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Twilight Princess 100% Glitchless Route

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  1. 100% Glitchless Route:
  3. This route is for the Wii (1.0) Version.
  4. Slowdowns compared to Gamecube:
  5.     Not being able to fast swap between bomb arrows and normal arrows, which instead must be done via item menu
  6.     Less control over Epona, such as not being able to backflip dismount at any time
  7.     Item use/item swap text with Fishing Rod/Slingshot in Ordon Village
  8.     Kargarok flight is slightly more difficult, though sensor bar position may be the cause of this.
  9. Speedups compared to Gamecube:
  10.     Four equippable items rather than two (although items get swapped to B to be used in most cases)
  11.     Faster menuing via pointer
  12.     Faster/better aiming via pointer
  13.     Less lag
  14. Speedups compared to other Wii versions:
  15.     Underwater warping (via map)
  16.     Mailman triggers are smaller (and therefore skippable without the use of glitches)
  19. General Route Notes:
  21.     There are multiple "safety saves" throughout the run. These are if you deem them necessary and may be skipped if you wish.
  23.     Most RNG rupees are not listed in the rupee totals, as are snowboarding rupees. RNG rupees are important but it is expected that there are enough places to acquire RNG drops that one should not have to go out of their way for them.
  24.         5 RNG rupees are required before obtaining Slingshot.
  25.         9 RNG rupees are required the first time you enter Castle Town as a Human.
  26.         45 RNG rupees are required the final time entering Malo Mart, during the Hunting the Cave of Ordeals segment. It is expected that these rupees are obtained prior to or during the Activating the Dominion Rod night cycle.
  27.         715 Rupees are required upon completion of the Cave of Ordeals. 515 of these are from RNG drops and 200 is from the dig spot on Floor 39. If you're short, there's four 50R chests mentioned in the following segments.
  29.     As there are four equips possible, all equips are listed in brackets after an equip change. Equips listed are in order of equipping (oldest to newest in brackets)
  30.         Zora Armor is not listed when equipped and not necessary as it's possible (though dangerous) to leave it equipped for the entirety of the run. It *is* listed when equipped when it is necessary for it to be equipped.
  31.             If you wish to, you may unequip the Zora Armor while it is not necessary, as Fire and Ice attacks do 10x damage while wearing the armor.
  32.         Hylian Shield is not listed in brackets when equipped as it is equipped for the rest of the run once acquired and initially equipped.
  34.     Water Bomb (WB) count is important until the Goron Bomb Bag is obtained. Changes to this count are all listed after a line where changes occur.
  35.         After the Goron Bomb Bag is obtained, the remaining water bombs are extras for use whenever deemed necessary.
  36.             There is a method for using these efficiently if you have five remaining bombs.
  37.     Arrow (A) count is not as important, but recommendations on arrow count are listed throughout the route.
  38.     Bomb (B) count is only listed at critical points.
  39.     *MM*, listed at the end of a line, indicates when the Mailman triggers are reactivated.
  40.     W is used to indicate warps. M-W indicates when warping should be done via the map (instead of talking to Midna)
  41.     E is used to indicate equips. A ^ indicates the item prior to the ^ is equipped over the item after the ^.
  44.     Notes are listed within the route that may explain some choices made or a choice you may make.
  48. Ordon Village:
  50. Roll to Epona, flip-roll, Epona to Ordon Village, 5R RNG in grass if possible (5R)
  51. Goats 1 (3+ R RNG), decline save prompt, 5R under rock if necessary (8+ R), roll to Ordon Village, Learn Z-Targeting, Obtain Cradle, Obtain Fishing Rod (E Fishing Rod)
  52.     [Fishing Rod]
  53. 2x10R on roof (28+ R) {Z-target aiming for ease}, Roll to Dock (30R) Fishing 2x for cat.
  54. Obtain Bottle of Milk (Bottle 1/4) from Sera, Obtain Slingshot (0R) (E Slingshot^Fishing Rod)
  55.     [Slingshot]
  56. Kill spider on ladder, Obtain Wooden Sword, Slingshot Training {Z-target first two targets}, Sword Training {Z-target first slash}
  57. Epona to Faron Province, Epona to Coro, dismount, Obtain Lantern (E Lantern)
  58.     [Slingshot/Lantern]
  59. Cave to Faron Woods, roll to alcove, SK chest, light torches for PoH Chest (3 1/5 HP)
  60. Roll to gate, unlock gate, roll to and JA into CS trigger, kill bokoblins and break cage.
  61. Roll to Epona, Goats 2, Hand in Wooden Sword, Crawlspace to Ordon Spring CS (1R), decline save prompt.
  63. To Faron Twilight:
  65. Boxbreaker, Sewers, Rooftops, Zelda CS, Midna CS.
  66. Squirrel CS (get in Ordon Village loading zone via dashing), Ordon Shield, Midna Text, Ordon Sword
  67. Exit Ordon Village, Ordon Spring Portal, enter Faron Twilight.
  69. Faron Province:
  71. South Faron Portal, Faron Vessel.
  72. First two bugs (2/16), bug outside Coro's House (3/16), bugs inside Coro's House (5/16), bugs behind gate (7/16), dig spot to cross cave, Faron Woods.
  73. Bugs on wall {avoid bonking wall to keep bugs from flying away} (9/16), MJ's to center of tree for three bugs (12/16), MJ's to far side of mist.
