ShotAnon x Gilda (Femdom)

Feb 28th, 2014
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  1. >You walk into the school cafeteria, happy as can be
  2. >It's your first week in the big kids' school
  3. >It had kids all the way up to grade 12 in it too
  4. >The cafeteria was a massive affair, taking up a sizeable portion of the school
  5. >And there was no where for you to sit
  6. >Well, there were empty seats, but every time you got near one, the kids sitting there would all glare at you
  7. >Eventually, you find an empty table in the corner of the room and set down your lunch
  8. >You sit and pick up your lunch
  9. >Ham and cheese on rye, food that you could eat for every meal forever
  10. >Just as you go to take a bite of your godly sandwich, a hand slams on the top of the table
  11. >"Hey kid, what the hell do you think you're doing?"
  12. >You jump and cringe away from the sudden noise, instinctively hiding your face for fear of getting it punched in
  13. >You'd never been a popular fellow in grade school, so such a reaction became the norm after a few years
  14. >You hear the owner of the hand chuckle coldly
  15. >"Hey relax, I ain't gonna hurt ya. Not too badly anyway."
  16. >You peek out and get your first glimpse of the speaker
  17. >It's a fairly tall girl wearing a leather, bomber style jacket
  18. >Her hair is cut along a punk style, white with dyed purple tips
  19. >And she's grinning at you with an apparent warmth that no one else had shown you before
  20. >Her voice is easily loud enough to be heard over the calamity of the lunch room, but hardly grating or painful to listen to
  21. >"So, who is this new kid I find sitting at my table?"
  22. >You open your mouth and try to speak, but only manage to stammer like a retard
  23. >She chuckles at your speechlessness, such a beautiful sound
  24. >She sits across from you and takes an apple from your tray
  25. >You didn't like apples anyway, they were worst fruit
  26. >Her sleeve rides up a bit as she reaches, showing her forearms
  27. >Holy shit! You could actually see the outline of her muscles under the skin
  28. >For some reason, this makes you blush deeply
  29. >The girl notices and sends a playful smile your way
  30. >"You like what you see, kid?"
  31. >You shake your head to snap out of your trance and nod, slowly
  32. >"Maybe you should get to know me before ogling me, eh? My name's Gilda, I'm the top dog around here."
  33. >Your throat is dry and it feels like you've got cotton balls in your mouth
  34. >Why did she make you feel like this? Were you sick or something?
  35. >She gives you a light smack on the cheek, still strong enough to sting
  36. >"Hey dweeb, wake up. I ain't some stupid teacher you can just fall asleep on."
  37. >You give your head a shake and try to snap out of it
  38. >But she's just too enticing
  39. >Her grin almost turns predatory and she leans in closer to you
  40. >"Hey kid, when's your bed time?"
  41. >The question shocks you, why did she want to know?
  42. >But she was the first person who treated you like, well, a person
  43. >What harm could there be
  44. >You manage to stir yourself from your stupor long enough to answer
  45. " mom makes me go to bed at 8, then lights out is at 9."
  46. >She leans closer, near enough that you can smell the faint hint of leather from the jacket, along with a sharper scent underneath that you don't recognize
  47. >"Yeah? Then meet me behind the school at half past eight."
  48. >Wait what?
  49. >But mom always told you to go to bed before then
  50. >She wasn't seriously suggesting that you disobey your mother, was she?
  51. >She leans back and kicks her feet up and onto the table
  52. >You notice that they're clad in large combat boots, probably steel toed too
  53. >"Y'know, unless you're just not as cool as I thought you were. Guess I'll go right to plan B and pummel you then."
  54. >She rises from her chair, and you do at the same time
  55. "No, no! It's not problem. Half past eight, yeah I'll be there. I'm cool."
  56. >She laughs a bit and puts a cigarette in her mouth
  57. >"Sure ya are kid. I'll see you there then. Or rather, I'd better see you there."
  58. >You gulp and sit back down as she walks away
  59. >Just what the hell did you just get yourself into?
