Session 16

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  1. (3:39:03 PM) AC[GM]: == Session #16 ==
  2. (3:39:54 PM) AC[GM]: When we last left the group, everyone had gone separate directions, again!
  3. (3:40:28 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa has gone with one of the police ponies, Green has found a lab coated medical technician waiting for her in the atrium and is also now in an elevator.
  4. (3:41:05 PM) AC[GM]: Shimmer is waiting her turn to speak with the Administrator while Arcadia poses some difficult questions to the medical mare and her boss.
  5. (3:44:00 PM) ***Nessa is just following Cinch to... wherever this intelligence center is.
  6. (3:44:26 PM) ***Nessa has investigative thoughts on her mind, as well as tactical ones.
  7. (3:45:10 PM) ***Green stares at the buttons in the elevator with amazement.
  8. (3:45:18 PM) AC[GM]: The Administrator gestures defferentially to the part-metal mare.  Dr. Cloudburst wiggles upright from where she'd lounged throughout the whole discussion.  "The good doctor has had a chance to examine you, madam, I'm sure she can give you some idea of your chances," he rumbles.
  9. (3:46:11 PM) AC[GM]: The stallion escorting Green is pretty big!  Not as big as her, of course, but he's whistling a jaunty tune as the magic box whirrs.  
  10. (3:46:30 PM) AC[GM]: Cinch is openly starring at Nessa, apparently unconcerned with propriety.
  11. (3:46:50 PM) AC[GM]: *mare and Arcadia.
  12. (3:46:58 PM) ***Nessa stares back, though half of the time it's more like she's staring through him.
  13. (3:47:15 PM) ***Arcadia blinks a couple times. "I'm honestly not sure I'm comfortable about being examined without my permission... But the past is the past."
  14. (3:48:09 PM) Nessa: "You taking holovid with some kind of cybernetic eyeball?" Nessa asks Cinch eventually as she grows fed-up with his staring.
  15. (3:48:35 PM) Nessa: "Or is my oily mane just that fascinating."
  16. (3:49:53 PM) ***Green dances subconciously to the tune of the stallion escorting her and then looks at the stallion with mischief in her eyes. "When I get back from my checkup im pressing all of the buttons!"
  17. (3:50:45 PM) AC[GM]: Dr. Cloudburst tuts at Arcadia, "I did say that already."
  18. (3:51:01 PM) AC[GM]: "That'd make for a mighty slow ride, ma'am," he says with a smile back.
  19. (3:51:28 PM) AC[GM]: The medical mare is clearly having a hard time holding back from saying whatever it is she has to say.
  20. (3:52:07 PM) ***Green giggles. "I haven't ridden an elevator. Ever! This is going to be the best day!"
  21. (3:52:07 PM) AC[GM]: Cinch grunts and looks to the dial above the doors.  "We're almost there," he says laconically, "And I don't have any metal parts.  So no."
  22. (3:52:45 PM) Nessa: "Mm," Nessa grunts back.
  23. (3:53:18 PM) AC[GM]: "It's pretty fun.  Just make sure not to press the maximum overdrive button," he says seriously as a bell rings and the doors open.  Green finds herself facing a pleasantly neutral room with plenty of cushions and seats, a few ponies waiting on them.  Her new friend leads the large tribal mare past them, however, and down a hallway into the back.
  24. (3:54:24 PM) ***Green nods equally seriously to him and spends the tour down the hallway oogling at the cushions and seats and the ponies.
  25. (3:54:26 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa's bell rings this time and the door opens!  Her view is a heavy blast door with a wall-mounted terminal beside it.  "Your Pip-Buck can read holotapes?" Cinch asks, stepping out ahead of her.
  26. (3:54:38 PM) Nessa: "Yeah," Nessa says.
  27. (3:57:28 PM) AC[GM]: Most of them look pretty bored, a few are reading books or magazines, or (trying to) keeping bouncy foals under control.  Once past a glass window with a friendly mare waiting behind it, the hall's pretty boring.  There's some sketches of different parts of the pony hanging framed on the walls.  Her guide stops before a large machine with three large panels similar to the machine that knocked Green out earlier.
  28. (3:57:45 PM) AC[GM]: "If you'd step up on the platform?" he asks, "We'll get started looking at your brain."
