Fizzling Magma 10 (AiE; Fizzle, nsfw)

Sep 21st, 2013
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  1. >Fizzle moved in about two week ago
  2. >He's been a pretty awesome roommate
  3. >He got a job quick enough prospecting with Rarity and Spike
  4. >Despite that he keeps the entire house clean
  5. >And even flies to the griffin lands to get meat
  6. >'Anything for his best bro' he'll always say while looking around nervously
  7. >About the only thing he can't do is cook
  8. >He tried one night and...
  9. >Well, it was a good night to go out
  10. >You hated those curtains anyhow
  11. >It took about four ciders to get him to stop apologizing
  12. >Two more to convince him you really didn't care that the curtains were gone
  13. >The rest of the night was a happy blur
  14. >Not sure who helped who home
  15. >But you two ended up on the floor of your living room
  16. >Arguing about who would win in a fight
  17. >A bear or a dragon
  18. >You kept saying bear to get a rise out of him
  19. >Mission accomplished
  20. >And it was nice to see Fizzle actually stand up for himself
  21. >He finally started to realize he can have a different opinion
  22. >And it wouldn't cost him a hug or something
  23. >Like you'd deny your best dragon anything
  24. >"Anon....lessss...go bed"
  25. >He tries to get up but only makes it a foot before stumbling back to the ground
  26. >Your turn, you don't do much better
  27. >End up on top of him, on his back
  28. >He starts to giggle like a little girl
  29. >You tell him so
  30. >"Shut...shut your...pretty cute mouth you butt..."
  31. >You can only laugh harder
  32. >He grumbles and pushes you off with his wing
  33. >You pull him over
  34. >On top of you
  35. >Eyes meet
  36. >Your lips touch his snout
  37. >Not a second later you're kissing
  38. >You roll around on the floor more
  39. >Licking, pulling at each others lips
  40. >Sloppily, unrestrained
  41. >Fizzle destroying another one of your outfits with his claws
  42. >Going right for the D
  43. >He's so much more aggressive when he's had a few
  44. >You are too, now that you think about it
  45. >Alas, the cider did its work and as much as Fizzle wanted to make some form of love
  46. >Neither of you were up to the challenge
  47. >So to speak
  48. >You've been there, you're used to it
  49. >Fizzle is mortified
  50. >Stuttering, apologizing, knocking things over
  51. >Even breathing fire on his...
  52. >Yea ok, enough of that
  53. >Before he burns your house down trying to get a hard-on
  54. >You drag him to bed
  55. >"I'm...I don't know why I couldn''m not broken, am I Anon!?"
  56. >You reassure him, somehow through your drunken haze, that he's not broken and its just the cider
  57. >He doesn't seem to believe you but you're trying to sleep now so
  58. >Pull him into a tight hug
  59. >"Th-th-thanks for not...being mad, Anon"
  60. >You nod and tell him to sleep
  61. >He nods back and goes into little spoon position
  62. >You wrap him up nice
  63. >Start drifting to sleep
  64. >Mind wandering all over the place as the room slowly stops spinning
  65. >Fuck
  66. >He's wiggling his ass again
  67. >Goddammit, whiskey dick or no whiskey dick...
  68. >Try not to think about it
  69. >Closer your eyes
  70. >Imagine something else
  71. >Something round smooth and warm
  72. >Pushing into your crotch
  73. >...........fuck...........
  74. >Gonna be a long night....
  75. >Morning eventually comes around
  76. >Your day off thankfully
  77. >Fizzle too
  78. >You both are greeted by sunlight and hangovers
  79. >He finds some energy to point out both of you seem to be OK now
  80. >What....oh
  81. >Yes yes, morning wood, good job Fizzle
  82. >You take turns groaning, stumbling to the bathroom, then crawling back into the bed for lazy morning cuddles
  83. >"what's....what're we doing today, Anon?"
  84. >Jack shit if you can help it
  85. >Well minus one thing
  86. >One extremely important thing, actually
  87. >You wish it wasn't today because of your headache and ponies lack of Tylenol but
  88. >You poke Fizzle in the ribs and say today was the day you were getting your hot tub
  89. >He springs up
  90. >"That's today?! Awesome Anon! Lets get up comeon-comeon!"
