and as they did, Andromeda and Tonks were pulled into a bear hug; Bellatrix could clearly see the patches on Ted's SoA Cut. They read on the right side 'President' and 'Men of Mayhem' and on the left side, read 'Nomads' and 'Born Again Heathen'.
  1727. Quinn saw Bellatrix and said in a gruff voice, "Evening, Bella. How's life with Tig been?"
  1729. Bellatrix replied, "It's been good, Eskimo. How's your wife been?"
  1731. He replied, "Daisy has been great. She and Becky are in Anchorage. They send their best."
  1733. As the words left his mouth, Luna walked up to him and said, "Hello, Mr. Thomas. I'm Luna Lovegood-Longbottom. It's a pleasure to meet you in person. I've heard a lot of things about you from Harry and Ron."
  1735. He looked at the strange girl for a moment and said, "Nice to meet you too, young lady, but don't ever call me 'Mister'. I'm not my Dad."
  1737. Luna replied, "Alright, Quinn."
  1739. As she said that, Bellatrix looked over at the other two men with Quinn. His Vice President, Mike Ford, was nursing a shot of Scotch while his Sgt. at Arms, Danny Giving's, the one Son that Tig had flat out told her to stay away from, was randomly looking around the bar, looking either really bored or on the lookout for anyone looking to cause trouble.
  1741. Bellatrix also noticed the subtle twitch on his eye. She knew that twitch all too well. It was the kind that told her that he had the itch to do something that most likely involved a child abuser, a blowtorch and excessive blood loss.
  1743. "Danny, I have something for you," Luna said before reaching into her robes and producing a kitten with white fur and blue eyes. "His name is Jack."
  1745. Placing the kitten on the bar, they watched as Jack walked over to Danny and licked his calloused, bruised hands. "You seem lonely. Jack can be a friend whenever you feel alone."
  1747. Much to Bellatrix's surprise, Danny started petting the white kitten, somehow entranced by it. It was more surprising when the kitten started purring back.
  1749. As Bellatrix, Luna and Tonks took a seat to give Andromeda some privacy, Bellatrix said, "You never told me your Dad was the England Nomad Charter's President."
  1751. Tonks replied, "You never asked."
  1753. In 1995, Quinn came over, while on leave from the SEALs, to start a Nomad Charter Overseas. He had approached Alan, asking if he had any members of the SAMDON Charter that would be willing to become the Nomad President of England. Alan had suggested Ted Tonks, who was the Charter's first Sgt. at Arms and Bill's sponsor at the time.
  1755. When he heard the offer, Ted accepted it gratefully and became the England Nomad President. Due to the fact there were only about 15 members in the charter and that they were scattered all across England as opposed to all of Europe, he was the only Officer in it.
  1757. Bellatrix then asked Luna, "Luna, I understand that you are an extremely kind person, if not strange at times. But do you know who you just gave a kitten to?"
  1759. Luna replied, "Danny Giving's. The Nomad Sgt. at Arms. Why?"
  1761. Bellatrix replied, "Luna, I'm fairly certain that he isn't exactly the 'kitten' type of person."
  1763. Luna replied, "Who doesn't love cats?"
  1765. Bellatrix realized she was getting nowhere with this and decided to change the subject, "How's your husband doing?"
  1767. Luna replied, "He's doing well for himself and I, but he's been better. Neville hasn't really been all that cheerful since his parents passed away."
  1769. Tonks asked, "What happened?"
  1771. Luna replied, "Death Eaters attacked their house two weeks ago. It broke his heart."
  1773. Bellatrix replied, "At least they didn't suffer this time."
  1775. As the words left her mouth a familiar voice said, "Luna! Where are you?"
  1777. They turned around to see Neville standing about five feet from them and as soon as he saw Bellatrix, he had his wand drawn and pointed straight at Bellatrix.
  1779. "What the hell are you doing here?" Neville demanded.
  1781. Before Bellatrix could answer, Neville felt a gun barrel pressed up against his head and Ted's voice say, "If you want to go home to your wife and son alive, I'd suggest holstering your wand."
  1783. Before Neville could do or say anything more, they heard a blood curdling scream and howl from outside.
  1785. Disclaimer: I still own nothing. Coyote and his Ol Lady belong to El Chacal.
  1787. Chapter 18
  1789. SAMDON Clubhouse, November 24th, 2016, 9:15 P.M.
  1791. (Bellatrix's POV)
  1793. 'I can't believe Neville Longbottom decided to show up here tonight.' I thought to myself as he holstered his wand. I feel bad for his loss of his parents, but I had honestly hoped I wouldn't ever run into him again during my stay here in England.
  1795. But I will have to thank Ted for saving me from having to defend myself against him.
  1797. I looked at my brother in law as he handled the situation and stopped a problem before it began. I must say, when Quinn chose him to be England's Nomad President, he chose well.
  1799. Before he could say anything, we all heard a blood curdling scream and howl coming from outside that sent shivers down our spines. It was a howl that, from my days in the Death Eaters, I knew all too well. It was the howl of the Werewolf and I knew that tonight was a full moon. Oh Shit.
  1801. "What the Hell was that?" demanded Quinn as he drew from his Reaper Cut his Kimber Warrior, which I could tell was cocked and locked. I also noticed that many of the other Sons had done the same. I drew my own Glock 23. Jack, Danny's kitten, scampered into Luna's arms as she fled to safety with the cat in her arms as Danny drew from his Reaper Cut, 2 Glock 18s.
  1803. Ted said, "Looks like we have some Werewolves." as he loaded his gun with silver bullets.
  1805. Before Quinn or anyone could say anything, Ted drew his wand and cast a spell over all of our firearms. He explained, "Only way to kill one is with Silver Bullets. Let's go give them a proper SoA greeting."
  1807. With that, Ted looked everyone and said, "Anyone who doesn't have a gun, stay inside. Whatever you do, don't go outside!"
  1809. With that, Quinn, Mike, Danny, Ted, Andromeda, Tonks, Alan, Jack O'Brien, Bill and I rushed outside to deal with the problem. As we came outside, we saw a bloodbath. 3 of the members of SAMDON had been slaughtered and had been torn to pieces.
  1811. Before we could mourn the loss of Sons, we all heard a loud howl and scream and turned around to see a Werewolf take Alan's head off before our eyes.
  1813. "Shit!" yelled Quinn as he opened fire upon the Werewolf, instantly killing it. Before he could celebrate his victory, 8 more Werewolves appeared before us. As they stared at us with obvious hunger in our eyes, I noticed that they were foaming at the mouth. They obviously had rabies.
  1815. Ted yelled out, "Come and get it, ye Bastards!"
  1817. With that, we proceeded to open fire upon the horde of Werewolves as they charged us, managing to kill all but one of them. As Ted ejected his magazine to reload his Glock, the Werewolf tackled him and bit into his chest, causing Ted to scream out in pain and terror as he tried to get the beast off of him.
  1819. Before we could do anything, Andromeda yelled out in anger, "Get off my husband, You Flea-ridden mongrel!"
  1821. As the Werewolf looked up, he was greeted by Andy unloading the rest of her magazine into the Werewolves face, instantly killing it. That's my sister.
  1823. Once it was confirmed that the wretched beasts were dead, Andromeda and Tonks rushed over to Ted while Quinn, Mike and Danny told everyone in the Clubhouse it was safe to come outside.
  1825. Ian McGee came rushing out and saw Ted, who was going into shock. "We need to get him to St. Mungo's, Now!"
  1827. With that, Jack got on the horn with the Healers as Bill stood over his President's dead body in shock obviously. Quite frankly, I couldn't blame him. Alan Bishop was the only President SAMDON had ever had. He had founded the Charter when it first started up years ago.
  1829. Before I could ponder this further, I heard a voice say, "We will meet again, Lestrange. When we do, you will pay for what you did to my parents."
  1831. I turned around to see Neville standing behind me. "It's Trager now. If it's any consolation or if it even means anything to you, I'm sorry about what happened to your parents two weeks ago."
  1833. He yelled, "What? Sorry you couldn't torture them back into Insanity?"
  1835. Before I could say anything, Luna came up behind him and whispered in his ear, "Neville, calm down."
  1837. With that, they both apparated away. Though I am sorry for what happened to his parents, I'm not sure I would have been able to control my temper if he had said anything more.
  1839. Arriving faster than most ambulances, Healers apparated into the lot and took Ted, Tonks, Andromeda and me to St. Mungo's. I know for a fact that Andromeda wasn't going to leave Ted's side until he was better and I decided that she needed family with her. This was my Brother in Law.
  1841. (Quinn's POV)
  1843. Though most people consider me to be a Cold Blooded killer and, all in all, a mean son of a bitch, I know for a fact that I have a conscience. I can feel emotions and empathy for people, especially for my Brothers. So I knew what all of them were feeling right now at the loss of their President. Anger. Sadness. Shock. Grief.
  1845. Quite frankly, I'm feeling these as well. But I also know that, as soon as we count our dead, SAMDON is going to need a new President. But my main concern right now is Ted, my fellow Nomad President. He was a good man and in my opinion, a great Pres.
  1847. Stop thinking like that. Ted isn't dead yet. If the hospital he's going to is any good, he'll be back on his feet in no time.
  1849. I knew then and there, that I needed to get someone to get on the horn for Harry and Ron. Those two will need to know that Jack O' Brien is going to become their new Pres. I also know that once those people who took Ted and the others to the Hospital, they are going to need to get these bodies ready for a funeral, which means I need to call Sharky.
  1851. I went into the bar to get a drink and to see how I could help Bill out. As I reached the bar, I saw Danny playing with his kitten. Just when I think I've got that sick SOB pinned, he goes and throws a monkey wrench at me.
  1853. But then again, I love him like a son. Come to think of it, he considers me the dad he's never had. He's never considered that Bastard his father. He was just a sperm donor. After what he did to my Sgt. At Arms, if it wasn't for the fact that Danny had killed him already, I'd dig him up and kill him again.
  1855. You'd probably think that I'd be scared of Danny. Well, you're wrong. I ain't scared of him. Now, if you asked me about his predecessor, Tommy, the Nomad Charters first Sgt. At Arms, up until the year Danny took his place, I would tell you that man scared the shit out of me.
  1857. But that's besides the point. I've never seen Danny at peace, before. The fact he seems to enjoy something that doesn't involve fulfilling the role his 'Unholy Ones' Patch designates him to do, is quite frankly very surprising to me.
  1859. Because of what we do for the club, I've never know Danny to ever show an interest in cats or pets for that manor. I walked up to him and said, "Danny, I need ya to call Harry and Ron. They need to know."
  1861. He replied, "No problem, Eskimo."
  1863. With that, I patted him on his shoulder and as I did, he tensed up. Crap, I forgot he doesn't like to be touched. I said, "Sorry, Psycho."
  1865. He replied, "No prob."
  1867. Pulling out my prepaid from my cut's pocket, I dialed Sam's number. It's about 3 in the afternoon in Florida right now. If he wasn't tattooing someone, it shouldn't take long for him to pick up. After about 3 rings, someone picked up and said, "What's up?"
  1869. "Sam, I need ya to come back to London. It's time once again to fulfill your duties as the club's parish." I told him. Though I couldn't see him, I knew this was not the kind of call he enjoys. Out of all of the Nomads, I'd probably vote him as the most calm member. He always manages to calm people. It helps that he has a cool head. But I also know he hates it when members get killed and he will want justice just as much as any of us. Unfortunately, we already got the things responsible.
  1871. Inevitably, he asked me, "What happened?"
  1873. I then proceeded to tell him about the details of the incident, including Bishop's death along with 3 Sons felled and the England Nomad President hospitalized. "I'll be over in two days. You need to call Jax and Chibs."