  29. (3:58:14 PM) AC[GM]: He mms slightly, "Alright.  I'm going to ask you turn it off then, I'll get you the files on holotape."
  30. (3:58:31 PM) ***Green nods and steps on top of the platform. "I hope this one doesn't knock me out again."
  31. (3:58:55 PM) Nessa: "Figures," Nessa mutters.
  32. (3:59:01 PM) ***Green grins with anticipation. "They look so boored! This is so awesome!"
  33. (3:59:56 PM) ***Nessa looks down at her PipBuck and spends a moment shutting it down. Pity...
  34. (4:00:28 PM) Nessa: "So do you have a robotics division or whatever in here?" Nessa asks Cinch as she fiddles.
  35. (4:01:19 PM) ***Arcadia turns her attention to Dr. Cloudburst, a frown growing on her lips. "What exactly does that mean?"
  36. (4:11:33 PM) AC[GM]: "Here's hoping it doesn't," the orderly agrees, stepping out of view.  Green can feel the whine from before, but not as strong, as the panels glow faintly.
  37. (4:13:22 PM) AC[GM]: "It means we did a full spectrum thaumaturgy scan, to check your ambient magical capability, and tried to take a blood sample.  That might, I add, didn't happen because what passes for your blood is so full of taint that the needle corroded immediately," Cloudburst informs Arcadia cheerfully.
  38. (4:13:42 PM) AC[GM]: "No," Cinch tells Nessa quite firmly, seemingly waiting for her to confirm the Pip-Buck is off.
  39. (4:14:43 PM) ***Nessa shows him the dark screen.
  40. (4:14:55 PM) AC[GM]: "Click the dial a few times for me," he says
  41. (4:15:11 PM) ***Nessa does so.
  42. (4:15:52 PM) ***Arcadia chuckles a bit. "I'm not surprised at that. Just be glad I hadn't decided to keep my flux containers on my person... That could have been messy."
  43. (4:16:12 PM) ***Green puffs her cheeks as the familliar whine manifests. She looks to both sides as if checking for an unknown assailant. "Well. I'm not unconcious yet."
  44. (4:16:24 PM) Nessa: "By 'in here' I mean 'the dome'," Nessa says to him. "Not behind these doors."
  45. (4:16:59 PM) AC[GM]: He steps up to the panel below the terminal, inserts a card, hammers on the keyboard for a few seconds, and the screen lights up with a mare in the same uniform as him, sans armor.  Nessa can tell the picture's two way since her eyes track between her and Cinch.  "This' the guest the Administrator cleared?" she asks, the same voice Nessa and the gang heard earlier over the intercom.
  46. (4:17:43 PM) ***Nessa just looks on.
  47. (4:18:01 PM) AC[GM]: "The very same," Cinch says with the barest hint of a nod.  The door begins to thump and clank as aged hydraulics begin to pull it back.  The mare waves, "See ya in a couple minutes then, Corporal.  We'll do a database search in the mean time, get what she wants all lined up."
  48. (4:19:05 PM) AC[GM]: "Probably!  I mean, not for you," Cloudburst affirms, thankfully, "Uh, as for the rest of this conversation do you want to have it here in front of the Administrator?  Or would you rather consult me in private?"
  49. (4:19:20 PM) AC[GM]: *thankfully, to Arcadia,
  50. (4:19:53 PM) AC[GM]: The screen goes dark as Cinch turns back to her.  He looks sour, "And I said no.  I don't look for any reason to keep my answers narrow."
  51. (4:20:09 PM) ***Arcadia shrugs. "I don't have any real qualms for it, though I'd assume that it would be quite... Awkward, at the least."
  52. (4:21:42 PM) AC[GM]: "There isn't a robotics division in the city, under it, or around it," he says impatiently, "We don't have the heavy manufacturing ability to make new robots, so there's a /Theoretical/ Robotics Department that spends all day making computer models and designing circuit improvements."
  53. (4:22:18 PM) Nessa: "Alright," Nessa says, an expression of unmitigated exhaustion briefly flashing across her face before it pulls back into a more neutral countenance.
  54. (4:22:51 PM) Nessa: "Hope their modeling software is good."
  55. (4:24:25 PM) AC[GM]: He shrugs, "I've never seen it.  Follow me."
