Kingdom Hearts Series Song Files (PC Versions)

Sep 4th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. == Kingdom Hearts Final Mix ==
  2. music097.win32.scd Disappeared (No Intro)
  3. music098.win32.scd One-Winged Angel (from FINAL FANTASY VII) (No Intro)
  4. music099.win32.scd Disappeared (With Intro)
  5. music0101.win32.scd Deep Jungle (Deep Jungle Field Music)
  6. music0102.win32.scd Having a Wild Time (Deep Jungle Battle Music)
  7. music0103.win32.scd Olympus Coliseum (Olympus Coliseum Field Music)
  8. music0104.win32.scd Traverse Town (Traverse Town Field Music)
  9. music0105.win32.scd Destiny Islands (Destiny Islands Field Music)
  10. music0106.win32.scd Where is This? (Part 1)
  11. music0107.win32.scd Where is This? (Part 2)
  12. music0108.win32.scd The Heartless Has Come (Part 2)
  13. music0109.win32.scd Where is This? (Part 3)
  14. music0110.win32.scd Dearly Beloved (KH1 Version)
  15. music0111.win32.scd Shrouding Dark Cloud
  16. music0112.win32.scd Hand in Hand
  17. music0113.win32.scd The Heartless Has Come (Part 1)
  18. music0114.win32.scd The Heartless Has Come (Part 3)
  19. music0115.win32.scd The Heartless Has Come (Part 2)
  20. music0116.win32.scd Welcome to Wonderland (Wonderland Field Music)
  21. music0117.win32.scd A Very Small Wish (Monstro Field Music)
  22. music0118.win32.scd To Our Surprise (Wonderland Battle Music)
  23. music0119.win32.scd Bustin' Up on the Beach (Destiny Islands Battle Music)
  24. music0120.win32.scd Go for It! (Olympus Coliseum Battle Music)
  25. music0121.win32.scd Monstrous Monstro (Monstro Battle Music)
  26. music0122.win32.scd Blast Away! -Gummi Ship I-
  27. music0123.win32.scd Blast Away! -Gummi Ship II-
  28. music0124.win32.scd Shipmeisters' Humoresque
  29. music0125.win32.scd Precious Stars in the Sky
  30. music0126.win32.scd Turning the Key
  31. music0127.win32.scd A Day in Agrabah (Agrabah Field Music)
  32. music0128.win32.scd Arabian Dream (Agrabah Battle Music)
  33. music0129.win32.scd Captain Hook's Pirate Ship (Neverland Field Music 1)
  34. music0130.win32.scd Never Land Sky (Neverland Field Music 2)
  35. music0131.win32.scd Night of Fate
  36. music0132.win32.scd Dive into the Heart -Destati-
  37. music0140.win32.scd Under the Sea (Atlantica Field Music)
  38. music0141.win32.scd Winnie the Pooh
  39. music0142.win32.scd Dive into the Heart -Destati- (After Darkside I)
  40. music0143.win32.scd Mickey Mouse Club March
  41. music0144.win32.scd This is Halloween (Halloween Town Field Music)
  42. music0145.win32.scd Destiny's Force
  43. music0146.win32.scd Pirate's Gigue (Neverland Battle Music)
  44. music0147.win32.scd An Adventure in Atlantica (Atlantica Battle Music)
  45. music0148.win32.scd Blast Away! -Gummi Ship III-
  46. music0149.win32.scd Spooks of Halloween Town (Halloween Town Battle Music)
  47. music0150.win32.scd Squirming Evil
  48. music0151.win32.scd The Deep End
  49. music0152.win32.scd Hollow Bastion (Hollow Bastion Field Music)
  50. music0153.win32.scd Scherzo Di Notte (Hollow Bastion Battle Music)
  51. music0154.win32.scd End of the World (End of the World Field Music)
  52. music0155.win32.scd Fragments of Sorrow (End of the World Battle Music)
  53. music0156.win32.scd Guardando nel buio
  54. music0157.win32.scd Holy Bananas!
  55. music0158.win32.scd Bounce-O-Rama
  56. music0159.win32.scd Once Upon a Time
  57. music0160.win32.scd Kairi I
  58. music0161.win32.scd Kairi II
  59. music0162.win32.scd Villains of a Sort (Short)
  60. music0163.win32.scd Villains of a Sort
  61. music0164.win32.scd Road to a Hero
  62. music0165.win32.scd This is Halloween (Halloween Town Field Music, 1st Visit Version)
  63. music0166.win32.scd Strange Whispers (22-Second Version)
  64. music0167.win32.scd Strange Whispers (13-Second Version)
  65. music0168.win32.scd Strange Whispers
  66. music0169.win32.scd Strange Whispers (15-Second Version)
  67. music0170.win32.scd A Piece of Peace
  68. music0171.win32.scd Strange Whispers (5-Second Version)
  69. music0172.win32.scd A Walk in Andante
  70. music0173.win32.scd No Time to Think
  71. music0174.win32.scd An Intense Situation
  72. music0175.win32.scd Unknown 3 [Kairi in Cabin]
  73. music0176.win32.scd Friends in My Heart
  74. music0177.win32.scd Tricksy Clock
  75. music0178.win32.scd Treasured Memories
  76. music0179.win32.scd Miracle
  77. music0180.win32.scd Kairi III
  78. music0181.win32.scd HIKARI -KINGDOM HEARTS Instrumental Version-
  79. music0182.win32.scd Mickey Mouse Club March (Intro Only)
  80. music0183.win32.scd Oopsy-Daisy
  81. music0184.win32.scd Merlin's Magical House
  82. music0185.win32.scd Forze Del Male
  83. music0186.win32.scd Unknown 2 [Plenty Of Hunny!]