  74. Bugs in dirt (14/16), North Faron Portal, final two bugs by Forest Temple (16/16).
  75. Backflip Midna Text skip, roll around trigger, roll to Coro, SK from Coro, cave to Faron Woods.
  76.     [Slingshot]
  77. Monkey Pushing (Deku Baba Snipe), obtain Lantern (E Lantern)
  78.     [Slingshot/Lantern]
  79. Steal Lantern Oil, Hidden Skill- Ending Blow (1/7), enter Forest Temple.
  81. Gale Boomerang:
  83.     If you feel comfortable doing so, you may do Deku Like Skip. Keep in mind you would have to do it twice.
  85. Break cage for monkey (1/8), kill Skulltulla in 2nd room, bridge CS, back and cross via monkey to west.
  86. Get SK in chest across bridge, free monkey (2/8), cross central room to east.
  87. Blow up Deku Like, blow up rock, SK chest on pillar, free monkey (3/8), back, climb vines to upper door, free monkey (4/8), bomb Deku Like, PoH in chest (3 2/5 HP)
  88. Monkeys across gorge, Ook, Gale Boomerang (E Gale Boomerang^Slingshot)
  89.     [Lantern/Gale Boomerang]
  91. Forest Temple:
  93.     An alternative to getting the Midna Text after the fifth monkey is to skip it by being out of range of it there and then skipping it again on the seventh monkey via the precise Gale Boomerang throws to have the bombling blow up the cage, and skipping dropping down the hole to spin attack it.
  95. Exit room {Throw twice, then throw and roll to door}, cross double bridges, Gale Boomerang to free monkey (5/8) {get Midna Text here}, cross double bridges back to Deku Like room.
  96. 3rd Monkey Room (Tile Worms room), blow out back-right torch, PoH in chest (3 3/5 HP)
  97. Return to central room, cross to west, BK in chest, north to bridge room, cross to boss door room, bridges to Monkey/SK (6/8)
  98. Back to bridge room, spin bridge once, hop on bridge, spin bridge again, through unlocked door.
  99. Free monkey (7/8) {left hole}, cross bridge to locked door, through locked door.
  100. Free monkey (8/8), back to boss door room, roll on entry, cross to boss door.
  101. Diababa (ASA), HC (4 3/5 HP), exit dungeon via portal.
  103. Eldin Twilight:
  105. Roll to Hyrule Field South, roll to PoH tree, kill first bokoblin, Gale Boomerang GB on tree down to your right {long text} (1/24)
  106. Gale Boomerang PoH in tree (4 4/5 HP), roll to edge of fence and off to your right, straight toward OOB tree. Gale Boomerang GB on OOB tree (2/24)
  107. Roll to Eldin Province {Mailman en route}, enter Eldin Twilight.
  108. Dash to Kakariko Gorge, Kakariko Gorge Portal (W North Faron)
  109. Kakariko Gorge Bridge Piece (W Kakariko Gorge)
  110. Midna Text skip, dash to gate, dig under gate, enter Kakariko Village, Kakariko Village Portal, Eldin Vessel.
  111. MJ to roof, enter Sanctuary, light torches, three bugs in basement (3/16), MJ out to Kakariko Graveyard {avoid first-frame Midna Call}, bug in graveyard (4/16), exit to Kakariko Village.
  112. Bug inside store (5/16), bugs/20R chest inside Inn (7/16) (21R), cross to opposite side, bug in abandoned house (8/16), MJ out.
  113. Dash to bomb shop, bug inside bomb shop (9/16), Wolf-Based Bomb House Skip/Bomb House {three bugs} (12/16), bug inside storage house (13/16), jump down to DMT.
  114. DMT climb, kill bug, howling stone as soon as tear forms [UMD UMD], tear (14/16), DMT Portal, bug beneath vent (15/16), bug in spring (16/16).
  116. To King Bublin 1:
  118. Roll to Abandoned House, GB (3/24) inside, roll to DMT, start DMT climb, knocked off by goron, back to Kakariko Village, Taming Epona.
  119. Epona to Kakariko Gorge, GB opposite Owl Statue by fence (4/24), Epona to Kakariko Gorge bridge, GB by bridge (5/24)
  120. Epona to Ordon Spring, Hidden Skill- Shield Bash (2/7), 100R behind house (121R)
  121. Epona into Mayor Bo Trigger, Iron Boots (E Iron Boots)
  122.     [Lantern/Gale Boomerang/Iron Boots]
  123. Epona to Ordon Ranch, PoH from Goats (5 HP)
  124. Epona to Kakariko Village, KB1 fight. *MM*
  126. Death Mountain:
  128. Epona to DMT, Climb DMT, Enter DMT Top.
  129. Iron Boots into CS, Sumoing, enter Goron Mines.
  131. Hero's Bow:
  133. Damage invulnerability through first flame jet, turn off second flame jet, climb ladder, damaged by lava spume, invulnerability frames through third flame jet.
  134. Second room, roll off ledge to bottom, SK chest, roll to upper locked door. Next room, sidehop onto railing, pull back door, around past slab, through door.
  135. Underwater switch, 1st key shard, upper exit, roll to skip iron boots {left side}, next room, iron boots to PoH chest (5 1/5 HP)
  136. Lavawarp, iron boots to exit. Magnet Cranes to 2F. SK chest underwater, roll/swim past underwater crate, jump attack/iron boots to crystal, through to second half of room.
  137. Iron boots to PoH chest (5 2/5 HP)
  138. Iron boots to ropes, cut ropes, through locked door. SK chest by beamos, through locked door. Platform-Based 2nd Key Shard Skip/2nd Key Shard, iron boots to door.
  139. Dangoro (ASA), Hero's Bow (E Bow)
  140.     [Lantern/Gale Boomerang/Iron Boots/Hero's Bow]
  142. Goron Mines:
  144. Shoot down drawbridge, activate beamoses, 3rd Key Shard/50R chest in room behind beamos (171R)
  145. Backtrack to outdoor room, snipe bublin archers, kill beamos, kill archers with explosive barrel
  146. Arrow drop (30 A), activate magnet crane, jumpslash off magnet crane to skip drawbridge.
  147. Snipe drawbridge from far, roll to boss door, Fyrus (ASA), HC (6 2/5 HP), exit dungeon via portal. (29 A)
  149. Eldin Province:
  151.     If you do not feel comfortable obtaining the PoH on the ledge during Springwater Run, you may obtain it now.
  152.     This is the last Mailman the run *should* obtain. If you fail a Mailman skip, some mailman triggers may be deactivated as there's no mail to deliver.