  60. >You tell your mum you're going to bed early that night
  61. >She's sick anyway and has to turn in early too
  62. >She tucks you in, kisses you goodnight, and walks back to her room
  63. >The time is 1945
  64. >The school was only a twenty minute walk from your house, you still had time
  65. >You get out of bed and slip on a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie
  66. >Sure you'd look like a chav, but it was better than being spotted or cold
  67. >As you leave your room and tiptoe down the hallway, you hear your mum snoring from her room
  68. >God bless her for being so trusting
  69. >You walk down the stairs to the front door and slip on your shoes
  70. >The hinges of the door give a slight squeak as you open it, but when you close the door it simply clicks quietly into place
  71. >You start walking towards the school in the dark of the fall night
  72. >A cool breeze rustles the branches of the trees that line the sidewalk, making their treeless limbs rattle like old bones
  73. >Your stomach roils with anticipation of what that cool kid, Gilda that was her name, had in store for you
  74. >Maybe you two would smoke something
  75. >Or maybe you'd go and tag some buildings with graffiti
  76. >Hey, maybe you'd even kiss...
  77. >It wasn't that you liked her or anything!
  78. >She was just pretty cool, and that's what cool kids did right?
  79. >Yeah, you'd finally be a cool kid, it was going to be sick
  80. >You finally arrive in seconds, a shiver of anticipation streaking up your spine
  81. >Time to find out what she had in store for you tonight
  82. >You walk around the back and see the glow of a cigarette cherry light up as you round the corner
  83. >"Finally, I thought you weren't going to show."
  84. >You look at your watch; 2025
  85. "B-but I'm five minutes early."
  86. >She flicks the butt away and stalks over to you
  87. >It finally occurs to you how tall she is, relative to you
  88. >She's probably two heads above you, and with the tighter clothing she's wearing now you can see the outline of lithe muscle rippling in her powerful arms
  89. >You shrink back before the imposing figure standing before you
  90. >"You'd better learn to be a lot earlier than that if you want to make it around here. Around here, I'm the one that calls the shots, got it?"
  91. >You gulp nervously and nod to her
  92. >She was the boss, she was older and cooler after all
  93. >"Good, glad you get it. Now get over here."
  94. >You jog over to her, not wanting to anger her anymore than you already had
  95. >She puts and arm around you and half leads half drags you to a small maintenence shed a few meters away
  96. >You finally find the balls to speak up
  97. "Hey, Gilda, what's we gonna do?"
  98. >You see her teeth flash brilliantly in the dark, looking almost predatory
  99. >"We're gonna have some fun."
  100. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  101. >The door to the shed opens with a squeal that could raise the dead
  102. >You wince, but she quickly drags you inside before you can complain
  103. >It's much warmer than the outside, and you hear the hissing of steam pipes
  104. >You feel her hand rub down the front of your chest and grab hold of your crotch
  105. >You flinch away from her, stumble over a small crate and fall on your ass
  106. >She kneels down, grabs the collar of your hoodie, and hoists you into the air with one hand
  107. >"Did you just try and get away from me, punk?"
  108. >You start shaking in fear
  109. >What had you gotten yourself into? She was insane
  110. "N-no, you just startled me..."
  111. >She brings you closer so you're eyes meet hers
  112. >"I'm about to do more than that."
  113. >Without warning, her lips collide with yours, and you can feel her tongue push its way past your gums and invade your mouth
  114. >It swirls about the orifice as its owner slides her hand other hand over your crotch
  115. >Your face flushes and your entire body seems to heat up, but there is still apprehension to this, and you think back to a video game a friend had once shown you, one line coming to your mind out of nowhere
  116. >The Codex Astartes does not support this action
  117. >You have no idea why you thought of that, but such things are swiftly pushed away as her hand slips into your pants and starts groping on your penis
  118. >In shock, you try and push her away, remembering some talking dog on TV telling you that if someone tried to touch you there it wasn't cool
  119. >You end up getting two handfuls of ample breasts for your trouble, before you're dropped roughly to the ground
  120. >"The fuck did you just try to do, dweeb? You think you can just shove me over? That shit don't fly kiddo, you're gonna have to pay for that
  121. >She approaches you, and you notice that she's rubbing her own crotch seemingly unaware of doing so
  122. >In the dim light, you see a damp patch growing on the thin tights she wore for reasons you couldn't fathom
  123. >Finally, she stands over you, still absently rubbing the dampness of her crotch and staring at you laying on the floor
  124. >"Get on your knees, faggot."
  125. >You decide then and there that this isn't cool and to not follow her orders
  126. "No, this isn't cool, Gilda! I'm not gonna do it!"
  127. >You see a slight shiver run through her body and she bites her lip at your resistance
  128. >Then she reaches down with her unnocupied hand and grabs your hair, pulling you roughly so that you sit on your knees
  129. >"You're gonna follow my orders or I'll fuck you up, got it you little shit?"