  1875. "Will do."
  1877. 10 minutes later, I hung up my phone and sighed. Whoever was doing this was in deep shit if I got a hold of them. Nobody kills my Brothers and gets away with it. The only problem will come when we're trying to choose which one of the thousand and one ways to kill the scumbags who ordered the attack we are going to use.
  1879. I really hope Ted is ok.
  1881. St. Mungo's Hospital, Waiting Room, November 25th, 2016, 5:00 A.M.
  1883. (Bellatrix's POV)
  1885. I gently ran my fingers through Andy's hair as she slept in my arms and Tonks slept in the chair to the left of me. As soon as we arrived, they had taken Ted straight into Surgery, to purge the rabies from his system and to take care of his wounds.
  1887. After they admitted him, Andy broke down and cried for about 40 minutes straight while Tonks and I did our best to comfort her. Andy eventually wound up falling asleep in my arms. One of the Healers had charmed the chair to fit both of us.
  1889. Throughout my helping her through this, I'm reminded of the times I comforted her whenever she had a bad dream when we were kids.
  1891. The years have gone by quickly and only recently have I played a big part in my sisters' life. She, Tonks and Tig helped me through Sirius' death and now I have to help them through this rough patch. I knew that they have a long, rough ride ahead of them.
  1893. Despite the fact I know that the Healers will be able to take care of his wounds and the rabies, Ted now had a much bigger problem to deal with. From now on, until the day he died, whenever the Full Moon shone in the night sky, he would turn into a werewolf and a blood thirsty monster from dusk till dawn.
  1895. Personally, if I was ever bitten by one, I'd prefer death to the Hell of a life that he will have now. Whenever he fills out a job application now, he will have to answer yes to the question 'Are you a werewolf?'. He'll never be able to hold a job in the Ministry of Magic.
  1897. Then again, I don't think he's ever been interested in a career within the Ministry. Nevertheless, if he ever had had an interest, they're gone now. Even if he managed to get one in the Ministry, it would probably be something really demeaning.
  1899. With my head bowed, I prayed, "Dear Lord Jesus, forgive me of all of the sins I have committed against you. Lord, please watch over my sister and niece as they go through this trying time in their life. Please watch over Ted as he goes through this challenge and please protect him. Amen."
  1901. In 2005, after my two lovely children were born, I started attending church. I realized that it helped with the guilt of what I had done during my time as a Death Eater and in 2007, I became a Christian.
  1903. It's times like this that I wish 'Dromeda, Cissy and I had never chosen separate paths. We were so close when we were younger. Now Cissy wants to kill us. I know that she has committed many crimes, but I wish she would just turn herself in. Even though I knew she would be given a life sentence in Azkaban, at least I would know she was still alive.
  1905. I have no doubt in my mind that Cissy was the one who ordered this attack on SAMDON. More than likely, it was retaliation for me basically destroying her right leg. I can only hope that the Aurors get to her before the Sons of Anarchy do.
  1907. One group has an arrest warrant with her name on it. The other has a death warrant with her name on it.
  1909. Right now, I just need to be strong for my sister and my niece.
  1911. After 10 minutes, a Healer came into the waiting room. Andy and Tonks woke up as he approached us. I asked, "How is he?"
  1913. He replied, "Except for his 'Hairy' problem, he's fine. The rabies were purged from his system and he's in the recovery room right now."
  1915. Andromeda asked, "Can we see him now?"
  1917. The Healer replied, "Absolutely, but he's probably sleeping, so do your best not to disturb him."
  1919. With that, he led us to Ted's room. We peeked in to see that he wasn't sleeping. In fact, he was reading a book. He looked up and spotted us instantly. "Andy! Tonks!"
  1921. My sister and niece rushed over and were about to bear hug him when the Healer said, "You might want to be gentle when you do that. He's probably a bit sore from the wounds."
  1923. Ted said, "Nonsense! I'm fine! Bella, come over here and get in on this hug."
  1925. As I joined in the group hug, warmness came over me as I knew in my heart that we would be alright. After 10 minutes of hugging, we heard a knock on the door. Turning towards the door, we saw Remus and Bill Weasley standing at the door. Remus asked, "Can we come in?"
  1927. Ted said, "Of course."
  1929. As they walked in, I noticed that my niece's husband and Bill had a lot of scratches on their faces. I knew they were both Werewolves and had been roaming last night. But I also know that they were 'safe' in a way. They took the Wolfsbane Potion every week of the Full moon, which allowed them to keep their minds during the transformation, thus making them somewhat tame.
  1931. "Hey, Ted. I never thought we would bond under these circumstances. For what it's worth, we'll do our best to help you deal with this recent development." Bill said as he and Remus looked to Tonks and Andromeda.
  1933. "Thank you, Bill. Thank you, Remus." Said Ted as he shook their hands. Then he thought of something. "Bella, do you know what they did with my Cut?"
  1935. I thought about it and realized I didn't. "No, but I will ask the Healer when he gets back."
  1937. As I said that, the Healer came back into the room and asked, "You called?"
  1939. Ted then said, "When I came in, I was wearing a Leather Vest with Patches on it. Where is it?"
  1941. The Healer said nothing as he went to the room's closet and pulled out Ted's Cut. It had been cleaned of the blood and, though it was thoroughly worn, looked good as new. "Your Vest is ok, but do you really want it back? I mean, why would you ever want to wear this thing on your back?" The Healer said, pointing out the Reaper.
  1943. As the words left his mouth, Ted replied, "Listen here, bub, don't ever insult my Club again. By insulting the Reaper, you've insulted me. The fact that I'm now a werewolf doesn't do you any favors."
  1945. I watched in amusement as the Healer placed the Cut over the back of a nearby chair and apologized. "Sorry."
  1947. Ted's expression softened slightly. "Don't let it happen again."
  1949. As the Healer left the room, Bill turned to me, and Andromeda and asked, "Did you at least get the ones responsible?"
  1951. I replied, "Andy got 'em. They never had a chance against her."
  1953. They both gave a heart laugh and Remus said to Andromeda, "Remind me never to Piss you off."
  1955. She replied, "You'll do well to remember it."
  1957. November 26th, 2016, SAMDON Clubhouse,
  1959. For almost as long as he had been patched in as a member of SAMYORK, Emilio Cortez or Coyote, claimed that nothing short of a direct order directly from the SAMYORK President or the National President would make him leave New York. Whether it was an overnight trip or a run that lasted a week, he wouldn't ride out of New York unless he had to.
  1961. When he was called into the SAMYORK chapel, he was shocked upon learning that Alan Bishop and three other Sons had been murdered. He was the go between guy when it came to smuggling Wizard and Witch refugees out of London for the two charters.
  1963. That very night, as he packed up his Harley, his wife, Angela Cortez, chose to go with him. With the aid of several witches SAMYORK had smuggled over into America, they both arrived on his Harley in London without any issue.
  1965. As they entered into the SAMDON Clubhouse, they were warmly greeted by Bill Wallace Sr. who said, "Welcome to London, Coyote."
  1967. Turning to face Coyote's wife, he hugged her and said, "Hello, Angela."
  1969. "Hello, Bill. How are the other Sons coping?"
  1971. Bill replied with a dark look on his face, "Most of them are on the war path, myself included."
  1973. As she noticed the look on Bill's face, and what was being mentioned, Angela kissed Coyote before leaving. She said, "I'll got chat up Hermione and Daphne. You two probably have a lot to talk about."
  1975. Ever since he had been patched in, she knew when he had to talk business with his Brothers. Once she left the rec room, the two Sons sat down at the bar and poured themselves some drinks.
  1977. "SAMYORK sends it's condolences." said Coyote.
  1979. "Thanks. I wish this visit weren't under these terms." said Bill as he poured a shotglass full of Bailey's Irish Cream and handed it to Coyote.
  1981. "That makes two of us. I don't like leaving my Country or New York but when either the National President or Frank gives the order, I bite my tongue, pack my bags and ride out." replied Coyote, referring to the SAMYORK President since 2015.
  1983. "They wouldn't have sent ye if it didn't mean anything." replied Bill as he took a long pull from his mug of draft.
  1985. "How bad did it get?" asked Coyote, nursing his shot.
  1987. "You ever heard that saying 'It went to Hell in a hand basket'? That pretty much describes it. It wasn't some random attack. Tig's sister-in-law, Narcissa Black, a powerful dark witch, is the number on suspect." explained Bill.
  1989. "You sure that she was the one who ordered it?" asked Coyote.
  1991. "It's a working theory." said Bill, remembering the mayhem she had left in her wake.
  1993. "Here's to Fallen Brothers." said Coyote, as they raised their drinks, and finished their liquor in memory of the fallen.
  1995. Then Coyote asked, "When's Sam supposed to get here?"
  1997. A gruff voice answered, "He's supposed to get here in about an hour. You're a long way from home, Coyote."
  1999. They both turned around to see Quinn Thomas, the only man they were afraid of and one they highly respected, approaching them. Coyote said, "Hey, Eskimo. It's good to see ya. Wish it didn't have to be under these circumstances."
  2001. Quinn replied, "Nothing can be done to stop things like this from happening. All we can do is take precautions to make sure it doesn't happen too often."
  2003. As Coyote gave the American Nomad President a manly bear hug, Quinn asked, "How's your old lady?"
  2005. "Angela's done well for herself. So far, she has been able to swat away all those douchebags trying to buy out her theater. Can you believe that a ticket at any of those big chain movie theaters is ten bucks a pop?"
  2007. Sitting back at the bar, shoulder to shoulder with Quinn and Bill, Coyote watched as Quinn poured himself a bourbon. "It breaks my heart when a Son dies."
  2009. Quinn looked at the younger man and said, "It's times like these that test our dedication to this Club. I don't like it when a Brother dies, but it opens our eyes, keeps us on our toes and it prevents complacency."
  2011. They both looked at the older man with respect in their eyes. They knew he was referring to times in the early days of the Nomad Charter when they had made the mistake of becoming complacent. It had cost them 3 Sons. They didn't know if Quinn had ever forgiven himself. That was why his wife and daughter normally stayed in Anchorage while he, Mike and Danny were on the road. So that they wouldn't get hurt or worse.
  2013. Coyote then asked, "There's going to be blood, isn't there?"
  2015. Quinn replied, "Yup. Coyote, I know full well that you've killed for this club before, but I know you don't have the stomach to do what we're about to get into. I also know that Angela would never forgive us if she became a widow because of club business, so do us a favor. As soon as possible, get over to Belfast as soon as you can with your Old Lady. Chill out with Seamus and his guys for a while and then haul ass back to New York as best as you can without getting caught."
  2017. He was referring to the newly Patched in SAMBEL President, Seamus Ryan, who had been voted in 2014 to replace McGee, whose Arthritis had caught up with him. Before he had joined SAMBEL in '87, he had been the President of the 'Devils Misfits' whom had been patched over by SAMBEL, so they knew that he was a good leader.
  2019. Coyote replied, "Roger that, Quinn."
  2021. About an hour of talking later, Sam came into the Clubhouse with Jax, Chibs and Tig behind him and said, "I guess it's time to get this over with."
  2023. They then walked into the Chapel where every member of the London Charter, along with the visiting members, were sitting and standing. In the middle of the round table was Alan Bishop's battle worn Cut, the same one he had worn since 1991 when he was patched in as the SAMDON President. Aside from the 'President' patch on the right side, below it was 'Sons of Anarchy' and on the right side was 'London' and 'Born Again Heathen'. He had never worn the 'Men of Mayhem' patch because he had never taken a life for the Club before.
  2025. It made all of their hearts ache as Jax approached the vest, took out the Charters Bowie knife and, after taking a deep breath, cut off the 'President'patch with one clean swipe. He then turned to Jack O'Brien. "Lay your cut on the table. You know what to do next."
