The Lair (rough outline)

Jan 23rd, 2017
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  1. Somewhere in the Overcity, on the edge of the stable zone surrounding the Wand and Circlet pub, there was a certain three-story apartment building. It was fairly wide and squat, and made primarily from concrete and other earth-based materials. Otherwise, it didn't seem all that outwardly special save for the two signs by the front doors: The first was a neon sign that simply read “Clinic”, which one could make out even at a fair distance away, and the smaller, more unobtrusive one read “Karpinsky's Home and Lair” in place of a street number.
  3. The door was locked.
  5. There's a small fizzle and ripple in the air as some of the magical wards protecting the doorway fade to allow them entry.
  7. The immediate interior was essentially an actual clinic lobby. It even had a receptionist station opposite the front door, which had a girl lightly dozing off while lying on the desk. Just to the right of that was another door leading further back, as well as a stairway nearby leading up to the second floor.
  9. The second floor landing, at the top of the stairs, had a salmon ladder in view near an open double doorway which led into a common room-equivalent.
  11. Said common area was a spacious place divided into a few sections. One of the two most prominent being an entertainment lounge with couches, comfy chairs, coffee tables, bookshelves, and more than one sizable TV with accompanying electronics. Plus a large, lovely Moroccan rug, amongst other things. The other was an open kitchen with a fridge, stove, oven, microwave, and other such appliances, along with well-sized counters. The floor was, again, smooth cement or another similarly rocky material, but a large amount of carpets and rugs on the floor helped to brighten the room up and make it not so hard underfoot.
  13. There were three hallways leading elsewhere that were quite large, and other doorways could be seen from the common room area.
  15. “Only when she is unsupervised.” Mirabelle then nodded and strode towards the kitchen area, heading into the hallway leading out from there and to the third closest door. “This is my own room, which I share with Karpinsky, though she is out at the moment.” She opened the door and flicked on the light.
  17. The room was medium as far as size went, not too big, not too small, though it did lean towards large. There was a king-size bed, a couple nightstands, one more bookcase, a dresser, a closet, and a good-sized bathroom. There were a few tapestries or wall rugs hanging on the walls, which lent the room some more color and decoration.
  19. She opened a door and showed Kiri the inside of this next room, which was a little smaller than the one she shared with Karpinsky and bare of furniture and decoration.
  21. “No.” Mirabelle shook her head, causing her fluffy snow-white hair to swish about rather appealingly. “The other rooms are much the same as this, but 'tis one last major stop to which we must go.” She wore a knowing smile as she shut the door and walked the opposite way they'd come. At the end of the hallway was a set of double doors. “I believe you may enjoy this.”
  23. Lilac was momentarily placed on the ground, allowing Mirabelle to throw the doors open. Steam drifted out, and it took a couple seconds before Kiri could see clearly inside. In the middle of the room was a large pillar, round and thick, going from the ceiling to the floor. Er, well, “floor”, since it was the bottom of a pool. Rather, it seemed to be a pool-sized hot tub, or jazuzzi or onsen or whatever you wanted to call it. A multitude of steam arose from the hot, bubbling water, which would also make it difficult to see someone on the other side of the pool.
  25. Immediately to their right was a clothing and shoe shelving unit that sat a few meters away from a shower.
  27. There was a “seat” that extended from the wall of the pool all the way around, allowing on to sit, lean back, and relax. There is also a similar extended lip on the pillar, allowing one to sit there and do the same if they so wish, though the water is a little deeper there than at the wall.
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