Rainbow Dash's Punishment - Day 2 (AB/DL 3/4)

Apr 9th, 2014
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  1. “I guess we now know why children are so stupid these days.”
  2. >”Yeah, I honestly don't know why Twilight said that she liked this Daisy Adventure cartoon when she was young? The show is so stupid.”
  3. “I know what you mean bro, she is like Daring Do's illegitimate retarded daughter.”
  4. >It's half past eleven a.m.
  5. >You are currently sitting down with Dash watching cartoons.
  6. >Mind numbingly bad cartoons.
  7. >Since she has been cooperative you allowed her to speak normally for a while.
  8. >”Ugh, don't go there Anon, Daisy is just a super lame-o Unicorn. And you know just how awesome Daring Do is, don't even began to compare Daisy to Daring Do.”
  9. “I still can't believe pony children watch that. She had that stupid magic map right in front of her but feels the need to ask the audience where the map is WHEN IT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. Is that stupid pony blind and deaf?
  10. >”Ha yeah, also I never seen a more sad excuse for a villain then that Diamond Dog.
  11. “Yeah, Boomer. All that Daisy character would do to stop him is tell him to go home three times and he would fucking do it every time.”
  12. >”That's right ha, also Anon I've been holding something in for you.”
  13. >She instantly stands up and puts her front hooves on your shoulders
  14. >You once again her that classic muffled hissing noise.
  15. >A slightly yellow spot quickly spread around the front of Dash's Diaper.
  16. >”Ahhh... much better” She says with shit-eating grin.
  17. “Oh hell no! That's just gross and wrong!”
  18. >”Been holding that in for you, that's what you get for upsetting Fluttershy and using a bad word”
  19. “Oh come on, I've said I was sorry for yesterday and I have been good to you... Well mostly.
  20. >”Tough break anon, you are on changing duty and I get a change at this hour so start cleaning.”
  22. “Ugh, fine you win this time Dash but you are still going to lose the bet.”
  23. >”I have to cry for that to happen, not laugh at you”
  24. >Maybe if you make her laugh hard enough at you she will start crying
  25. >Why are you such a beta today Anon?
  26. “I'm only going easy right now because I feel bad about yesterday, just you wait.”
  27. >”I'm ready for your worse now, don't keep me waiting Anon.”
  28. “Well you are going to have to wait, now come her squirt let's get you out of that thing.”
  29. >You easily pick up Dash and take her back to her room.
  30. “I'm beginning to think you are enjoying all this”
  31. >You gently lay her down on the changing mat.
  32. >”O-only because I know you are going to lose in the end.”
  33. >Wait what, did Dash just stutter a bit there and did her face turn a bit red?
  34. >She never stutters.
  35. >This day keeps getting more and more interesting.
  36. >You quickly remove the diaper, wipe her, apply some powder to her and diaper her again.
  37. >Fluttershy has taught you well.
  38. “That's too bad because you still got Eight and a half days of this treatment left.”
  39. >”Yeah right Anon, I got this one in the bag.”
  40. >You place her back in the Crib
  41. >Fluttershy is waiting for me in the Kitchen, I gotta go prepare Lunch for you and Applejack now, have fun in your over-sized crib squirt.
  43. >It is now noon, Pinkie should be heading within the next hour.
  44. >You are now back in the kitchen with Fluttershy
  45. “I can't believe Rainbow Dash is trying to boss me around.”
  46. >”Oh come on Anon, don't you feel better by being nice?”
  47. “No, getting bossed around by a narcissistic pony that is wearing a diaper isn't my idea of fun Fluttershy.”
  48. >”Well you kinda did make fun of her Vaginal Odor problem she had as a teen.”
  49. “Um...That was totally Lyra that started that one I just went with it...”
  50. >”You completely neglected her.”
  51. >"Let her drink hard liquor."
  52. >”You allowed her to somehow smell even worse than Applejack's Pigs”
  53. >”And you also thought it was smart idea to spray her down with a high-powered hose for some reason.”
  54. “Well you said yourself she smelled bad, I was just trying to help her with her stinky vag problem.”