  84. music0187.win32.scd Just an Itty Bitty Too Much
  85. music0188.win32.scd It Began with a Letter
  86. music0189.win32.scd Blast Away! -Gummi Ship I- (Cutscene Version 1)
  87. music0190.win32.scd Blast Away! -Gummi Ship I- (Cutscene Version 2)
  88. music0191.win32.scd Beyond the Door
  89. music0192.win32.scd Always on My Mind
  90. music0193.win32.scd Dearly Beloved -Reprise- (KH1 Version)
  91. music0194.win32.scd Guardando nel buio (No Intro)
  92. music0196.win32.scd One-Winged Angel (from FINAL FANTASY VII)
  93. music0197.win32.scd A Night on Bare Mountain
  95. == Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories ==
  96. 01F_Town_B.win32.scd Hand in Hand
  97. 01F_Town_F.win32.scd Traverse Town
  98. 03F_Hercul.win32.scd Olympus Coliseum
  99. 03F_Hercules_B.win32.scd Go for It
  100. 12_Event_Yuttari.win32.scd La Pace
  101. 13_Event_Namine.win32.scd Naminé
  102. 14_Event_Odayaka.win32.scd Piccolo Resto
  103. 15_Event_XIII.win32.scd Thirteenth Discretion
  104. 16_XIIIBoss1.win32.scd The 13th Struggle (Re:Chain of Memories Version)
  105. 17_Halloween_F.win32.scd This is Halloween
  106. 18_Helloween_B.win32.scd Spooks of Halloween Town
  107. 19_Alice_Field.win32.scd Welcome to Wonderland
  108. 20_Event_13thFloor.win32.scd The 13th Floor
  109. 21_Alice_Battle.win32.scd To Our Surprise
  110. 22_PeterPan_Field.win32.scd Captain Hook's Pirate Ship
  111. 23_PeterPan_Battle.win32.scd Pirate's Gigue
  112. 24_Pinocchio_Field.win32.scd A Very Small Wish
  113. 25_Aladdin_F.win32.scd A Day in Agrabah
  114. 26_Aladdin_B.win32.scd Arabian Dream
  115. 27_Pinocchio_B.win32.scd Monstrous Monstro
  116. 28_Forget_F.win32.scd Castle Oblivion
  117. 29_Forget_B.win32.scd Forgotten Challenge
  118. 30_Twilight_F.win32.scd Lazy Afternoons
  119. 31_Twilight_B.win32.scd Sinister Sundown
  120. 32_Destiny_F.win32.scd Destiny Islands (Re:Chain of Memories Version)
  121. 33_Destiny_B.win32.scd Night of Fate (Re:Chain of Memories Version)
  122. 34_Boss_RikuAnsem.win32.scd Revenge of Chaos
  123. 35_Boss_NiseRiku.win32.scd The Force in You
  124. 36_WinnieThePooh.win32.scd Winnie the Pooh
  125. 37_LastBoss1.win32.scd Graceful Assassin
  126. 38_UnderTheSea.win32.scd Under the Sea
  127. 39_LittleMermaid_B.win32.scd An Adventure in Atlantica
  128. 40_LastBoss2.win32.scd Scythe of Petals
  129. 41_LastBoss3.win32.scd Lord of the Castle
  130. 42_Hollow_F.win32.scd Hollow Bastion
  131. 43_Hollow_B.win32.scd Scherzo Di Notte
  132. 44_PooGame1.win32.scd March-A-Long
  133. 45_PoohGame2.win32.scd Dash-A-Long
  134. Boss1.win32.scd Struggle Away
  135. Boss2_World.win32.scd The Fight for My Friends
  136. Event_Unrest.win32.scd Disquieting
  137. Event1_Kinpak.win32.scd Face It!
  138. Event2_.win32.scd Just Wondering
  139. Event4.win32.scd Scent of Silence
  140. Title.win32.scd Dearly Beloved (Re:Chain of Memories Version)
  142. == Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days == (Movies/Mare)
  143. bgm_201.win32.scd Dearly Beloved (358/2 Days Version)
  144. bgm_202.win32.scd Sinister Sundown
  145. bgm_203.win32.scd Lazy Afternoons
  146. bgm_204.win32.scd Destiny's Force
  147. bgm_205.win32.scd Welcome to Wonderland
  148. bgm_206.win32.scd To Our Surprise
  149. bgm_207.win32.scd Olympus Coliseum
  150. bgm_208.win32.scd Go for It!
  151. bgm_209.win32.scd This is Halloween
  152. bgm_210.win32.scd Spooks of Halloween Town
  153. bgm_211.win32.scd A Day in Agrabah
  154. bgm_212.win32.scd Arabian Dream
  155. bgm_213.win32.scd Mystic Moon
  156. bgm_214.win32.scd Critical Drive
  157. bgm_215.win32.scd Sacred Moon (358/2 Days Version)
  158. bgm_216.win32.scd Waltz of the Damned
  159. bgm_217.win32.scd Dance of the Daring
  160. bgm_218.win32.scd Organization XIII (From Original KH2)
  161. bgm_219.win32.scd Roxas
  162. bgm_220.win32.scd Tension Rising (From Original KH2)
  163. bgm_221.win32.scd Rowdy Rumble
  164. bgm_222.win32.scd Musique pour la tristesse de Xion (Xion's Theme)
  165. bgm_223.win32.scd Shrouding Dark Cloud
  166. bgm_224.win32.scd Vim & Vigor (From Original KH2)
  167. bgm_225.win32.scd Riku (From Original KH2)
  168. bgm_226.win32.scd Strange Whispers
  169. bgm_227.win32.scd Apprehension
  170. bgm_228.win32.scd Friends in My Heart
  171. bgm_229.win32.scd Missing You (From Original KH2)
  172. bgm_230.win32.scd Xemnas
  173. bgm_231.win32.scd Secret of Neverland
  174. bgm_232.win32.scd Crossing to Neverland
  175. bgm_233.win32.scd At Dusk, I Will Think of You...
  176. bgm_234.win32.scd Fight and Away
  177. bgm_235.win32.scd Another Side - Battle Ver. - (358/2 Days Version)
  178. bgm_236.win32.scd Vector to the Heavens
  179. bgm_237.win32.scd Dearly Beloved -Reprise-
  180. bgm_238.win32.scd Treasured Memories
  181. bgm_239.win32.scd Face It! (From Re:Chain of Memories)
  182. bgm_240.win32.scd Kairi III
  183. bgm_241.win32.scd Treasured Memories (Same Version as bgm_238.win32.scd)
  184. bgm_242.win32.scd Disquieting (From Re:Chain of Memories)
  185. bgm_243.win32.scd The Other Promise (From Original KH2)
  186. bgm_244.win32.scd Another Side (No Intro)
  187. bgm_245.win32.scd Another Side - Battle Ver. - (No Intro)
  189. == Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix ==
  190. End_Piano.win32.scd Dearly Beloved -Reprise- (KH2 Version)
  191. GM1_Asteroid.win32.scd Asteroid Attack
  192. GM2_Highway.win32.scd Hazardous Highway
  193. GM3_Cloud.win32.scd Cloudchasers
  194. GM4_Floating.win32.scd Floating in Bliss
  195. GM5_Senkan.win32.scd Battleship Bravery
  196. music050.win32.scd Dive into the Heart -Destati- (KH2 Version)
