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  1. 19:16:28 To [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord]: (Hey, do you know anything about us, Easteye, having a DNE on you?)
  2. 19:16:51 [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord] whispers: ((Me?))
  3. 19:17:03 To [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord]: (Yeah, you are an officer in HoC, right?)
  4. 19:17:10 To [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord]: (No, HoC as a whole.)
  5. 19:17:29 [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord] whispers: ((I'm a sub officer.  Does Easteye have a DNE on HoC?))
  6. 19:17:32 To [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord]: (I don't think we do DNEs on our end so I'd be surprised if I didn't hear about something.
  7. 19:17:42 To [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord]: (No, but someone seems to be spreading rumours that we do.)
  8. 19:17:48 To [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord]: (Thanks for the info.)
  9. 19:18:18 [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord] whispers: ((I mean, I just RPed with you guys last night.  So if you did it would have been in the last 12 hours or something.))
  10. 19:18:33 To [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord]: (Yeah, that's what piqued my interest. Thanks.)
  11. 19:19:00 [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord] whispers: ((Where did you hear this anyhow?))
  12. 19:19:17 [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord] whispers: ((I'm the only person whose been online for a little while.))
  13. 19:19:26 To [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord]: (A memmber of our guild said someone messaged them asking about it.)
  14. 19:19:40 [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord] whispers: ((Weird.))
  15. 19:20:24 [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord] whispers: ((Someone in HoC?  Or someone outside of HoC.  There's a lot of very anti-crow people out there who are likely up to stir the pot for no reason.))
  16. 19:20:52 To [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord]: (He gave the name Zeronex.)
  17. 19:21:42 [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord] whispers: ((Weird.  That's one of ours alright.))
  18. 19:22:07 [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord] whispers: ((I'll go talk to him.))
  19. 19:22:13 To [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord]: (I'll ask Therrond to message one of you. I think this is just a rumour or something.)
  20. 19:25:08 [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord] whispers: ((Yeah please do because it seems weird that there'd be a DNE but no one is told about it.))
  21. 19:25:23 [Angaela-WyrmrestAccord] whispers: ((Except Zero apparently?))
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