  56. (4:24:46 PM) ***Nessa goes along.
  57. (4:25:43 PM) AC[GM]: Cinch gestures for her to follow him up the stairs inside through another set of open doors into a room filled with ranks of computer terminals.  Most of them are off, with about a half-dozen ponies scattered through the room.  There are halls leading off to either side of the main room, Cinch leading them to the right.
  58. (4:28:53 PM) AC[GM]: Green feels the pounding go away after a minute, and the attendant reappears with a large canister on his back.  "Alrighty ma'am, you can wait here or out front, the doctor'll be by to get you as soon as he gets a look at this."
  59. (4:29:18 PM) Nessa left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  60. (4:29:37 PM) Nessa [Mibbit@Pony-s4h.p79.202.138.IP] entered the room.
  61. (4:30:52 PM) ***Green nods a few times at the orderly. "Out front sounds fine. There were ponies there. I mean if this modern medicine stuff doesn't make ponies excited anymore then you've got to have a place you go for fun."
  62. (4:33:08 PM) AC[GM]: "Most people don't take a trip to the doctor as something fun.  That's a refreshing change of pace," he says with a smile.
  63. (4:34:09 PM) ***Nessa walks along, but looks into each room for a fair bit, trying to gauge everything's purpose...
  64. (4:36:25 PM) ***Green smiles back. "I mean. I've never been to a place this modern so perhaps if I could go visit the doctor more often I'd be bored too, but I haven't so it's a fun adventure. Though I've heard those dentist types are scary. You don't have one of those around do you?"
  65. (4:36:47 PM) ***Arcadia motions at Cloudburst. "Well... Lead the way? It's not like I know what is where and all that."
  66. (4:38:46 PM) AC[GM]: They only go two rooms down.  The halls are short and this one only seems to contain a few closets, two offices, and the Stallion's bathroom.
  67. (4:39:22 PM) AC[GM]: Cinch is leaning on the door frame of the first office, where the mare from earlier sits behind a desk with the name plate "WATCH COMMANDER"
  68. (4:40:03 PM) AC[GM]: Cloudburst shrugs to Arcadia, "It isn't awkward for me.  It is a personal privacy issue, but if you wave that, then I doubt the Administrator would care.  He's old enough to know how foals happen."
  69. (4:40:28 PM) ***Nessa waits behind.
  70. (4:42:31 PM) AC[GM]: She gestures for Nessa to come in closer, "Come on in you two!"
  71. (4:43:03 PM) AC[GM]: He nods, "We've got a couple dentists.  Your teeth are in good shape though, so I wouldn't worry about it."
  72. (4:43:04 PM) ***Nessa walks in and looks around briefly before looking back to the mare whose face she knows, but not name.
  73. (4:44:35 PM) ***Arcadia wiggles a hoof. "Eh, I'll take the privacy then." She says cheerily, with a flutter of her wings. "It would be more... Professional, no?"
  74. (4:45:30 PM) ***Green looks slightly disappointed at that. "Aww shucks, and here I was getting my hopes up."
  75. (4:47:00 PM) AC[GM]: "You're interested in the Enclave, huh?" she asks with forced lightness, a trio of holotapes are stacked at her elbow, forelegs folded on the desktop, "The Administrator's had us pull all the information we have on pre-war military installations the Encalve might be using."
  76. (4:47:38 PM) ***Green pouts at the orderly as she bounces down at the machine. "You've got to make it up to me. Here I was all ready to get Dentistified!"
  77. (4:48:36 PM) AC[GM]: "How about I have the doctor bring you a candy bar for being a good patient?" he asks
  78. (4:49:25 PM) Nessa: "Yep. Saw those herds of nomadic ponies killed some of them and turned their wings into a grisly totem of blood and bone," Nessa says with a forced nonchalance. "So that was something."
  79. (4:50:33 PM) AC[GM]: "Mm, our plains friends don't have a lot of restraint when it comes to our winged bretheren," she says, corners of her mouth twitching.
  80. (4:50:49 PM) ***Green grins at the orderly. "That does sounds like appeasement, but I'll accept this bribe because you're cute and I'd like some candies thank you very much"
  81. (4:51:12 PM) AC[GM]: "I thought you'd take it," he says, turning to carry off the case to... Wherever.