  197. music051.win32.scd Fragments of Sorrow (KH2 Version)
  198. music052.win32.scd The Afternoon Streets (Twilight Town Field Music)
  199. music053.win32.scd Working Together (Twilight Town Battle Music)
  200. music054.win32.scd Sacred Moon
  201. music055.win32.scd Deep Drive
  202. music059.win32.scd A Fight to the Death
  203. music060.win32.scd Darkness of the Unknown (Part 1 - Dragon Xemnas)
  204. music061.win32.scd Darkness of the Unknown (Part 2 - Armor Xemnas II)
  205. music062.win32.scd Darkness of the Unknown (Part 3 - Final Xemnas)
  206. music063.win32.scd The 13th Reflection
  207. music064.win32.scd What A Surprise?! (Christmas Town Field Music)
  208. music065.win32.scd Happy Holidays! (Christmas Town Battle Music)
  209. music066.win32.scd The Other Promise
  210. music067.win32.scd Rage Awakened
  211. music068.win32.scd Cavern of Remembrance (Cavern of Remembrance Field Music)
  212. music069.win32.scd Deep Anxiety (Cavern of Remembrance Battle Music)
  213. music081.win32.scd Beneath the Ground
  214. music082.win32.scd The Escapade
  215. music084.win32.scd Arabian Daydream
  216. music085.win32.scd Byte Striking
  217. music086.win32.scd Spooks of Halloween Town (Halloween Town Battle Music)
  218. music087.win32.scd Disappeared
  219. music088.win32.scd Sora
  220. music089.win32.scd Friends in My Heart
  221. music090.win32.scd Riku
  222. music091.win32.scd Kairi
  223. music092.win32.scd A Walk in Andante
  224. music093.win32.scd Villains of a Sort
  225. music094.win32.scd Organization XIII
  226. music095.win32.scd Apprehension
  227. music096.win32.scd Courage
  228. music097.win32.scd Laughter and Merriment
  229. music098.win32.scd Hesitation
  230. music099.win32.scd Missing You
  231. music100.win32.scd The Underworld (Olympus Coliseum Field Music 1)
  232. music101.win32.scd Waltz of the Damned (Beast's Castle Field Music)
  233. music102.win32.scd What Lies Beneath (Olympus Coliseum Battle Music)
  234. music103.win32.scd Olympus Coliseum (Olympus Coliseum Field Music 2)
  235. music104.win32.scd Dance of the Daring (Beast's Castle Battle Music)
  236. music106.win32.scd Under the Sea (Japanese Version)
  237. music107.win32.scd Ursula's Revenge (Japanese Version)
  238. music108.win32.scd Part of Your World (Japanese Version)
  239. music109.win32.scd A New Day is Dawning (Japanese Version)
  240. music110.win32.scd The Encounter
  241. music111.win32.scd Sinister Shadows
  242. music112.win32.scd Fields of Honor (The Land of Dragons Battle Music)
  243. music113.win32.scd Swim This Way (Japanese Version)
  244. music114.win32.scd Tension Rising
  245. music115.win32.scd The Corrupted
  246. music116.win32.scd The Home of Dragons (The Land of Dragons Field Music)
  247. music117.win32.scd Rowdy Rumble
  248. music118.win32.scd Lazy Afternoons (Simulated Twilight Town Field Music)
  249. music119.win32.scd Sinister Sundown (Simulated Twilight Town Battle Music)
  250. music120.win32.scd Beneath the Ground
  251. music121.win32.scd Desire for All That Is Lost
  252. music122.win32.scd Let's Sing and Dance! (Part 1)
  253. music123.win32.scd Let's Sing and Dance! (Part 2)
  254. music124.win32.scd Let's Sing and Dance! (Part 2.5)
  255. music125.win32.scd Let's Sing and Dance! (Finished)
  256. music127.win32.scd A Day in Agrabah (KH2 Version)
  257. music128.win32.scd Arabian Dream (KH2 Version)
  258. music129.win32.scd Isn't It Lovely?
  259. music130.win32.scd Let's Sing and Dance!
  260. music131.win32.scd Dance to the Death
  261. music132.win32.scd Beauty and the Beast
  262. music133.win32.scd Magical Mystery (Mysterious Tower Field Music)
  263. music134.win32.scd Working Together (Mysterious Tower Battle Music)
  264. music135.win32.scd Space Paranoids (Space Paranoids Field Music)
  265. music136.win32.scd Byte Bashing (Space Paranoids Battle Music)
  266. music137.win32.scd A Twinkle in the Sky (World Map Music)
  267. music138.win32.scd Shipmeisters' Shanty
  268. music139.win32.scd Gearing Up
  269. music141.win32.scd Winnie the Pooh (KH2 Version)
  270. music142.win32.scd Crossing the Finish Line
  271. music143.win32.scd Mickey Mouse Club March (KH2 Version)
  272. music144.win32.scd This is Halloween (Halloween Town Field Music)
  273. music145.win32.scd Vim and Vigor
  274. music146.win32.scd Roxas
  275. music148.win32.scd Blast Off!
  276. music149.win32.scd Spooks of Halloween Town (Halloween Town Battle Music)
  277. music151.win32.scd The 13th Struggle
  278. music152.win32.scd Reviving Hollow Bastion (Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden Field Music)
  279. music153.win32.scd Scherzo Di Notte (Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden Battle Music)
  280. music154.win32.scd Nights of the Cursed (Port Royal Field Music)
  281. music155.win32.scd He's a Pirate (Port Royal Battle Music, No Intro)
  282. music158.win32.scd Bounce-O-Rama (KH2 Version)
  283. music159.win32.scd Bounce-O-Rama (Speed up ver.)
  284. music164.win32.scd Road to a Hero
  285. music185.win32.scd The 13th Dilemma
  286. music186.win32.scd Adventures in the Savannah (Pride Lands Field Music)
  287. music187.win32.scd Savannah Pride (Pride Lands Battle Music)
  288. music188.win32.scd One-Winged Angel (from FINAL FANTASY VII) (KH2 Version)
  289. music189.win32.scd Monochrome Dreams (Timeless River Field Music)
  290. music190.win32.scd Old Friends, Old Rivals (Timeless River Battle Music)
  291. music506.win32.scd Under the Sea (English Version)
  292. music507.win32.scd Ursula's Revenge (English Version)
  293. music508.win32.scd Part of Your World (English Version)
