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Harpy Request

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  1. Morden ducked as two harpies carrying a large banner between them nearly took his head off. The tiny town he lived in with his wife was abuzz with activity. Everywhere he went, shops and residents were preparing for the holiday.
  3.     As part of a local tradition, once a year all the avian mamono of the city would flock to a nearby mountain top for a picnic with their husbands and children. Of course, things usually devolved into a sexual frenzy, but it was still a good time for everyone involved. The event would not be for two more weeks, but harpies were not the best planners and the anticipation always caused a few weeks of preemptive celebration. Merchants had learned to capitalize on the bird-folk’s zeal, bringing in exotic foods and wares for the event.
  4. Morden opened the door to his house and stepped out of the busy street.
  6. “You’re back!”
  8. His wife Quisca flew down from one of her perches to greet him.
  10. “Did you get food?” she asked.
  12. “Yes, I have dinner right here.” Said Morden hefting a bag of produce and bread.
  14. “Yay! Let’s eat!” said Quisca, fluttering to the kitchen.
  16. “I still have to make it first, dear.” Said Morden putting away the ingredients.
  18. “Aww…” said Quisca. She slumped over onto the table and watched him work.
  20. She watched as he pulled more and more food out of the bag. Taking out a cooking knife, Morden began to dice some vegetables.
  22. “It looks like you got a lot of vegetables.” Said Quisca.
  24. “Mmhmm.”
  26. Morden could tell she was squirming, even with his back turned.
  28. “Are you trying a new recipe? You don’t usually use that many…” said Quisca nervously.
  30. “It’s not for a recipe. It’s for a diet.” Said Morden.
  32. “A DIET?!” squawked Quisca. “I don’t need to go on a diet! I hate diets! Why are you doing this to me?!” she wailed.
  34. Morden set his knife down and poured the vegetables into a pot of water. He had been married to Quisca long enough to ignore her theatrics. She continued her tantrum for a few minutes while he ignored her.
  36. “It’s for your own good, baby.” Said Morden. “You’ve always had a sweet-tooth, but this year you really overdid it. I’m just worried that you won’t be able to make it up the mountain with me this year in your… current state.”
  38. “Current state?” said Quisca softly. She bent over to examine her pudgy belly. Indeed, her gut was now protruding slightly over the waistline of her pants, and the gap between her thighs had shrunk. Even her bee-sting breasts had swollen with fat to a size that would not look out of place on a human woman.
  40. “It’s not that bad…” she said weakly.
  42. “It’s not, huh? You think you can carry me up to the meadow right now?” said Morden.
  44. “Of course! It’ll be easy.” Said Quisca confidently.
  46. “Alright, let’s go. Right now.” Said Morden.
  48. “Right now?”
  50. “Now.”
  52. Quisca gulped and flapped her wings a few times. She took a deep breath and exhaled sharply. “Alright. Let’s go.”
  54. ~~~~~~~
  56. “Fifty feet.”
  58. “…”
  60. “You have to fly half a mile, and you only carried me fifty feet.”
  62. Quisca let out a whimper into Morden’s ear as he carried her on his back. He could feel his shirt becoming damp with moisture from rubbing against her sweaty body. She had stopped wheezing, but Morden was still a bit afraid that she would throw up from the exertion.
  64. “I-It’s just because I haven’t eaten yet! I don’t have the energy to fly!” said Quisca.
  66. “It isn’t.”
  68. “What about you! You gained weight! That’s the reason I can’t fly; it’s you, not me!”
  70. They reached their home and Morden dropped her unceremoniously on her butt. Taking off his shirt, he tossed the damp cloth in the laundry basket. His lean, muscular body glistened with moisture from carrying his wife. Quisca bit her bottom lip and did her best to keep from drooling.
  72. “Starting today, you’re going on a diet.”
  74. Quisca dropped her head and nodded.
  76. “And, you’ll be working out under my supervision.”