  82. (4:51:50 PM) AC[GM]: Cloudburst shrugs further at Arcadia, "Patient's preference."
  83. (4:53:31 PM) Nessa: "Anyway, we were snooping around in Camp Vanilla Ripple and I got a hold of all their classified maps. So, checking those against whatever you've got might provide some useful intelligence," Nessa says to the mare. "Also, what's your name?"
  84. (4:53:50 PM) ***Arcadia smiles. "Then, again, lead the way doctor."
  85. (4:53:55 PM) AC[GM]: "How about I go," the Administrator says with a loud sigh, "You ladies can use my office.  I have some work to do in the lab."
  86. (4:54:09 PM) AC[GM]: The old stallion gets up stiffly and heads for the door.
  87. (4:55:32 PM) AC[GM]: Cloudburst and Arcadia are left alone in the Administrator's office.  The doctor rubs her forehooves together, "Alright then!  Well, I've had a chance to /theorize/ about how your species was created, from what I've observed about your physical makeup!"
  88. (4:57:08 PM) ***Green returns to the pleasantly neutral room with cusions and seats and bounces into an available one next to some of these bored looking ponies. "Hi bored looking pony. I'm an ignorant pony from the outside, but now i'm visiting the inside of your magnificent fishbowl."
  89. (4:58:31 PM) AC[GM]: The mare, with two sleepy looking foals resting beside her, starts a little and her eyes jerk involuntarily away from her novel.  The red-brown mare furrows her brow at Green, "Huh?  Wouldn't a fishbowl be open at the top?"
  90. (4:59:53 PM) AC[GM]: "Now, according to my guess on how you were created, and you can correct me if I'm wrong," Cloudburst wiggles closer until her forelegs are hanging over the armrest like a jumpy dog, "You used to be a regular pony, right, until being exposed to a controlled Taint-based process that turned you into an Alicorn?"
  91. (5:02:08 PM) ***Arcadia gives the doctor a slight nod. "This is pretty much correct, if my fragmented memories serve... We were sisters in Unity, underneath the guidance of the Goddess."
  92. (5:02:53 PM) ***Green grins at the red brown mare. "Yea, but this fishbowl is turned upside down like a snowglobe. I'm Green by the way." She puts out a hoof to shake. "and the administrator gave me a 24 hour pass, so I want to take that opportunity and explore this town. Since you're obviously one of the cooler looking ponies around. I figured you'd be the best to ask about the cool places around town."
  93. (5:03:09 PM) AC[GM]: "All of their maps?" she asks, sounding genuinely surprised, "I'm surprised they'd be careless enough to carry more then a flight map."
  94. (5:03:17 PM) AC[GM]: "Pecan," she tells Nesssa.
  95. (5:04:07 PM) Nessa: "Necessary Force," Nessa says, then turns and starts fishing the heap of military maps out of her saddlebag.
  96. (5:12:05 PM) ***Nessa starts looking for nice open places to lay the maps down on. Or, at the very least, flat spaces.
  97. (5:17:31 PM) AC[GM]: "Cool places?" the mare looks at Green incredulously, "Like what, clubs?  Bars?  The library?"
  98. (5:18:16 PM) AC[GM]: Cloudburst nods vigorously, "Then I absolutely won't do anything to make more of you."
  99. (5:19:09 PM) AC[GM]: "No offense, Arcadia, you seem like a wonderful mare, but whatever was done to you is so far beyond an ethics breach I'd consider it a crime against Equinity," the doctor bubbles, "But what I /can/ do is possibly enable your species to have foals with regular Equine males!"
  100. (5:19:42 PM) AC[GM]: Pecan sweeps stuff out of the way with a leg, giving Nessa space on the table.
  101. (5:20:43 PM) ***Arcadia blinks. "For the first bit there... I can agree, taint is a terrible thing for ponies. As for the second... I find that somewhat hard to believe. The combined minds of every alicorn in Unity couldn't find a solution."
  102. (5:20:45 PM) AC[GM]: Her maps are topograhpic, each showing a tiny square of the very large state, with pencil and pen notations of regional forces.  The policemare hmmms, leaning over it with an appraising eye, "These are very good maps.  EQGS, latest pre-war revisions."