  294. music509.win32.scd A New Day is Dawning (English Version)
  295. music513.win32.scd Swim This Way (English Version)
  296. music517.win32.scd Rowdy Rumble (Timeless River Version)
  297. music521.win32.scd Desire for All That Is Lost (Timeless River Version)
  298. music530.win32.scd He's a Pirate (Port Royal Battle Music, with Intro)
  299. Title.win32.scd Dearly Beloved (KH2 Version)
  301. == Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix ==
  302. 001sinde_f.win32.scd Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (Castle of Dreams Field Music)
  303. 002sinde_b.win32.scd Castle Escapade (Castle of Dreams Battle Music)
  304. 003nemure_f.win32.scd The Silent Forest (Enchanted Dominion Field Music)
  305. 004nemure_b.win32.scd The Rustling Forest (Enchanted Dominion Battle Music)
  306. 005syugyo_f.win32.scd The Promised Beginning (The Land of Departure Field Music)
  307. 006syugyo_b.win32.scd Future Masters (The Land of Departure Battle Music)
  308. 007shira_f.win32.scd The Secret Whispers (Dwarf Woodlands Field Music)
  309. 008shira_b.win32.scd Risky Romp (Dwarf Woodlands Battle Music)
  310. 009raydi_f.win32.scd Radiant Garden (Radiant Garden Field Music)
  311. 010raydi_b.win32.scd Black Garden (Radiant Garden Battle Music)
  312. 011distow_f.win32.scd Mickey Mouse March (Disney Town Field Music)
  313. 012distow_b.win32.scd Up Down Adventure (Disney Town Battle Music)
  314. 013never_f.win32.scd Daydream upon Neverland (Neverland Field Music)
  315. 014never_b.win32.scd Neverland's Scherzo (Neverland Battle Music)
  316. 015herc_f.win32.scd Olympus Coliseum (Olympus Coliseum Field Music)
  317. 016herc_b.win32.scd Go for It! (Olympus Coliseum Battle Music)
  318. 017riro_f.win32.scd Hau'oli, Hau'oli (Deep Space Field Music)
  319. 018riro_b.win32.scd Mákaukau? (Deep Space Battle Music)
  320. 019iensid_f.win32.scd Magical Mystery (Mysterious Tower Field Music)
  321. 020iensid_b.win32.scd Working Together (Mysterious Tower Battle Music)
  322. 021kouya_f.win32.scd Keyblade Graveyard Horizon
  323. 022disice_f.win32.scd Destiny Islands (Birth by Sleep Version)
  324. 023tsusin_f.win32.scd Dearly Dreams
  325. 030youki.win32.scd Innocent Times
  326. 031isamashi.win32.scd Cheers for the Brave
  327. 032odayaka.win32.scd Peaceful Hearts
  328. 033fuon.win32.scd Drops of Poison
  329. 034kanasii.win32.scd Tears of the Light
  330. 035kinpaku.win32.scd Shaded Truths
  331. 036seisin.win32.scd Dive into the Heart -Destati-
  332. 037yami.win32.scd Beyond the Door
  333. 038ria_deai.win32.scd Eternal Moments
  334. 040anba_b1.win32.scd The Tumbling
  335. 041anba_b2.win32.scd Unforgettable
  336. 042dis_b1.win32.scd Vim and Vigor -Birth by Sleep Version-
  337. 043dis_b2.win32.scd The Encounter -Birth by Sleep Version-
  338. 044vanita_b.win32.scd Enter the Darkness
  339. 045anthem_b.win32.scd Black Powder
  340. 046last_b1.win32.scd Unbreakable Chains
  341. 047last_b2.win32.scd Dismiss
  342. 048hanyo_b1.win32.scd Extreme Encounters
  343. 049hanyo_b2.win32.scd Destiny's Force
  344. 050title.win32.scd Dearly Beloved (Birth by Sleep Version)
  345. 051worldmap.win32.scd The Worlds
  346. 060tera.win32.scd Terra
  347. 061aqua.win32.scd Aqua
  348. 062ven.win32.scd Ventus
  349. 063kairi1.win32.scd Kairi (Birth by Sleep Version)
  350. 066peet.win32.scd Hero or Heel
  351. 067disvill.win32.scd Villains of a Sort
  352. 068zea.win32.scd Xehanort
  353. 069braig.win32.scd Organization XIII
  354. 070key_l.win32.scd The Key of Light
  355. 071key_d.win32.scd The Key of Darkness
  356. 072key_l_d.win32.scd The Key
  357. 073kizuna.win32.scd Destiny's Union
  358. 074zack.win32.scd A Date with Fate
  359. 100ice1_128.win32.scd It's a Small World
  360. 101ice1_132.win32.scd It's a Small World
  361. 102ice_2.win32.scd Dessert Paradise
  362. 103fruit.win32.scd Fresh Fruit Balls
  363. 104dice.win32.scd Dice & Shine
  364. 105poomini.win32.scd March-A-Long
  365. 106cartrace.win32.scd Go! Go! Rumble Racer
  366. 107syugyo.win32.scd The Promised Beginning (The Land of Departure Field Music) (Command Board)
  367. 108riro.win32.scd Hau'oli, Hau'oli (Deep Space Field Music) (Command Board)
  368. 109training.win32.scd Road to a Hero (Birth by Sleep Version)
  369. 110han_bt1.win32.scd Rowdy Rumble -Birth by Sleep Version-
  370. 111han_bt2.win32.scd Shrouding Dark Cloud -Birth by Sleep Version-
  371. 112rage_bt.win32.scd Rage Awakened -The Origin-
  372. 113kh1tit.win32.scd Dearly Beloved (From KH1, used at Battle Report)
  373. 114raceview.win32.scd Big Race
  374. 115boss.win32.scd Enter the Void
  375. 116icon.win32.scd Dearly Beloved (Birth by Sleep Version) (10-Second Version)
  376. 117short_l2.win32.scd Another Side - Battle Ver. - (Birth by Sleep Version)
  377. 118gumi.win32.scd Blast Away! -Gummi Ship II- (From Original KH1)
  378. 119desti.win32.scd Destiny Islands (From Original KH1)
  379. 120hand.win32.scd Hand in Hand (From Original KH1)
  380. 122nazono.win32.scd Dark Impetus
  381. 123rev.win32.scd Mysterious Figure's Time Reverse Loop
  382. 124dp_amb.win32.scd Ambient Wind Sounds from Destroyed Land of Departure
  383. 125yami_f.win32.scd Night of the Dark Dream (Realm of Darkness Field Music)
  384. 126yami_b.win32.scd Night of Tragedy (Realm of Darkness Battle Music)
  385. 127Xeha_b.win32.scd Forze dell Oscurita
  386. 128Eraqu_b.win32.scd Master, Tell Me the Truth
  387. 129Pure_b.win32.scd Hunter of the Dark
  388. 130Mons_b.win32.scd Monstrous Monstro -Arena Ver.-
  390. == Kingdom Hearts Re:coded == (Movies/Mare)