  154. Epona to Bombs (Bomb Bag 1/3) (51R) (Combo Bomb Bag (Bombs)) *MM*
  155.     [Lantern/Gale Boomerang/Iron Boots/Bomb Arrows]
  156. Epona out North Kakariko Village, BA rocks, Mailman while on Epona.
  157. Epona to GB (6/24) in dirt, Epona to GB on hill (7/24)
  158. Epona to BoE, Gale Boomerang GB while on Epona, Epona to far end of bridge, dismount, blow up rocks, pick up GB (8/24)
  159. Open BoE Portal, Epona to Twilight, enter Lanayru Twilight.
  161. Lanayru Twilight:
  163. Dash to GBoH, jump down to Lake Hylia. Fyer's troubles, bird fight, fly to UZR, dash to Lower ZD. Climb Icefall to Upper ZD, Zora's Domain Portal (M-W DMT)
  164. Dangerous Rock (W ZD)
  165. Kill bug in ZD, river to Lake Hylia, obtain Lanayru Vessel, exit spirit cave. First bug (1/16), Lake Hylia Portal, stepping stones to second bug (2/16) (W ZD)
  166. Tear (3/16), exit left side on land, drop to lower level, bug on upper level (4/16), lilypad bugs (6/16), bug by M&C rocks (7/16), river to UZR.
  167. Howling Stone [DMD UMD], Iza's bug (8/16), waterway to Hyrule Field North. Dash to CT, CT Portal, CT bug (9/16) (W Lake Hylia)
  168. Bug behind cannon house (10/16), howling for bird, four bugs in flight (14/16), crash into wall and fall to Lake Hylia, bug on dock (15/16), boss bug (16/16). *MM*
  170. Lanayru Province:
  172.     It is expected that you have at least 9 RNG rupees upon entering Castle Town (total 50R)
  174. Cannon to FBF, (41R) roll to horse reeds, Epona to CT Field, GB (9/24) on ledge, Hidden Skill- Backslice (3/7)
  175. CT Mailman Skip, Hand in 9 bugs (Big Wallet, 550R) (600R) *MM?*
  176. Hand in 600R to Donation PoH (600/1000) (0R)
  177. Telma's Bar, 1-round KB2, BA rocks to clawshot targets for later
  178. Arrow refills in grass, finish Telma Escort (have at least 20 bombs) (30 A, 20 B), Zora Armor (Uncombo Bomb Bag (Bombs), E Bomb Bag (Bombs)^Gale Boomerang, Zora Armor)
  179.     [Lantern/Iron Boots/Hero's Bow/Bomb Bag (Bombs); Zora Armor]
  180. Roll to Bomb Shop, sell bombs (0 B) (30R), buy 5 Water Bombs from Barnes (0R) (5 WB)
  181.     [Lantern/Iron Boots/Hero's Bow/Bomb Bag (Water Bombs); Zora Armor]
  182. Roll to Kakariko Graveyard, GB (10/24) by tree, Kakariko Graveyard Underwater to Lake Hylia (4 WB), blow up rock to enter Lakebed Temple. (2 WB)
  184. Clawshot:
  186. Swim through tunnel, 10WB in chest (12 WB), open gate (Combo Bomb Bag (Water Bombs))
  187.     [Lantern/Iron Boots/Bomb Arrows; Zora Armor]
  188. Through to second room, BA stalagtites (10 WB), next room, cross to center.
  189. Down stairs, move stairs, up stairs, move stairs, down stairs to west door on 1F.
  190. Roll off ledge in front of you, around to back of room. BA far stalagtite {ignore near stalagtite} (9 WB), SK chest, cross stalagmite/stalagtites to front of room.
  191. Back to central room, up stairs to 2F, locked door on 2F above 1F door.
  192. BA stalagtite, vines across gate (8 WB), small key in hallways around single cog room, blow up rocks. (7 WB)
  193. Water Tower, 10WB chest at top (15 WB), let water out, drop to 1F in single cog room. (Uncombo Water Bombs, E Bomb Bag (Water Bombs)) (14 WB)
  194.     [Lantern/Iron Boots/Hero's Bow/Bomb Bag (Water Bombs); Zora Armor]
  195. Ride platform to next door, throw bomb over railing to blow up rock, SK chest, blowing up rock CS. (13 WB)
  196. Ride platform to next door, through locked door, swim to Deku Toad (Combo Bomb Bag (Water Bombs))
  197.     [Lantern/Iron Boots/Bomb Arrows; Zora Armor]
  198. BA Deku Toad, BA tongue, BA Deku Toad, BA tongue. Clawshot in chest. (E Clawshot) (9 WB)
  199.     [Lantern/Iron Boots/Bomb Arrows/Clawshot; Zora Armor]
  201. Lakebed Temple:
  203. Clawshot out of room, back to central room, clawshot to chandalier, PoH in chest (6 3/5 HP), clawshot to move staircase.
  204. Through to double cog room on 1F, clawshot to 2F, navigate to water tower, let water out.
  205. Out left door, blow up stalagtite (8 WB), through to double cog room, drop to 1F and cross to far door. (E Bomb Bag (Water Bombs)^Bomb Arrows)
  206.     [Lantern/Iron Boots/Clawshot/Bomb Bag (Water Bombs); Zora Armor]
  207. Underwater maze, swim to 1F door, blow up both rocks with waterbombs (6 WB), clawshot and hang down to B1, BK in chest.
  208. Backtrack to center room, cross to opposite side on 1F, turn staircase.
  209. Through to single cog room on 1F, cross bridge to PoH chest (6 4/5 HP), clawshot out.
  210. Return to center, enter boss door, drop into boss room. Morpheel quick Phase 1, normal Phase 2, HC (7 4/5 HP), exit dungeon via portal.
  211.     [Lantern/Iron Boots/Clawshot/Bomb Bag (Water Bombs)]
  213. Master Sword:
  215.     Mailman skip on CT bridge not required as trigger is inactive during Midna's Desperate Hour.
  217. Dash to Castle Town, Telma's Bar, cross ropes in attic, Poe in Jovani's House (1/60), drop to sewers.
  218. Sewers {no enemy LJ's}, rooftops, Zelda CS (W North Faron)
  219. MJ's to bridges, cross to 2nd bridge, talk to Midna to spin bridges again, ropes to Sacred Grove entrance, Howling stone outside Sacred Grove [UDU DMU]
  220. Sacred Grove [MUD MUD], Master Sword Puzzle [L, D, U, U, U, R, R, D, D, D, L, U], Master Sword *MM*
  222. To Arbiter's Grounds:
  224.     If you wish to obtain a fairy, you may equip the empty bottle over the Clawshot during the equips in the Fishing Hole.