  103. (5:21:11 PM) Nessa: "Figured I hit the jackpot when I found more than one," Nessa says.
  104. (5:21:51 PM) ***Green shrugs at the mare. "All of the above? You have a spa here too? That would be nice, or do they ration those out as a kind of medical service?"
  105. (5:23:20 PM) AC[GM]: "Well the problem is you're all basically big Spark reactors, which means conception is basically impossible since you're generating a magirad field strong enough to sterilize anything that got up in there," Cloudburst says, sounding like a teacher now.
  106. (5:23:26 PM) AC[GM]: "The rest I can only posit, but it's quite possible that your genes have mutated enough that you can only conceive new alicorns.  In which case it's simply a matter of finding a male with the right genetic mix to fertilize your eggs and keeping his sperm from being baked alive."
  107. (5:23:51 PM) AC[GM]: Cloudburst waggles a hoof, "Difficult, but not impossible."
  108. (5:25:00 PM) AC[GM]: "What medical use is a hooficure?" she asks, confused, "There's a spa and salon in the east district.  They've got one of those really nice whirlpools too, and they do manes."
  109. (5:25:31 PM) AC[GM]: Pecan nods in confirmation, "These are definitely the best maps you could have of the pre-war geography."
  110. (5:25:53 PM) Nessa: "Wonder if I could digitize them..."
  111. (5:25:53 PM) ***Arcadia blinks a couple times as she takes all this in, frowning slightly. "So... Basically, eugenics?" She asks, a brow quirked in curiosity. "And how many stallions could match that kind of strict.. Not guidelines... That's the word I'm looking for..."
  112. (5:26:08 PM) AC[GM]: "And it hasn't changed so drastically as to make them useless, but...."  she shuffles through folded maps until her hoof pulls out a map of Whinnysota.
  113. (5:26:14 PM) AC[GM]: "Probably!"
  114. (5:26:30 PM) ***Nessa nods.
  115. (5:27:12 PM) AC[GM]: She unfolds the map and points to two spots.  One is clearly Whinnyapolis and the other is Camp Vanilla Ripple.  "These are the only two pre-war military installations of size in the state, both accounted for.  That means are flying friends are coming from somewhere else," she says seriously.
  116. (5:27:38 PM) Nessa: "Hm," Nessa rubs her muzzle.
  117. (5:28:13 PM) ***Green smirks at the mare. "Rationing isn't rational. When you have limited water and equipment you make do, and a doctor can usually tell when a mare needs some RnR so they get saddled with the duty of rationing. Though a spa free of restrictions now that sounds wonderful. I was mostly hoping to bill the administrator for more than just a visit to the doctors."
  118. (5:28:31 PM) AC[GM]: "Parameters?" she suggests to Arcadia, "No, Eugenics would imply you'd be selecting a partner with the intent of promoting desired traits.  In your case plain genetics would limit your fertile partners, unfortunately.  That being said, with care, there would be other potential fertility options."
  119. (5:28:42 PM) AC[GM]: Cloudburst sounds like she's really at home in this particular field.
  120. (5:29:59 PM) AC[GM]: "If you've got a pass from the big man, they probably won't charge," the mare helpfully informs her, "Besides, the doctor doesn't cost anything anyway.  We don't have any water problems."
  121. (5:30:30 PM) ***Arcadia hums a little, noting her conversational partner's eagerness to explain. "That could be what I was looking for, yes... And as for, ahem... Partners... What other options could there be? I can't just stop creating this level of background radiation. I'd literally die."
  122. (5:30:31 PM) AC[GM]: "Did you recover a data recorder from their sky carriage?" Cinch asks calmly
  123. (5:31:07 PM) Nessa: "I recovered some holotapes from the wreckage, yes," Nessa says.
  124. (5:31:17 PM) ***Nessa procures those.
  125. (5:31:57 PM) AC[GM]: "Well!" she taps her hooves, "It would probably involve a visit to my subordinates in Magimedicine, but they have some wonderful isolation spells that we might be able to shape around your reproductive organs.  Might.  Keep in mind this is all theoretical at this point."
  126. (5:32:36 PM) ***Green opens her big eyes wide in shock at the mare. "Well it wasn't in writing, but I can always try my luck."