  91. >Fizzle really missed the magma pool, he slurred it out at one point last night
  92. >And mentioned it a few times, even offered to fly the two of you there last weekend
  93. >But you promised you'd get something better here
  94. >Not hotter, of course but,water jets and whatever magical unicorn stuff sure beat sulfur and brimstone
  95. >When you described it you swore he looked like he was going to orgasm
  96. >Today was the day you'd get it
  97. >Fizzle was out of bed
  98. >His wings all perky, his eyes wide and a huge toothy smile on his face
  99. >And he's pulling your arm to try and get you up
  100. >"Go shower, Anon, wake uuuuuup!!!"
  101. >You can't say no to that level of cute
  102. >You go back to the bathroom and shower
  103. >Normally he'd come with you but you needed a little quiet time before the long day ahead
  104. >You never did something like this in the human world, let alone the pony one
  105. >So you have no idea what's in store for either of you
  106. >You could hear claws clicking and pacing from the other side of the door
  107. >So you turned the water on and enjoyed the few minutes of peace you'd have before the inevitable
  108. >While you're in there, you start to think
  109. >Fizzle has been amazing, but you can tell he wants things to go a little further
  110. >He's been tiptoe-ing around it but you can tell
  111. >That L word is right on the tip of his tongue
  112. >Between that and the prodding at your 'back gate'
  113. >Not directly but...he's been grabbing at your butt more and even tried to tail fuck you once
  114. >He's holding it all in and its only matter of time
  115. >He's going to explode like an emotional balloon
  116. >Just as much as he wants to explode into your butt
  117. >Both are kinda...
  118. >You're not sure how you feel about them
  119. >On one hand you definitely have feelings for him
  120. >But on the it really love?
  121. >And if it is, is it enough to let you?
  122. >Back there?
  123. >You sigh against the warm water of the shower
  124. >How'd you get into this?
  125. >You'll think about it later
  126. >Right now you needed to get out of the shower, chew on some of those roots you got from the zebra for headaches and get going
  127. >There was only one pony in town who sold hot tubs...
  128. >A few minutes later you came out of the shower, drying off
  129. >Fizzle greets you with a smile and a quick once over
  130. >Watch him blush immediately
  131. >That'll never get old
  132. >You ask him if he wants to shower
  133. >He shakes his head 'no' rapidly
  134. >"I'll clean off in the hot tub tonight, come on Anon its cold out and I need warmwatergoodtimes"
  135. >Warm water....never mind
  136. >You nod, get dressed and meet him outside
  137. >He's already wearing your jacket
  138. >It's close to the running of the leaves, and the weather has gotten a lot colder
  139. >Not a big deal for you but Fizzle doesn't like it much
  140. >Weird because Spike never seems to care about the weather
  141. >Maybe cause Spike is a lot....chunkier
  142. >Fizzle only gains weight in his hips and his ass
  143. >Wouldn't want it any other way
  144. >You spend the walk chatting with him about what little you knew about hot tubs
  145. >Which was a lot more than Fizzle knew so it was still a good conversation
  146. >He hung on every word
  147. >Nodding and smiling the whole way
  148. >Only stopping when the wind kicked up and he had to rub his arms together or wrap himself in his wings
  149. >Poor dragon was cold and it was barely below 60
  150. >You have no idea what he's going to do in a few months
  151. >Anyhow, you finally get to the place
  152. >The unicorn who runs the shop is forever trapped in the 70s
  153. >Or the pony equivalent, whatever
  154. >You had spoke to him already, said you'd be coming today
  155. >He sees you both, waves with a hoof
  156. >Jesus Christ
  157. >Fizzle squints
  158. >Pony is wearing so much rhinestone he's damn near blinding
  159. >Whatever, so long as he doesn't rip you off
  160. >The unicorn starts his sales pitch
  161. >Fizzle is memorized by the gems
  162. >You just...want something you two can fit in comfortably
  163. >That makes things a lot simpler seeing how most of them were made for small ponies
  164. >Comes down to a pink one with a white enclosure vs a white one with wood
  165. >You want the white one
  166. >Fizzle, for obvious reasons, wants the pink one
  167. >The pink one is a little bigger
  168. >He looks at you
  169. >Twinkling eyes, smiling
  170. >" bro"
  171. >Fizzle, you manipulative, cute bastard
  172. >Buy the pink one
  173. >He suppresses a squee
  174. >Rhinestone cowboy tells you how much
  175. >You groan a little and pull out your bag of bits
  176. >Gonna be a shit ton lighter now
  177. >Whatever, its worth it
  178. >Rhinestone Pony says it'll be in your backyard before you get home
  179. >You wanna bet against him but he's already magic-ing the entire hot tub onto an oversize cart
  180. >Not bad...
