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Mustrum Nutt

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  1. My character is the eighth son of frontier settlers Mister and Glenda Nutt (née Sugarbean). They soon realised that he had some magical power and so named him Mustrum in honour of the chancellor at the wizarding university where Glenda worked before she met Mister.
  3. He was orphaned when parents (along with their 7 other children) were killed in an ambush. This happened when Mustrum was only just old enough to remember the events and his name. He was adopted by Theda Withen and Drum Billett: an adventuring couple who were passing. There are rumours that they were involved in the murder of his family, but Mustrum doesn't believe them.  Theda is a priestess and Drum is a sorcerer. They never became anything more than good friends and colleagues, but since neither had any romantic interest in anyone else, they ended up almost like an old married couple.
  5. Theda & Drum began having fewer and fewer adventures. Very soon they stopped altogether and they bought a small farm with the money they had looted over the years. Drum taught him some magic as he grew up, but they were crude spells that lacked elegance: path-clearing spells, weak wards and enchantments which made crops grow faster. When Mustrum approached 18, Drum contacted the university and arranged a scholarship with the university where Glenda had worked. Mustrum quickly became the star pupil. When he got into scuffles with other students, the staff were startled by his apparent lack of emotion and the creativity he poured into punishing his opponent.
  7. His adoptive parents had found simple pleasures after a long life of adventure, but he tasted the true power of magic and became ashamed of their rustic lifestyle. He was a better wizard than his father, but could not seem to earn his respect.
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  11. I've made him quite gangly: 6'4" and only 155lbs. He "[l]ooks older than he is [and l]ikes to twirl his scraggly beard." He is "Irritable and aloof [and d]oesn't suffer fools (not even himself)."
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