  225.         The fairy is in the box in the water near the Lake Hylia Lantern Cave, and the equip of the Auru's Memo is over the Bottle and not over the Clawshot.
  227. Back to Skull Kid Arena, blow up rock (5 WB), Poe (2/60), dig spot PoH (8 HP) (W CT)
  228. GB (11/24) by Amphitheater (W ZD)
  229. Iron Boots down to rock, blow up rock, obtain Goron Bomb Bag (4 WB). (E Zora Armor)
  230.     [Lantern/Iron Boots/Clawshot/Bomb Bag (Water Bombs); Zora Armor]
  231. Swim to Lower ZD, GB (12/24) on ledge, swim to UZR, (E Fishing Rod^Bomb Bag (Water Bombs))
  232.     [Lantern/Iron Boots/Clawshot/Fishing Rod]
  233. Fishing Hole PoH (8 1/5 HP) and Bottle(Bottle 2/4), exit Fishing Hole (E Hero's Bow^Fishing Rod, Gale Boomerang^Iron Boots, Combo Bomb Bag(Bombs))
  234.     [Lantern/Clawshot/Gale Boomerang/Bomb Arrows]
  235. GB (13/24) over water, UZR Portal and Iza 1, obtain Iza Bomb Bag
  236. Poe (3/60) on dock (W Lake Hylia)
  237. Dash to ladder, transform and climb ladder, BA rock, Lake Hylia Lantern Cave [L, L, R, R, C+Torches, R, L, L, C, C+L] (3 Poes, 2x100R chests, PoH- 6/60 Poes, 8 2/5 HP, 200R)
  238. Howling Stone [DMU DMD U], wolf to Observation Tower, Poe (7/60) by tower, climb to top of tower, Auru's Memo (E Auru's Memo^Clawshot)
  239.     [Lantern/Gale Boomerang/Bomb Arrows/Auru's Memo]
  240. Swim to Cannon House, show Auru's Memo (Cannon to Gerudo Desert)
  241.     [Lantern/Gale Boomerang/Bomb Arrows]
  242. Wolf, Poe to right of spawn (8/60), dash toward Gerudo Mesa, GB en route (14/24), GB in ditch right before Gerudo Mesa (15/24) (E Bomb Bag(Water Bombs)^Gale Boomerang, Clawshot)
  243.     [Lantern/Bomb Arrows/Clawshot/Bomb Bag (Water Bombs)]
  244. Gerudo Mesa Portal, dash to grotto, Poe atop grotto (9/60), two Poes inside grotto (11/60), dash to camp, steal boar, boar to outer Bublin Fortress
  245. Hidden Skill- Helm Splitter (4/7), Poe to right (12/60), Bublin Fortress, BA roasted boar for PoH (8 3/5 HP), SK from Bublin, KB3 fight, boar to AG.
  246. Dash back to KB3 arena for Poe (13/60), back to AG, Poe to right of AG (14/60), torches for 50R chest to left of AG (250R), enter AG.
  248. Spinner:
  250. Pull chain to open gate, SK chest, through locked door. Light torches in next room, through door, Poe Guardian (1/4, 15/60), Poe Scent, PoH in chest. (8 4/5 HP)
  251. Normal to second Poe Guardian and back (2/4, 16/60, 270R), normal to first chandalier, push block, pull-cancel chain to raise chandalier, roll under chandalier.
  252. Normal to third Poe Guardian (3/4, 17/60, 330R), through door, small key, through locked door, cross and drop to block.
  253. Push block, pull chain, stand in center of chandalier, climb onto chandalier and jump to door. BA Stalfos. Light front torch and back-right torch, transform wolf, and through door.
  254. Poe Guardian Miniboss (4/4, 18/60), back to Poe Gate room, through open gate.
  255. Through only accessible door, drop to bottom, push platform up 2x, SK chest, push platform to bottom, through locked door on B2.
  256. Dash to chain, pull wall, spike clip/around and through.
  257. Cross to door, through to next room. Bomb Stalfoses, through gate, across platforms, arrow refill if necessary outside miniboss. (14 A)
  258. Death Sword, all strats but miniboss skip valid, Spinner (E Spinner^Lantern)
  259.     [Bomb Arrows/Clawshot/Bomb Bag (Water Bombs)/Spinner]
  261. Arbiter's Grounds:
  263. Spinner to next door, spinner a lot, PoH chest by Stalfos in side area (9 HP), spinner to 1F, BK chest, spinner to center, rotate room, ride to boss door.
  264. Stallord (ASA)- Single-cycle 2nd phase with JA/quickspin/stab/stab/stab, repeat until dead.
  265. HC (10 HP), spinner out of dungeon.
  267. Snowpeak Mountain:
  269. Mirror Chamber, raise Mirror (W ZD)
  270. Poe behind waterfall (19/60), Snowpeak.
  271. Obtain Ashei's Sketch (E Ashei's Sketch^Spinner, W Kakariko Village)
  272.     [Bomb Arrows/Clawshot/Bomb Bag (Water Bombs)/Ashei's Sketch]
  273. Dash to Graveyard, Poe inside left tombstone (20/60), Poe in center of graveyard (21/60)
  274. Show Ashei's Sketch, get Coral Earring (E Upgraded Fishing Rod, W ZD)
  275.     [Bomb Arrows/Clawshot/Bomb Bag (Water Bombs)/Upgraded Fishing Rod]
  276. M&C rocks, Reekfish Scent, Poe (22/60) on upper ledge.
  277. Cross to entrance to Snowpeak, Sense Mode climb Snowpeak Mountain.
  278. Poe by rocks (23/60), Poe by tree off path (24/60), Poe in clearing (25/60), Howling Stone [UMD MDU MD]
  279. Through Connection Cave, Snowpeak Portal, Snowboarding, enter Snowpeak Ruins.
  281. Ball and Chain:
  283. Note: Doors in this dungeon must be opened as Human.
  285. Dungeon Map (Map of the Mansion), Yeto, Block Puzzle 1, through door.
  286. Courtyard, dig for half-buried chest for SK, through door, pass mini-freezards, locked door.
  287. Mini-Freezards, next room BA Chilfoses, Ordon Pumpkin, back through doors to Yeto, back to Yeta, through door that opens.
