Late Earthquake strat

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  1. This strat saves 5-10 seconds by skipping the optional trainer in Silph Co. It also adds a 21 percent risk if you get red bar off Silph Rival.
  3. First, get the Route 25 Ether and the Cycling Road PP Up, but skip the Lavender Tower hidden Elixer. Also skip one more Elixer -- this should be the Route 25 Elixer if you didn't fight the Machop/Geodude guy, and it should be the underground Elixer if you did fight him. When you enter Silph Co. after the Safari Zone, you should have 19 items. (Exception: You ran out of Full Restores or Potions. In this case, it's OK to have 18 items.)
  5. In Silph Co:
  6. - Take the stairs to 5F instead of the elevator. Go left, and get the hidden Elixer on the way to the Card Key.
  7. - Talk to the Rocket blocking the path to the Card Key.
  9. Arbok: Thrash (can 2-shot with decent ranges and/or Leer). If it hits with Glare, use your Full Restore after the fight. NOTE: If you're going for red bar off Silph Rival, it might be faster on average to try a YOLO Drill, and if it misses, switch to Thrash and use Thunderbolt on Gyarados.
  11. - Get the Card Key. You should have 20 items now.
  12. - Take the normal path to fight Silph Rival.
  14. Pidgeot: X Acc, X Speed, (X Special), Horn Drill
  15. Gyarados: Horn Drill (or TB if used used Drill on Arbok)
  16. Growlithe: Horn Drill
  17. Alakazam: Horn Drill
  18. Venusaur: Horn Drill
  20. - Fight the Rocket before Giovanni.
  22. Cubone: X Acc, Ice Beam (21% chance to die if at <30 HP or so)
  23. Drowzee: Horn Drill
  24. Marowak: Ice Beam
  26. - Use your Ether on Horn Drill before Giovanni (or after using X Acc on Nidorino if you need to take damage). If you ran out of Full Restores or Potions, use an Elixer instead. You should have 19 items now.
  28. Nidorino: X Acc, (Ether/Elixer), Horn Drill
  29. Kangaskhan: Horn Drill
  30. Rhyhorn: Ice Beam
  31. Nidoqueen: Horn Drill
  33. - Take the teleporters from 11F to 7F to 3F, then go right and up to take the elevator to 10F. Pick up TM26 and then the Rare Candy. Dig out.
  35. In Celadon, Fly to Fuchsia like normal.
  37. In Fuchsia:
  38. - Open the menu
  39. - Swap slot 6-7 with X Specials (you should have already swapped X Speed up to slot 5-6 on the PP Up menu)
  40. - Teach HM03 to Squirtle
  41. - Teach TM26 to Nidoking
  42. - Bike to the gym
  43. - Use standard strats in the gym. You'll pick up TM06 from Koga.
  45. The rest of the game plays normally, except that you need to Elixer before Sabrina. That forces you to use the X Special strat against Black Belt, which you should only do with 11-15 DV Attack. If you do it, you should be out of Earthquake and Horn Drill PP against Lorelei.
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