  391. bgm_000.win32.scd Destiny's Union (From Birth by Sleep)
  392. bgm_001.win32.scd A Day in Agrabah
  393. bgm_002.win32.scd A Walk in Andante
  394. bgm_003.win32.scd Apprehension (From Original KH2)
  395. bgm_004.win32.scd Arabian Dream (From Original KH2)
  396. bgm_005.win32.scd Courage (From Original KH2)
  397. bgm_006.win32.scd Dearly Beloved (Re:coded Version)
  398. bgm_007.win32.scd Destiny Islands
  399. bgm_008.win32.scd Destati (Orchestrated Version) (Length: 5:49)
  400. bgm_009.win32.scd Destiny's Force
  401. bgm_010.win32.scd Dive into the Heart -Destati- (From KH1) (Length: 9:56)
  402. bgm_011.win32.scd Friends in My Heart
  403. bgm_012.win32.scd Guardando nel buio (From Original KH1)
  404. bgm_013.win32.scd Hollow Bastion
  405. bgm_014.win32.scd It Began with a Letter
  406. bgm_015.win32.scd Link to All
  407. bgm_016.win32.scd Night of Fate (From Original KH1)
  408. bgm_017.win32.scd Naminé
  409. bgm_018.win32.scd No Time to Think (From Original KH1)
  410. bgm_019.win32.scd Olympus Coliseum (From Original KH1)
  411. bgm_020.win32.scd Organization XIII
  412. bgm_021.win32.scd Riku
  413. bgm_022.win32.scd Rowdy Rumble
  414. bgm_023.win32.scd Roxas (From Original KH2)
  415. bgm_024.win32.scd Scherzo Di Notte (From Original KH1)
  416. bgm_025.win32.scd Shrouding Dark Cloud (From Original KH1)
  417. bgm_026.win32.scd Squirming Evil (From Original KH1)
  418. bgm_027.win32.scd Strange Whispers (From Original KH1)
  419. bgm_028.win32.scd To Our Surprise (From Original KH1)
  420. bgm_029.win32.scd Traverse Town (From Original KH1)
  421. bgm_030.win32.scd Villains of a Sort
  422. bgm_031.win32.scd Vim & Vigor
  423. bgm_032.win32.scd Welcome to Wonderland (From Original KH1)
  424. bgm_033.win32.scd Castle Oblivion
  425. bgm_034.win32.scd Dive into the Heart -Destati- (From KH2)
  426. bgm_035.win32.scd Dearly Beloved -Reprise-
  427. bgm_036.win32.scd Forze Del Male (From Original KH1)
  429. == Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance ==
  430. bgm_001.win32.scd Traverse in Trance (Traverse Town Field Music)
  431. bgm_002.win32.scd One for All (Country of the Musketeers Field Music)
  432. bgm_003.win32.scd The Fun Fair (Prankster's Paradise Field Music)
  433. bgm_004.win32.scd A Very Small Wish (Monstro Field Music)
  434. bgm_005.win32.scd Symphony No. 6 Pastoral Op. 68 (Sora's Symphony of Sorcery Music)
  435. bgm_006.win32.scd The Nutcracker Suite Op. 71 (Riku's Symphony of Sorcery Music)
  436. bgm_007.win32.scd L'Apprenti Sorcier (Symphony of Sorcery Music)
  437. bgm_008.win32.scd Night on Bald Mountain
  438. bgm_009.win32.scd La Cloche (La Cité des Cloches Field Music)
  439. bgm_010.win32.scd Magical Mystery (Mysterious Tower Field Music)
  440. bgm_011.win32.scd Access the Grid (The Grid Field Music)
  441. bgm_012.win32.scd Sacred Distance (KH3D The World That Never Was Field Music)
  442. bgm_013.win32.scd Sacred Moon (KH2 The World That Never Was Field Music)
  443. bgm_014.win32.scd Hand to Hand (Traverse Town Battle Music)
  444. bgm_015.win32.scd All for One (Country of the Musketeers Battle Music)
  445. bgm_016.win32.scd Prankster's Party (Prankster's Paradise Battle Music)
  446. bgm_017.win32.scd Monstrous Monstro (Monstro Battle Music)
  447. bgm_018.win32.scd Le Sanctuaire (La Cité des Cloches Field Music)
  448. bgm_019.win32.scd Working Together (Mysterious Tower Field Music)
  449. bgm_020.win32.scd Digital Domination (The Grid Battle Music)
  450. bgm_021.win32.scd Deep Drop (KH3D The World That Never Was Battle Music)
  451. bgm_022.win32.scd Deep Drive (KH2 The World That Never Was Battle Music)
  452. bgm_023.win32.scd Majestic Wings
  453. bgm_024.win32.scd UNTAMABLE
  454. bgm_025.win32.scd Ice-hot Lobster
  455. bgm_026.win32.scd Gigabyte Mantis
  456. bgm_027.win32.scd Rowdy Rumble
  457. bgm_028.win32.scd The Encounter -Birth by Sleep Version-
  458. bgm_029.win32.scd L'Oscurità dell' Ignoto
  459. bgm_030.win32.scd L'Eminenza Oscura I
  460. bgm_031.win32.scd L'Eminenza Oscura II
  461. bgm_032.win32.scd L'Impeto Oscuro
  462. bgm_033.win32.scd Destiny's Force
  463. bgm_034.win32.scd Shrouding Dark Cloud
  464. bgm_035.win32.scd Dream Matchup
  465. bgm_036.win32.scd The Flick Finalist
  466. bgm_037.win32.scd The World of Dream Drops (World Map Music)
  467. bgm_038.win32.scd Dearly Beloved (Dream Drop Distance Version)
  468. bgm_039.win32.scd Innocent Times
  469. bgm_040.win32.scd Cheers for the Brave
  470. bgm_041.win32.scd Peaceful Hearts
  471. bgm_042.win32.scd Drops of Poison
  472. bgm_043.win32.scd Tears of the Light
  473. bgm_044.win32.scd Shaded Truths
  474. bgm_045.win32.scd Broken Reality
  475. bgm_046.win32.scd Ever After
  476. bgm_047.win32.scd Sora
  477. bgm_048.win32.scd Riku
  478. bgm_050.win32.scd Road to a Hero
  479. bgm_051.win32.scd Villains of a Sort
  480. bgm_052.win32.scd Strange Whispers
  481. bgm_053.win32.scd Night of Fate
  482. bgm_059.win32.scd The Key of Light
  483. bgm_060.win32.scd The Key of Darkness
  484. bgm_061.win32.scd Xehanort
  485. bgm_062.win32.scd Xehanort -The Early Years-
  486. bgm_063.win32.scd Xigbar
  487. bgm_065.win32.scd Organization XIII
  488. bgm_066.win32.scd Destiny's Union
  489. bgm_067.win32.scd Dream Eaters
  490. bgm_068.win32.scd TWISTER -KINGDOM MIX-
  491. bgm_069.win32.scd CALLING -KINGDOM MIX- (No Intro)
  492. bgm_070.win32.scd Dearly Beloved (End of Symphony of Sorcery Cutscene 1)
  493. bgm_071.win32.scd Dearly Beloved (End of Symphony of Sorcery Cutscene 2)
  494. bgm_072.win32.scd Symphony of Sorcery Music
  495. bgm_073.win32.scd Symphony of Sorcery Music (Spellican Battle Music)