  288. Dig twice for buried chest for SK, through locked door. Cannonball in holder, back through. Cannonball to cannon, kill Freezard with cannon.
  289. Darkhammer fight (ASA), pick up Ball and Chain (E Ball and Chain^Upgraded Fishing Rod)
  290.     [Bomb Arrows/Clawshot/Bomb Bag (Water Bombs)/Ball and Chain]
  292. Snowpeak Ruins:
  294.     If you wish, you may unequip the Zora Armor during the savewarp; it's recommended, but not required.
  296. Through to next room, Bubble for 100R (430R) inside armor, Ordon Goat Cheese in chest, savewarp.
  297. Ball and Chain third armor on right, Bubble for 100R (530R), Ball and Chain middle armor on left, Poe from here (26/60), Poe in center of room (27/60)
  298. Talk to Yeta, Cheese to Yeto, back to Yeta, through door that opens. Through door to left, pull down holder, Ball and Chain block, cannonball to holder.
  299. Back through door, kill caged freezards en route to 2F, break open cannon, through unlocked door. Cross via chandalier to SK chest, voidwarp entrance.
  300. Back through door, break floor, 1F PoH chest (10 1/5 HP), clawshot to 2F, through locked door.
  301. Break ice for safety, cross via chandaliers to PoH chest above entrance ledge. (10 2/5 HP)
  302. Back across and through other door by chilfos. Poe behind ice wall (28/60), through unlocked door, Ball and Chain block to open 2F, resolve block puzzle for 2F door, through 2F door.
  303. Chilfoses, clawshot into next room, through door. Break ice for safety, cross to 2F ledge, SK in small chest.
  304. Through door to 2F block puzzle room, through to icy room, through locked door.
  305. Freezards, push blocks off ledge, drop to 1F, carry cannonball up, fire cannonball to other room, cannonball in holder, through door.
  306. Break ice for safety, kill Freezard with cannonball.
  307. Cross to ladder, climb to 2F, through door, BK in guarded chest, to 3F boss door. (E Gale Boomerang^Bomb Bag (Empty))
  308.     [Bomb Arrows/Clawshot/Ball and Chain/Gale Boomerang]
  309. Blizzetta (ASA). Gale Boomerang HC after fight (11 2/5 HP), exit dungeon via portal, savewarp on prompt. *MM*
  311. Finding the Temple of Time:
  313.     It is required to have 510R when going to donate Rupees to Malo Mart. If you have over 500R and still need rupees, you will be unable to get the backup chest listed and must obtain them during Snowboarding.
  315. Snowboarding 1x, Poe atop hill (29/60) (W Snowpeak Top)
  316. Back to Connection Cave, Poe (30/60) inside Connection Cave {obtain 100R chest, if necessary, prior to Poe} (W Kakariko Village)
  317. 500R to Malo Mart (500/1000) (30R), BA rocks above pass in south of Kakariko Village.
  318. Gale Boomerang PoH (11 3/5 HP) and BA rocks below while Gale Boomerang is returning (E Iron Boots^Bomb Arrows)
  319.     [Clawshot/Ball and Chain/Gale Boomerang/Iron Boots]
  320. PoH in underwater chest behind spring (11 4/5 HP) (M-W CT)
  321. CT Mailman Skip, Clawshot MG for Upgraded Quiver (20R) (60 A), Agathia's House, hand in 6 bugs (get 500R) (520R)
  322. Roll to Telma's Bar (W Kakariko Village)
  323. 500R to Malo Mart (1000/1000) (30R), Hidden Skill- Mortal Draw (5/7) in Kakariko Graveyard (W Snowpeak Top)
  324. Safety Save, Yeta Race for PoH (12 HP) (W Lake Hylia)
  325. Plumm MG for PoH (12 1/5 HP), Poe on hill (31/60), waterway to Hyrule Field North.
  326. Poe on bridge (32/60), dash to Block Puzzle Cave, GB above cave (16/24), Block Puzzle PoH (12 2/5 HP)
  327. Wolf to Hyrule Field North grotto, two Poes in grotto (34/60), GB (17/24) on tree with Gale Boomerang
  328. Wolf to Castle Town Field bypass, break rocks {pick up rupees if you are under 30R} (30R) (E Spinner^Ball and Chain)
  329.     [Clawshot/Gale Boomerang/Iron Boots/Spinner]
  330. Spinner to PoH chest (12 3/5 HP) (W Lake Hylia)
  331. Poe across stepping stones (35/60), Cannon to Flight by Fowl (20R), safety save
  332. Flight by Fowl (0R) to Isle of Riches (100R)
  333. PoH chest on Isle of Riches (12 4/5 HP), 50R chest on Isle of Riches (150R)
  334. Poe (36/60), Cannon to Flight by Fowl (140R)
  335. Flight by Fowl to ledge beneath Flight by Fowl (120R) (E Lantern^Iron Boots, Hero's Bow^Clawshot)
  336.     [Gale Boomerang/Spinner/Lantern/Hero's Bow]
  337. Poe beneath Flight by Fowl (37/60) (W North Faron)
  338. Golden Cucco CS, Cucco to bridges, Gale Boomerang to spin bridge, Cucco to bridge, Gale Boomerang to spin bridge, Cucco across to Sacred Grove entrance
  339. Sacred Grove II (55 A) {Poe (38/60) at first visit's second hiding spot}, GB in alcove on way down (18/24)
  340. Master Sword into pedastal, Sacred Grove Portal, to past, Master Sword into pedastal, enter Temple of Time.
  342. Dominion Rod:
  344. Pot on switch, Ooccoo Skip {hug right wall tightly}, torches for SK chest, through locked door. Pot on switch, through gate, break pot, up to top.