  78.     Morden almost felt sorry for her when he saw the look of fear and betrayal on his poor wife’s face. But this was all part of the cycle. Every time he tried to get his wife to do a chore, improve herself, or find work, she would moan and whine for a bit, and then start the task at hand. She never stayed angry for long, whether she simply forgot how much she hated work or came to find it enjoyable, Quisca would always do her best and come to love what she had previously hated. Her drive and ability to make the most of the hurdles in her life with a smile on her face was the reason he had been attracted to her in the first place.
  80. “Do I have to?”
  82. “Do you want to stay here with all the non-harpies during Meadow Flight?”
  84. Qusica groaned. “No…”
  86. Morden pulled a pot of steamed vegetables out from the stove. “Then eat.” He said, piling a plate full of the greens and handing it to her.
  88. He sat down to enjoy his meal as Quisca gagged and wretched with every bite.
  90. ~~~~~~
  92. “Rise and shine, Quisca.” Said Morden throwing back the curtains to their bedroom.
  94. Quisca let out a gargling moan as she used her wings to block the offending sunlight. “What time is it?”
  96. “Time to go. Let’s get a short flight in before breakfast.” Said Morden.
  98. “Before?”
  100. “Yes, before. Come on.”
  102. Morden tore off the sheets and Quisca squealed as she was exposed to the chilly morning air.
  104. “Hubby! Stop!” she pleaded. Before she could use her talons to grab the covers, Morden grabbed one of her slender ankles and dragged her off the mattress onto the floor.
  106. “Either you get out that door in five minutes or you’re cooking yourself breakfast.” Threatened Morden.
  108. Quisca gasped and quickly flopped to the bathroom before she left. Though Morden didn’t relish the thought, he knew that he was partially responsible for the lovehandles on his wife. The poor thing couldn’t cook to save her life. She had previously spent an exorbitant amount of money on food before she had met someone who could cook. Over the years he had grown too soft, allowing her to become spoiled with treats and baked goods. And that soft, molestable body wasn’t something that Morden was averse to either…
  110. Quisca skulked out of the bathroom and waddled to the front door. Morden gave her a hearty slap on her wide rear as she passed through, and she took to the skies with a shriek.
  112. ~~~~~~
  114. For the next few hours, Quisca flew practice laps around a field just outside of town. The training went well until Morden introduced several small weights to the regimen. With the additional mass, Quisca’s energy quickly depleted. After a few minutes she was wheezing and gasping, struggling to stay aloft.
  116. With a thud, she collapsed onto the ground in front of her husband.
  118. “Owwww…” she mewled.
  120. “Alright, that’s enough for today. Let’s go home.” Said Morden.
  122. “Carry me.” Quisca demanded.
  124. “I was already planning to.”
  126. Morden scooped up his avian wife and slipped one hand under her rear while the other slid around her torso. Carrying her like a child, he set out for their house. Fortunately for him, her avian traits made her light enough to handle with ease.
  128. “I want lunch.” Said Quisca, resting her head on his shoulder.
  130. “I’ll make you lunch when we get back. What do you want?”
  132. “Cake! From the bakery near the park!” said Quisca.
  134. “No. I’ll skin you some fruit when we get back.”
  136. Quisca whined and squirmed in his arms. Morden readjusted her and tried to control the erection in his pants. Quisca’s slick skin was starting to soak through his shirt, and her glistening breasts were rubbing against him with every step he took. His hand absentmindedly squeezed her cushy butt a bit tighter. He savored the feeling as his fingers sunk into her soft body.
  138. “Hubby?” said Quisca nervously.
  140. “Hmm?” said Morden, breaking free of his trance.
  142. “You’re starting to pinch me…” said Quisca, trying to wriggle free of his hands.
  144. “Yeah, sorry.” Said Morden. Her damp hair tickled his cheek. Quickening his pace, he continued home.
