Classroom of the elite vol 11.5 (C5 part 3)

Dec 30th, 2019
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  1. Part 3
  3. On that day I shopped alone at Keyaki Mall. Before spring break ends and the new semester begin, there is a new outfit I want to have. That should be my activity today, but things are starting to change.
  5. The first event came from behind.
  7. And the next thing coming soon from the front.
  9. "Just a minute, can you ...?" When I was thinking where to go, four adults started talking to me. Three of them wore clothing such as construction workers, whose hands held clip boards.
  11. But ... the other person who didn't bring anything in a suit was Tsukishiro. To stop me, those three people looked back.
  13. "Then please move according to your plan"
  15. With orders from Tsukishiro, the adults left first.
  17. "Ayanokouji-kun, it seems like you really enjoy your spring break, as if like most school students ...!"
  19. With that soft tone, I guess what he wanted to say, turns out to be just another sarcastic word.
  21. "Do you have business with me, Tsukishiro's Substitute Director?"
  23. "Oh yeah ...? Looks like I wasn't welcomed well ...!" Though knowing that, Tsukishiro even slightly raised his voice. That was intentionally on a level that almost made people around them stop their footsteps.
  25. "Because talking to the Chairperson of the Council will cause unwanted attention. In my opinion ... it's time for people who don't have the ability to leave this school." While I still can, I must immediately withdraw the business that it has. I'm also worried about Matsushita, who followed me.
  27. "I'll ask again ... What exactly is your business?" The distance is far enough to be able to listen to the conversation ... But that will make various strange speculations.
  29. "Regarding my business, I will decide when it's time to talk ... You might not like it, but there is no choice but to hold back. Do you mind?" In my consideration, Tsukishiro shouldn't do this.
  31. It is better to say that he deliberately wanted to delay time in the place where the crowds came and our conversation began.
  33. "Alright ... Please speak slowly"
  35. "Let's do it ... then, how about we start talking about the weather?"
  37. Baamm, Tsukishiro who clapped his hands, immediately narrowed his eyes.
  39. If seeing my reaction is fun, then it's stupid. Only with that. It is impossible to move emotions in my heart.
  41. "Just kidding ... I also have business after this ... let's get to the main problem." Even so, Tsukishiro naturally knew that.
  43. Knowing it, but still doing something that provokes me. But it seems like it he has something to say.
  45. School and Students. Whatever happens this position will never change. As long as I am a student, I cannot fight the power he has.
  47. "What about this ... Make this your last spring break, then return to your father's place?"
  49. Forget about the place ... Looks like the conversation is pretty directly to the core. Yes ... Even though other students hear this talk, it won't be a problem.
  51. Even though I am at a disadvantage, I am sure that this man will not suffer much damage. But still...
  53. Having said that-
  55. "You must want to ignore me and walk away. But you better not do this. I also have a position as chairman. If students were to treat me coldly, I will show the corresponding Attitude. "
  57. As if seeing through my thoughts, Tsukishiro smiled.
  59. "Unfortunately, I have no intention of dropping out of school at all."
  61. "Do you really hate going back to whiteroom?"
  63. "I like this school very much and want to graduate here as a student. Apart from that, There is no other reason. "
  65. " This is indeed a good school. With the generous funds allocated by the government, even this kind of shopping center has been built. Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars are used like running water here. But most of the people are stupid, but I just heard that these funds are needed to educate children, so I agreed so sloppily. "
  67. Tsukishiro sighed and glanced inside the Keyaki Mall shopping center.
  69. "Therefore, I have countless things to deal with. I am now the chairman of this school. It is because I am concerned about this school that I am so busy now."
  71. Tsukishiro must act as one on the surface An excellent chairman, there are indeed many things to do.
  73. "By the way ... Is she the one who followed you ... Is she Matsushita Chiaki from your same class?"
  75. Still facing me without changing his eyes, he whisper.
  77. "Even though it's only for a moment, but I saw her hiding behind a wall. Looks like you're quite popular huh ...?"
  79. Even though most of his gaze was always directed at me, but it seemed like he was paying close attention. Even though they are having a conversation, the adults are always careful, huh ...
  81. "You really remember it ... The name of the student from Grade 1?"
  83. "At least your classmates ... It's not wrong to be able to remember right ..."
  85. Should ... I consider it an attack, he made to shake my spirit?
  87. "She knows the answer you gave to mental arithmetic. Maybe it's all about it. Doesn't this make you even more uncomfortable? Even though you just want to be a normal student, but it seems to be getting harder and harder."
  89. It feels like he's trying to imprint in me an impression of hating school.
  91. "If that's all ... I can hold it in ... !!"
  93. "If I say it honestly, actually I never care about you. I would rather say that I have a strong dissatisfaction that I have to spend precious time dealing with such things.
  95. "Then ... Why don't you stop? That's not something to be forced on!"
  97. "That's because your father will never allow it, if I oppose that person, I will not be able to live in the world where he lives. I myself also want a place higher."