  345. Pots on switch, roll past gate, through to next room.
  346. Spinner to 5F, Statue Skip, Mortal Draw Armoses, Early PoH (13 HP), SK chest, back through to locked door.
  347. Shoot crystal to progress a bunch (50 A), through door.
  348. Up to scales, statue to second scale, cross to second scale, statues to first scale, through door. (E Ball and Chain^Lantern)
  349.     [Gale Boomerang/Spinner/Hero's Bow/Ball and Chain]
  350. Traps room, SK chest, pot on switch, past electric barrier, B&C Armoses, through to Darknut miniboss.
  351. Arrow to start fight quicker, Dominion Rod in chest. (E Dominion Rod^Hero's Bow, Clawshot^Gale Boomerang)
  352.     [Spinner/Ball and Chain/Dominion Rod/Clawshot]
  354. Temple of Time:
  356. DR statue from beneath, roll to bell, back through door. DR statue, smash gate, statue to platform.
  357. Statue on platform, down to switch (shut off electric barrier), roll past barrier with statue.
  358. Through traps, smash Beamos, mini-statue skip/mini statue, statue into bell, through door.
  359. Statue onto near scale, long way around, climb onto far scale, Clawshot/Spinner to 7F, Poe (39/60) on ledge, through door.
  360. B&C Armos, BK, back through door. Drop off right side, Scales Puzzle, statue to bell.
  361. DR statue, smash both gates, statue on switch, drop control of statue. PoH chest to left behind electric barrier (13 1/5 HP)
  362. Exit barrier area, DR statue, down to first set of gates, smash gates, statue to bell, exit room.
  363. Platform to 5F, DR statue onto platform, Platform to 3F, statue off platform, Platform to 4F, drop to 3F, statue to gate guarding poe, break gate, statue to bell.
  364. Wolf to Poe (40/60), through door.
  365. Clawshot over gate, DR statue to bell, through door. DR statue to platform, through door that opens.
  366. Ooccoo Skip, cross room, statue on switch, cross gate, statue off switch, boss room. (E Hero's Bow^Ball and Chain)
  367.     [Spinner/Dominion Rod/Clawshot/Hero's Bow]
  368. Angromodda, fake-out CS (Combo Bomb Bag (Bombs))
  369.     [Spinner/Dominion Rod/Clawshot/Bomb Arrows]
  370. BA eye, Clawshot HC (14 1/5 HP), exit dungeon via portal. *MM*
  372. Activating the Dominion Rod:
  374. Left statue, Poe (41/60), Right statue, PoH chest (14 2/5 HP), Clawshot GB on wall (19/24), through door to present (M-W Kakariko Village)
  375.     [Spinner/Aged Dominion Rod/Clawshot/Bomb Arrows]
  376. Renaldo's Letter (W Castle Town)
  377. CT Mailman Skip, Human before entering, roll to Telma's Bar (E Lantern^Aged Dominion Rod, Renaldo's Letter^Spinner)
  378.     [Clawshot/Bomb Arrows/Lantern/Renaldo's Letter]
  379. Renaldo's Letter to Telma
  380.     [Clawshot/Bomb Arrows/Lantern/Invoice]
  381. Invoice to Doctor (via side roads)
  382.     [Clawshot/Bomb Arrows/Lantern]
  383. Medicine Scent, wolf to Jovani's House, Great Fairy's Tears in bottle (Bottle 3/4) from Jovani, wolf to Telma's Bar, talk to cat. (M-W UZR)
  384. Safety Save, Iza 2 (100R) for Giant Bomb Bags, wolf to Spirit Cave, Spirit Cave PoH (14 3/5 HP) (W CT)
  385. CT Mailman Skip, Wolf to South CT, GB in trees (20/24), Hidden Skill-Jump Strike (6/7), GB by tower (21/24)
  386. Wooden Statue from Stalhounds (Obtain RNG drops here if necessary, ideally have 135R)
  387. Poe on steps (42/60), wolf to West CT, Poe on bridge (43/60), Goron on fixed bridge (W Kakariko Village)
  388. Wolf to bomb shop, out top of bomb shop, Poe in Bomb House ruins (44/60), Poe on platform (45/60), dash to DMT.
  389. DMT Poe (46/60), push rocks until 135R (135R) PoH chest (14 4/5 HP) (W Kakariko Gorge)
  390. Wolf to Poe by tree (47/60), dash to South Hyrule Field, South Hyrule Field from Kakariko Gorge Mailman Evasion
  391. Poe on plateau (48/60), South Hyrule Field to GBoH Mailman Evasion, dash to GBoH poe location, 50R chest (185R), Poe (49/60)
  392. GB in tree stump (22/24) (E Aged Dominion Rod^Lantern, Wooden Statue, Uncombo Bomb Bag(Bombs), W Kakariko Village)
  393.     [Clawshot/Hero's Bow/Aged Dominion Rod/Wooden Statue]
  394. Statue to Ilia (W Sacred Grove)
  395.     [Clawshot/Hero's Bow/Aged Dominion Rod]
  396. Poe (50/60) in Sacred Grove (W Gerudo Mesa)
  397. Poe (51/60), Warp Bridge (W BoE)
  398. BoE Mailman Skip, wolf to HV, Howling Stone [MDM UDU MUM], Sniping MG (40 A), obtain Ilia's Charm, show DR, obtain Ancient Sky Book
  399. Roll out of HV (E Spinner^Aged Dominion Rod, Ball and Chain^Clawshot, Ilia's Charm^Hero's Bow, Ancient Sky Book)
  400.     [Spinner/Ball and Chain/Ilia's Charm/Ancient Sky Book]
  401. Spinner to dig spot, dig into dig spot, Ball and Chain Stalfoses, PoH in chest (15 HP) (W Kakariko Village)
  402. Show Ilia's Charm
  403.     [Spinner/Ball and Chain/Ancient Sky Book/Horse Call]
  404. Basement, Ancient Sky Book to Shad. (E Dominion Rod^Ancient Sky Book, Clawshot^Spinner, M-W CT) *MM*
  405.     [Ball and Chain/Horse Call/Dominion Rod/Clawshot]