  55. >”Anon, that's not funny”
  56. >It totally is.
  57. >”Anyways Pinkie Pie should be here after we all get lunch. Please help me get ready and Anon about those chickens... accidents” Her voice really trails off at the end of that sentence.
  58. >Oh shit, you are in a world of hurt.
  59. >”Let's just say I know you don't turn into a were-human if you um... don't eat meat.”
  60. >Your face goes completely pale, she now has you just where she wants you.
  61. >”And you know what?”
  62. >Anything but the stare. Anything but the stare.
  63. >”I don't care that you lied to me. Good friends often do things they don't want to do for each other. I understand that you really like meat in your diet so I um....-gave you chickens that had... accidents to you because I value your friendship.”
  64. >Oh great she is pulling the friend card on you.
  65. >and it's working.
  66. >”Don't you think it is time you start doing things like that for Rainbow Dash?”
  67. >”Now help me get Lunch ready.”
  68. “O-okay. Fluttershy”
  69. >You hate today so much.
  70. >And it is about to get stranger; Pinkie Pie will be here shortly.
  72. >You are now sitting outside on a picnic blanket with Applejack eating Lunch with her.
  73. >Fluttershy insisted on feeding Dash this time around before she leaves to do some chores.
  74. >”Gotta hand it to you Anon, you did a mighty fine job with Rainbow Dash today.
  75. “Huh, what do you mean? If anything she has gotten more obnoxious with me.”
  76. >”What I mean is that I am starting to see my old friend return. Before this started she was all distant and nasty towards us.”
  77. “Aren't you still mad at me for yesterday?”
  78. >”A tad bit yeah, but I can see you regret what you done.”
  79. >She really is much more approachable and at ease than before.
  80. “I can see what you mean but I only think she is that way because she thinks she can win my bet.”
  81. >Or because she is actually enjoying her punishment.
  82. >”I don't think so Anon, I reckon it is because Dash now knows that no matter how ugly things get, her best friends will always be there for her in the end.”
  83. >Her attitude did improve when it became clear that her friends just wanted to help her.
  84. >”Tell you what Anon, I would like to help you win your bet provided you agree to my terms.
  85. “Oh?”
  86. >”You gotta continue to be nice an' caring to Dash just like Fluttershy wanted.
  87. “Is That it?”
  88. >”And if we win I get to take care of filly Dash for one whole day.”
  89. “Applejack, you have got yourself a deal partner!”
  91. >Dash is now outside with you and Applejack.
  92. >She is currently obnoxiously sucking on a pacifier next to you.
  93. >Fluttershy said she was behind schedule so she had to leave after she said a brief goodbye to everybody.
  94. >Unfortunately for Dash you now know her weakness thanks to Applejack.
  95. >Intense Tickling.
  96. >She won't stand a chance once you, Pinkie begins the assault.
  97. >Speaking of which, you can now see Pinkie Pie bouncing excitedly to you.
  98. ”Pinkie over here we are all waiting for you!”
  99. >Was she bouncing like that her entire trip here?
  100. >”Hey Nony, I wanted to get her sooner but Sugarcube Corner got all super-crowded and I can't let Mr. and Mrs. Cakes down! I wish you were all there to see the action!”
  101. >From the way she is talking you can tell she is more hyperactive than usual.
  102. >She instantly turns her attention to Dash with a happy-go-lucky look on her face.
  103. >”Hey, Dashie, I've been wanting to see you all morning! Are you ready for the twins favorite game in Equestria?
  104. >With that, Rainbow Dash has finally stopped obnoxiously sucking on her pacifier.
  105. >Looks like she isn't prepared for Pinkie Pie.
  106. >”Where's Pinkie Pie?”
  107. >Pinkie then quickly jumps behind the Picnic basket which only partly hides her face.
  108. >Rainbow Dash rolls her eyes at this
  109. >Without any hesitating Dash points behind the picnic basket.
  110. >”Here's Pinkie Pie!”
  111. >Things always did get interesting for you whenever Pinkie is around.
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