  496. bgm_074.win32.scd Symphony of Sorcery Music
  497. bgm_075.win32.scd The Dream
  498. bgm_076.win32.scd The Nightmare
  499. bgm_077.win32.scd Link to All
  500. bgm_078.win32.scd Distant from You...
  501. bgm_083.win32.scd Sweet Spirits
  502. bgm_084.win32.scd Ready to Rush
  503. bgm_085.win32.scd Victor's Pride
  504. bgm_086.win32.scd Keyblade Cycle
  505. bgm_087.win32.scd Storm Diver
  506. bgm_088.win32.scd Wild Blue
  507. bgm_089.win32.scd My Heart's Descent
  508. bgm_091.win32.scd Dream Drop Distance -The Next Awakening-
  509. bgm_093.win32.scd The Eye of Darkness
  510. bgm_094.win32.scd The Dread of Night
  511. bgm_095.win32.scd SOMEDAY -KINGDOM MIX-
  512. bgm_096.win32.scd Hand in Hand (KH2 Ending Version)
  513. bgm_097.win32.scd Oopsy-Daisy
  514. bgm_098.win32.scd TWISTER -KINGDOM MIX-
  515. bgm_099.win32.scd CALLING -KINGDOM MIX- (With Intro)
  516. bgm_100.win32.scd Symphony of Sorcery Reality Shift 1 (Full)
  517. bgm_101.win32.scd Symphony of Sorcery Reality Shift 1 (1st Half 1)
  518. bgm_102.win32.scd Symphony of Sorcery Reality Shift 1 (1st Half 2)
  519. bgm_103.win32.scd Symphony of Sorcery Reality Shift 2 (Full)
  520. bgm_104.win32.scd Symphony of Sorcery Reality Shift 2 (1st Third)
  521. bgm_105.win32.scd Symphony of Sorcery Reality Shift 2 (2nd Third)
  522. bgm_106.win32.scd Symphony of Sorcery Reality Shift 3 (Full)
  523. bgm_107.win32.scd Symphony of Sorcery Reality Shift 3 (1st Half)
  524. bgm_109.win32.scd Symphony of Sorcery Reality Shift 4 (Full)
  525. bgm_110.win32.scd Symphony of Sorcery Reality Shift 5 (Not Full)
  526. bgm_111.win32.scd Symphony of Sorcery Reality Shift 5 (Not Full)
  527. bgm_112.win32.scd Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts II Version)
  528. bgm_113.win32.scd Dearly Beloved -Reprise-
  529. bgm_114.win32.scd Roxas
  530. bgm_115.win32.scd Ventus
  531. bgm_116.win32.scd Rinzler Recompiled
  533. == Kingdom Hearts III == (Work in Progress)
  534. BGM_attraction.uexp Hand in Hand - Attraction Flow Version-
  535. BGM_battle_bt07_darkside.uexp Dive into the Heart -Destati- - Third Inception (Darkside Battle Music)
  536. BGM_battle_dw22_antiaqua.uexp Aqua - Dark Dive-
  537. BGM_battle_kg04_darkinf.uexp Anger Unchained
  538. BGM_battle_kg06_armorx.uexp Dark Domination
  539. BGM_battle_kg06_mission1.uexp Key of the Brave
  540. BGM_battle_kg06_repx.uexp Replicas
  541. BGM_battle_kg07_mission2.uexp Link to All - Lights of Destiny-
  542. BGM_battle_kg08_terax.uexp Dismiss
  543. BGM_battle_rg10.uexp Forze dell'Oscurita - Xehanort-
  544. BGM_battle_rg11.uexp L'Eminenza Oscura I - Ansem-
  545. BGM_battle_rg12.uexp L'Oscurità dell'Ignoto - Xemnas-
  546. BGM_battle_rg13.uexp The 13th Dilemma - Xigbar-
  547. BGM_battle_rg14.uexp The 13th Struggle - Luxord-
  548. BGM_battle_rg15.uexp The 13th Struggle - Larxene-
  549. BGM_battle_rg16.uexp Lord of the Castle - Marluxia-
  550. BGM_battle_rg17.uexp The 13th Dilemma - Saïx-
  551. BGM_battle_rg18.uexp Dismiss - Terra-Xehanort-
  552. BGM_battle_rg19.uexp Forze Del Male - Dark Riku-
  553. BGM_battle_rg20.uexp Enter the Darkness - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  554. BGM_battle_rg21.uexp L'Impeto Oscuro - Young Xehanort-
  555. BGM_battle_rg22.uexp Vector to the Heavens - Xion-
  556. BGM_battle_yozora.uexp Nachtflügel
  557. BGM_bt902_battle.uexp Edge of Existence
  558. BGM_bt905_cut.uexp True Darkness
  559. BGM_bt906_cut_2.uexp Destiny's Union
  560. BGM_bt907_cut.uexp Destiny's Union
  561. BGM_bx_battle.uexp Robot Overdrive (San Fransokyo Battle Music)
  562. BGM_bx_field.uexp AR - Augmented Rhythm- (San Fransokyo Field Music 1)
  563. BGM_bx_field_2.uexp Heroes' Gathering (San Fransokyo Field Music 2)
  564. BGM_bx_flash_finish.uexp Data Trace Complete
  565. BGM_ca_battle.uexp Flags of Fury (The Caribbean Battle Music 1)
  566. BGM_ca_battle_2.uexp Flags of Fury - Leviathan Awakened- (The Caribbean Battle Music 2)
  567. BGM_ca_field.uexp A Pirate's Adventure (The Caribbean Field Music 1)
  568. BGM_ca_field_2.uexp Winds of Fate (The Caribbean Field Music 2)
  569. BGM_chu_bat_boss_1.uexp Skyward Striker
  570. BGM_cook_excellent.uexp The Little Chef (Excellent Result)
  571. BGM_cook_first.uexp The Little Chef (Faster Version)
  572. BGM_cook_jojo_first.uexp The Little Chef (Fast Version)
  573. BGM_cook_menu.uexp The Little Chef
  574. BGM_cook_miss.uexp The Little Chef (Missed Result)
  575. BGM_di_field_holo.uexp Destiny Islands
  576. BGM_dp_field_holo.uexp The Promised Beginning
  577. BGM_di604_cut.uexp Link to All
  578. BGM_dis_bat_boss_2 No Surrender!
  579. BGM_dw_field_holo.uexp Night of the Dark Dream
  580. BGM_dw151.uexp Night of the Dark Dream
  581. BGM_dw152_battle.uexp Hunter of the Dark
  582. BGM_dw153_cut_1.uexp Hunter of the Dark (2nd Half, Short Version)
  583. BGM_dw153_cut_2.uexp Riku (Short Version)
  584. BGM_dw601_battle.uexp Wave of Darkness I
  585. BGM_dw601_cut_1.uexp Hunter of the Dark (2nd Half)
  586. BGM_dw601_cut_2.uexp Aqua
  587. BGM_dw602_battle.uexp Aqua - Dark Dive-
  588. BGM_dw602_cut.uexp Sora (Cutscene Version)
  589. BGM_dw603_cut.uexp Aqua - Mirror Illusion- (Short Version)
  590. BGM_ew_battle.uexp Edge of Existence (Scala ad Caelum Battle Music)
  591. BGM_ew_field.uexp Scala ad Caelum (Scala ad Caelum Field Music)
  592. BGM_field_rg01.uexp Radiant Garden - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  593. BGM_field_rg03.uexp Cavern of Remembrance - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  594. BGM_flashtracer.uexp Flash Tracer