  407. Hunting the Cave of Ordeals:
  409. Amphitheater Poe (52/60), Owl Statue, letter for book (1/6), exit Amphitheater, call Epona.
  410. Epona to GBoH Owl Statue, DR statue, clawshot to top of statue, get letter for book (2/6). DR statue, cross via statue to 100R chest (285R)
  411. Roll to Great Bridge of Hylia, GB on bridge (23/40) (W South Faron)
  412. Bottle of Oil from Coro (Bottle 4/4) (1855R), break rock (200R), DR statue, letter for book (3/6), DR statue, Minda Jumps to Faron Woods ledge.
  413. PoH chest on ledge in Faron Woods (15 1/5 HP), Poe in center of tree (53/60) (W BoE)
  414. BoE Mailman Skip, dash to Storage Cave, GB on wall (24/24), enter storage cave (E Iron Boots^Horse Call, Lantern^Ball and Chain)
  415.     [Dominion Rod/Clawshot/Iron Boots/Lantern]
  416. Jump to bottom, Iron Boots to magnet beam, torches for 100R chest (300R), PoH in chest (15 2/5 HP), exit storage cave as human.
  417. Clawshot to top, get letter (4/6), Owl Statue to south end of bridge {drop control twice for mailman skips}, climb for PoH (15 3/5 HP) (W Kakariko Gorge)
  418. Dash to Lantern Cave (E Ball and Chain^Iron Boots)
  419.     [Dominion Rod/Clawshot/Lantern/Ball and Chain]
  420. Kakariko Gorge Lantern Cave [L, L, R, L, then R] (15 4/5 HP, 54/60 Poes), savewarp.
  421. Dash to Owl Statue, get letter (5/6) (W Kakariko Village)
  422. Start Springwater Run, Clawshot to PoH on ledge (16 HP), grab Springwater Barrel
  423. Springwater Run for PoH (16 1/5 HP) (E Gale Boomerang^Lantern, Hero's Bow^Dominion Rod, Combo Bomb Bag(Bombs), W Kakariko Village)
  424.     [Clawshot/Ball and Chain/Gale Boomerang/Bomb Arrows]
  425. Monster CS, MJ to bell, 200R in bell (500R) (E Spinner^Clawshot, Uncombo Bomb Bag(Bombs))
  426.     [Ball and Chain/Gale Boomerang/Hero's Bow/Spinner]
  427. Wolf to Bomb Shop, exit top of shop. Roll to storage shack, Goron to top, Bow MG for PoH (16 2/5 HP)
  428. Enter Malo Mart. Donate 200R to Malo Mart (200/200), Buy Hawkeye, Buy Hylian Shield (0R) (E Hylian Shield, W CT)
  429. CT Mailman Skip, Human into Castle Town, Agathia's House, hand in final 9 bugs (Giant Wallet, 600R)
  430. Malo Mart Castle Town Branch, buy Magic Armor (2R)
  431. Hidden Skill-Great Spin (7/7) outside Hyrule Castle (W Gerudo Mesa)
  432. Enter Cave of Ordeals.
  434. Cave of Ordeals:
  436.     If you get a Gold Chu on F19 you may save it for a fast 2-cycle Beast Ganondorf.
  437.     If you previously obtained the Fairy during To Arbiter's Grounds, there is no empty bottle. Equip the Bottle of Milk instead (and use it to obtain the Gold Chu Jelly)
  438.     It is recommended to obtain at least 515R from RNG drops; 200R is from the dig spot on F39 (total 715R)
  439.         There are a few 50R chests you can obtain if you're short of that mark in both City in the Sky and Palace of Twilight.
  441. Floor 11: Combo Bomb Bag (Bombs), Equip Bottle(Empty or Milk)^Gale Boomerang
  442. Floor 13: Bomb Arrows
  443. Floor 17: Poe (55/60)
  444. Floor 19: Get Gold Chu if it drops
  445. Floor 26: Ball and Chain Stalfoses
  446. Floor 27: Bomb Arrow Skultullas
  447. Floor 29: Ball and Chain Stalfoses
  448. Floor 30: Uncombo Bomb Bag (Bombs), Equip Dominion Rod^Bottle, Clawshot^Spinner
  449.     [Ball and Chain/Hero's Bow/Dominion Rod/Clawshot]
  450. Floor 31: Snipe Beamoses from above, DR statues to advance
  451. Floor 33: Redead beneath platform, Poe (56/60)
  452. Floor 36: Ball and Chain Freezard from platform
  453. Floor 39: 200R in dig spot
  454. Floor 41: Ball and Chain/Mortal Draw Armoses, Double Clawshots Skip (Clawshot Target above initial ledge to get back up)
  455. Floor 44: Poe (57/60), Savewarp. (715R)
  457. Finding a Cannon:
  459. Dash to Gerudo Desert Owl Statue (6/6) (E Filled Ancient Sky Book^Ball and Chain, W BoE)
  460.     [Hero's Bow/Dominion Rod/Clawshot/Filled Ancient Sky Book]
  461. BoE Mailman Skip, Wolf to HV, Cat MG for PoH (16 3/5 HP), HV Poe (58/60) (W Kakariko Village)
  462. Show Book to Shad, DR statue, warp cannon (W Lake Hylia)
  463.     [Hero's Bow/Clawshot/Dominion Rod]
  464. Fix Cannon (415R) (E Iron Boots^Hero's Bow, Spinner^Dominion Rod, Gale Boomerang)
  465.     [Clawshot/Iron Boots/Spinner/Gale Boomerang]
  466. Clawshot into CitS.
  468. Double Clawshots:
  470.     If you fail Double Clawshots Skip, you still savewarp, and then head to the room you normally savewarp to.
  472. Normal to second room, Second room with Ooccas, Fan Activation Skip if done quickly. Third room, through grate on right. Spinner to spawn bridge, cross, SK chest.
