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  1. <[Saint]> It'd be cool to have the option to choose .7z, .zip, .tar etc. but that'd mean more space on the servers for each theme/file
  2. <Strife89> But how big of an issue is that, exactly? Most themes in .zip archives use around 500 KB.
  3. <Strife89> Well, if even that.
  4. <Strife89> Let's do some quick math.
  5. <Strife89> The e200 has the most themes to itself, counting at 99.
  6. <Strife89> Let's assume that EVERY target has 100 themes, and that a .zip of each theme is 500 KB.
  7. <Strife89> I count 40 targets on the Theme page, and many of them share screen sizes, so the net number is less.
  8. <Strife89> But, effectively, we suddenly have 4000 themes.
  9. <Strife89> Multiply this number of themes by 500 KB, and you get 2,000,000 KB.
  10. <[Saint]> there's no way to count the compression level used/content of the theme etc. a theme with a lot of text is soing to compress a LOT better in .7z than it is in .zip etc.
  11. <Strife89> Probably about 1.9 GB.
  12. <[Saint]> compression is a *ver* weird thing
  13. <Strife89> I'm aware.
  14. <[Saint]> *very
  15. <Strife89> Most themes will compress to MUCH less than 500 KB.
  16. <Strife89> So what I'm figuring up is likely a theoretical maximum.
  17. <[Saint]> iLike for Nano is 31KB in .zip and ~18KB .7z :P
  18. <Strife89> Anyway, so let's say we have a whopping 1.9 GB of themes.
  19. <Strife89> Damn. XD
  20. <Strife89> Now, let's assume that the 7zip format compresses each theme to 60%.
  21. <Strife89> You get about 1.1 GB (1,200,000 KB).
  22. <Strife89> So with this hypothetical, bad-case scenario, we're talking just under 4 GB of themes, two copies of each.
  23. <Strife89> Or rather, a good bit under 3.5 GB.
  24. <[Saint]> almost certainly not worth the minimal drop in bandwidth it may or may not provide ;)
  25. <[Saint]> A nice idea from a support POV, but, not really practical from a small OS community
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