  2027. With a stoic expression on his face, Jack placed his Cut on the table. Aside from the typical 'V. President' and 'London' patches, below his ranking patch, was the rare 'Unholy Ones' patch and 'Sons of Anarchy' rested below his charter patch. They all knew that Jack had, on occasion, served as the Charter's version of Happy. Though many of them had taken a life for the club, that patch and position was one very few ever wanted or even had the stomach for and though Quinn himself wore that patch, he had stated that he hated the fact he had to.
  2029. Taking the Bowie knife in hand, Jack sliced off his 'V. President' patch and turned to face Sam, who hand taken out his Bible and said, "Place your right hand on the Bible and raise your left."
  2031. As Jack did so, Jax asked, "Do you solemnly swear to serve as the President of SAMDON until the day you die or retire and lead the members of SAMDON to the best of your abilities, so help you God?"
  2033. Jack replied, "I do."
  2035. Jax then handed him the 'President' patch along with a needle and thread. Within 5 minutes, he sewn it into his Cut. After Harry had taken the oath, he sewed the 'V. President' patch onto his Cut.
  2037. Jax then turned to Jack and gave him a manly bear hug to congratulate and console his newly christened SAMDON President. "I'm sorry about Alan, but congratulations all the same, President O'Brien."
  2039. SAMDON Rec Room, 5:30 P.M.
  2041. "Angela! It's great to see you again." said Daphne as she hugged the busty Italian girl from America. "How are things in The Big Apple?"
  2043. As Angela sat down in the room with the 2 other women, she replied, "We're getting by as best as we can with these rough times. Hello, Mrs. Potter, it's a pleasure to meet you."
  2045. "Call me Hermione, Angela. It's less formal. " Hermione replied. As she warmly hugged the woman, Angela asked, "How are your Ol' Men?"
  2047. "They're helping the other Sons plan the funeral preparations." Replied Hermione.
  2049. "The attack came without any warning whatsoever. Thankfully, we weren't in the thick of it when it happened." Daphne further explained, thinking of how Ron was just as devastated and pissed off as every other Son in SAMDON.
  2051. "All we can do right now is just be there for them." said Angela as they sat down on a couch together. She then asked, "How are your children, Hermione?"
  2053. "They're doing well in school, but I'm fairly certain it's only a matter of time before they take up the same life that Harry, Ron and I had at that age."
  2055. Daphne said as reassuringly as she could, "Be proud, Hermione. They're taking up after the best. If Lily inherited her mother's brains, she'll be the adult of the group."
  2057. Both of them looked to Angela and asked the inevitable question. "Have you and Coyote ever thought of having children together? After waiting 10 years and being married for 6 years, I would imagine that you two would have started a family."
  2059. "I've talked to him about it. As much as he loves me, he can't see himself as a parent. His parents divorced when he was a child. When he grew up, he swore he wouldn't be like his parents. He wanted better for himself and me." Replied Angela.
  2061. "Angela, Coyote's his own man, not a reflection of his parents." said Hermione as she and Daphne both hugged Angela. She then asked, "Have you tried changing his mind?"
  2063. "I can't ask him to be something he isn't. I won't say I haven't thought about it, but I also know I'm happy with him, children or no children. We have each other and that's good enough."
  2065. As the three women continued to talk, a voice they knew well said, "Angela, this is a pleasant surprise. Then again, if Coyote is in town, you're not far behind him, are you?"
  2067. They turned around to see Bellatrix wearing aside from her normal black vest, a long black dress with a v-neck, proudly displaying part of The Crow tattooed above her heart. Her hair was as wild as it was when they first met her. Angela embraced the elder woman and said, "Hello, Bellatrix. How's Ted and Tig?"
  2069. Bellatrix looked over the younger woman and replied, "Ted's doing as best as he can, all things considering. As for Tig, he and Chibs are going to be staying over in England until this is all over. I had really hoped he would stay out of this, but after what happened, he insisted."
  2071. As Bellatrix sat down, she said, "You know, from looking at you, I can imagine that you've helped nail down Coyote firmly." Bellatrix smiled at how Angela proudly showed off her SoA crow as well as her huge breasts.
  2073. "Yes, I have. I don't have any delusions about what happens on runs. I know that many sweet butts will try and press up on him so they can claim they jumped in the sack with a Son." replied Angela.
  2075. "I'm glad you've accepted that. Back when I 'officially' became Tig's Ol' lady, it was hard at first to know that, while on a run, he's going to be unfaithful to me. But I guess over time, I came to learn that they don't mean anything to him." said Bellatrix as she sat down on the couch.
  2077. "You know, Bellatrix, I think he might have been faithful to you at first until he knew you weren't going to castrate him for doing it." joked Hermione. With that, they all gave a hearty laugh before Hermione asked Angela, "How do you know Coyote won't give into temptation?"
  2079. "I've seen the average sweet butt at their parties. Compared to me, they can't compete for his attention. It's not just my looks that keep Coyote faithful to me. They want to bed a Son. I wanted Emilio long before he was patched in, just like you wanted Harry long before he was patched in himself, Hermione."
  2081. "Yes. I loved him then and I didn't care whether he was famous or not." replied Hermione, remembering the day he asked Hermione to marry him.
  2083. Bellatrix then said on a serious note, "Angela, as much as I love seeing you here, I've spoken with Bill, Quinn and Coyote. The two of you are going to lay low in Belfast with Ryan and SAMBEL for a while. When it's all clear, haul ass back to New York before the bullets and spells start flying. I do not doubt his loyalty to the club, but I know you don't want to lose him. You and Coyote need to get out of here as soon as you can."
  2085. She smiled at Bellatrix, thankful she was considerate of her and Coyote and replied, "He will never wear an 'Unholy Ones' patch on his cut."
  2087. She then hugged Hermione and Daphne and after kissing them platonically, said, "When your guys get back, I imagine that they are going to be physically and mentally exhausted. There's one known cure for it and I think you both know what it is."
  2089. "Shag?" Daphne and Hermione asked simultaneously.
  2091. Angela smiled knowingly before Harry and Ron walked in from the chapel with Tig and Coyote right behind them. Without any warning whatsoever, the four women all embraced their respective husbands, knocking the air out of them.
  2093. After 15 minutes of hugging her husband, Tig finally said to her, "Hermione, be careful with him. Can't have ya killing the new V.P. now can I?"
  2095. Hermione let go of her husband and looked at the right side of his cut. Above his 'Men of Mayhem' was a newly sewed patch that read 'V. President'. Harry had known Jack would be choosing him to become the next Vice President of the
  2097. Charter and it was an honor that he couldn't begin to describe.
  2099. As Hermione and Daphne celebrated with their men, Bellatrix, Angela, Tig and Coyote walked out. As Tig showed them to their room, Angela said to Bellatrix and Tig, "I'm sorry to hear about Sirius. He was a good man and a great Son."
  2101. "Thanks, Angela. I wish you could spend more time so we could show you the sights of London, but that's not possible right now. We're in a war and we need to keep our loved ones from becoming casualties." said Bellatrix.
  2103. Angela then asked about something she had heard from Coyote. "I heard that a friend of yours was diagnosed with cancer. How's he taking it?"
  2105. Bellatrix sighed and said, "He's dealing with it as best he can."
  2107. "What's his name?" asked Coyote.
  2109. "His name's Rubeus Hagrid." replied Bellatrix.
  2111. "Does he have a wife or kids?"
  2113. Bellatrix shook her head sadly. "No. I know he once took up a relationship with the Headmistress of Beaubaxtons Academy of Magic, Madame Olymphe Maxine, but it didn't work out. Ever since then, I haven't heard of any lady friends he's ever taken an interest in. Considering he's a half-giant, the dating pool for him is rather shallow, so to speak."
  2115. With that, Coyote said, "You know, I think I know someone who would be great for him. Her name's Natalie Largen. She's a witch we smuggled into New York a few years back. She's able to and loves to make herself grow up to the size of a half-giant, maybe even bigger than a half-giant. Natalie's slim with an athletic physique and is very attractive. She's modest yet confident in her own body. She's kind, loving and sincere. If it's possible, we can arrange for him to meet her this Christmas. I'm sure he'll appreciate her company. On top of that, I'm sure that she would love to bear his child."
  2117. Bellatrix said, "Let me know if she'll be here for Christmas and I'll make the preparations for the introductions."
  2119. With that, she and Tig left the couple to unpack, before joining the other Sons to celebrate Jack becoming the Charter's new President and Harry becoming the new V.P. of SAMDON.
  2121. Somewhere in Dublin, Ireland, September 26th, 2016, 10:00 P.M.
  2123. Narcissa Black leaned back in her couch as she propped her heavily bandaged leg on a footstool. Despite her Healer's best work, it would still take about 2 months to fully heal. But that was not the reason she was mad right now.
  2125. Despite popular belief and suspicion, she had not ordered any retaliation on SAMDON for destroying the bones in her leg. She had told the Death Eaters to lay low until she was healed.
  2127. As she was about to summon a House-Elf to serve her some tea, the Seer she had kidnapped, Alice Greenwood, a former Hufflepuff came in. She said, "Mistress, the search has begun. His remains have been found, along with some of his personnel effects. The others are searching for the Stone as we speak."
  2129. Narcissa smiled and asked, "Tell me, Greenwood, will I succeed?"
  2131. Alice asked, "What will you succeed at, Mistress? Gaining retribution against those you have harmed? Rising to become a new superpower within the wizarding world? Will any of this finally make you happy?"
  2133. "You have no place or rank to ask such nonsensical questions. You are only allowed to tell me the outcomes of my decisions." Replied Narcissa.
  2135. "I'm just being considerate to you, which is more than you have ever been to anyone, especially your son."
  2137. "He has been a disappointment to me." Scoffed Narcissa.
  2139. "How intriguing since he swore to Astoria that his son would never know either you or Lucius." Commented Alice. "Have you even thought of Scorpius as anything other than another soul to offer up as a Death Eater?"
  2141. "I have no use for such mundane thoughts. nor will I ever see myself kneeling before anyone again. Gellert Grindalwald will be in my debt for bringing him back from the grave and back to power. Through him, I shall build a house that will become a new society within the wizarding world." Said Narcissa.
  2143. Chapter 19
  2145. SAMDON Clubhouse, November 30th, 2016, 9:00 P.M.
  2147. (Normal POV)
  2149. It had been 2 days after the funerals of Alan Bishop and the three other members. Unfortunately, there hadn't been enough time to properly grieve. Instead, it was time to retaliate and receive retribution. Jack had ordered Quinn and, when he had gotten out of St. Mungo's, Ted to lead a massive manhunt for anyone who wore the Dark Mark. Every member of the Nomad Charter of England, Quinn's two officers, Tig, Sam and the members of SAMDON who were Wizards, had been deputized.
  2151. They had just returned from another hunt that lasted from morning to dusk. They hadn't found anyone bearing the Mark and had came up empty on the leads they had.
  2153. As Harry sat down on the couch to relax with his wife, Sam sat down on a stool next to them and said, "Don't worry, Harry. We'll try again tomorrow."
  2155. Harry replied, "I've got to go back to Hogwarts tomorrow. If I'm not mistaken, your Passport expires in 3 days. When that happens, you've got to go back to Florida."
  2157. Sam sighed and said, "True enough. Damn passport company reduced the passport expiration date from 10 years to 5."
  2159. He then asked Harry, "How are you handling your new job, V.P.?"
  2161. "I can't help but remember that day Ron and I walked into chapel for the first time. We spoke to Clay, Jax, Quinn and you about prospecting for SAMDON. You told us that not everyone who prospects make it long enough to be patched in."