  181. >You decide to go get some hangover food with Fizzle while the unicorn brings the tub to your place
  182. >End up at a place that serves eggs
  183. >Its funny how ponies eat eggs but no meat
  184. >Either way you get a bunch, Fizzle too
  185. >He's all smiles and eye contact
  186. >You are too
  187. >"So...Anon, we gonna...test it out tonight?
  188. >You nod, assuming you get it working
  189. >"That's good I really need somewhere warm to go other than...yaknowyourbed"
  190. >He looks away and does his claw-click thing at the last part
  191. >He's still cute about anything a little too intimate-sounding in public
  192. >Not that the ponies care but its hard for him to undo years of Garble and the rests 'no-homo' bro code whatever
  193. >He's getting better though
  194. >You both go quiet when food comes
  195. >Eating all your eggs and hash browns like its been months since you saw food
  196. >Little bit of excitement for the hot tub and it helped the hangover a lot
  197. >You go to pay but Fizzle throws some bits and a gem on the table
  198. >You eye him
  199. >"Umm...I thought maybe I should...if its ok Anon, I mean...bros shouldn't always have one bro pay and..."
  200. >You're just happy he has money and you thank him for breakfast
  201. >Back to smiles and happy eye'd Fizzle
  202. >"You're...welcome Anon, it's least I can do you got me the...cute color"
  203. >You chuckle and pat his hand
  204. >He goes bright red
  205. >So easy to make him blush its criminal
  206. >You guys finish up, the ponies at the tables nearby all saying goodbye and waving
  207. >You nod quietly but Fizzle enjoys saying goodbye to every one of them
  208. >Such a silly dragon
  209. >He fits in perfectly here
  210. >You guys nearly sprint home
  211. >When you get there, there is a note taped to the door
  212. >Typical congratulations note with an invoice on the other side
  213. >For how ridiculous looking the sales pony was he was thorough
  214. >Fizzle was already running around back
  215. >You giggle and follow
  216. >Sure enough there it was
  217. >An obnoxiously pink and white hot tub
  218. >He's hopping from one foot to the other, looking back at you
  219. >So excited
  220. >"Anon! Come on lets do it!"
  221. >Beat
  222. >"I Mean.....get the hot tub...ya know...going! Not...that...not outside cause...umm...ya know...its...cold! Really cold!"
  223. >Whatever Fizzle, least the word 'gay' didn't stutter out of your mouth
  224. >You walk over
  225. >It was empty so you guessed filling it up was the first step
  226. >You tell Fizzle to go get the hose while you figured out how to work it
  227. >He runs off and you find the instructions
  228. >All pictures, no words
  229. >Fucking ponies
  230. >You try to make sense of them
  231. >Fizzle is back with hose, water already running
  232. >You tell him to throw it in
  233. >Ask him what the heck he thinks the fourth picture is
  234. >"Anon are you....reading the instructions?"
  235. >He clicks his claws and looks around nervously
  236. >What the hell?