  127. (5:33:05 PM) AC[GM]: "Holotapes?" Pecan frowns slightly, "It should be an orange box about the size of a briefcase.  Holotapes might help though, if they were kind enough to make notes we might be able to match a point of origin to the data we already have."
  128. (5:33:26 PM) Arcadia: "Mmm... Magimedicine? Sounds interesting enough... I wouldn't mind being an, hmm... Test subject for some of their stuff, in exchange for that."
  129. (5:34:39 PM) AC[GM]: "It's not really something we can rush, dear," Cloudburst says, "This is basically an informal consultation.  We'd need to give you a full body scan, draw some fluids, other samples to make sure you aren't sterile, and work on a treatment regime before even starting."
  130. (5:34:49 PM) Nessa: "Yeah, you're talking about the black box, aren't you?" Nessa asks. "We didn't have that long to scavenge, and it was pretty wedged in the river. We were trying to make it to Camp Vanilla Ripple before nightfall, and then there was the totem..."
  131. (5:34:56 PM) AC[GM]: "I want you to know there's hope, though," Cloudburst says proudly.
  132. (5:35:41 PM) AC[GM]: "Can't hurt," the other mare says to Green, scooting a wayward filly back from the edge of their seat with a practiced leg sweep.
  133. (5:36:30 PM) AC[GM]: Pecan nods understandingly, "The Dakotas aren't exactly subtle, are they?  They take their guardianship of pre-war sights very seriously."
  134. (5:37:00 PM) Nessa: "Guess it was more of an effigy..."
  135. (5:37:40 PM) Nessa: "Anyway, load those up. They had some coordinate data on them," Nessa says.
  136. (5:37:45 PM) ***Arcadia flicks her right ear, a frown beginning to form on her visage. "Well... If there's hope, I'll gladly submit to any tests they want. On one condition though... I'd at least like to have my flux containers back before my party needs to leave. I could have a use for it, or get drunk if I need to."
  137. (5:39:43 PM) ***Green smiles down at the filly. "Aaaw they even look extra cute here."
  138. (5:43:43 PM) ***Nessa puts the three Enclave holotapes on the table for Pecan and Cinch to look at.
  139. (5:47:45 PM) AC[GM]: *sites
  140. (5:48:48 PM) AC[GM]: "All your personal belongings should be right where you left them, if your friends didn't pick them up."
  141. (5:48:55 PM) AC[GM]: The Doctor tells Arcadia
  142. (5:51:20 PM) AC[GM]: Green's conversational partner rolls her eyes, "Don't think they're any less rambunctuous.  It's just nap time."
  143. (5:51:37 PM) AC[GM]: Pecan takes the tapes and sticks them into a detached tape drive beside her computer.
  144. (6:01:46 PM) ***Green chuckles and her cheeks puff up as the big mare gets a solemn look on her face. "Oh I don't doubt it." She shakes the look off her face with a grin. "This I can deal with. We're both nice ponies. You have nice kids. We're talking about things waiting for a doctor to say he can see us. It's an average day. It's the bestests average day ever."
  145. (6:14:51 PM) AC[GM]: "Miss Green?" the mare behind the counter calls, "The doctor will see you now."
  146. (6:15:37 PM) ***Arcadia nods at Cloudburst. "Understood... Anyways, where are we heading now? Or is there more you need to do before we leave?"
  147. (6:16:40 PM) AC[GM]: "Not in the Administrator's office.  If you want us to start immediately," she says perkily.
  148. (6:17:45 PM) ***Green waves goodbye to the nice mare and heads towards the mare behind the counter. "Right. Where do I go?"
  149. (6:17:59 PM) Arcadia: "Well, it's not like we don't have much time... A day at the longest."
  150. (6:19:57 PM) AC[GM]: "Straight back.  Two doors on the right, ma'am," the nurse tells her.
  151. (6:20:53 PM) AC[GM]: Pecan brings up the data on her terminal.
  152. (6:21:50 PM) ***Green nods in response "okeidokies," she says before heading in that direction. "two doors. Two doors to the right."
  153. (6:21:55 PM) AC[GM]: "Let's have a look," she murmurs to Cinch and Nessa.  Cinch looks like Nessa is marginally less useless.
  154. (6:22:16 PM) AC[GM]: Cloudburst stands, gesturing to Arcadia for her to follow if she wishes.