  595. BGM_fz_battle.uexp Miracle on Ice (Arendelle Battle Music 1)
  596. BGM_fz_battle_2.uexp Miracle on Ice - Eternal Winter- (Arendelle Battle Music 2)
  597. BGM_fz_field.uexp Frozen Wonderland (Arendelle Field Music 1)
  598. BGM_fz_field_2.uexp Frozen Wonderland - Eternal Winter- (Arendelle Field Music 2)
  599. BGM_fz_slide_result.uexp The Coolest Contest
  600. BGM_gumi_afterima.uexp THERMOSPHERE - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version- (Last Phase)
  601. BGM_gumi_battle.uexp Engage!
  602. BGM_gumi_battle_2.uexp Lock, Load, and Blast!
  603. BGM_gumi_edit.uexp Shipmeisters' Shanty - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  604. BGM_gumi_field_1.uexp First Flight
  605. BGM_gumi_field_2.uexp Star Explorer
  606. BGM_gumi_field_3.uexp The Star Fortress
  607. BGM_gumi_result.uexp Crossing the Finish Line - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  608. BGM_gumi_start.uexp Blast Off! - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  609. BGM_gumi_therm.uexp THERMOSPHERE - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version- (Part 1)
  610. BGM_gumi_therm_or.uexp THERMOSPHERE - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version- (Part 2)
  611. BGM_han_bat_boss_1.uexp Titanic Clash
  612. BGM_han_mission_1.uexp Sky High Slider
  613. BGM_han_mission_2.uexp Zero Hour - The Chase-
  614. BGM_han_mission_3.uexp Go! Go! Rumble Racer
  615. BGM_he_battle.uexp Hero's Fanfare (Olympus Battle Music 1)
  616. BGM_he_battle_2.uexp Go for It! - Into the Clouds- (Olympus Battle Music 2)
  617. BGM_he_field.uexp Olympus Coliseum - The Shining Summit- (Olympus Field Music 2)
  618. BGM_he_field_2.uexp Mount Olympus (Olympus Field Music 1)
  619. BGM_hless_bat_boss_1.uexp Anger Unchained
  620. BGM_hless_bat_boss_2.uexp The Deep End
  621. BGM_kg_BattleAreaD1.uexp Hearts as One
  622. BGM_kg_BattleAreaD2.uexp Hearts as One
  623. BGM_kg_field.uexp Graveyard Labyrinth
  624. BGM_kg_xiii_a1_battle.uexp Forze Del Male
  625. BGM_kg_xiii_a2_battle.uexp The 13th Dilemma
  626. BGM_kg_xiii_b1_battle.uexp The 13th Struggle
  627. BGM_kg_xiii_b2_battle.uexp Lord of the Castle
  628. BGM_kg_xiii_b3_battle.uexp Lord of the Castle
  629. BGM_kg_xiii_c_battle.uexp Enter the Darkness - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  630. BGM_kg851a_cut.uexp Kairi III
  631. BGM_kg852a_battle.uexp Wave of Darkness I & Wave of Darkness II
  632. BGM_kg852a_cut.uexp Rage Awakened
  633. BGM_kg852b_battle.uexp Rise of the Union
  634. BGM_kg852b_cut.uexp Wave of Darkness II
  635. BGM_kg853_cut.uexp Forze Del Male (Cutscene Version)
  636. BGM_kg854_cut.uexp Organization XIII - Mark of Fate-
  637. BGM_kg856_battle.uexp Forze Del Male
  638. BGM_kg857_battle.uexp The 13th Dilemma
  639. BGM_kg857_cut.uexp Forze Del Male
  640. BGM_kg858_cut.uexp Riku
  641. BGM_kg859_cut.uexp Xigbar's Demise
  642. BGM_kg861_battle.uexp Lord of the Castle
  643. BGM_kg862_cut.uexp Lord of the Castle (2nd Half)
  644. BGM_kg863_cut.uexp Luxord's Demise
  645. BGM_kg864_cut.uexp Larxene's Demise
  646. BGM_kg865_cut.uexp Marluxia's Demise
  647. BGM_kg867_battle.uexp Dawn of Hope
  648. BGM_kg867_battle_2.uexp Dawn of Hope
  649. BGM_kg868_cut.uexp Distant from You...
  650. BGM_kg870_cut_1.uexp Dismiss (Cutscene Version)
  651. BGM_kg870_cut_2.uexp Terra (Cutscene Version)
  652. BGM_kg870_cut_3.uexp Chains to Bonds
  653. BGM_kg870r_cut.uexp Terra (Cutscene Version)
  654. BGM_kg870r_cut1.uexp Dismiss (Cutscene Version)
  655. BGM_kg870r_cut2.uexp Terra (Cutscene Version)
  656. BGM_kg870r_cut3.uexp Chains to Bonds
  657. BGM_kg871_battle.uexp A Fight to the Death
  658. BGM_kg872_Battle.uexp Roxas's Return & Hearts as One
  659. BGM_kg872_cut_1.uexp Rouge Pawn
  660. BGM_kg872_cut_2.uexp Musique pour la tristesse de Xion (Cutscene Version)
  661. BGM_kg872r_cut1.uexp Rouge Pawn
  662. BGM_kg872r_cut2.uexp Musique pour la tristesse de Xion (Cutscene Version)
  663. BGM_kg872r_cut3.uexp "Also-ran"
  664. BGM_kg872s_cut1.uexp Roxas's Return (1st Half)
  665. BGM_kg872s_cut2.uexp "Roxas, Now!"
  666. BGM_kg872t_cut1.uexp Get What's Ours!
  667. BGM_kg872t_cut2.uexp ?
  668. BGM_kg872t_cut3.uexp Roxas's Return (2nd Half)
  669. BGM_kg873_cut.uexp At Dusk, I Will Think of You…
  670. BGM_kg874_battle.uexp Forza Finale
  671. BGM_kg874_battle_re.uexp Forza Finale (Retry Version)
  672. BGM_kg874_cut.uexp Xehanort
  673. BGM_kg875_cut.uexp Ansem's Demise
  674. BGM_kg876_cut.uexp Xemnas's Demise
  675. BGM_kg877_cut.uexp Young Xehanort's Demise
  676. BGM_kg878_cut1.uexp Destati - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  677. BGM_kg878_cut_1.uexp Missing You
  678. BGM_kg878_cut_2.uexp The Key of Darkness
  679. BGM_kg878_cut_3.uexp Guardians of Light
  680. BGM_kg878_cut_4.uexp Beyond the Door
  681. BGM_kg878r_cut1.uexp Destati - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  682. BGM_kg878r_cut2.uexp The Key (Cutscene Version)
  683. BGM_kg878r_cut3.uexp Guardians of Light
  684. BGM_kg878r_cut4.uexp Dearly Beloved (Cutscene Version + Vector to the Heavens Mix)
  685. BGM_kg951_cut.uexp Scala ad Caelum
  686. BGM_kg952_cut.uexp Organization XIII (Remind Cutscene Version)
  687. BGM_kg955_cut.uexp Rage Awakened (No Intro)
  688. BGM_kg958_cut.uexp ?
  689. BGM_kg974_cut.uexp Replicas Emerge
  690. BGM_kg976_cut.uexp Sora & Kairi's Reunion
  691. BGM_kg977_cut1.uexp ?
  692. BGM_kg977_cut2.uexp Link to All (Cutscene Version)
  693. BGM_kg977_cut3.uexp ?
  694. BGM_link_ariel.uexp An Adventure in Atlantica - Link Version-
  695. BGM_link_dream.uexp Dream Eaters - Link Version-
  696. BGM_link_ralph.uexp 8Bit Smasher - Link Version-
  697. BGM_link_simba.uexp Savannah Pride - Link Version-
  698. BGM_link_stitch.uexp Mákaukau? - Link Version-
  699. BGM_lsi_menu.uexp Pixel Hero
  700. BGM_mi_battle.uexp Monster Smash! (Monstropolis Battle Music 1)
  701. BGM_mi_field.uexp Monstropolis Now (Monstropolis Field Music 1)
  702. BGM_mi_field_2.uexp Monstropolis Now - Code 72-16- (Monstropolis Field Music 2)
  703. BGM_mountcurling.uexp Go! Go! Rumble Racer
  704. BGM_poo_field.uexp Winnie the Pooh - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  705. BGM_poo_mini.uexp Bounce-O-Rama - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  706. BGM_portal_battle_1.uexp Skyward Striker
  707. BGM_portal_battle_2.uexp Eye of the Storm
  708. BGM_portal_battle_3.uexp Anger Unchained
  709. BGM_pudding_battle.uexp Flantastic Fight
  710. BGM_pudding_camera.uexp Say Cheese!
  711. BGM_pudding_he.uexp Go! Go! Rumble Racer - Pudding Grand Prix-
  712. BGM_ra_battle.uexp Swingin' Free (Kingdom of Corona Battle Music 1)
  713. BGM_ra_battle_2.uexp Swingin' Free - Into the Forest Deep- (Kingdom of Corona Battle Music 2)
  714. BGM_ra_dance.uexp Sunshine Dancer
  715. BGM_ra_dance_result.uexp Sunshine Dancer (Results Version)
  716. BGM_ra_field.uexp Happy Hair Day (Kingdom of Corona Field Music 1)
  717. BGM_ra_field_2.uexp Happy Hair Day - Into the Forest Deep- (Kingdom of Corona Field Music 2)
  718. BGM_rocktitan_battle.uexp The Deep End - Rock Titan's Rage-
  719. BGM_shrouding_battle.uexp Shrouding Dark Cloud - Gigas Blast-
  720. BGM_Slide_AttractionFlow.uexp Hand in Hand - Attraction Flow Version-
  721. BGM_Slide_devilwave.uexp Wave of Darkness I (Short Version)
  722. BGM_Slide_ra_pudding2.uexp Say Cheese! (Short Version)
  723. BGM_Slide_title_launch.uexp Dearly Beloved -Reprise-
  724. BGM_Slide_tt_battle2.uexp Working Together (Short Version)
  725. BGM_ss_field_holo.uexp Shibuya Field Music
  726. BGM_ss942_cut.uexp The Final World - Night
  727. BGM_theafter_field.uexp The Afternoon Streets - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version- (Twilight Town Field Music)
  728. BGM_title.uexp Dearly Beloved - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  729. BGM_title_launch.uexp Dearly Beloved -Reprise-
  730. BGM_ts_battle.uexp Toy Box Jam (Toy Box Battle Music)
  731. BGM_ts_field.uexp You've Got a Friend in Me - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version- (Toy Box Field Music)