  2163. "Did that make you get second thoughts about it?"
  2165. "No. It was just another reason to say Yes."
  2167. "Sam, Harry also told me what Quinn asked him." Hermione said as she kissed Harry deeply. "We trust each other with everything so there are no secrets between us."
  2169. "Then you, Harry, are luckier than most." Sam said, watching Hermione sit on Harry's lap.
  2171. "Now I'm the vice president of SAMDON with a wife and 3 children. This is all new to me and more than I could have imagined. In a perfect world, I would have gotten this promotion when Bishop retired, but this is not a perfect world."
  2173. "It never was." Sam said, clinking glasses with Harry.
  2175. As Sam spoke with Harry and Hermione, Danny came over to them. "Harry, you know where the milk is?"
  2177. Harry replied, "In the fridge, next to the bread, Psycho. Why?"
  2179. Danny replied, "Jack's getting hungry and I'm looking for a beer." The sound of a cat's purring drew their attention to Jack, who was curled up inside a pocket on Danny's SoA cut.
  2181. With those words, he left to find the beer and milk, leaving them all in awe at the fact he was actually looking after a living thing. Sam then broke the silence with, "I don't think I'll ever fully understand that guy."
  2183. "What do you mean?" Harry asked.
  2185. Sam looked at him and said, "I'll put it to ya this way. I've known Danny since he became the Nomad Sgt. At Arms. During that time, I have never pinned him as a cat person."
  2187. "I think that's what makes him unique. He does things that no one expects him to do. It makes him unpredictable so no one can get a feed of what he would do. That mystery also makes him more dangerous." Hermione said, catching both Harry and Sam by surprise. "What? It's true."
  2189. As they continued talking, Coyote came over to the trio with Angela next to him. "Angela and I are going over to Belfast now. It was great seeing you all. I do hope you guys find who ordered the attack without getting killed."
  2191. "Harry, I've given Natalie a call. She said she'll be able to come to Hogwarts to see Hagrid after Christmas break while he's still healthy enough to do anything." Angela said, leaning over to kiss Harry on the cheek while unconsciously giving Hermione more than an eyeful of her cleavage. "Congratulations, Harry. I know you will make a fine Vice President for SAMDON."
  2193. Harry replied, "Thank you, the both of you. Hagrid needs someone, especially now. Get to Belfast as safe as possible."
  2195. "We will. Thanks, V.P." Coyote said.
  2197. After saying their goodbyes to everyone, Coyote and Angela went to his Harley. With the help of a Portkey and Hermione, they apparated to Belfast.
  2199. Headmistress's Office, December 10th, 2016, 8:00 P.M.
  2201. (Emily's POV)
  2203. 'I wonder what Luna has to say to ye?' my Inner Banshee said to me as I said the password to her office and entered. It had been several days since I heard about the Werewolf attack on SAMDON and the deaths of 4 of their members, including their President, Alan Bishop.
  2205. Got to say, I consider it ironic that Narcissa Black, the one who told me to be especially brutal when dealing with them in '98, is actually doing what I was supposed to do then. Then again, I didn't think that she was a cold blooded killer then.
  2207. It is strange I didn't sense that she was like me back then. So that, to me at least, means one of two things. One, she is a better actress then I am. Two, she still has a bit of humanity in her.
  2209. Personally, I'm going for the first one. From what we saw in the Pensieve memories and from her actions so far, in me own opinion, I don't think there is any humanity left in her. But I guess she does have some standards. From what I can tell, she hasn't made any Horcruxes.
  2211. Yet in spite of all the chaos and devastation, I guess I am proud of the fact that Harry made Vice President. Good for him.
  2213. 'I have no idea what she wants with me, Mum.' I replied. I then walked into Luna's office to find her and two Redheads I haven't seen in a long time.
  2215. "Hey, Fred and George!" I yelled as I gave them each a hug. I don't think they ever failed to make me laugh, even if it was a false laugh.
  2217. "Hey, Em." they said at the same time. After I had broken off the hug, I looked at Luna and asked, "You wanted to see me, Headmistress?"
  2219. Luna looked up from her latest edition of the Quibbler and addressed Emily. "Yes, actually, I did, Emily. I wanted to let you know that Arthur and Molly Weasley are throwing their Yearly Christmas Party. But I feel that Fred and George should be the ones who ask you."
  2221. The twins then turned to me and George began, "Emily we've…"
  2223. "Been thinking that…" continued Fred.
  2225. "Considering that Mum told us we could invite anyone…"
  2227. "And because we've already invited Tig, Bella, Andromeda, Tonks, Ted, Harry, Hermione, Jack, Bill and Quinn and his two boys, we figured…"
  2229. "That we ought to invite you to the Burrow for the yearly Weasley Christmas Party." finished George.
  2231. They let the words hang in the air to let them sink in. I guess I've never been one for Christmas and though I've had some very pleasant memories from Christmas, I've never really been one for the season. On the other hand, these are two of the few friends I've ever had in me life.
  2233. I replied, "Can I bring a friend?"
  2235. They said in chorus, "Absolutely."
  2237. I suppose that, because this is going to be Hagrid's last Christmas, he might as well be with his family and friends. Suddenly, the thought that it was going to be his last Christmas ached me heart. Sometimes, I wish that I truly was heartless. At least then, I wouldn't have pain in me chest constantly.
  2239. I then replied, "What the 'ell. I'm probably just going to get hammered and stay hammered all of Christmas day anyway. Might as well do it with a crowd."
  2241. Fred then turned to George and said, "Looks like we owe Bellatrix 5 galleons."
  2243. With that, I head slapped them both. I don't recall giving them permission to bet on me. Especially not with Bellatrix. Then again, why not? I then told them, "You're lucky I'm not changing me mind. I'll see ye all at Christmas."
  2245. As they both left, I turned to Luna and asked, "Is that all, Headmistress?"
  2247. "No, Emily. It wasn't. I know that you already know that Hagrid is spending his last year as Game Keeper and is going to die in June. I wanted you to know that in January, he's going to start training his replacement. She's a witch by the name of Natalie Largen. She's also shown an interest in dating him until he has to go into Chemo. I know that Hagrid is your best friend. With that in mind, I believe you need to meet her and make sure she's a good choice for him."
  2249. I thought about it for a moment. She was basically telling me to give this Natalie Largen the, 'If you do anything to hurt him' speech. Considering he's my best friend, I have no problem with that. "Alright then, Luna. I will."
  2251. As I got up to leave, I thought of something. I asked the question before I could even think of what would happen by asking it. "How would you like to come with me and Hagrid to the Christmas Party? Ye can bring your Husband and son."
  2253. She replied, "I would be delighted to go. Thank you Emily."
  2255. With that, I left to go to me office. I know that Bellatrix and Neville are most likely not going to be able to stay in the same room together without him trying to kill her. Quite frankly, I can't blame him.
  2257. 'You are still the mischief maker I knew when we were students here, aren't you, Emily?' Missy's honeysuckle voice whispered in my ear.
  2259. 'Then again, I guess she gets that errant trait from me, don't you, Emily?' Me Mum whispers in my other ear.
  2261. 'Do you really have the itch to stage a showdown in the Burrow between Bellatrix and Neville?' Missy asked.
  2263. 'I don't know. Maybe it will provide some sort of entertainment.' I said as a poor excuse for a reason.
  2265. 'Oh, yes, Em. Nothing says 'Merry Christmas' more than a vengeful wizard casting hexes and curses at a reformed Death Eater in front of friends and family.' Missy said softly yet sarcastically as I opened the door to my office, entering it and closing the doors behind me.
  2267. "What of this witch that will take Hagrid's place? What do you know about this Largen witch?" Me Inner Banshee asked.
  2269. "She clearly is a witch who is interested in Hagrid, which is strange since there are not many who would proclaim that on the Daily Prophet's personal advertisements."
  2271. "One one hand, she might be a witch on the make." My Inner Banshee said. "On the other hand, she might actually be sincere. Maybe Natalie Largen does have real feelings for Rubeus Hagrid. If these are his last days, make sure that they are his best ones ever."
  2273. 'I absolutely will, Mum.' I replied as I plopped down in me chair and cracked open a can of Guinness. I can't wait until Christmas lets those heathens out for vacation. I've found that while this whole 'teaching' thing is enjoyable, I do need a break. At least I know for a fact that, in 4 days, I've be free until January 10th.
  2275. For some reason, I began thinking about Danny Giving's, the feared Nomad Sgt. at Arms for the American Sons of Anarchy. Despite me and that MC not really getting along that much, I suppose you could say that he is one I wouldn't mind getting to know better. Then again, I suppose it's because he's like me. He's dead inside. Stone cold. It doesn't hurt and doesn't go unnoticed, or mentioned, that he is attractive.
  2277. Though, I got to say, he has impressed me. I saw what he did to Voldemort. I remembered it because that night, when I went home, I was so hot and bothered, I had to put the pair of panties I wore that day through the washer 3 times before I found them to be clean enough. Come to think about it, even after that, I don't think they've smelled the same ever since.
  2279. Why the hell am I thinking about him?
  2281. St. Mungo's Hospital, Minerva's room, December 21st, 2016, 7:00 P.M.
  2283. (Normal POV)
  2285. Chibs and Tig walked into the room and Minerva said, "Filip! It's so good to see you."
  2287. As she did, Chibs gave his Grandmother a hug while Tig stood by the door, ready to strike if a Death Eater decided to pay his Vice President's Grandmother a visit. There was a reason none of the SoA members traveled alone nowadays. Aside from that, it was his job to protect his charter's members and, in his opinion, he'd be damned if he let something happen to his Vice President.
  2289. "'ey, Grandmum. How are ye doin'?" asked Chibs as he broke the hug and took a seat next to the bedside. Minerva replied, "I'm doing well. They said I can check myself out on Christmas Eve."
  2291. "That's great!" declared Chibs.
  2293. Soon, they had began joking about the times Chibs had gone to Hogwarts, when he had first gotten his wand, which was 14 inches, Holly and, to Tig's amusement and teasing, Unicorn Hair. Chibs, when he had told Tig, had also given him the warning that if he told anyone else, he'd be getting the 'smile'.
  2295. That shut Tig up and after an hour or so of joking, Minerva finally said, "Ye know, Filip, I once considered making you the interim Headmaster while I was on the mend."
  2297. Chibs replied, "If you had asked me 'hat, I would have said no. I don't have the patience to deal with the bloody politics."
  2299. She then added, "Not to mention you're too wild and too much of a rebel to handle it."
  2301. He replied, "Aye. Anyways, I'm going to get me some dinner. Tig, you want anything?"
  2303. Tig replied, "I'm good."
  2305. With that, Chibs left the room and Tig took the seat next to Minerva and said, "I wanted to let ya know that you fighting my sister in law, from what I heard, was pretty badass."
  2307. Minerva smiled and replied, "It was. May I ask you a question, Tig?"
  2309. Tig thought about it and replied, "Can't guarantee an answer or an answer you would want to hear, but you can ask."
  2311. "When my Grandson first told me that you had tamed the infamous Bellatrix Lestrange and married her, I was shocked. May I ask how you did it?"
  2313. Taking a moment to think it over, Tig replied, "I guess, looking back now, it was love that did the trick. Seems to be the only way it happened. Ya know something? I don't regret any decision I've made with her. Not one."
  2315. Minerva smiled. "Even now, years later, it's hard to believe. Nevertheless, it was obviously a great decision. Because of you changing her, you have two lovely children and you gave a woman another chance at life."
  2317. Tig smiled and said, "Yeah. All in all, I say I made a good choice. I'm curious though on one thing. What's your opinion of her?"
