Horizon 4-A

May 6th, 2014
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  1. Prologue:
  2. The Musashi is being repaired and armed in Mito land.
  3. Konishi and Masanobu discuss the state of the Musashi while wearing character sheets and a dakimakura cover.
  4. Due to reports of mysterious white figures, Masazumi and Asama head out to purify the assumed mysterious phenomena.
  5. Heidi informs Masazumi that the Date clan wants to hold a secret meeting.
  7. Chapter 1:
  8. Muneshige and Gin train in order to aid Muneshige's rehabilitation.
  9. Futayo sees him running up the wall and joins him.
  10. She thinks about the meaning of inherited names and the history recreation and ultimately falls from the wall.
  12. Chapter 2:
  13. While hiding in a forest, Sasuke and Saizou see a god of war piloted by Oniniwa Tsunamoto (Date's 2nd special duty officer) battling the Azure Dragon god of war.
  14. After a while, the Azure Dragon vanishes.
  16. Chapter 3:
  17. Class Plum works on repairing the Musashi.
  18. Masazumi goes to Asama's place to take a bath before the meeting with Date.
  20. Chapter 4:
  21. Four of the Sanada Braves infiltrate the Musashi.
  22. Neshinbara works with Ookubo (Head of the Representative Committee) and her maid automaton Kanou (Head of the Public Morals Committee) to dispose of unneeded books.
  24. Chapter 5:
  25. Neshinbara is attacked by a cloaked figure.
  26. Tenzou, Mary, and crossdressing Toori head to the alternate/original Blue Thunder for a planning meeting concerning the coming meeting with the Date clan.
  28. Chapter 6:
  29. At the planning meeting, Muneshige is appointed as a temporary aide to the vice chancellor because Tonbokiri is broken.
  30. Asama installs new functionality to Horizon's OS so that she can open sign frames at will.
  32. Chapter 7:
  33. Class Plum discusses the situation regarding Date, Mogami, and Sviet Rus.
  34. Narumi from Date arrives for the meeting.
  36. Chapter 8:
  37. Narimasa, Toshiie, and Fuwa Mitsuharu discuss Sviet Rus's situation until they are cut off by an attack from thousands of Russian demons.
  38. As soon as the meeting with Date begins, Narumi says Date wishes to cut all ties with Matsudaira.
  40. Chapter 9:
  41. In order to leave no room for rebuttal, Narumi tries to leave.
  42. Urquiaga and Nate manage to stop her.
  43. Masazumi says they will agree to cut all ties with Date if Musashi can send ambassadors to Date, Mogami, and Uesugi.
  45. Chapter 10:
  46. Narumi says Date's vice president will have to decide if they will accept an ambassador.
  47. Nate suggests Urquiaga as ambassador to Date.
  48. After leaving, Narumi receives word of P.A. Oda's clash with Sviet Rus and learns that the floating city of Novgorod has begun to move.
  50. Chapter 11:
  51. Novgorod arrives at the P.A. Oda/Sviet Rus battle and sends in its Living Dead residents to fight.
  52. Marfa makes an announcement from the floating city and uses the city's weapons to destroy her own troops' ships so they can't leave until the battle is over.
  53. When Shibata still fails to make an appearance, Toshiie, Narimasa, and Fuwa realize that he was using them as a diversion to draw out the entire Russian army.
  54. Oichi shows up to tell them dinner is ready.
  56. Chapter 12:
  57. Narimasa tries to reach Oichi to take her away before the enemy can attack, but he doesn't make it in time.
  58. Once under attack, Oichi hangs her head so her hair covers her face and goes on a rampage, tearing through the Russian demons.
  60. Chapter 13:
  61. Oichi continues her rampage until Katsuie appears and stops her.
  62. Marfa asks to inherit the name of Shibata Shigeie who betrays Uesugi and joins Oda and to have Novgorod inherit the name of Nanao Castle.
  63. Masazumi receives word that Neshinbara is missing and his footprints end at some collapsed materials.
  65. Chapter 14:
  66. Nezu and Anayama speak and mention that Yuri was the one to knock over the collapsed materials.
  67. Futayo has been given a replacement Tonbokiri that uses lesser spells to handle the cutting, but she cannot use the cutting spells because the OS does not accept her as its master.