  146. As they arrived, Morden threw open the door and slammed it shut with his foot as he entered.
  148. “I want a boar sandwich!” said Quisca. Her request for food went unheard as Morden breezed past the kitchen and up the stairs.
  150. “M-Morden? What are you-“
  152. With a grunt, Morden heaved his tubby wife onto their bed and began to undress in earnest. Quisca gulped and tried to roll off of the bed, longing for the food in the cupboard waiting to be eaten. Without missing a beat, Morden seized one of her slender ankles and dragged her back.
  154. “Sorry, Q, but I really need this right now.” Said Morden removing the last of his garments.
  156. Quisca tried to get away a second time, and was hauled back by her tight shorts. The fabric constricted her thighs to the point that the skin beneath the pant legs was squeezed into a tiny muffin-top. Morden tore off the last of her clothes as Quisca flapped and protested against him.
  158. The struggle was quick. Quisca had no energy left after the intense training, leaving her at the mercy of her husband. Her protests died down as the last of her energy faded, and the sight of her beloved husband began to overwhelm her thoughts.
  160. Without hesitation, Morden opened her legs and penetrated her. Quisca let out a loud moan as he forced himself into her, and stretched her wings up to grasp his chest. Morden took a moment to oblige her, helping her awkward wings find and angle with some purchase on his back. With Quisca now wrapping him in her soft wings, he began thrusting into her with earnest.
  162. Every motion sent ripples through Quisca’s doughy body. Her chest wobbled obscenely as Morden laid into her. Her meaty thighs made a resounding clap every time Morden connected with her. Morden ran his own hands over her body, savoring the sight of her shimmering skin and pitiful face.
  164. In minutes, Quisca clamped down around him and came. Her wings pulled him close to her as she let out a rattling gasp. With a plop, her wings fell to the mattress. Morden removed himself from her, not yet satisfied. He did allow her a moment of rest, admiring his handiwork as her chest heaved in and out.
  166. “L-lunch…” moaned Quisca weakly.
  168. Without a word, Morden took hold of her belly and flipped her over. Quisca let out a pathetic whine as she realized that he was far from finished with her. She made one last desperate attempt to crawl away from him, but Morden grabbed her slender hips and dragged her towards him.
  170. Making full use of his wife’s size and weight, Morden began to thrust into her from behind. She was small enough to move comfortably with his arms, allowing him to maximize the impact of each thrust without her having to move her own hips. Quisca had succumb to exhaustion, too tired to even prop herself up. Her wings were not designed to support the weight of her torso for any significant period of time, so she laid her head down on the covers and let her husband use her.
  172. The sight of his wife’s jiggling ass and cute moans of frustration and pleasure were enough to push Morden over the edge. With a final thrust, he emptied himself inside of her and collapsed nest to her on the bed. The two of them lay panting as Morden spooned Quisca from behind.
  174. “Does that count as exercise?” asked Quisca.
  176. “Yes.” Said Morden. He stretched his arms and dragged her closer to him, savoring the feathery texture of her hair.
  178. “Can we just exercise like this from now on?” asked Quisca hopefully.
  180. Morden kissed the top of her head. “No.”
  182. ~~~~~
  184. The next two weeks were a frenzy of training and rigorous dieting. The results were dramatic; she was shedding pounds every day. No doubt that the demonic energy was also playing a role in all of this, shaping Quisca’s body to suit Morden’s tastes as well as fulfilling her own desires to be able to carry her husband.
  186. “Hubby! Hubby! Look!” said Quisca excitedly. She struggled to roll up her shirt, revealing a toned tummy with no traces of fat.
  188. “Wow, you really shaped up.” Said Morden. He squeezed her sides as she giggled proudly.
  190. “Yeah! I’m fit now.” She said, puffing out her chest.
  192. “Good. Meadow Flight is just around the corner, are you ready?”
  194. “Around the corner? But we have to fly to the mountain…” said Quisca.