  2319. "I'll be honest, Tig. Despite her reform, she still scares the daylights out of me. She didn't get the reputation she has without reason. In spite of that, I believe in second chances. I do not have any issues with her, yet I'm not likely to offer her a job at Hogwarts."
  2321. Tig nodded. "I guess that it would be bad for your school's rep if you did. Then again, I don't think it helped it when you hired that bitch, O'Neal."
  2323. Minerva asked, "Why exactly do you have a problem with her?"
  2325. Tig replied, "Let's see if I can count the ways without swearing or threatening to shoot her on sight.. Emily O'Neal put me under the Torture curse, murdered the woman who helped smuggle my wife into America and the simple fact that she's just plain scary."
  2327. "Severus Snape was no more kinder or crueler than Emily was. The only difference between the two is that one feels nothing and the other seems to feel nothing but grief, anger, regret and rancor. When Albus Dumbledore took him on as a professor in Hogwarts, I was weary of why he would bring an Death Eater, active or former, into Hogwarts to teach students. He probably saw something in him that most others never saw. They risked a lot to help bring about Voldemort's demise, even when they themselves didn't know it."
  2329. "A'right. But I still don't like her." Tig replied.
  2331. "I'm still not too fond of Snape. So far, by my good graces, he's not residing in a cell at Azkaban so it is reassuring to know that his future is at my mercy." Minerva retorted. "Even after all this time, I still think he's a slithery git."
  2333. "Then again, Emily has become a crazy cat woman who lives alone with a whole bunch of cats in her house."
  2335. "Tig, that's nonsense. O'Neal has not become Umbridge, thank God. Unlike that miserable, ulcer-inducing crone, Emily actually keeps her cats alive as opposed to Umbridge who would think nothing of feeding them to Dementors." Minerva said, causing Tig to laugh at that before wincing at what Umbridge did to her 'prized' cats.
  2337. December 24th, 2016, Emily's Office, 8:00 P.M.
  2339. (Emily's POV)
  2341. 'Happy Christmas Eve, Em.' my Inner Banshee said to me self as I prepared the Portkey to take me and Hagrid to the Burrow. It was Christmas Eve, very few students were at the castle, and I get to spend my Christmas with my best friend and several other people. I was taking Bones with me to the Burrow.
  2343. Ye know, from what I heard from Bellatrix, her children, Bill's children, and Harry and Hermione's kids are coming over as well. Though, I must say, I hope they keep upstairs during it. Then again, it is Christmas. I guess it's a time for family and friends.
  2345. 'Thanks, Mum. I wish ye were here.' I replied. Come to think of it, I have wished that since 5 days after me 5th birthday. I miss her that much. I would give back every tattoo I've ever gotten, and every gift I've ever gotten, just to give my Mum a hug for Christmas.
  2347. 'I wish I could be there with ye. I'd be giving ye a big hug for all those times we could have spent together in the past.' My Inner Banshee said. 'I'll be home for Christmas. If only in your dreams.'
  2349. The lyrics me Mum said to me sent a proverbial chill up me spine. If only it could be real. I can honestly say that I love me Mum more then anything, except maybe Missy. As I was pondering this, a knock came to me door and I yelled, "Hagrid, if that's you, ye can come in."
  2351. The door opened and the Old Gamekeeper stepped through the door, heavily leaning on his walking stick. My heart began to ache as I saw him in his condition. "Are ye ready?"
  2353. "That I am. Let's go."
  2355. With that, we both grabbed onto the Portkey and were transported to about 30 feet from the Burrow. I must say that it has changed a lot from the one time I saw it back when I was with Voldemort. It's in a lot better shape now and was bigger. I noticed that there were 10 Harley Davidson Motorcycles parked outside. Looks like most of them have arrived.
  2357. I knocked on the door and was greeted by none other then Molly Weasley. "Hagrid! It's so good to see you!"
  2359. After giving Hagrid a hug, she then turned to me with an expression that was one part shock, one part surprise. "I didn't expect you to be here, O'Neal."
  2361. "Well, that makes two of us, Mrs. Weasley. Originally, I planned to get hammered over at the Hog's Head Inn and wake up with my favorite drinking boot in my hand. Clearly, that plan didn't go through because here I am. Thank ye for having us over."
  2363. "Think nothing of it, dear. Now come in from the night air, the both of you." Molly Weasley said, taken aback from me razor-sharp wit.
  2365. As we walked into the house, I spotted Ron and Daphne on the couch discussing something while Harry and Hermione were talking shop with the twins. As we went further into the house, I saw Quinn and Jack discussing the manhunts the SoA has been having lately. I also noticed a woman talking with a man who, from his Cut's patches, was from the Anchorage Alaska Charter.
  2367. When he noticed Hagrid and I, Harry greeted us. "Hagrid! Emily! Glad you made it!"
  2369. The Twins both chorused, "Hey Em. Happy Christmas!"
  2371. I falsely smiled at that and replied, "Same to ye."
  2373. I walked up to them to properly greet them. As soon as Molly was out of hearing range, I asked the twins, "Does ye mother know of Bellatrix and Tig coming over with their kids?"
  2375. They both looked at each other. "Nope."
  2377. As the words left their mouths, I heard pops from outside and the roar of Harley Davidson motorcycles coming towards us. Looks like the rest of them have arrived.
  2379. The engines of the Harleys shut off and Molly went to greet the people at the door. When it opened, Molly turned several shades of pale I never thought would be possible for someone with a pulse. Standing next to Andromeda, Tonks, and Ted was Tig and Bellatrix with their kids.
  2381. Bellatrix extended her hand and said in a voice that would have made me fall over laughing if I could appreciate the humor in it. "Mrs. Weasley, it's a pleasure to meet you."
  2383. Molly was shaking and turning paler by the minute. When she finally found her voice, Molly finally asked, "What are you doing here?"
  2385. Before the twins could answer, Tig stepped up and started talking. "Listen up, lady. Two of my Brothers, who, judging by your hair, are your sons, invited us here to spend Christmas with them. So, I will ask you only once nicely, don't insult my Ol' Lady."
  2387. Before Molly could say anything that would result in Bellatrix doing something insane, which, while fun, would ruin Christmas, the Twins stepped forward to intervene. "Mum, you said we could invite anyone, so we did."
  2389. Harry then stepped forward to help keep the peace. "Mrs. Weasley, she is not the insane psychopath you know her as. Let her come in."
  2391. Molly deliberated on it for several minutes before finally stepping aside for them to come in.
  2393. Chapter 20
  2395. The Burrow, Christmas Eve, 8:45 P.M.
  2397. (Emily's POV)
  2399. I watched the two women continue to stare at each other, even after Molly had let them in. I must say, I have wondered on occasion what would happen in a fight between those two. From what I read on Mrs. Weasley in the dossier file that Voldemort provided me, she was quite the duelist in her hayday.
  2401. Then again, I know for a fact Bellatrix didn't get the reputation she had while a Death Eater by playing nice. I firmly believe that, if he was still alive, she could take on Dolohov, one of Voldemort's original followers and a dueling prodigy, and win.
  2403. So, all in all, I'm not sure which one I'd put money on. But I do know that is one fight that, no matter what the outcome, is one that would be worth the price of admission. But that's not the point.
  2405. Right now, the tension between those two was so thick you could cut it with a knife and it still wouldn't fade. Molly finally broke the silence and said to Tig, "I assume that you are the Muggle who tamed her?"
  2407. Tig replied, "That I am."
  2409. As they continued getting into a conversation, I noticed Bellatrix tell her children to go upstairs to play with the other kids. Good for 'er.
  2411. I then turned to Harry and asked nonchalantly, "When will Luna and her Husband be expected to arrive?"
  2413. Harry replied, "They should get here tomorrow by lunch. Tell me, why did you have to invite Neville, knowing his history with Bellatrix?"
  2415. I replied honestly, "I spoke before thinking. Then again, I have a betting pool on how long they last in the same room before he tries to kill her."
  2417. Leaving the room with the knowledge that I've shocked Harry with how I've started bets on how quickly Neville and Bellatrix would tear each other to shreds, I walked into the parlor where I found Danny Giving's holding in his hands and petting, much to my surprise, a kitten. How cute.
  2419. I walked over and let Bones out of me robe's pockets. "Nice kitten, Danny. What's his name?"
  2421. He replied, "Name's Jack. What's your kitten's name?"
  2423. I replied, "His name is Bones."
  2425. With that, Jack wiggled his way out of Danny's hands and started playing with Bones. We both falsely laughed at their antics as they started wrestling.
  2427. (Danny's POV)
  2429. Ah, Christmas time. A time that's supposed to bring family together. A time for giving and receiving presents. For me, personally, Christmas serves for a very special time. It was the first time I killed a sick scumbag who molested a kid. I remember the details quite vividly. I nailed that scumbag's hands and balls to a wooden boat doused in gasoline and set it on fire.
  2431. As far back as I could remember, I've always had a thing for fire. Whenever I'm using a blowtorch on a child molester or someone who the club needs me to 'Question', I always feel so giddy or something that resembles giddiness.
  2433. I don't recall ever having a conscience or even feeling emotions. If I did, it was when I was young but that doesn't matter. What matters is the here and now. For instance, right now, I'm playing with the cutest kitten I've ever seen in my life. Then that O'Neal girl from '09 came over and let her kitten play with my own.
  2435. For me being an emotionless psychopath, I've always been good at reading people for some reason. Right now, she seems lonely. I know that she's like me in a lot of ways. So why should she seem lonely?
  2437. As she cracked open a can of Guinness, I asked her, "What's wrong, O'Neal?"
  2439. "I miss my Mum." She told me before she downed a gulp of Guinness.
  2441. "I miss my Ma too." I say as I nursed my Whiskey while we both watched Jack and Bones play with each other. "I lost her when I was a kid. A bit of comfort to me is I got the scumbag who did it."
  2443. "Where was your Dad when it happened?" She asked.
  2445. "I buried that asshole for making me have to bury my mother after he killed her." I replied as she studied me. I've never considered that bastard to be my father. He was just a sperm donor. Just thinking of him right now makes me want to dig him up from that shallow grave I left him in and desecrate whatever's left of his body.
  2447. She then said, "Ye know, I killed me Da' too."
  2449. I looked at her with a surprised look and asked, "He abuse ya?"
  2451. She replied, "No. When I killed him, it was an accident."
  2453. I replied, "Whatever."
  2455. As we continued to watch our kittens in silence, she asked me, "You ever regret any of your kills?"
  2457. I replied in an even voice, "No. I've never regretted any of my kills."
  2459. (Emily's POV)
  2461. I guess I was right about him being like me. Stone cold. If I were interested in him that way, I wouldn't mind dating him. I then realized something. He was involved in torturing Voldemort to death. That means, on some level, he avenged my mother.
  2463. "Danny, I just now realized something."
  2465. He asked, "What would that be?"
  2467. I smiled at him with a grin on my face from ear to ear. "Remember when ye tortured Voldemort?"
  2469. He smiled at my mentioning of it. As he had put it when he had finished, 'It was his best work yet', so, naturally, he would remember it. He asked, "What about it?"
  2471. I then crooned, "By torturing that Psychopathic, Workaholic Jackass, ye avenged me mother's demise."
  2473. He asked, "He killed your Ma?"
  2475. Moving closer to him while subtly opening the top of my shirt, I said, "Aye, Danny boy, that he did. Ye avenged her. And ye know something? Ye deserve a reward for it."
  2477. He smiled aggressively and asked, "What kind of a reward?"
  2479. I moved over to him and pulled him into a big bear hug and planted a kiss on his lips. As I attacked his lips, I noticed him tensing up. I also noticed him wince as I ran me hands over his back.