  237. >You say its more but yes
  238. >"B-but Anon...instructions are for...fags"
  239. >You sigh and whack him on the head with the papers
  240. >He winces but really
  241. >He's a freakin' dragon if paper hurt him then he has worse things to worry about than instructions
  242. >Anyhow you figure out to fill it with water, then pull some lever
  243. >Then punch some buttons...fucking unicorns
  244. >Fizzle can't make much sense of it either
  245. >So, waiting for it to fill up with water
  246. >Fizzle shimmies next to you
  247. >You put your arm around him
  248. >"S-so we have a hot tub now, Anon"
  249. >Yep
  250. >"We'll be...sharing it a lot right?"
  251. >Yep
  252. >"Th-thank's Anon...I...I...just...thanks"
  253. >You squeeze him a little
  254. >Another day, another almost admission of something
  255. >Maybe tomorrow, you think
  256. >Water starts spilling over the side
  257. >Looks like its full
  258. >"I'll...pull the lever, Anon. You can push the buttons?"
  259. >You agree, he goes and does so
  260. >You push the buttons
  261. >The sound of some kinda magic...thing inside it start to whir and
  262. >Holy crap water jets!
  263. >"Anon, it's working!"
  264. >You nod, equally excited
  265. >"I'm gonna jump in!"
  266. >What...wait don--
  267. >Too late
  268. >Fizzle dives in
  269. >Shrieks
  270. >Flais in the water, trying to get out
  271. >"ANONITSCOLD!"
  272. >You grab his arm and save him from...the 3 feet of water
  273. >You're trying not laugh but you can't help it
  274. >He's on the ground shivering
  275. >"Anonitsbroken!"
  276. >You explain between chuckles that it takes awhile before its actually hot
  277. >"Thththththtatssstupid! Itsshshshouldbehotnow!"
  278. >You pull him up and bring him inside
  279. >Get him a towel
  280. >He's shaking profusely under the towel
  281. >You hug him to try and warm him up
  282. >Rub his arms and stuff
  283. >He's slowly getting warmer but
  284. >Still chattering away
  285. >"C-c-c-c-can you mmamamamake me something like c-c-c-c-offee or..."
  286. >You nod and go do that
  287. >While you're in the kitchen you peek outside
  288. >The top of the hot tub is beginning to steam
  289. >That was a lot quicker than you thought
  290. >Unicorns
  291. >Forget coffee
  292. >This'll warm him up a lot faster
  293. >And the thought of that hot tub has been in your mind all day
  294. >You go inside and pulls Fizzle back outside
  295. >He's a shivering mess but once he sees the steam his expression brightens
  296. >"isisisisisit warm now?"
  297. >You stick your hand in, smile and nod
  298. >Fizzle sheds the towel and jumps in again
  299. >This time he sighs with relief
  300. >His shivering stops instantly
  301. >"Oh god, Anon, come in...."
  302. >You take off your clothes and join him
  303. >Oh man
  304. >Water jets, near boiling water
  305. >Its perfect
  306. >You lean back against the edge of the tub and sigh
  307. >Fizzle swims over to the crook of your arm and snuggles up
  308. >You guys stay like that for awhile
  309. >Letting the heat caress your bodies
  310. >Just like in the magma pool
  311. >He nuzzles your chest and smiles
  312. >Squeezing your middle lovingly
  313. >"Thank you Anon..."
  314. >You pet his head, giving his head a scratch between his scales
  315. >He makes a noise that's something between a purr and a moan
  316. >You notice your hand is right near his ears
  317. >That's when you remember back in his cave
  318. >His...special spots on his ears
  319. >When he nuzzles your chest a little more you grab his ear in your mouth
  320. >"Anon what're youuuuuuuu.....ahhhhhh!"
