Oct 18th, 2015
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  1. CROATIA/SERBIA/SLOVENIA Sunday update 23:50
  3. - After Hungarian border has been closed, new route of refugees goes via Slovenia. First refugees managed to cross to Austria already, but logistics and registration processes are really slow so far and this leads to backlog on the route and all borders and transit camps. THIS MEANS SITUATION IS SERIOUS ON MANY PLACES ON THE ROUTE AND BE PREPARED FOR HARSH CONDITIONS WHEN PROVIDING HELP, including large crowds and not cooperative authorities. Try to keep calm at any time.
  5. - Slovenia announced that Austria announced they are unable to accept more refugees, as reported at Sunday 23:15 by Slovenian ministry of interior - and some slovenian media.
  7. - But this is not NOT CONFIRMED by Austrian side, media, or people on the border itself. Not sure, when these measures will be set on or how long will it last, as Austria reportedly states they "face major difficulties in securing adequate accommodation and care", as Slovenian ministry of interior said. We have to wait how this develop and how serious this threat is, as it would have major consequences on the whole Balkan route.
  12. - Croatia and Slovenia agreed on rerouting refugees via Slovenia to Austria, Slovenia says it accepts 2500 refugees a day, but it is far for smooth so far. One of the first trains arrived to Čakovac and due to continue en route to Slovenia had to wait many hour for a locomotive. So far 5100 refugees entered Slovenia and 2700 left for Austria.
  14. - State authorities established two types of centers, registration centers on the border with Croatia and accommodation centers on the border with Austria. Registration centers are Dolga Vas, Petišovci, Središče ob Dravi, Gruškovje and Obrežje. Accommodation centers are Šentilj and Gornja Radgona and are closed for volunteer help.
  16. - Refugees travel by trains from Tovarnik to Čakovec in Croatia. There they are divided in smaller groups and continue their journey either by buses to Dolga Vas and Petišovci/Mursko Središče, Gruškovje/Gornj Macelj and Obrežje/Bregana either by train to Središče ob Dravi/Čakovec.
  18. - Registration takes place in big tents. Around one person in two minutes. Police takes photo and fingerprints. Although in Petišovci yesterday they did not take fingerprints due to problems with machine. Upon this they issue permit to stay for six months. This is permit issued to person that is in process of deportation but can not be deported for various reasons.
  20. - In short time they are taken by buses to accommodation centers where they can have rest and are agin quite quickly escorted by foot to Austrian side of the border, where Austrian police receives them and submit them to another registration procedure. Austrian police than transports refugees to Graz and Vienna. It seem that cooperation between Austrian and Slovenia police is strengthened. In registration centers there is presence of Austrian police officers.
  22. - Refugees are usually hungry and thirsty when reaching Slovenian borders, because they usually had to wait long hours in buses and trains, and the route itself from Tovarnik to Čakovec takes 6 hours.
  24. - All these spots will need your volunteer help, but permanent volunteer facilities hasn't been set up and also local authorities and Red Cross or other organizations aren't always willing to accept volunteer help. Be polite, but show your assertiveness and explain them, that your aim is the same. With the increasing number of refugees, cooperation will be essential.
  28. - Waiting hours for refugees to be registered again increased. Sufficient volunteers for now, but it goes down a bit during a weekdays. 3-4 thousands of refugees in a day, taken care by many organizations. MSF already rented a shop in the main street to provide medical help 24/7. Info line for those volunteers who are on their way to Preševo +381 642 653 479.
  30. - Youth center Preševo is running out of the funds. They spend 650 euro a day for purchasing food and water for refugees and their sources are limited. If you are able to donate any funds, please send them via to or email him about wire transfer.
  34. - New spot appear to be open for volunteer help. Refugees moving from 10km Bulgarian border do Dimitrovgrad, where they board buses or taxis to Belgrade. But reports from this spot are various and now no refugees at all.
  36. - Dimitrovgrad is about 350 km far from Belgrade, but only 60 kilometers from Sofia, Bulgaria, so if you have any contacts for NGOs or volunteers there, please ask them to go there and provide help.
  41. - Saturday was easy and calm, but sunday turned to hell. Slowing down the reception of Croatian side caused more than 40 buses already waited on the Serbian side, and after one unnecessary and wrong decision of someone in charge, this amount of refugees has been disembarked at once. Chaos and pressure of thousands stopped at Croatian border, where police didn't let any refugees to continue. Tensions and crowds has been calmed after few hours by riot police and extreme efforts by volunteers - who were being weakened as many of them had to leave at the end of the weekend. Situation is still difficult, cca. 1500 refugees there, Croatian buses very slow and also some facilities and tents had to me moved away to make space for refugees, who are definitely to spend cold night there.
  43. - And additional manpower is needed to restore the situation and provision of help. If you are able to move there soon, please go there - we don't see situation is getting any better soon. Coordination number +381 649 366 029.
  45. - Rain and cold expected for Monday, so gloves, scarfs, hats, children warm clothes and shoes are always needed, as well as raincoats and blankets.
  47. - Unconfirmed media reports that reception center is being built at Adaševci, which is some 5 km south of Šid, near Tovarnik/Berkasovo/Bapska, to accommodate influx of refugees.
  51. - Transitional camp at Opatovac is filled by more than 5000 refugees, which makes many of them spending night outside as capacity of the camp is reached. Mostly German speaking volunteers providing help, but your presence will be also helpful.
  55. - As conditions are getting worse on many places and winter time is approaching quickly, we are in process of starting pan-european call from volunteers to governments to act immediately. If you are a volunteer team or NGO and would like to be part of this one-time initiative, please contact me at for more details.
  57. - Dear volunteers, now please be prepared for everything.
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