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  2. To whom it may concern,
  4. I'm very upset.  I bought this crayola ipad toy as a present for my two year old daughter for her birthday.  I was not told I had thirty days to return or exchange.  The product does not work properly.  I went to the Stony brook, NY store and spoke to assistant manager Kate. First the rep told me the manufacturer will not take back from best buy.  Then Kate told me she could not exchange because over thirty day but she noted I'm a platinum customer so I'm entitle 45 days. I spent thousands of dollars at best buy.  I can't believe such a company would sell merchandise that best buy could insure the product is functional after only 45-60 days. The toy is only $29. If best buy can't exchange such a low price item what if it was my dishwasher or $2500 tv I bought from you that had a defect.
  6. Sincerely, one unhappy customer,
  7. Richard Knuth
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