  473. Coming back, ground-based CS skip, clawshot to vines, reenter through grate.
  474. Cross to opposing door, spinner to spawn bridge, through locked door at end.
  475. Clawshot to shut off fan, roll through first fan, roll/clawshot past second, over crumble blocks to door. Gale Boomerang to get rid of tile worms and cross to far door.
  476. Spin Attack to clear out Dynafloses, clawshot to vines before CS. Oocca to door. Oocca jump next room, through door. Oocca Fall/Jumpslash to B2, through miniboss door.
  477. Miniboss skip not valid, one round both phases, clawshot to chest, obtain Double Clawshots, savewarp (E Double Clawshots, Bottle(Great Fairy's Tears)^Spinner)
  478.     [Iron Boots/Gale Boomerang/Double Clawshots/Bottle(Great Fairy's Tears)]
  480. City in the Sky:
  482. Clawshot around to 1F door, through door. Clawshot to 2F, cross ledge to PoH chest (16 4/5 HP), clawshot to 3F and through door.
  483. Cross to far side of gardens, Peahat Snipe, Poe (59/60)
  484. Clawshot to second half of room, through to door (grate to right IS clawshottable on Wii), clawshot around to other door on this side, PoH chest (17 HP)
  485. Clawshot to central tower, Pixel hunt, cross to Poe (60/60) {if less than 415R, 50R chest}, jump down, clawshot up vines, cross ropes to door.
  486. Boss key, drop to 3F, start fans to north, drop and exit.
  487. Clawshot across fans, through door. Clawshot up past Aerafloses, clawshot to top, through boss door. Skip CS quickly (warps to fight)
  488. Argarok (ASA), Heart Container (18 HP), exit dungeon through portal. *MM*
  489.     [Iron Boots/Gale Boomerang/Double Clawshots/Bottle(Empty)]
  491. Upgraded Master Sword:
  493.     If you need more than 50R to be at 415R, there are two 50R chests in the second room on the left side of the dungeon that contain 50R.
  494.         The first is in the far right alcove, you can clawshot the target from the ground.
  495.         The second is in the alcove to the right of the small key chest. From the previously-mentioned chest, you can clawshot over in two targets.
  497. Decline save prompt, wear Iron Boots, clawshot into cannon, jump attack ASAP as you fall to land on bridge (W Mirror Chamber)
  498. Enter Palace of Twilight, right, normal to miniboss room. Phantom Zant {Stab 3x, don't finish combo. Repeat twice, sheathe sword after third time. Mortal draw 4th time}
  499. Clawshot sol from swirls, item drop sol in miniboss room. First room returning, head left, throw sol into indent and stand on stairs.
  500. Second room returning, throw sol into fog, obtain PoH in chest in side area (18 1/5 HP). Exit, item drop sol.
  501. Ride platform to left side, enter. Clawshot top target from platform, normal to miniboss room {if less than 415R, 50R chest opposite SK chest in first room}
  502. Clawshot sol from swirls, item drop sol in miniboss room. First room returning, right side, throw sol into indent, clawshot sol and exit to next room.
  503. Next room, drop on right side, grab sol, wait for platform and ride to PoH chest (18 2/5 HP).
  504. Jump down to platform, across to orbs, exit. Return to center platform, upgraded Master Sword.
  506. Palace of Twilight:
  508. Central path to main tower. Normal to Observation Deck. SA fog wall, clawshot up to BK.
  509. Cross via light platform to lone mask, void warp after killing mask. Kill rest of masks for SK. Normal to boss fight.
  510. Zant Phase 1/Phase 2 (ASA) (E Zora Armor if uneqiupped)
  511.     [Iron Boots/Gale Boomerang/Double Clawshots/Bottle(Empty); Zora Armor]
  512. Zant Phase 3 (ASA) (E Ball and Chain^Bottle, Lantern^Iron Boots)
  513.     [Gale Boomerang/Double Clawshots/Ball and Chain/Lantern]
  514. Zant Phases 4/5/6 (ASA), Gale Boomerang HC (19 2/5 HP), leave dungeon via portal. Decline save prompt.
  516. Final Cleanup:
  518. Exit PoT (W Kakariko Gorge)
  519. Gale Boomerang PoH on pillar, Clawshot to pillar while Gale Boomerang is in the air (19 3/5 HP), PoH in chest (19 4/5 HP) (W CT)
  520. Wolf based Mailman Skip, enter CT, Clawshot MG for Giant Quiver (400R)
  521. 400R to Donation PoH (1000/1000) (0R, 20 HP)
  522. Enter Hyrule Castle
  524. Hyrule Castle:
  526. Right door, roll into left side of barrier, skip CS and roll out of trigger. KB4 fight, SK, one-frame backflip to savewarp and skip Midna Text, otherwise backtrack.
  527. Enter Hyrule Castle, barrier skip [jump-attack into pillar on left, mash to skip CS, hold left], Clawshot to 2F.
  528. Enter, Darknut fight. Gale Boomerang lit torch, head left.
  529. Far left torch, near right torch, near left torch, far right torch. GSA Lizafos (E Spinner^Ball and Chain, Hero's Bow^Lantern, Bottle(Rare Chu Jelly)^Gale Boomerang)
  530.     [Double Clawshots/Spinner/Hero's Bow/Bottle]
  531. Aereaflos for SK chest, cross for BK chest. Climb central tower, roll across blocks, clawshot up.
  532. Spinner up, final darknut.
  533. Puppet Zelda {7-round ideal}
  534. Beast Ganondorf {Drink, GSA, Wolf, GSA}
  535. Horseback Ganondorf {3 GSA}
  536. Ganondorf {Slash without targeting, get behind JA/GSA combo 3x}, Finishing Blow for Victory!
  549. Cutscene Skip Failed:
  550.     Roll to 2nd room, Oocca across 2nd room, Fan Activation Skip if extremely quick.
  551.     Clawshot to right door, clawshot across via peahats.
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