A big surprise

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. >you are Anonymous
  2. >and you have been caught trying to infiltrate the girls changing room at the mothpony village gym
  3. >now that you think about it, it was pretty stupid to try to dress up as a woman since you are the only human around
  4. >or to actually try to sneak a peek since these ponies are pretty much exposed all the time
  5. >but for some peculiar reason they are all wrapped in towels anyway
  6. "So girls, what ever shall we do with this degenerate?"
  7. >this must be the leader of this small group since she actually looks like an important character as the rest of the moths seem like your everyday generic background mothponies
  8. >you recogonize the colorfull individual to be colored like a Privet Hawk Moth, also known as Sphinx ligustri
  9. >you sit on the floor of the changing room, bound and gagged, as the moths hurdle together and whisper amongst each other about your fate
  10. >soon they seem to have come to an agreement and surround you as their leader speaks up again
  11. "We have decided how we will punish you"
  12. >the mothpony suddenly flashes you bedroom eyesm which is weird
  13. "We are going to violate you just like you were planning on violating us with your eyes"
  14. >implying you haven't been doing that to pretty much every mothpony you have come across but ok
  15. >you are surprised as one of the background moths removes your gag and bindings
  16. >Privet Hawk pony jabs you in the chest with her hoof as she glares at you
  17. "Don't even think about running buster"
  18. >"Yeah I'll be good, ummmm... didn't catch your name"
  19. "Sphinxie"
  20. >the mothponies gather around you
  21. >what ever could they be planning
  22. >and the towells come off
  23. >...
  24. >...
  25. >penises
  26. >big dangly penises
  27. >...
  28. >some of them are rising slowly
  29. >it takes you a few more moments to process all this trough your head
  30. >all these sexy moth mares are colts
  31. >it's a trap
  32. >a huge trap by trap standarts and regulations
  33. "Why the panic, I took you for someone with the same sort of a hobby as us..."
  34. >what is she-
  35. >oh right, you're wearing womens clothing, a tight tank top and a frilly skirt with pantyhose, not to mention womens undergarments and makeup
  36. >and you might also have waxed off all the hair on your body
  37. >you have to admit with your girly body and wide hips you do look like a cute girl
  38. >and washing yourself with those girly soaps and other products might have made you feel slight arousal and the clothes rubbed against your skin just right and your pantyhose got a bit of precum on them
  39. >but that doe snot meen you like trapping, does it?
  40. >but nevermind that, you are surrounded by trapmoths and you demand to know what is going on here
  41. >"What are you going to do to me? You are not going to take turns and fuck me in my ass and make my insides swarm with your warm seed?
  42. >Sphinxie raises and eyebrow
  43. "No we are nto planning that, we are going to humiliate you not reward you"
  44. >wow, Sphinxie's a freaky girl. Guy! Dammit sh- he looks very, very much like a mare
  45. >as actually do all of these traps as you look around you a bit more
  46. >must be professionals
  47. "We are only going to all shoot our load on your face"
  48. >your eyes widen and Sphinxie takes lewd steps towards you with each next word she speaks out, making her hips move way too womenly for a creature with a huge penis
  49. "Every. Last. Drop."
  50. >that sounds horrible
  51. >the anal megarape you could have maybe enjoyed a bit because of the prostate but you do not like cum on your face at all
  52. >autofellatio experiment, do not ask
  53. >so this situation leaves you no other choice but to just sit down and not feel good about the situation in any way
  54. >bravo Sphinxie, clever girl...NO DAMMIT GUY!
  55. >and the mothponies gather, their members erect as 5 of them form a circle around the you sitting on the floor
  56. >they start to rub their now erect humongous cocks as their wings start to vibrate
  57. >Sphinxie seems to be content on just watching you, for now you imagine
  58. >the air is filled with the scent of cock
  59. >the moths are letting out very womanly moans as they stroke themselfs
  60. >you refuse to aknowledge that you are getting towards the state where your dick starts to actually grow to a semiboner
  61. >and then the first moth cums
  62. >suddenly a warm stringy mass is on your face and slightly dripping onto your tank top
  63. >you feel dirtied as the hot goop just stays on your face and lingers the scent of semen into your nose
  64. >you are still in a bit of a shock as you hear a few more grunst and just in time close your eyes as two new loads fly onto your face and hair
  65. >oh god they were larger in quantities than that first load and it is on your hair
  66. >that alien feeling of having stuff on your hair is like a knife being dragged along your back, kind of like the feeling of getting the first bits of dye spread into your hair
  67. >but... as it sickens for you to admit, it feels a lot better than hairdye.