  68. The Aoi mother suggests she find a teacher or dojo to help her out.
  69. Various members of Class Plum investigate the collapsed materials.
  71. Chapter 15:
  72. The investigation shows the collapse was caused in an attack by a skilled Far Easterner.
  73. Futayo is attacked by two cloaked figures as she crosses the thick ropes between ships and she falls off.
  74. While Neshinbara still hasn't been found, Masazumi receives word that Futayo has disappeared as well.
  76. Chapter 16:
  77. A video of Futayo falling shows up, so Masazumi and the others work to cover up the fact that their vice chancellor was injured.
  78. However, they receive word from the Blue Thunder that Futayo never left and is asleep.
  79. Futayo wakes up in the Blue Thunder and assumes the attack must have been a dream.
  80. Despite thinking it was a dream, she decides she needs a teacher.
  81. Gin sends word that Neshinbara has been found.
  83. Chapter 17:
  84. When the materials collapsed on top of him, Neshinbara created a spell on the fly to turn him into an image on a metal panel so that he could survive.
  85. After meeting back up at the Aoi home Blue Thunder, they discuss how to return him to normal.
  86. They speak with Ookubo and Kanou about arranging further security on the Musashi.
  88. Chapter 18:
  89. Matthias and Hideyoshi are on their way to speak with Olimpia who Matthias has made the new Innocentius.
  90. They call in Fukushima Masanori, one of Hideyoshi's Ten Spears, and have her fight but not kill a dragon.
  91. She defeats it with her spear-like weapon named Ichinotani.
  92. The area transforms into a bedroom where an old woman wakes up.
  93. She is Olimpia, the dragon was her dream, and she uses her dreams to age in reverse.
  95. Chapter 19:
  96. Futayo speaks with "Musashi" about finding a teacher.
  97. "Musashi" offers her the divine weapon Sakai used to use.
  98. Narumi arrives back at Date.
  100. Chapter 20:
  101. In Sendai Castle, Narumi speaks with Katakura, Masamune, and Yoshihime.
  102. While infiltrating the Musashi, Isa sneaks into the engine division as a worker and begins working with Hiro.
  104. Chapter 21:
  105. Asama wakes up after spending the night at Toori and Kimi's place.
  106. When she looks around and can't find Toori, she recalls a time when she slept over with Kimi after they learned Horizon had died but before Toori returned from Mikawa.
  107. Back then, she had searched all over for Toori and not found him, but now she finds him cooking breakfast in the kitchen.
  108. Futayo rejects Sakai's quasi-divine weapon Kamenuki.
  109. Sakai offers it to Muneshige instead on the condition that he defeats "Asakusa".
  111. Chapter 22:
  112. Muneshige battles "Asakusa" who uses gravity swords.
  113. He defeats her using a new Shinto acceleration spell he created.
  115. Chapter 23:
  116. In the Aoi home Blue Thunder, Class Plum discusses the ambassadors they will be sending.
  117. Yoshiyasu and Adele are chosen to go to Mogami.
  119. Chapter 24:
  120. Masazumi chooses Tenzou, Mary, Toori, Horizon, and Mitotsudaira to go to Sviet Rus.
  121. She chooses Suzu and Urquiaga for Date.
  122. Sakai refuses to tell Muneshige what Kamenuki does and Muneshige begins practicing with it to find out.
  124. Chapter 25:
  125. Isa and Anayama prepare to sabotage the Musashi's engines.
  126. Yoshiyasu prepares to leave for Mogami.
  127. Mitotsudaira shops for clothes before leaving for Sviet Rus and Toori, Horizon, Kimi, and Asama accompany her.
  129. Chapter 26:
  130. Toori and Horizon help Nate pick out a new collar.
  131. Masazumi sees the ships heading to Date and Mogami leave.
  132. The road she is on is hit by an attack.
  134. Chapter 27:
  135. An M.H.R.R. girl with two matching spears named Caledfwlch attacks Mito land.
  136. Asama and Nate battle her.
  138. Chapter 28:
  139. The battle continues.
  140. Fukushima shows up and Futayo battles her.
  141. The girl with Caledfwlch is revealed to be Katou Kiyomasa of the Ten Spears.
  143. Chapter 29:
  144. Futayo continues battling Fukushima and Fukushima uses an acceleration spell that works by having her "fall" forward.
  146. Chapter 30:
  147. Futayo and Fukushima activate their respective spears, ending the battle, but who won is not stated.
  148. Kiyomasa activates Caledfwlch and Nate is unable to defend with Excalibur in time.
  149. Marfa receives word of the attack on the Musashi group.
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