  99. Tsukishiro didn't think of leaving, but kept on talking.
  101. "You don't have to look at me like that with a look of astonishment, you can make whatever excuse you want ... Isn't that right ...?"
  103. "Yes, you are right."
  105. "I've seen your results in the white room. I really agree with them It’s an extraordinary child. Just after the age of 16 years old, He has carried unusual abilities. The adults around you are out of reach with you in all aspects of mind, body and skills." Tsukishiro began to shorten the distance. While continuing to smile.
  107. "Yes ... One thing or another, you managed to survive in this school for 1 year safely. How about shaking hands? That's what is called an adult ..."
  109. Making this 1 year a memory, then returning to the White Room. ...?
  111. "I'm still a child, I won't take it ..."
  113. "Fumu ... Do you think you can escape from me?"
  115. "I intend to fight until the end!"
  117. "There is a saying like this 'Frogs in a well never know the depth of the ocean', you seem to overestimate yourself. That's why you always act big like this."
  119. Lightly, Tsukishiro spread his arms.
  121. "Although I don't know what it is like in this school, but for sure you are not number 1. Even though it's late, there are already many students from the equivalent White Room, no ... Maybe it's better than you who appears now. It's time you realize, if you're just 1 of these people who were created. "
  123. "Even if that is the truth ..., you shouldn't need to care about me anymore right ...?"
  125. "If you are not his son ... Then that happens. But your father is eager to take you to a higher place. No matter how cold, he is, he is still your father. For him you are more than just an example, you are a presence that will lead many things." Tsukishiro showed dissatisfaction with the man.
  127. It can also be seen to show me its position, strength and height.
  129. "What is the successor Director Tsukishiro's response to the White Room?"
  131. "What do you mean by that?"
  133. "Do you think it is needed or not needed. What I mean about its existence itself .."
  135. If you are not in that position, then I will be happy to learn it
  137. "I don't have to answer every of your questions right ...?"
  139. "It's possible that by hearing the answer, I can change my mind ..."
  141. "This isn't something to be said ..., but if it can make Ayanokoji-kun change his mind ... Then it's a cheap price!" Although knowing that In all likelihood, I lied, but Tsukishiro accepts them.
  143. "If you want to talk about the facility, then we have to look back from its history. The White Room was created about 20 years ago ...! You know about it right ...?"
  145. "Of course ... Because I'm a '4th generation'"
  147. "Right. The White Room each year forms a group into one generation. And one year after that a new group is formed again. Just as you know so far ... Each group is educated under different supervisors. After that they look for the easiest group. Well .. Although until last year it could only reach 19 students, but hundreds of children have received education from the White Room."
  149. Even though they are different ages, even though I have never met those children ... Although we are from the same institution, no one recognizes faces or knows each other's name.
  151. "Regarding the state of the White Room ... It seems like you know enough about it, huh...?"
  153. "Generally."
  155. In this conversation I immediately learned that Tsukishiro was the person closest to my father. There is no doubt that he also wants me to understand that. For him it might be a small thing. But if you change your perspective a bit, you will see that he is an important person.
  157. Sometimes ... You can change yourself too.
  159. "Every child can show a certain growth. But ... It is very difficult to surpass that level... As a result, no child has been able to reach the target set by the facility for the past 20 years. Right ... That's except you ... Yes ... That was just a story about 2 years ago. "
  161. Who knows how much money was invested in the White Room. Hundreds of millions might also not be enough.
  163. And the result is I'm just one ... Really, it's a pointless thing, I thought.
  165. "There are already gifted children, right? What are the children doing now?" The part that I don't know about at all.
  167. I can't even imagine what 'They' were doing ... Although Tsukishiro looked a little surprised for a moment, but he immediately understood.
  169. "You ... After leaving the facility... Of course you don't know anything about those children, they have grown up well and can contribute to society ... That's what I really want to say. But most of them are children who often have problems and are not useful. Maybe because they cannot hold in that environment their hearts are broken. "
  171. Looking rather tired, Tsukishiro continued his story.
  173. "Overall education from birth. If only this could be realized, Japan would achieve growth that has never happened in the world. But of course, things are not that simple. But strangely someone can grow in different ways. Despite the training that the same did not produce results, but we continue to make progress Talking about that, the generation after you, specific batch 5 and 6. There are some surviving children who have extraordinary talent too, if this system works, in the next few decades "Whiteroom will be a facility that can be applied directly. Your father's plan is truly grand and very silly ..., also very terrible ..."
  175. As if speaking in a mirror, Tsukishiro concluded
  177. "In other words, that's my opinion of Whiteroom. Very stupid and terrible."
  179. "Thank you, I have learned a lot."
  181. "Referred to as the 4th generation devil. You managed to undergo a rigorous education, You the only child who persisted in completing the existing curriculum without the slightest difficulty. You are a valuable sample I thought. In order not to discredit the shining record, I think it is better for you to go home. "
  183. Tsukishiro, who took out his cell phone, handed it to me.
  185. "Contact your father immediately and tell him that you will drop out soon. This is the easiest way to protect your pride and respond to your father's affection."