  196. Morden gave his poor dumb wife a pitying look.
  198. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?” said Quisca.
  200. “Nothing, nothing.” Said Morden tousling her hair.
  202. Quisca leaned into his hand and smiled. “Do you want to go for a flight?” she asked.
  204. “Always.” Said Morden.
  206. ~~~~~~
  208.     The day of Meadow Flight was a brilliant sunny day, thanks to the resident elements of the town ensuring that any errant clouds were displaced for the holiday. As the sun crept over the horizon and began its slow accent, harpies and their husbands roused to a palpable energy pervading the city. First to leave their roosts were the stoic owl-harpies, silently towing their dazed husbands after a restless night of coitus. Soon after, the rest of the harpies began their flights. The crowds in the streets cheered and applauded as the skies filled with happy couples on their way to the mountain meadow. Artists pressed the crowd aside for the best angle to paint their pictures or postcards. The more agile harpies performed elaborate aerial stunts, some of them working with their husbands to pull off impressive feats of acrobatics. The sirens flew in a massive flock at the center of the group, harmonizing with each other to create a vocal symphony to serenade the crowds and their lovers. The thunder-birds, outnumbered by the other types of harpies, were not to be outdone. Using their command of lightning, they brilliant bolts of plasma across the sky.
  210. Quisca was happily carrying Morden through the chaos. Though they were no where near the front of the pack, Morden was pleased to see that they were not too far behind the majority of the harpies. It was important to get to the meadow as soon as possible to secure the best spots.
  212. “Almost there, Hubby!” said Quisca excitedly.
  214. Cresting the top of the mountain, the meadow below sprawled out before them. A grassy plain filled with wildflowers and demonic herbs made an ideal place to spend the day with your lover. As the plants were trampled and disturbed, the field became a miasma of aphrodisiacs and pleasant aromas. Quisca wheeled out of the sky and released Morden from her talons. He tumbled to the ground, and was crushed by Quisca as she allowed herself to fall onto him.
  216. “Hee hee! We made it! I told you I could do it, didn’t I?” said Quisca.
  218. Morden’s protests over his rough treatment died in his throat and he kissed his wife. “Yeah, I knew you could.”
  220. They embraced and fell back into the soft grass as the other harpies settled into their own spaces with their husbands.
  222. ~~~~~~
  224. “I’m just worried about her, that’s all. Sure, a lot of harpies get fat after Meadow Flight, but Quisca hasn’t lost any weight either.” Said Morden.
  226. The demon doctor pressed her stethoscope against Quisca’s heart. She shivered at the touch of the cold metal, and squirmed in Morden’s lap. Morden squeezed her harder, allowing the doctor to continue her inspection.
  228. “Do you think she has a glandular problem or something?” asked Morden.
  230. “Err, no. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her. In fact, I would say that her body is working very well.” Said the doctor, scribbling some notes onto a piece of paper.
  232. “What do you mean?”
  234. “Well, it’s not as obvious with harpies, but I think she’s just pregnant.”
  236. Morden stared at her.
  238. “…Pregnant? You mean…?”
  240. “Gonna lay an egg! Gonna have a baby!” Flapped Quisca. She flailed her arms and legs, rubbing her head against Morden’s chin.
  242. “Congratulations! I’ll come by the house after she lays it to make sure she’s healthy.” Said the demon.
  244. “Hubby, I’m hungry! Can we go to the bakery?” asked Quisca.
  246. Morden spun her around to face her and gave her a kiss. “Sure. Let’s go to the bakery. And the furniture store, we’re going to need a crib…”
  248. “I’m gonna build a nest!” said Quisca proudly.
  250. “How about a nest shaped crib?” said Morden.
  252. “Yeah!” exclaimed Quisca, flapping her wings again.
  254. Morden thanked the doctor and carried her out the door, as they discussed all of the things they would need to buy for their daughter.
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