The Dream Well

Jul 13th, 2018
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  1. >It was cold. So cold.
  2. >You got up and looked around
  3. >You were in a vast, snow covered forest
  4. >The sky was overcast and it was near pitch black
  5. >All you could feel was the thick, bitter cold biting your extremities
  6. >You looked forward, seeing a slightly treded path
  7. >Who were you?
  8. >Why were you out here, passed out in the middle of nowhere?
  9. >The questions ringed in your mind but you didn't have the focus to answer them
  10. >It was all so foggy, like you had awoken from anesthesia
  11. >You reached inside your leather pocket
  12. >To your luck, you found a wallet, ID included
  13. >Your name was Sunset Shimmer
  14. >You were 19 years old and went to a school called Canterlot High
  15. >Your blood type was O and you were a registered organ donor
  16. >But that was all the information that little piece of plastic was able to give
  17. >But at least you had something
  18. >At least you had a name
  19. >Now to find shelter or another person
  20. >Perhaps they could explain what was going on
  21. >You drudged through the thick snow, your leather jacket and knee high skirt doing little good to combat the bitter cold
  22. >None the less, you press on
  23. >The snow began to rise, reaching all the way to you knees
  24. >you felt like you had been walking for hours and nothing
  25. >No signs of roads or houses or animals, the forest itself seemed completely silent
  26. >Even the wind dared not breathe throughout the trees
  27. >It was dead silent
  28. >The more you tried to listen, the more oppressive the silence became
  29. >This wasn't natural
  30. >There should be some noise in the forest
  31. >But there wasn't
  32. >Just complete quiet
  33. >It sent chills down your spine
  34. >Just when you thought you were going to give up you saw it
  35. >A dim orange glow in the distance
  36. >It was a fire!
  37. >You quickly made your way through the now waist high snow
  38. >Each pull of your leg sapped more and more strength but you didn't care
  39. >You had to know what was going on
  40. >The closer you got the fire, the lower the snow became
  41. >As you got within feet of it, the snow was finally back at your ankles
  42. >To your relief, another person sat there
  43. >It was a girl with blue-white hair and a star hairpin
  44. >She stared at the flames with cold, almost lifeless eyes
  45. >The kind of eyes you see from someone who's had the spirit kicked out of them
  46. "Oh thank goodness. Can you help me? I seemed to be lost."
  47. >The girl simply shook her head in reponse
  48. "Do you know where we are?"
  49. >She shook her head again
  50. "What's your name?"
  51. >Silence
  52. >You began to get frustrated
  53. "Say something! Anything!"
  54. >"Don't you get it yet?"
  55. "Get what?"
  56. >"Put your hand on your chest.Then you'll figure it out."
  57. >You give an odd look at the request
  58. >Why would that help you in any way?
  59. >You did it anyway and instantly you figured out what she meant
  60. >It made your blood run cold
  61. >You chest was silent. No heartbeat whatsoever.
  62. >You put your fingers on the veins in your neck and wrist just to be sure
  63. >To your horror it was no mistake
  64. >Your heart had completely stopped
  65. >The more you thought about it, the more you noticed
  66. >In particular the fact that you weren't breathing at all
  67. >Yet you felt none of it, it was as if you didn't even have too
  68. "Am I... Am I dead?"
  69. >"So it would seem."
  70. "How long have you been like this?"
  71. >"Three days."
  72. >That proved it then. Was this some kind of afterlife? Or worse... was this hell?
  73. >Did she do something terrible in life that condemned her to a place like this?
  74. >Where in the world were they?
  75. >"What's your name?"
  76. "Sunset. Sunset Shimmer."
  77. >"Nice to meet you. I'm Trixie."
  78. >You sat down beside her by the fire
  79. >"What are we going to do? I'm so cold."
  80. "Then lets go. I'm sick of staying out in the freezing cold like this."
  81. >"There's no where to go."
  82. "There has to be. Plus what do we have to lose?"
  83. >"I guess you're right."
  84. >Trixie lifted herself to her feet and you followed suit
  85. "Let's get going then."
  86. >"Right."
  87. >The two wondered for what seemed like an eternity
  88. >Sunset was really beginning to lose hope
  89. >Perhaps there really wasn't anything here
  90. >Perhaps they really were condemned to walk with dark, empty world for all eternity
  91. >Just when she was about to throw her hands up and give into despair, she saw something in the distance
  92. >A manor!
  93. >Not only that, but it had light seeping from it's windows!
  94. >That meant someone was here!
  95. >Sunset picked Trixie up in her arms and quickly shuffled to the manor
  96. >When they arrived the first thing they noticed was a small graveyard
  97. >Most of the of tombstones were either blank or two weathered to read
  98. >All except for two
  99. >They read Sunset Shimmer 1995-2014 and Trixie Lulamoon 1996-2000
  100. >It sent chills down Sunset's spine
  101. >This really was the afterlife
  102. >Strangely enough, despite the fact that she and Trixie were roughly the same age when they met, the gravestone now reflected the age she was now, five.