  155. (6:22:49 PM) ***Arcadia groans a little and stretches her legs as she follows after the doctor. "I'm coming."
  156. (6:38:40 PM) ***Nessa is inquisitivepon.
  157. (6:39:17 PM) ***Arcadia follows along without complaint. She /did/ offer to be a test subject, so what's a little pokes and prods?
  158. (6:40:40 PM) AC[GM]: Cloudburst takes her back the way she came, to a room just down the hall from the ones she and shimmer woke up in.  Green finds the doctor is waiting for her.
  159. (6:41:09 PM) AC[GM]: The screen shows mostly strings of coordinate data that Pecan is inputting into the computer.
  160. (6:41:50 PM) Nessa: "So how exactly has the Enclave been harrying you all?" Nessa asks.
  161. (6:44:09 PM) ***Green approaches the doctor and puts out her hoof expectantly "I'm Private Green of the Royal Infantry Brigade."
  162. (6:44:30 PM) AC[GM]: "Poorly, so far.  They tried to infiltrate a sabotage team but the auto air defenses caught their insertion carriage," she mumbles
  163. (6:44:48 PM) ***Arcadia whistles a little. "So what exactly is going to happen?"
  164. (6:45:06 PM) AC[GM]: The doctor takes it and shakes, "A pleasure, Miss Green.  Want to stand or sit?"
  165. (6:45:47 PM) Green: "I'll sit. These chairs are comfy."
  166. (6:45:50 PM) Nessa: "So it's more the threat than anything they've yet done?" Nessa asks.
  167. (6:48:01 PM) ***Green takes a seat and stretches into the fabric of the chair offered to her. "You guys took a picture or something, so now I'm really fired up to get a professional to tell me what the picture means."
  168. (6:49:20 PM) AC[GM]: "It's a good thing you came to us!" The doctor waits for her to sit, then smiles, "Well, it's been telling us some good stuff about you.  Like your brain's not going to kill you or anything."
  169. (6:50:55 PM) AC[GM]: Cloudburst bustles around the counter, "Well, we're going to have to draw some blood with a serious syringe, take a sample of your eggs, and give you a full body scan."
  170. (6:52:14 PM) ***Green grins at the doctor. "Well gee-wiz doc. I can only say that it's nice to hear that my brains are fine."
  171. (6:52:48 PM) Arcadia: "Okay..." She mumbles. "Most of that sounds more or less painless, or at least a non-issue... What's the whole egg sample thing like? Will that hurt?"
  172. (6:53:30 PM) AC[GM]: "Yep!  Usually that's what passing out during the scan means, somethings wrong up there," the doctor looks apologetic, "Seems like that scanner needs to be recalibrated though.  I'm surprised you didn't all pass out."
  173. (6:54:30 PM) ***Green nods. "I almost thought you'd have a guy paid to stand behind us gullible wastelanders to knock em out. Almost."
  174. (6:55:18 PM) AC[GM]: "We could, I guess, but then we'd still have to scan you," he says with a chuckle, "Anything else you were worried about?  Something that doesn't feel right?"
  175. (6:58:03 PM) AC[GM]: Pecan makes an 'ah!' sound as the screen finally clears of coordinates.  "Let's step out to the big screen, shall we?" she says to Nessa.
  176. (6:58:19 PM) ***Green glances at the doctor. "Well. That passing out thing did have me worried, so I'm glad that's settled. I can have foals? My teeth really are super good? You might not have noticed, but I'm kinda huge, so I guess what I'm asking is if I'm alright."
  177. (6:58:52 PM) Nessa: "Big screen?" Nessa asks, going with.
  178. (6:59:22 PM) AC[GM]: Pecan steps around them and heads back out where they came.  "Big screen," she confirms.
  179. (7:13:26 PM) AC[GM]: Up in front of the consoles is now displayed, in large scale across the wall on a grid-patterned board, a map of western Equestria.
  180. (7:13:56 PM) ***Nessa hmms, immediately looking for Golden Hills on the map..
  181. (7:14:40 PM) AC[GM]: "You're definitely larger then average, Miss Green, but you're quite healthy!" he reassures her, "Your teeth are excellent, actually.  We can't tell without more testing if you can have foals or not, but, there's nothing that should peclude you from having them."
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