I love you condense (CadyxAnon, shitpost, short)

Jul 3rd, 2017
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  1. >
  5. >Because you're too pathetic to tell Cadence you love her
  7. >OH YEAH?!
  9. "I love you, Princess mi amore Cadenza!"
  10. >The entire throne room turns to you, most of them obviously unsure of what they just heard.
  11. >There she stands, beautiful as ever.
  12. >Or maybe not ever, you used to think of her as an obnoxious little pest way back then. But not anymore.
  13. >Now you know.
  14. >Now you understand.
  15. >How much she means to you, and how much you want to mean to her.
  16. >How much you want her to appear out of nowhere to ask you stupid questions.
  17. >How much you want her to break into your house at night just to hug you.
  18. >How much you want to make and eat peetzers with her. Even though adding pineapples on them is absolutely retarded and only horses could like this.
  19. >"Oh, hi Anon! What's happening--"
  20. "I love you!"
  21. >This outcry provokes outraged gasps and eyes going the size of platters.
  22. >She opens her mouth, forming an 'o' in surprise, but no words come through.
  23. >So you do it again.
  24. "I just realized how much I loved you, candybutt."
  25. >You make your way towards the throne, pushing the small ponies aside.
  26. "I just woke up from the most horrible nightmare I've ever had. There was this... this old 'guy' with a mustache, a mop and a blue cap, I think he was a concierge or something, and he took you away from me because of some retarded reasons, I think there was a milkmare and some imaginary friends or something, and... and I tried to save you but I just couldn't. And before I knew it I was alone, again. All alone."
  27. >You sigh, your eyes dropping down in defeat, before you glance back up.
  28. "And I woke up, trembling and sweating, my heart was beating so fast, it took me an hour to calm down and realize this wasn't real."
  30. >You stop when you get a foot away from her and kneel down, taking hold of her hoof and placing it against your chest.
  31. >She gasps when she feels your heart thumping a mile a minute. You think you can even see a slight blush reddening her cheeks, but it's hard to tell.
  32. "But this, what you feel right there, that's real."
  33. >She opens her mouth again to respond but the pony on your right doesn't give her the time to do it.
  35. >"Anon, what the fuck do you think you're doing with my wife?!"
  36. >You flip him the bird. More gasps. Maybe you shouldn't have told them what it meant.
  37. >"Guards?! Could you escort our guest to his room? I believe he might be drunk or--"
  38. "Fuck you, you cuck! You don't deserve her!"
  39. >You angrily scream, and the crowd gasps again, you even hear a mare fainting somewhere.
  40. >And then the hoofsteps of guards making their way to you, the loud clunks of their armors being the telltale song of your impending doom.
  41. >You got to do this shit quickly.
  42. "You can't understand what I feel, what we've been through together, you'll never love her half as much as I do, ever--"
  43. >A nod from him and a thud on the back of your neck later and everything turns black.
  45. >Your eyes open up, and the throbbing pain coming from your... everything inside your head makes you groan.
  46. "What the fuck was that--"
  47. >You stop when you see her purple eyes staring at you, not a foot away from your face.
  48. >You're in your room, on your bed. And she's there, staring at you, that same beautiful smile adorning her perfect features.
  49. >Those same big eyes telling you how happy she is and how much she loves you.
  50. >She's half-laying on top of you, her lower half sitting on the bed and upper half laying on your torso.
  51. >"Hi Anon~!,"
  52. >Her soothing voice is everything you need to forget the pain, your heart skipping a beat when her smell hits you.
  53. "H-hey..."
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