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Dec 14th, 2018
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  1. S4 | Semicircle Today at 9:51 PM
  2. so your point about getting funding is a good one, it makes logical sense, but in our trust discussion, however small it is, has mentioned something about how motives factor into it, and how easily trust can be dissuaded
  4. you can easily act nice to someone with an ulterior motive, like being a good person in general to say, get free pencils off of them in school or something
  6. the same logic can be applied to cancer in how the scientists are hiding behind the veil of doing something for the greater good, and then just failing to meet that expectation
  8. the aforementioned chart is actually what i'd call a good example, it looks fine but can also double as a great coverup for not doing anything since "oh look we're doing stuff seeeeeeee"
  11. . gang | Ape711 Today at 9:57 PM
  12. alright, you make a good point, but don't you think that the report still has to be true? its an annual report, and every single percent is covered, meaning if they are telling the truth, (which they legally should be), then they have no excess money and therefore nothing to gain.
  13. you also ignore the fact that they could sell the cure itself for a lot of money, but w/e.
  15. So then, lets assume, for the sake of covering everything, that the scientists are lying about the money distribution. Okay. But don't you think the people who are donating large amounts of money would be actively interested in what they were donating to? Going so far as to, say, see the actual bank records? Those NEVER lie. Plus, they could actually check on the progress of the cure itself, and would probably of removed funding if there was no progress being made, and they would eventually get tired of "Oh, give us just a bit more time, i swear we'll show you something" from the scientists, and still remove funding.
  17. S4 | Semicircle Today at 10:02 PM
  18. being actively interested for the cure is really easy to do, and covering that up with a "we're working" or hell, even progress an extremely slow process in which i can't give an example due to lack of knowledge in the field is also really easy
  20. i don't believe people will be tired of this because we've already had it as an answer for so long and there's really little resistance
  22. bank records are an interesting point about this but i'm questioning their accessibility and at the moment, i'd honestly say most people donate to cancer because they have nowhere else to go, that's the big fundable issue that everyone wants to solve, but the guy livestreaming and donating his money, you know, actual big numbers that would show up on those bank records, might not be affected by cancer in such a way as a normal donator would, their motive is what i said above
  24. and finally, i think it's pretty easy to lie about what you say you're doing, HP reportedly spends billions of dollars on printing technology every year but come on that's not fucking true have you seen their cartridges
  27. PWG | Don Today at 10:03 PM
  28. I am gonna contribute a bit, I agree with semi more, it is really easy to take advantage of trust
  29. and with the thing about removing funding, yeah they must get frustrated but they trust them so they don't remove funding
  30. that's why cancer funding has increased even though not much progress/not showing progress is happening
  32. S4 | Semicircle Today at 10:10 PM
  33. the motive for this illegal activity is pretty clear, it's just money
  35. money makes everything go around and it's really easy to pass it under the radar, even after it's been taken out from a bank
  37. i thought you already knew this was illegal but yeah, it's pretty simple in how it is
  39. you're not supposed to take money from people because they donated to your cause, it's like how you pay me five bucks to become a good moderator but then i just don't even bother and then i ban vungle
  41. that's morally wrong and illegal, but the potential gains of the activity are way too high in my personal values that it outweighs it, and greed is an easy out for the scientists in this situation
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