  130. >No, this wasn't going to happen
  131. "Fuck you!"
  132. >Your voice cracks as you shout at her
  133. >Then her fist cracks across your jaw
  134. >You slump down, but are quickly pulled back to your kneeling position by your irate tormentor
  135. >"You're going to do this, whether you like it or not. Your choice on whether I have to beat the shit out of you every step of the way or if you do it willingly."
  136. >She angles your head so you can see the malicious gleam in her eyes
  137. >"Either way, I'll get off to it."
  138. >She shoves your head in between her thighs
  139. >They weren't big enough to be on the level of Chun-Li, but your head was still pressured by the massive muscles, squeezed until the pressure was unbearable
  140. "Remember, you're just some unknown little faggot in this school, where I'm the coolest kid ever. No one's gonna fucking believe your little shit tongue if you say anything. You're just an anonymous freak. Yeah, that works, you'll fucking respond to Anonymous now, got it?"
  141. >You weigh the fact that she seems to have no remorse about beating you, and decide that it's okay to follow her orders so you can live
  142. >You nod in acceptance
  143. >"Get to licking, Anonymous."
  144. >You notice the damp spot is right in front of your face and decide that whatever she wanted you to do, it was better than getting killed
  145. >You tenatively reach out your tongue and run it in a straight line on her crotch, straight through the wet patch on her tights
  146. >You hear a slight utterance in reaction and her thighs squeeze just a bit tighter
  147. >"Yeah, that's the way. Come on, get in there like it's a lollipop, Anonymous."
  148. >Well, that was actually some helpful advice
  149. >You stick out your tongue and press it into the thing material that covered her moist crotch, moving it back and forth in a cyclic pattern
  150. >This generates a much more overt response, as she moans and thrusts her hips at your face, grinding her warming groin against your face
  151. >Her hands press against the back of your head, forcing you into a position where you can barely breathe
  152. >Through heavy, ragged breaths, you hear her instruct you past the enclosing walls of her thighs
  153. >"Fuck...Anonymous I'll let you breathe when you get me off. Keep going you little fucker!"
  154. >Well hell, how could you deny such a kind and gentle request?
  155. >With your face pressing into the wet area below her hips, your tongue does as much work as the rest of your face
  156. >In time with licks of that muscle, you rub your chin and nose against the place as well, to which Gilda responds well, you think
  157. >It was hard to tell if the moaning was a good or bad sign, especially when her thighs were tighening to the point of pain, and you were nearing suffocation
  158. >But you forced yourself to keep going, you wanted to survive this
  159. >You feel your nose rub over a small lump, and your massive tormentor lets out a girlish squeak
  160. >You've discovered her weak point!
  161. >With that knowledge in mind, you immediately latch onto the little nub and rub, lick, and suckle it for all you're worth
  162. >Gilda shrieks and grinds her hips against you, before yanking your head away
  163. >You take the moment to inhale several deep breaths and regain your composure
  164. >You focus just in time to see Gilda tear her tights off, exposing her vagina, bare but for a tuft of white and purple hair shaved in a little strip
  165. >You knew, of course, what a vagina was, you'd read the book after all
  166. >Was that what was so wet? Why was that, was she peeing?
  167. >You see a hungry look in her eyes and you know what she's about to do
  168. >You take a deep breath and you're forced back into her crotch
  169. >The mild,tangy taste you'd had before is suddenly overwhelming, but you keep doing what you've been told to do
  170. >You latch back onto the swollen little lump, it looks kinda like the head of a dick
  171. >But it obviously makes her feel good, and the better she feels the quicker you can get out of there
  172. >"Come on Anonymous, fucking finish me already!"
  173. >You do your best, and feel one of your hands being pulled upwards
  174. >The feeling of soft flesh with a small nub in the middle of it comes into your hand, and you realize she's getting you to grab her boobs
  175. >Well, that may get you a bit of popularity
  176. >You squeeze the supple meat of the breast a few times and latch back onto the bit on her pussy
  177. >This apparently drives her over the edge, and she shrieks in a shrill voice, completely out of her normal range
  178. >A torrent of fluid soaks your chin and slops down onto your hoodie
  179. >You're distracted from this as she pulls you up and kisses you on the mouth, grinding her sopping crotch on your leg and moaning with each thrust
  180. >Finally she finishes, but gives you a look that says the night isn't over yet
  181. >"You're fucking good for a little virgin faggot, Anonymous. I guess it's alright if I give you a little something in return."