  103. >Did she die at five? Or did this world make you shift age at random?
  104. >Perhaps whoever owned the house would know
  105. "Stay close by me Trixie."
  106. >"Alright mama"
  107. >You walked to the door and slammed the large black iron knocker
  108. >In a few moments the opened on it's own
  109. >As you entered the hallway, the candles began to light up despite nobody to be seen
  110. >It was as if the house itself was alive and responding to their presence
  111. >You walk down the hall making you way to a large double stair case and two hallways on either side
  112. >The room was filled with paintings of people whom you'd never seen
  113. >You felt that feeling you get when someone was staring at you for at an abnormally long time from the paintings
  114. >It was as if they were watching you
  115. >There was a large statue in between the stair cases
  116. >A woman with angel wings
  117. >The head was missing however, seeming to have either fallen off from lack of maintenance or been knocked off deliberately
  118. >This whole place was giving her the creeps
  119. >Something was seriously wrong about this house
  120. >Against you better judgement, you decide to call out
  121. "Hello?"
  122. >The was silence for a long while before you heard what sounded like hooves clip clopping from the hall upstairs
  123. >To your surprise a pony with wings and a horn, colored a deep blue and a moon shaped brand on her flank walked out
  124. >But it wasn't a brand, it was her fur
  125. >To add to the oddity, he mane, which also blue, was almost ethereal
  126. >It was as if it wasn't hair at all, but a thick mist surrounding her head
  127. >Following close behind her was a girl with purple hair done in a bun with glasses, a book clutched tightly to her chest
  128. >She wore what looked like a school uniform
  129. >The pony spoke
  130. >"Ah Sunset Shimmer. Trixie Lulamoon. I've been expecting you."
  131. "Who are you? What is this place?"
  132. >"Come. Follow me to my study and I shall explain."
  133. >She turned to the human by her side
  134. >"Please see too it the rooms are ready by the time I'm finished."
  135. >The girl bowed her head
  136. >"Yes Mistress Luna. As you command."
  137. >The girl rushed off down the hall
  138. >"Now if you would, please follow me."
  139. >You didn't want too
  140. >This whole thing had danger written all over it
  141. >But it was either this or going back out into that empty world again
  142. >You were caught between a rock and a hard place
  143. >You pulled Trixie along and followed the mysterious pony named Luna down the hall
  144. >After going down a series of twists and turns you entered into a large circular room with a large floating gem at it's center
  145. >Beautiful lights bounced in and out of it, like the Aurora Borealis
  146. >Around the gem were a groups of pillows
  147. >"Come. Sit."
  148. >Both you and Trixie sat beside each other
  149. >All of a sudden you felt different
  150. >Strange
  151. >You put your hand to your head and, to your horror, it wasn't a hand but a hoof
  152. >You had shrunk by several times and there was a large piece off bone jutting out your head!
  153. >A horn!
  154. "W-what is this!? What did you do to me!?"
  155. >"I must ask you to remain calm Sunset. You're merely experiencing another stage of your life."
  156. "Another stage of my life!? But I'm a horse!"
  157. >"Relax and I shall explain everything."
  158. >Luna calmly took a small sip from her tea
  159. >tea she seemingly got from nowhere
  160. >You took a few deep breaths, finally relaxing
  161. "Ok. I'm calmed. Now tell me what's going on."
  162. >"You're in the Dream Well. A world where all other worlds converge and a world where ones deepest desires, fears, and insecurities manifest themselves."
  163. "You're making no sense at all."
  164. >"Allow me to fill in the blanks. Your name is Sunset Shimmer. You were born and raised in a country called Equestria, in a utopian universe inhabited by ponies who can preform magic. The reason I take the form you see right now is because it belongs to someone you knew during your life. In reality, my form is beyond comprehension."
  165. "Who are you? What are you? How do you expect me to believe any of that?"
  166. >"You will know the answer to all three of those questions soon enough. But I must explain a few more things too you."
  167. >Luna took another sip of her tea
  168. >"Tomorrow, as the clock strikes three in the after noon, you and your friend there will encounter your first trial. You see, you have been sent here for a reason. You have inner demons that must be dealt with. If you do not conquer these demons by the time a week passes, you shall become the bedrock of this world."
  169. "The bedrock?"
  170. >"Yes. Everything you see here, the trees, the rocks, the very air we're breathing. All of it belongs to the souls of the lost and the damned. And you too shall join them if you do not defeat these inner demons."
  171. >A loud bong is heard, so loud it made you cover your ears
  172. >"I must bid you ado for now."
  173. "Wait! I Still have questions!"
  174. >But before you had even finished that sentence, Luna had already vanished
  175. >The purple haired girl walked back into the room
  176. >"Mistress Shimmer and Mistress Lulamoon, your rooms are ready. Right this way please."
  177. >You try to pick Trixie up, but forget that you're now a small horse
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