  2481. I broke off the hug and kiss before I asked, "What's wrong?"
  2483. "Nothing. Nothing's wrong."
  2485. I realized something was wrong with his back. In a monotone voice, I spoke to him, "Take off your shirt and cut."
  2487. He replied in an equally cool voice, "I'll take mine off if you take off yours."
  2489. "This isn't a debate or a request, Psycho. Do it. Now."
  2491. The tone in my voice convinced him that I wasn't kidding. He took off his cut and, after placing it on the table, took off his long sleeve, black thermal shirt before he faced me. I stared at his chest. It was very well toned as if he was a wrestler. I noticed that he had no tattoos anywhere on his chest, arms or any other part of his exposed body.
  2493. He noticed me staring and growled, "If you wanted me to take off my shirt so you could drool, I would've done it gladly."
  2495. Those words snapped out of it, "Danny, I'm going to need ye to turn around."
  2497. "A'right." I caught the reluctance in his voice. With that, he took a deep breath and turned around. What I saw next made me sick to my stomach.
  2499. I have seen a lot of sick shite in me life, there's no denying it. I've done a lot of it as well. What I saw on his back was too disturbing for even me.
  2501. All across his back was more scar tissue then Mad Eye had on his entire body. A large chunk of flesh was missing from the top half. What was most disturbing was the scars running along the bottom half of his back and one across the scarred over missing piece of flesh.
  2503. When I was working for the ATF, I once had to deal with a domestic abuse case involving a member of the Mayan Motorcycle Club's child. The kid had been whipped with a belt, which was not a regular belt by any measure. It was a very thick belt that would leave welts on the skin or cause trauma to limbs. That was a sight I've never forgotten. Until now, I've never seen it again.
  2505. "What the Bloody Hell happened to ye?"
  2507. He turned around with a hardened look on his face. "I was a victim of child abuse. That is why I hate child abusers and pedophiles more than any cop or fed. In spite of what happened in my life, I will never do to any kid what was done to me."
  2509. I walked up to Danny, shedding my top in the process before wrapping my arms around his neck and hugged him tenderly. I whispered into his ear, "Come here. Let me take care of ye."
  2511. Before we went any further, I cast a privacy and silencing charm on the room and transfigured a stool into a bed. I figure that we are going to be here all night and I don't really feel like shagging on a parlor stool. I kissed his lips and said, "Happy Christmas, Danny. I'm about to give ye the best Christmas gift you've ever had."
  2513. He responded by attacking my lips with a passion. This was going to be a Christmas Eve to remember.
  2515. Living Room, 9:00 P.M.
  2517. (Bellatrix's POV)
  2519. I sat down next to Tig while Mrs. Weasley took a seat across from me. When I first arrived and saw her, she turned paler then a ghost at the sight of me. I suppose that you could, I'm not really surprised. After all, how would one react if you saw the most feared witch in all of England standing at your door?
  2521. Along with her losing the color in her skin, Mrs. Weasley seemed to lose her voice and this silence is killing me. Before I could say or do anything, she finally spoke. "Since it's obvious that you're not here to kill me, my family or anyone else here, would you mind it much if I asked you a question or two?"
  2523. Tig stared her down and said, "Go ahead, but if I think you've crossed a line, you will regret it."
  2525. She ignored Tig's comment and I said, "Ask away."
  2527. She asked, "What made you leave You-Know-Who?"
  2529. I replied, "I met Tig. I fell in love. End of story."
  2531. "Have you ever been tempted to take up your old pastimes again?"
  2533. "No." I replied. I don't think there has ever been a time when I regretted leaving Voldemort.
  2535. "Do you still feel the same way about Muggles, Half-bloods, Muggle Borns and Blood traitors?" she asked without hesitation. I guess I can't blame her. But shouldn't the answer be obvious?
  2537. "No."
  2539. She seemed to be satisfied with my answers. Reaching over, I held her hands in mine. "I can not blame you for your reluctance to let me into your house. I am sorry for frightening you."
  2541. Molly looked me in the eye as she said, "When I first heard of Minister Bones pardoning you, I thought she lost round the bend. Looking at you now, I was wrong to think that. After everything that happened in the past, it's a lot to let go."
  2543. Tig then said, "I get it. From all the murder and mayhem, there is a lot that's hard to shake. Bella might not be the woman she was, but let me tell you, she is still crazy, especially in the sack."
  2545. Before Mrs. Weasley could make a retort to his apparent insult, I said to her, "However, Mrs. Weasley, he is the only one allowed to call me crazy."
  2547. She then smiled and said, "Call me Molly."
  2549. "Only if you call me Bella."
  2551. "Fair enough."
  2553. I spoke as best I could from my heart. "The past is in the past. I can't change what I did then anymore then you can. A wise man once said that, 'It doesn't matter what you've done in your past. It's what you do with your present and future that counts'. I was given a second chance at life. I don't intend to waste it. You and I are both mothers, with husbands and children we love more then life itself. That's a trait we share. Who knows? Maybe, in time, there might be other things to add to that list."
  2555. Molly then said with a warm smile, "Well, Bella, I hope that, in time, we can get to know each other better. In the mean time, I'm going to bed. I'd suggest you both do the same, otherwise, Santa won't come."
  2557. Tig replied "If he does come, he better do some explaining about why he didn't get my letters from back in the day."
  2559. We all laughed at his joke and I turned to Tig and said, "Come on, Tig. Let's go to bed."
  2561. As we headed up to the guest room, I grabbed Tig's arse and gave it a good pinch. As I did that, Tig turned to me and said, "Oh, you are so getting it tonight."
  2563. I smiled coyly, "Bring it on, Baby."
  2565. Christmas Day, 9:00 A.M.
  2567. (Emily's POV)
  2569. I woke up slowly and I realized that I wasn't in me own bed. I looked around and remembered. It was Christmas Day, I had gone to the Burrow to celebrate it. I then realized that I was completely naked and only covered by a sheet. I then turned to face my bed partner. It was Danny Giving's.
  2571. The night's events came back to me completely. I shagged Danny Giving's, the Psychopath of the Nomad Charter. I wonder what his buddies are going to say?
  2573. Yet now as I look at him while he lay there sleeping, he almost looks normal in spite of his rough exterior.
  2575. Almost.
  2577. As I contemplated this, I heard his voice say, "Merry Christmas, O'Neal."
  2579. I replied, "Call me Emily and Happy Christmas to ye, Danny Boy."
  2581. As he got up and started dressing, I asked him, "Tell me something, Danny. Are ye going to brag about this to all of your buddies?"
  2583. He thought for a moment and replied, "Yeah."
  2585. I smiled at that. I knew how these Bikers love to brag about their exploits with their buddies. I replied, "In that case, do ye mind if I do the same?"
  2587. "Not at all."
  2589. Living Room, 9:45 A.M.
  2591. (Normal POV)
  2593. "Tell, me, Quinn, what is it like riding motorcycles, without any magic whatsoever on them?" asked Arthur as he and Quinn and Mike stood in the room. Arthur had been fascinated with their lifestyles and Harley Davidson motorcycles. Since they arrived at the Burrow, he's been asking them a lot of questions. While Quinn knew that disclosure of what he and Mike did for the club was off limits, the MC culture and their way of life was allowed for discussion.
  2595. Quinn replied, "It's a feeling like no other, Arthur. The only other thing that has ever made me feel more alive then I do on a Harley was my time in the military. Whenever I can ride a Harley wherever I care to go, it's a good day. It's an even better day when I ride with my brothers at my side. I wouldn't trade it for anything."
  2597. "Fascinating." Arthur said, picturing himself one day on a motorcycle with sidecar, riding down the streets of London with his family and mates riding alongside him as his own personal MC.
  2599. Molly came into the room and said, "Arthur, I need you to help me arrange the gifts for the children."
  2601. As Arthur left the room, Danny walked into it, along with Ted.
  2603. "Where'd you wander off to last night, Psycho?" Quinn asked, taking in the sight of his Sgt. at Arms.
  2605. "Found myself in the parlor this morning after a hot night."
  2607. This took them all by surprise. They knew for a fact there wasn't any sweet butts around within 50 miles of the Burrow and most of the women present were already married. Add to it both Danny's fearsome reputation and the fact that not many women were brave enough to press up on him and it wasn't very likely. Mike finally took the proverbial leap and asked, "Who'd ya have a good time with?"
  2609. Danny replied a no nonsense look on his face, "I tapped that O'Neal girl last night."
  2611. If it was possible, all of their jaws would have hit the floor at that moment. Ted was the one to ask, "Are ye shitting us, Psycho?"
  2613. Danny replied, "Nope. I tapped O'Neal."
  2615. "Do you have any idea who and what she is?" Ted asked. Before Danny spoke, Emily walked in wearing a cotton bathrobe.
  2617. "Hello, Danny. I think you left someone in the parlor last night." She said before taking Jack out from her robe pocket and handing him over to Danny.
  2619. "Thanks, Em."
  2621. Emily reached up and kissed him passionately in front of Quinn, Mike and Ted. When they finally pulled back from each other, Emily sauntered away, closing the door behind her.
  2623. "Just when I think I have you pegged, you always seem to find something that throws me back to square one, don't ya, Danny?" Quinn quipped.
  2625. Danny smirked while petting Jack gently.
  2627. Before Quinn or any of them could say anything more, Tig and Bellatrix came down. Both of them were fully dressed but Bellatrix's hair was wilder then ever.
  2629. "Tig, Bella, next time ya bang each other's brains out, can you both scream a bit louder? I don't think everyone in all of England and Ireland heard ya."
  2631. Tig shrugged, "So what?"
  2633. Bellatrix then said, "I think he's implying that we're loud in bed, Tig."
  2635. Quinn then said, "Anyways, Tig, Danny's got something to tell ya."
  2637. Danny said with pride in his voice, "I tapped O'Neal last night."
  2639. Tig's expression changed from goofy to one of shock. "You shitting me, Psycho?"
  2641. "Nope."
  2643. Bellatrix walked up to Danny with a smile. "Congratulations, Danny. You've just hooked up with a girl crazy enough to make you look sane in comparison. Good luck to the both of ya."
  2645. Quinn said nothing as he made his way to the kitchen, knowing he would find O'Neal there.
  2647. Kitchen, 10:00 A.M.
  2649. (Emily's POV)
  2651. 'So, ye have shagged a Son?' asked me Mum as I dug into the fridge in search of some Breakfast. I've always loved me some good Grapefruit after a good shag.
  2653. 'Aye. That I have.' I replied. I'm not really sure of why I shagged Danny last night but I enjoyed it. But does this mean I want to get into a relationship with him? Knowing what he does for a living?
  2655. 'For a psycho-crazy, anti-social individual, he's not bad looking.' Me Mum said amused at me feelings toward Quinn's Sgt. at Arms.
  2657. As I extracted the Orange Juice and Grapefruit from the fridge, I heard a gruff voice no more than three feet away from me. "So Danny actually let you touch him, huh?"
  2659. I turned around to see Quinn getting himself an English muffin out of a cupboard. I replied, "Aye. I know why he doesn't like to be touched as well."
  2661. "You saw the scars." It was not so much a question rather than a statement.
  2663. "Aye."
  2665. He then took a breath so as to gather his thoughts. "Personally, I've never thought that Danny would get into a relationship with anyone. He's only bedded about 8 women in his life, not including you. Emily, are you looking to start a relationship with him?"
  2667. I smiled at his inquiry. I suppose he considers Danny his son of sorts. I have no problem with that. But do I want to start a relationship with Danny?