  321. >He squeezes your middle suddenly and his entire body shivers
  322. >Not the kind of shivering from before
  323. >The kind where something is already bumping you in the leg
  324. >You start to nibble that little puff of...whatever at the tip of his ear
  325. >He gasps and squirms, his wings opening and sending water everywhere
  326. >His cheeks are bright red and he's panting
  327. >You nibble a little more, running your tongue along the very tip
  328. >You feel his dragon breath hit your chest between his whimpers and moans
  329. >"A-anon I...I....that feelsssss so goooood~"
  330. >You run a hand down his side and grab a handful of his ass
  331. >It causes him to jump up
  332. >You let his ear go and pull his muzzle to your lips
  333. >Your tongue goes down his throat
  334. >Maybe its the hot tub or maybe the closeness
  335. >But you want him pretty badly right now
  336. >Not sex per say...more like
  337. >You start pushing him toward the other side of the hot tub
  338. >He submits easily enough
  339. >The second his back hits the wall
  340. >You break the kiss and pull him out of the water
  341. >Just enough so you can get your mouth around his cock
  342. >He moans loudly, a mix of pleasure and surprise radiating through his body
  343. >What's gotten into you, for that matter?
  344. >Why all of a sudden do you want dragon cock in your mouth?
  345. >Questions later...right now his pre tastes delicious and you want more
  346. >Like a sweet...something, you can't put your finger on it
  347. >But your pulling his round, generous ass up from the water to get more of him your mouth
  348. >Fizzle is holding onto the walls of the tub, moaning your name, barely able to breathe
  349. >You're having a tough time too, between his throbbing meat and the water
  350. >But you keep a steady rhythm, hoping playing with his ears put him close to the edge already
  351. >His hips keep bucking, giving you the same signs he's close
  352. >His moans that he's about to cum help a bit too
  353. >That's when you realize
  354. >You managed to put him right on a water jet
  355. >It's literally going right into his butt
  356. >No wonder he's pre-ing like a faucet
  357. >Not that you mind, you're gulping it down like its honey
  358. >Heck it might as well be the way you're going at it
  359. >You feel his cock throb deeper and deeper down your throat
  360. >He's almost there
  361. >You give his ass another squeeze and yank him nearly out of the water
  362. >Plunge his red dragon meat all the way down your throat
  363. >He cries out and nearly slips off the tub wall as his seed fills your mouth
  364. >You swallow every drop
  365. >The hot dragon cum makes you feel lightheaded and dizzy
  366. >Your body shutters with his, your mouth moving with his throbbing length
  367. >" you..."
  368. >You raise your head from between his legs and take a seat next to him
  369. >"I...really love....the hot tub..."
  370. >You agree, too hazy to realize he was backpedaling
  371. >You sigh and leans your head on Fizzle's shoulder
  372. >He wraps a wing around you
  373. >"So...when do we....have to get out?"
  374. >Never, you mumble and give him a hug
  375. >He returns it, squeezing you back happily
  376. >You're both in there for awhile
  377. >The sun is already beginning to set
  378. >Shorter days, longer, colder nights
  379. >The steam is rising from the tub like fog
  380. >It's so nice and quiet and--
  381. >"You guys have a hot tub?"
  382. >What?
  383. >You both look up
  384. >Pair of blue eyes set in pink fur meets you back
  385. >Fizzle very casually slips out of your hug
  386. >Oh Fizzle...
  387. >But more importantly, Pinkie Pie
  388. >why is she here?
  389. >"You should have told me you got a super fantastic hot tub, Anon! We need to have a hot tub party! And try not to be all moans and fire-breathing like you were a few minutes ago, I had to stand here the whole time and wait!"
  390. >Fizzle's eyes go wide and he blushes like a traffic light
  391. >You face palm
  392. >"Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo...I'll go get the stuff for the party you guys get out so you don't turn into yucky raisins! Oooo and I bet we need some cake, I hope I can find one this late...oh and hats and......"
  393. >She bounces away, prattling on
  394. >Looks like your night is planned for you
  395. >Fizzle looks at you confused, still blushing quite vividly
  396. >" did she find out?"
  397. >You shake your head and lift yourself out of the tub
  398. >best not to try and figure out Pinkie Pie
  399. >Fizzle's eyes follow your exposed cock the entire way
  400. >Maybe later, Fizzle
  401. >You climb out and reach back for him
  402. >He smiles warmly and takes your hand
  403. >Only to feel the cold air and bolt to the house
  404. >You chuckle and follow
  405. >Another day in Ponyville...
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