  68. >hairdye felt cold and icky, this feels warm and icky
  69. >...and it is a good sort of icky
  70. >you open your mouth to say something but then something shoots into your mouth
  71. >you already know what it is the minute you felt something hitting your mouth
  72. >salty cum, all over the inside of your mouth and lots of it
  73. >you have to swallow so you do not choke
  74. >it is like liquid slimy snot you would accidently swallow when you are sick
  75. >you wipe your eyes and open them
  76. >more cocks
  77. >there are now 5 new mothtraps around you and the rest of them are fluttering above you
  78. >the air is heavy with the sounds of masturbation as you push the rest of the semen out of your mouth
  79. >it travels to your chin, and drips down onto your tank top which now has a lot of cum on it too
  80. >you spot Sphinxie looking at you and smiling
  81. >but then you notice where her eyes are pointing
  82. >you have an erection
  83. > have...
  84. >your mind is trying to process this
  85. >why, what, when, why
  86. >suddenly you feel a pair of hoofs lift your head
  87. >Sphinxie is looking you in the eyes
  88. "Just go with the flow and let it happen..."
  89. >another load explodes upon your head
  90. >it feels
  91. >another one splashes right onto your face and you close your eyes
  92. >warm
  93. >warm is good
  94. >good
  95. >warm good
  96. >it feels... good
  97. >another moan and more cum, your dick twithes
  98. >it feels good
  99. >and you
  100. >you want more
  101. >yes... more cum
  102. >you keep your eyes closed but open your mouth
  103. >you do not want to see your sad state but you want to enjoy this new pleasure even more
  104. >your mind is conflicted as a load flies into your mouth
  105. >just don't think about it
  106. >you move your tongue around and let the semen go all over the insifdes of your mouth untill you let it drip down your face and chin
  107. >just don't think
  108. >focus on... the warm pleasure
  109. >no toughts
  110. >only pleasure
  111. >and you let your mind go blank
  112. >load after load rains upon your face and drips down onto your body
  113. >you enjoy the feeling of it, rubbing it all over your face, scoop up large globs of it and let them fall on your face again as more semen rains down
  114. >your dick has gone flaccid now but it feels like it is constantly leaking
  115. >you want more cum
  116. >oh please you need more
  117. >soon the rain stops
  118. >you are panting from loss of oxygen and the thrill
  119. >you wipe your eyes and open them
  120. >there is cum everywhere
  121. >all over the floor, all over you, all over your clothes
  122. "Such a dirty little girl you are~"
  123. >Sphinxie seems very pleased
  124. >you want to be the dirty cumdumbster
  125. >oh god this is insane but feels so good
  126. >"Yes... I'm a bad dirty little slut..."
  127. >just saying those words made you feel sexual pleasure again
  128. >you writhe on the cumcovered floor like a slut
  129. >the trapmoths have gone to wash themselfs off in the showers
  130. >it's just Sphinxie and you now
  131. >"I- I want more, give me more! I want to defile myself more! I want to be ruined! I'm a slutty girl, bad slutty girl!"
  132. >Sphinxie grins
  133. "I have just the thing..."
  134. >she walks towards you¨
  135. >god her cock is huge even by pony standarts
  136. >it sways as it comes closer and closer to you as your erection grows
  137. "Work for it"
  138. >you lay on the bench and Sphinxie gets above you
  139. >her dick is facing towards your groin as you lie on your back on the bench
  140. "Tilt your head over the edge and open wide"
  141. >you do as you are told like a good little slut
  142. >Sphinxie places the tip of her or his, you do not even care at this point, against your semen-lubricated lips and rams it in
  143. >you fight against throwing up as you gasp for breath
  144. >Sphinxie just grins and holds her dick in place
  145. >your head keeps hurting more and more and you start to feel fuzzy
  146. >but in a way, it is a good fuzz
  147. >your eyes water and just as it feels like you are about to loose conciousness Sphinxie pulls her dick out
  148. >you gasp for breath and cough but then Sphinxie rams it back in again, his testicles slapping against your forehead
  149. >this is bad, you did not get enough oxygen, your conciousness fades even faster
  150. >but just like before, she pulls out in time
  151. >the next moments are spend in a haze with Sphinxies testicles slamming against your forehead as her cock violates your throat
  152. >you honestly do not know how long this has been going, butit feels so wrong and good
  153. >it just keeps going on and on and on, keeping you in a state of constant slutty euphoria
  154. >the semen has caked and dried all over you now but you do not care
  155. >you want to be dirty
  156. >your black void of pleasure is brokes when Sphinxies hot load shoots into your throat
  157. >you hungrily drink all of it, and lick your lips after she pulls her wet cock out of your slutty mouth
  158. >Sphinxie kisses you passionately and then laeves you to lay on the bench as you enjoy the afterglow
  159. >as he walks to the showers he pauses
  160. "Welcome to the club"
  161. >and that is how you became a slutty cumcrazed trap in Equestria and gained many trap friends
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