  2669. Before I even thought it through, I said, "Aye. If it gets that far, I'd like to date him."
  2671. "Well, if he wants to as well, I'll let you date him. I do have one word of warning for you. The Sons of Anarchy do not keep secrets from one another if we can help it. If I find out from Danny that you hurt him in anyway, I will kill you before I have the Scot raise your boney ass back from the grave so I can kill you again. No ifs, ands or buts about it. He might not be my kid by blood, but I love him like one of my own. You understand?"
  2673. "Aye."
  2675. "Alright then." Quinn said, taking his breakfast in hand and walking away.
  2677. As the American Nomad President left the room, I knew then and there that I wanted to date Danny. I just need to find out if he feels the same.
  2679. I was about to exit the kitchen with me Breakfast when I almost ran into Danny.
  2681. "Just the Son I was looking for."
  2683. He then asked, "Let me guess, Quinn just had a talk with ya?"
  2685. "Aye. Got a question for ye. Would ye like to go out with me?"
  2687. If he was surprised at my request, he didn't show it. With his lifestyle, what he does for a living and the fact he's scary, I don't think he's ever had a real relationship with a woman in his life. He finally said, "Emily, if you are trying to play me, stop now."
  2689. I guess that answers me own thoughts. From his statement alone, he's never been in a relationship with a woman that wasn't a sweet butt. It's natural for first time daters to be suspicious. I replied to him, "No, Danny, I'm not playing ye. I'd like to pursue a relationship with ye."
  2691. He thought about this for a few moments, while studying me face. I guess he's trying to decide whether I'm being honest or not. After a few moments, he finally said, "Why not? From what Bellatrix told me, you make me look sane, so, I guess it can't hurt."
  2693. I then pulled him into a tender hug, wrapping me arms around his neck, before pulling him into a kiss. I guess I now have a boyfriend.
  2695. Dining room, 11:45 A.M.
  2697. (Bellatrix's POV)
  2699. I gave Tig a light kiss on his lips as I sat down next to him. I knew that Christmas Lunch was almost ready. As soon as Chibs arrived with Minerva and Jax, we would begin. From what I've heard from Molly, we were having Suckling pig, homemade pies, Christmas goose, pudding, steaks, baked potatoes, and Christmas gingerbread cookies, compliments of SAMDON.
  2701. Tig then walked up to Molly and asked, "It a'right if I make an announcement during lunch? It would mean a lot."
  2703. I knew what he was talking about. 2 days ago, 2 weeks from his 60th birthday, he had made the most important decision of his entire life. He had asked Jesus into his life to become his savior and lord. I know that it's been almost 50 years since he set foot inside a church, but better late then never, I suppose. I also know that he wanted to tell his President and Vice President and brothers.
  2705. Molly said, "No problem, Tig."
  2707. As she started setting the table, she came up to me and said, "Bellatrix, I just thought I should tell you that Neville and his family are coming over. I know your history with the Longbottoms, and Luna already told him that you would be here."
  2709. I knew it was a stupid question, but I asked anyway, "How'd he take it?"
  2711. She sighed and said, "Not well. However, Luna did manage to make him calm enough to at least coexist with you for today. She told him that killing you wouldn't bring his parents back and that they were now at peace. I wouldn't worry about any problems today."
  2713. I felt my heart ache for Neville's family. Looking back now, if I had been giving a choice, I would have never gone to the Longbottoms house that fateful night. I know I helped them get better, but that doesn't stop me from feeling terrible for having done what I did to them. But I know that at least I gave them 18 years with their son.
  2715. Suddenly, I heard the roar of Harley's coming towards the house, and soft pops outside. It would appear the rest of the guests have arrived. We looked over to see Jax and his family walking in, with Chibs and Minerva right behind him.
  2717. As we all got up and hugged our friends, Neville and his family walked in. As he did, our eyes met in mid air for a moment before he looked away and made his way to the dinning room. Well, at least he hasn't tried to kill me yet.
  2719. While everyone sat down to eat, I noticed Emily sit down next to Danny. What she did next shocked all of us. She placed her arms around him and started hugging from behind. Danny didn't flinch once. I know why he doesn't like to be touched by anyone. The fact he's allowing her to do that means one of two things. They are either dating or she has a death wish.
  2721. Personally, it's the former than the latter. They seem right for each other. As she broke the hug, Danny said, "I've got something to say. Emily and I are dating."
  2723. "Good job, Danny." Quinn said as everyone raised their glasses to the new pair.
  2725. As everyone started clapping for the new couple, Tig whistled, getting everyone's attention. "I've got something to say as well. Jax, when I get back to Charming, I'm going to need ya to get me the 'Born Again Heathen' patch so I can sew it onto my Cut."
  2727. With a brotherly embrace, Jax said, "Congratulations, Tig."
  2729. Quinn said, "Bout damn time, Tig."
  2731. "Make no mistake about it. I may be a 'Born Again Heathen' but that doesn't mean I'm going soft."
  2733. 1 hour later, Dining Room
  2735. (Bellatrix's POV)
  2737. "That was delicious, Jack." said Mike as we got up from the table to leave. It was true. I don't think I've ever felt that filled up in my life. As we walked into the living room, I heard a voice that sent chills down my spine.
  2739. "Can I talk with you for a minute?"
  2741. I turned around to see Neville standing behind me. I looked at him incredulously and asked, "Are you going to try and kill me?"
  2743. He shook his head. "No. I just want to talk."
  2745. We walked over to the corner and I said, "If this is about your parents passing, I truly am sorry for your loss."
  2747. "That isn't what I want to talk about. I want to let you know that the only reason that I haven't attempted to kill you is because my wife told me it wouldn't be worth it and it wouldn't bring my parents back. I don't hate you anymore but I'm not fond of you. We will never be friends by any standard. Regardless of that, I think there's a possibility that we can coexist."
  2749. My heart skipped several beats when he said he didn't hate me anymore. I suppose this is a great example of a Christmas Miracle. I then told him, "If it means anything to you, Neville, I am sorry for doing what I did to them."
  2751. "Happy Christmas, Bellatrix." Neville said before walking back to rejoin his family. I guess even now, Miracles happen everyday.
  2753. I knew then and there, that no matter what happened, with Cissy, or with life, it would be alright.
  2755. New Years Eve, 2016, 11:50 P.M.
  2757. (Emily's POV)
  2759. I walked out of me office's bathroom with me bathrobe on me body, and me towel on me hair. In 10 minutes, it would 2017. I now have something to look forward to. I have a boyfriend and a job. All in all, I'd say it's pretty good.
  2761. I suddenly felt weird. It was coming from me stomach. I walked over to the mirror and was shocked to see my stomach swollen to a great size. There is no way I'm pregnant.
  2763. Touching it to make sure it wasn't some hallucination, I heard Missy's voice in my mind, "This is what Kozik and I created, Emily. I want you to feel the life you took away from us."
  2765. Before I could ask what it meant, I felt movement inside of me. I suddenly felt a sharp jab of pain hit me in my heart. As the life inside of me moved, I felt more and more pain. In the midst of the searing sensations, I quickly realized why the pain was so familiar. It was the same pain I inflicted on Missy in her final moments.
  2767. "Make it stop!" I yelled out to no one in particular. When I opened me eyes, I wasn't in me bathroom, but at that diner where it happened. Where I killed her. I saw me casting me Irish Banshee scream, ending the life of the one person I've ever loved in me life.
  2769. "MISSY!" I yelled as I jumped from me bed as I awoke with a start. I was in a pool of sweat. Tears were flooding me eyes, and I was sobbing like I never had before. I had finally realized what it was all along and why I was being haunted.
  2771. I felt remorse for killing Christine 'Missy' Callahan.
  2773. Oh my God, what have I done?
  2775. "Please forgive me, Missy." I sobbed as I wept into me hands, finally realizing I felt remorse, true remorse, for what I had done.
  2777. Her sweet voice rang through me ears like the sound of angels as she whispered into me ear, "I forgive you, Em."
  2779. I felt a warmth fill my chest as though Missy was wrapping her arms around me. "I could never hold a grudge with you, even when you killed me. Your mother and I will always be there for ye. And Danny will be as well."
  2781. As I wiped the tears from me face, I looked down at my stomach. To my relief, it was normal size.
  2783. Chapter 21
  2785. SAMDON Clubhouse, January 3rd, 2017, Chapel, 5:00 P.M.
  2787. (Normal POV)
  2789. "Yay." said The twins as they raised their hands in the air. With their votes, it had been unanimous. After the London Sons returned from the Burrow, the Weasley twins were approached by 4 people they knew well who wanted to become Prospects. They brought it to the attention of Jack and Harry and then brought it to the table. The four people in question were waiting outside for an answer.
  2791. Jack then turned to Harry and asked, "So, V.P., who do you think should be their sponsors?"
  2793. Harry thought about it and replied, "I say the Twins should be their sponsors. They brought it to our attention, they ought to be their responsibility."
  2795. Jack then said, "Alright then. Fred, George, they are now your responsibility. Send them in."
  2797. With that, Bill got up from his seat, opened the doors of the chapel motioned for the newbies to come in. Without a moment's hesitation, Bill and Charlie Weasley, along with Neville Longbottom and Dean Thomas, Ginny's husband, walked into the chapel.
  2799. The Twins stood up, reached inside a closet in the chapel and pulled out 4 Prospect Cuts. Fred began, "Alright boys…"
  2801. "You're now our…" continued George.
  2803. "Responsibility. Don't screw it up." finished Fred as they handed the four men their Cuts.
  2805. "Though two of you may be our big brothers..." George spoke, looking at Bill and Charlie.
  2807. "One of you may be our brother-in-law..." Fred said, looking at Dean.
  2809. "And one of you may be a friend of the family..."
  2811. "Don't think we're going to take it easy with you. Each of you will endure the same thing we endured, no better or worse."
  2813. Harry then said, "20 Galleons are your dues, for the next year, start of each month."
  2815. Jack then said, "Good luck. Don't get killed."
  2817. Without another word, he banged the Gavel, dismissing them all. As the new Prospects walked out, Harry turned to Jack and said, "Me, Hermione and Ron have to get back to Hogwarts. We'll see ya."
  2819. Jack replied, "Alright, V.P. Good luck. We'll let ya know if we get any of those scumbags."
  2821. January 10th, 2017, Headmistress's office, 3:00 P.M.
  2823. (Emily's POV)
  2825. As I was about to walk into the Headmistress's office, I heard a voice say, "Hello, Emily."
  2827. I turned around to see Minerva walking up the Gargoyle's steps. I'm glad to see that she's back on her feet and ready to resume her duties as Headmistress. Luna's good, don't get me wrong, but I feel that Minerva is not ready to retire completely just yet.
  2829. "Welcome back, Minerva. It's great to see ye better again."
  2831. She smiled warmly. "The vacation was lovely, but I do feel that I need to get back to teaching. I also need to speak with you."
  2833. "I guess I'll be staying here after I speak with Luna."
  2835. With that, Minerva opened the door and we both walked in. Luna was filling out some papers and a woman was sitting on the couch. I realized this was Natalie Largen. I guess it's time for me to give her the speech. "Ye wanted to see me, Luna?"
  2837. She looked up and said, "Yes, Emily I did, but first things first. Welcome back, Headmistress McGonagall. I hope you're feeling well."
  2839. As they exchanged greetings, Luna turned to me and said, "Emily, this is Natalie Largen. She wants to date Hagrid and serve as his replacement. I assume you know what to do?"
  2841. Looking over the rather tall woman sitting on the couch with her legs crossed seductively, it was clear to me that dating wasn't all she wanted to do with Hagrid. It didn't go unnoticed by me that she was rather attractive.
  2843. I then took me seat next to Natalie and said, "I have no problem with ye dating Hagrid or serving as his replacement. However, I will say this; if you break his heart, I break your legs. If ye make him cry, I make you cry. If you hurt him in any way, shape, or form, I will make your life a living Hell. Do ye understand me?"