  182. >Oh god what did that mean
  183. >She turns around, and you know you're about to find out
  184. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  185. >You feel the fly of your pants unzip and the fastener come undone
  186. >The tips of Gilda's fingers stroke your hardening shaft, which twitches from the stimulation
  187. >"Wow, looks like you're excited."
  188. >Your face flushes as she continues to play with your cock
  189. >Sure you had touched yourself down there before, but never for very long
  190. >But the way she touched you was...different
  191. >It felt incredible, and you could feel a warmth spreading through your body
  192. >You grip Gilda's ample thighs as best you can, which arrests her movement suddenly
  193. >"Who said you could touch me, dweeb?"
  194. >She turns to face you, a scowl on her deeply flushing face
  195. >"You get to touch when I say, not before. Bitches don't get to make decisions like that."
  196. >She slaps your face and looks down at your crotch
  197. >You follow her gaze and see the tip of your erect cock peeking through the waistband of your underwear
  198. >She pulls the undergarments down, exposing your sensitive member to the relatively cold air of the shed
  199. >But that cold is quickly replaced by a humid, damp feeling that you can feel move along the entirety of your shaft, engulf the head, then quickly slide back down
  200. >Your eyes stay locked on Gilda's the entire time, and her smile merely widens as she keeps teasing you
  201. >Finally it seems she tires of her little game and lifts herself off your little man
  202. >Her fingers wrap around the base of your shaft and force your soldier vertical
  203. >The noticeable strain on the muscle is forgotten as she lowers herself on you, inch by quivering inch
  204. >The heat is incredible, the tightness astounding, especially given Gilda's actions towards you so far
  205. >Gilda seems to be enjoying herself immensely, biting her lip hard enough that a trickle of blood can be seen snaking down her chin
  206. >"Grab my tits, Anonymous. I want your soft little hands squishing my nipples."
  207. >Well it's not like you could disobey her, not without severe consequences
  208. >You take both her breasts in your hands and squeeze for all you're worth
  209. >She lets out a decidedly submissive moan, but quickly continues in the role she began as
  210. >She grinds herself on your crotch, and you can feel the area grow damper with each passing second
  211. >Suddenly, she pushes your hands away, grabs you by your hair, and shoves your face into her tits
  212. >Her massive mammaries feel as though they're smothering you, choking off your air supply
  213. >Her voice comes muffled, but you can feel the words reverberate in her chest
  214. >"I want you on those tits Anonymous, get with the program."
  215. >You can barely concentrate with her grinding on your dick, but you somehow manage to pull your face away enough to latch onto one of her nipples
  216. >The response is immediate, she gives a throaty moan and the pressure on your cock increases incredibly
  217. >You feel your crotch soak from her orgasm, but she didn't tell you to stop so you keep on suckling on her teats like a newborn
  218. >She grinds furiously on your shaft, and you can feel an odd pressure building
  219. >It feels like you're going to wet yourself, but the second you pull away to warn Gilda, she pushes you back onto her tit
  220. >Quick enough, it reaches a point that it just can't be held back anymore, so you relax and let it go
  221. >The pleasure that washes over your mind overwhelms any sense of decency you had left
  222. >You moan into Gilda's breasts, the vibrations causing her to clamp down tighter around your twitching member
  223. >Your grip on her tightens as your first orgasm overtakes you, and she rides you out the entire time
  224. >Eventually, you're able to think again and you pull away from Gilda, totally exhausted
  225. >Gilda, for her part, barely looks winded but has a look of contentment on her face
  226. >"N-not bad for some virgin dweeb. I guess you've got a little coolness in you after all."
  227. >She pulls herself off your softening dick and replaces the tights that had been discarded earlier
  228. >"Well, I'm gonna get the fuck outta here before anyone sees us. You're on your own for getting back to wherever, and remember if you tell a single person about this, they'll never find your body. Got it, punk?"
  229. >You swallow and nod as you redress yourself
  230. >She smiles and winks at you before jogging out the door at a steady pace
  231. >You eventually get dressed and stumble your way home
  232. >The door yields to your attempt at opening quietly and you do your best to move quietly in your spent state
  233. >Finally, you make your way to your bed and flop over, totally exhausted
  234. >But as you drift into slumber, the exhaustion is replaced with contentment
  235. >And the feeling that you were, quite possibly, one of the coolest kids in school
  236. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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