  732. BGM_ts_result.uexp It's a New Record!
  733. BGM_tutorial.uexp Night of Fate
  734. BGM_workingt.uexp Working Together - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version- (Twilight Town Battle Music)
  735. BGM_world_field.uexp Sky of Wonder (World Map Music)
  736. BGM_xeha_bat__boss_1.uexp Replicas
  737. BGM_xeha_bat__boss_2.uexp Critical Crossroad
  738. BGM_xeha_bat__boss_3.uexp Dark Domination
  739. BGM_xeha_finish_cut.uexp Link to All
  740. BGM_XIII_bat_boss_1.uexp The Deep End
  741. BGM_XIII_bat_boss_2.uexp The Deep End
  742. BGM_XIII_bat_boss_3.uexp The Deep End
  744. == Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory == (Songs from KH1 and KH2 uses Original versions)
  745. Treasured Memories
  746. Dearly Beloved -Reprise-
  747. Traverse Town
  748. Dream Eaters
  749. At Dusk, I Will Think of You...
  750. Destiny's Union
  751. Link to All
  752. It Began with a Letter
  753. Friends in My Heart
  754. The Escapade
  755. Crossing the Finish Line
  756. Dice & Shine
  757. Dearly Beloved (Melody of Memory Version)
  758. A Walk in Andante
  759. Ready to Rush
  760. Dream Matchup
  761. Victor's Pride
  762. The Dream
  763. Precious Stars in the Sky
  764. The 13th Struggle (KH2)
  765. Shrouding Dark Cloud
  766. Traverse Town
  767. Hand in Hand (KH1 Version)
  768. A Very Small Dream
  769. Monstrous Monstro
  770. Welcome to Wonderland
  771. To Our Surprise
  772. This is Halloween
  773. Spooks of Halloween Town
  774. Captain Hook's Pirate Ship
  775. Pirate's Gigue
  776. A Day in Agrabah
  777. Arabian Dream
  778. Hollow Bastion
  779. Scherzo Di Notte (KH1)
  780. The Home of Dragons
  781. Fields of Honor
  782. Under the Sea
  783. An Adventure in Atlantica
  784. Olympus Coliseum (KH1)
  785. Go for It! (KH1)
  786. Lazy Afternoons
  787. Sinister Sundown
  788. The Afternoon Streets
  789. Working Together
  790. End of the World
  791. Fragments of Sorrow (KH1)
  792. Waltz of the Damned
  793. Dance of the Daring
  794. Space Paranoids
  795. Byte Bashing
  796. Radiant Garden
  797. Black Garden
  798. The Underworld
  799. What Lies Beneath
  800. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
  801. Castle Escapade
  802. Mickey Mouse March
  803. Up Down Adventure
  804. What A Surprise?!
  805. Happy Holidays!
  806. Castle Oblivion
  807. Forgotten Challenge
  808. Magical Mystery
  809. Destiny Islands (KH1)
  810. Bustin' Up on the Beach
  811. Traverse in Trance
  812. Hand to Hand
  813. Daydream upon Neverland
  814. Neverland's Scherzo
  815. Secret of Neverland
  816. Crossing to Neverland
  817. Monochrome Dreams
  818. Old Friends, Old Rivals
  819. Adventures in the Savannah
  820. Savannah Pride
  821. Sacred Moon
  822. Deep Drive
  823. Sacred Distance
  824. Deep Drop
  825. The Promised Beginning
  826. Future Masters
  827. Reviving Hollow Bastion
  828. Scherzo Di Notte (KH2)
  829. The Silent Forest
  830. The Rustling Forest
  831. The Secret Whispers
  832. Risky Romp
  833. Hau'oli, Hau'oli
  834. Mákaukau?
  835. La Cloche
  836. Le Sanctuaire
  837. Access the Grid
  838. Digital Domination
  839. The Fun Fair
  840. Prankster's Party
  841. One for All
  842. All for One
  843. Wonder of Electron
  844. No More Bugs!!
  845. Destiny's Force
  846. Guardando nel buio
  847. Squirming Evil
  848. The Force in You
  849. Lord of the Castle (Original)
  850. Tension Rising
  851. The 13th Dilemma
  852. Desire for All That Is Lost
  853. Vim and Vigor
  854. Rowdy Rumble
  855. The Encounter -Birth by Sleep Version-
  856. Sinister Shadows
  857. Darkness of the Unknown
  858. Fight and Away
  859. Vector to the Heavens
  860. Another Side - Battle Ver. -
  861. The Tumbling
  862. Black Powder
  863. Rage Awakened -The Origin-
  864. Enter the Darkness
  865. Dismiss (Original)
  866. Night of Fate
  867. Majestic Wings
  868. L'Oscurità dell' Ignoto
  869. L'Impeto Oscuro
  870. The Eye of Darkness
  871. Wave of Darkness I
  872. Sora
  873. Riku
  874. Kairi I
  875. Roxas
  876. Naminé
  877. Musique pour la tristesse de Xion
  878. Terra
  879. Ventus
  880. Aqua
  881. Simple And Clean (Memory Dive Version)
  882. Another Side
  883. Fate of the Unknown
  884. One-Winged Angel (from FINAL FANTASY VII)
  885. Rage Awakened
  886. The Other Promise
  888. Sanctuary ~opening version~ (Memory Dive Version)
  889. Don't Think Twice (Memory Dive Version)
  890. You've Got a Friend in Me -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  891. Happy Hair Day
  892. Monster Smash!
  893. Robot Overdrive
  894. Let It Go
  895. A Whole New World
  896. Circle of Life
  897. Hand in Hand (Piano Collections Version)
  898. Working Together - Allegro vivace
  899. Sora - Allegro con brio
  900. Medley of Conflict
  901. Destati
  902. Destiny's Force
  903. Simple And Clean (Field Version)
  904. Sanctuary ~opening version~ (Field Version)
  905. Don't Think Twice (Field Version)
  906. Dive into the Heart (Tutorial)
  907. Graveyard Labyrinth
  908. Rise of the Union
  909. Simple And Clean (Field Version)
  910. Stranded Beyond
  911. Kairi III
  912. Dark Domination
  913. Part of Your World
  914. March Caprice for Piano and Orchestra (Melody of Memory Version)
  915. Beauty and the Beast
  917. == Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix
  918. bgm_255.win32.scd Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMiX Launcher Version)
  919. se0000.win32.scd Cursor Noise
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