  2845. She replied sincerely, "I absolutely do. Don't worry. I wouldn't dream of taking advantage of Hagrid or hurting him in any way."
  2847. As the words left her mouth, I thought of something. I asked, "I've heard that ye can make yourself taller. Would you care to demonstrate?"
  2849. "Of course, Professor O'Neal. Only I don't just grow taller. I grow bigger." Natalie said as she stood up from the couch, demonstrating how much taller she was next to me by her natural height alone before she began growing and growing until she was the height of the room, which was about 20ft tall.
  2851. "Watch me." Her muscles had grown as well as her breasts, making her a rather busty and brawny giant. "This ability of mine does not only serve me well with the care of magical creatures. It also serves me very well in the bedroom."
  2853. After 5 minutes of showing off, Natalie shrunk back down to 5'11" tall with her original lean physique and figure. "Does that answer your question, Professor O'Neal?"
  2855. "Yes, Ms. Largen. I'm sure that he'll take an interest in your interests and personality." I said as I looked up at the taller witch.
  2857. Luna then stood up and said, "I will escort Ms. Largen to Hagrid's to make the proper introductions. Afterwards, I will escort myself off the grounds."
  2859. "I can't describe how grateful I am for you doing this, Luna." Minerva said.
  2861. Luna smiled as she hugged the older woman. After saying her farewells, Luna left the office with Natalie following behind her. As Minerva sat down in her chair, I sat down on the couch and asked, "Now what is it that ye would like to speak with me about?"
  2863. She sighed and said, "We both know Narcissa plans to attack Hogwarts. I trust that, at some point in the near future, you are going to teach all of your students how to duel, correct?"
  2865. I replied, "Aye. That I am. Would I be right to believe that ye want me to teach them how to duel proficiently against a Dark wizard or witch in the event that they should ever come across one?"
  2867. As the words left me mouth, I knew that, if I were to do that, I knew there were only two Dark witches who could stand a chance in a duel with me. Morgan Le Fay and Bellatrix Trager. However, I am fairly certain that Minerva wouldn't allow me to bring them in so I could demonstrate. Besides, no one has seen or heard Morgana since the death of Merlin.
  2869. "Yes, I would like you to teach them how to duel a Dark Wizard or witch. No, you may not bring Bellatrix into this school."
  2871. I then said, "Well, Headmistress, may I ask who you have in mind for me to demonstrate the fundamentals of dueling?"
  2873. With a flick of her wand, a secret passage way opened and Padma Patil stepped out of it. I knew then and there why she had been chosen. Ever since she had graduated Hogwarts, Padma had become an extremely talented duelist with prodigious skill combined with the reflexes and moves of a ballerina dancer. I have seen her duel before in several competitions. Come to think of it, she, along with Professor Flictwick, had been the ones who had killed Antonin Dolohov who was a former Dueling Champion himself before he became a Death Eater.
  2875. I then said, "Don't worry. Padma will be relatively intact after her first duel with me."
  2877. Padma replied curtly, "Only if you are lucky enough to land a hit on me."
  2879. "Is that a challenge, Patil?"
  2881. "It absolutely is, O'Neal." she replied.
  2883. I grinned at her determination as I walked up to her. Leaning in close, I whispered into her ear, "Ye wouldn't last 10 seconds in a duel with me."
  2885. As the words left me mouth, I knew I had said it in such a tone that left most people shitless. Wasn't really a surprise anyway. Whenever I do get in someone's face and speak to them like that, they usually turn several shades of pale. But for some reason, she didn't even flinch. I then turned to Minerva. "She'll do."
  2887. Minerva smiled at my answer. "That's all, then, Emily. I will see you tonight at the Feast."
  2889. With that, I left for me office with a smile on me face and dueling strategies forming in me twisted, dark mind. I may feel like shite for killing Missy, and she may have forgiven me, but I doubt I'll ever have a sane mind.
  2891. I've always known, on some psychological level, that I wasn't right in the head. In a way, I discovered that the night I first killed. But that's in the past. Right now, I need to prepare for tomorrow's lesson. Oh, yes. By the time I'm done with them, these First Years will know how to duel properly. At the very least, I will make sure they are a threat.
  2893. After I had finished preparing the lessons and me cats were fed, I realized it was time for the welcome back feast. I best get down there lest all the best foods get taken.
  2895. The Grand Hall, 5:00 P.M.
  2897. (Alex's POV)
  2899. As much as I love this school, the holidays were way too short. At least I got to spend Christmas with my family and friends. I also know that My Mum and Amos's dad had a conversation with each other at Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's house a few hours before we left for Aunt Andromeda and Uncle Ted's house.
  2901. I personally don't really know a lot about what Mum used to do for a living before she met Dad. The only things she and Dad ever told me and Isabelle was that she used to serve a Dark Lord and was a really bad person who did terrible things. Other then that, they didn't really go into detail of her past.
  2903. Those were the thoughts on my mind as Professor McGonagall stood to speak. She said, "Welcome back from the Christmas Break, everyone. Before we begin, I'd like to say a few words. Because of the recent attacks and my absence, extra security measures have been put in place to prevent any repeat of them. Any student caught out of bed or away from the school's premises will be punished severely."
  2905. As she continued talking, I couldn't help but stare at Professor Snape's hair. It's been like that ever since the new Marauders formed. I can't get over how stupid it looks! Oh crap, I think he's seen me.
  2907. I quickly looked down as The Headmistress said, "Now, let the feast, begin."
  2909. As we all began chowing down, I opened the mental link with my sister through our rings and said, 'Who do you think did Professor Snape's hair, Sis?'
  2911. Isabelle replied, 'My money would be on Professor O'Neal. I know for a fact none of the others did it and she did say we could only prank Professor Snape.'
  2913. As we continued discussing this through the link, I had the sinking feeling that Professor Snape could read minds. I then thought, 'Professor Snape, if you are in my mind, get out now. That's a place no one should be, not even you with your pink hair!'
  2915. For some reason, I have the distinct feeling that he heard everything I just thought. Lord, I hope he didn't.
  2917. Emily's Office, 10:00 P.M.
  2919. (Emily's POV)
  2921. I plopped me self down in me chair and took a swallow of Guinness. It was going to be a long day tomorrow and I probably wouldn't get that much down time in between classes. I then took from out of me desk the two way notebook. After Danny and I started dating, I had bought me and him a set, so we could keep in touch.
  2923. I took out the pen and began writing, "Are ye there, Danny Boy?"
  2925. After a few moments, "Yeah, Em. I'm here. What's up?"
  2927. I replied, "Since we are dating each other, Danny, I felt we should get to know each other. It alright if I ask a few personal questions?"
  2929. He wrote, "As long as you don't bring up questions about the club, I'm fine with it."
  2931. I then wrote, "Do you relish your kills like I used to?"
  2933. After a little while, he replied, "Yep."
  2935. I then asked, "How much did ye love your mum?"
  2937. He replied, "I loved her more then anything. How much did you love yours?"
  2939. "I think about her every day."
  2941. As we began our conversation through the notebook, it felt great. I loved getting to know him better. I then asked, "Do ye have any living relatives?"
  2943. He wrote back, "No. I got two daughters, but I haven't seen them in years. I'm an orphan. You?"
  2945. "Me too. Do you ever wonder if there's a place out there that we belong in?"
  2947. "If there is a place out there, for people like us, I'd like to know about it."
  2949. Just as I was about to write back, I heard a knock on the door. I quickly wrote, "I have to go. See ya."
  2951. I laid the pen down and said, "Ye can come in."
  2953. The door opened and Severus Snape, in all of his pink haired glory, walked into the room, his sneer forever etched on his face, and walked straight to my desk. "To what do I owe this odious visit from you, Severus, you withered vulture in drag?"
  2955. He yelled, "I demand that you fix my hair NOW!"
  2957. I smirked and replied, "Took ye long enough. I was beginning to worry. Very well."
  2959. With a flick of me wand, he hair returned to it's black state, though I made it less greasy. As he felt his hair, he looked down and saw me journal open with all of me conversation with Danny in it. If it were possible, he sneered even more.
  2961. "Well, well, well. It would seem that you have a relationship with someone. Tell me, who is the poor, idiot who chose you as his mate? Was it some squib?"
  2963. I replied with a cool voice, "What and who I do is none of your business, sneer-master. If you must know, he is a Muggle."
  2965. He scoffed at that and said, "Really, O'Neal? Falling in love with a Muggle? I suppose like Mentor, like Student. Tell me, how is Bellatrix getting along with that filthy Muggle she married? And is this Muggle as insane as you are?"
  2967. I felt my mouth turn up into an ear-to-ear grin. "In fact, he is a psychopath who kills people for a living. He was the one who tortured Voldemort to within an inch of his life. To semi-quote Aldo Raine, watching Danny Boy tear up Death Eaters is the closest I get to going to the movies. Keep mouthing off to me and the next coming attraction will be 'Castrated Snake: The Severus Snape Story.' Rather catchy, don't ya think, Snape?"
  2969. The look at my suggestion to him seemed to unnerve him. I guess because of the fact he heard about Voldemort being tortured by a Muggle, he might have some fear of him. But enough of that. I think he, Padma and I will have a 3 way duel tomorrow.
  2971. In spite of how taken aback he might have been, Snape said, "Good night, O'Neal."
  2973. With that, he walked out of me office.
  2975. 'How are ye doing, Em?' asked me Mum as I leaned back into me chair. I replied, 'Pretty good, Mum. Tell me something, what do you think of Danny? Do ye approve of him?'
  2977. She replied, 'I'll admit, Emily, I'm not sure about ye dating someone as crazy as you are, but I suppose he would be the only man who could handle ye. I guess I approve.'
  2979. 'Thanks, Mum.' I replied. Suddenly, Missy said, 'He's a good man, Emily. His heart, as small, black, rough and thoroughly patched as it may be, is in the right place. I approve as well.'
  2981. 'Are ye sure you're not jealous, Missy?' I asked
  2983. 'I can't be jealous up here, Emily. I'm happy for you and Danny. I really am.' she replied. I'm glad I'm no longer being haunted. Perhaps now I can be me again. Then again, with the knowledge I feel remorse for what I did, I'm not sure.
  2985. 'Who said you were ever crazy?' Missy said. 'The pain in remorse ends when you can make amends with the past and forgive yourself or so I have heard. In time, maybe you can do that.'
  2987. I then replied to Missy, 'Missy, I know I feel like shite for killing ye, and I know ye forgave me, but I don't think I can forgive me self.'
  2989. 'We will see, Em.' she replied. 'In time, you'll remember all the love and the good times we shared together. Do not hurt yourself, Emily. I know you are not an evil person. Even with the want of emotion, you are my best friend. I love you.'
  2991. 'Thank you, Missy.'
  2993. Hagrid's Hut, 7 hours earlier
  2995. (Normal POV)
  2997. Luna walked Natalie down the worn path towards the old cabin. Very soon, Hagrid would be meeting the woman that he was to train as a replacement Gamekeeper and possibly find love with until he had to go into Chemotherapy. If the relationship is more than just something born from sympathy, time will tell on that. As they approached the cabin, Luna said, "I do hope you know that he probably won't make it through the Chemo."
  2999. Natalie replied, "Though I wish there was a chance that he could pull through, I know that hope is a long shot of sorts. If he is willing to train me, I will stay with him all the way through the training and his treatments."
  3001. They then reached the door and knocked. As Hagrid came out, Luna said, "Hagrid, this is Natalie Largen, the woman we told you about."
  3003. Hagrid said, "Well come on. We have a lot to discuss. So Natalie, what do ye know about Magical Creatures?"
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