  187. "Tsukishiro's successor director. It is true that your words have no lies, you also speak the truth." Whether it's about Whiteroom or it's about me.
  189. Yes, That's true... Tsukishiro smiled.
  191. "The Tsukishiro that I am thinking about is someone whose emotions are unpredictable, like someone wearing an iron mask. But when you spoke you were like taking off that mask."
  193. In other words, deliberately manipulating impressions, to make the conversation as it really is. So ... Instead of looking natural, this is a very suspicious story.
  195. Like this man. There is no need to mix the surface truths and lies in the story. Making black to white and white to black and freely can be realized.
  197. With catalyst, there is a 100% chance it's just a fantasy story that is made to resemble the original.
  199. "Looks like you don't believe me huh ..?"
  201. "Unfortunately ..."
  203. "Yare... Yare ..."
  205. (Geez....)
  207. "Provisional director Tsukishiro himself ... Why not just stop? If my expulsion does not happen ... You will lose my father's trust ... More or less you just get a reprimand, I think it's a smart choice to look at the future. I don't think that's the case something shameful. "
  209. "Thank you for your concern. But, it's unnecessary. Because I won't fail."
  211. I don't know how serious he said that. But Tsukishiro smiled a little bit scary.
  213. "Besides, I'm an adult, My failure won't worry me. Even if you get away from me. Then that's what happens. I just have to look for a new job. Even though it's embarrassing, but it's not a big deal."
  215. "For the person who cooperated with my father out of fear, but could accept failure huh ...? Which is your true feeling?"
  217. "I don't know, which one is ..." Tsukishiro who had been fighting for more than decades.
  219. The assessment of the iron mask might be more than I imagined. He was the one sent by the man. I know that he is not a half-hearted person.
  221. "Yes ... If you don't accept it ... It can't be helped ...! It's better we respect each other's opinions."
  223. "Yes, it is true.."
  225. From here, Tsukishiro was finally quite satisfied and kept a distance from me.
  227. "I'll be leaving soon ... It's rude to make them wait more than this." Maybe he was talking about the people who left first ...
  229. "But if you don't want to leave this school, your school life will be difficult right "
  231. "I want to live it calmly ... But what can I do ... I'm ready for it." Tsukishiro who continued to smile, made further suggestions.
  233. "Do you want to play a game that benefits unilaterally?"
  235. "Game ...?"
  237. "In the new semester ... There will be 1 student from Whiteroom who will come to this school."
  239. I thought about what he says..., but Tsukishiro made an unexpected statement.
  241. "Telling me about it ... Is that okay?"
  243. "There is no problem at all, you should also have realized that possibility. I thought that child would have the role of driving you out of here." Is this a decision, that there is no need for him to move?
  245. My vigilance does not get stronger or weaker.
  247. I remembered Tsukishiro's statement, but I didn't believe it in the slightest.
  249. "You don't believe me ...? Do you think I can bring 4 or 5 children? Besides, this school is not so easy to send many people, doesn't that make sense?"
  251. "Whether it's 1 person or 100 people, I won't believe it." If it's to make a mess, then this person will mess it up as much as he wants.
  253. I know he is a man like that ...
  255. "Yes ... That might be true..."
  257. "But ... How does that lead to the game?"
  259. "There will be 160 students applying for this appointment, among them there are those from the White Room. If you find out who this student is, I don't mind resigning. How ...? This is amazing isn't it?"
  261. Of course ... this is indeed an extraordinary thing. If the troubled Tsukishiro isn't there ..., my burden is slightly reduced.
  263. "That is a hard thing to believe."
  265. "Just listening to half of it, isn't that okay? For you this is a risk less thing." Apart from mental damage, there really is no risk.
  267. Doing so is not much loss either.
  269. "I understand. I will accept it even if it is only in form. However, is the child from Whiteroom confident enough with his abilities? I am also quite confident with my abilities."
  271. "Heh .... And what is that ... ??"
  273. "I don't know the depth of the ocean. But I know the vastness of the sky."
  275. "That means ... you know how narrow the world is in Whiteroom, so you know more than anyone in Whiteroom?" What gives this immovable word is undoubtedly due to education at Whiteroom.
  277. No matter how much the children receive the same education, they will not reach this height.
  279. Whether it's the first or third generation, or the younger generation, it will be the same. Tsukishiro continued to watch me with a look of judgment, I will continue my words.
  281. "In this world, of course, there are people who are greater than me... that's because there are 7 billion more people in this world. But when it comes to Whiteroom, then it's different ... !!"
  283. In that world ... there is no better person than me. That's the only answer I can answer with certainty.
  285. "Those eyes .... Really look like him. Eyes with horror and deep darkness. Eyes like that are things that cannot be copied by any Whiteroom students. No matter how talented they are ... !!" Concluding that conversation more than this is pointless... Tsukishiro turned around and left.
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