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  1. DOAX Venus Vacation some effort tl:dr pastebin.
  3. -What is this?
  4. DOAX3 for PC, F2P with mobage tier gacha. Japanese language only, but it doesn't need a proxy or VPN.
  6. -WARNING-
  7. The game is coded by Japs who were paid half a bowl of rice each, so expect issues. The most important of which is that if you live in a timezone that happens to NOT be Japan, none of the things like stamina regen or lessons will work properly for you. So set your system clock to Japanese if you don't want to wait hours for those things to kick in. Stam regen is 5 minutes.
  9. -How to play?
  10. The install takes about 10 minutes and downloads 150mb worth of data, and then the main game downloads another 3gb when you launch it.
  12. Make a DMM account. You can use the English site
  13. Goto the Venus Vacation page in a web browser and add it there or go to the website and click the big floating button that says "CLICK" on it.
  14. Install DMM game player
  15. Goto the Venus Vacation page in the player and click the orange button
  16. Pick where you want game files to go - a checkbox here is to launch the game once installation is done
  17. It's going to ask you to install DirectX June 2010 manually
  18.  - Pick a folder to extract the DirectX files
  19.  - Run the DXSETUP.exe in that folder as admin to install those files
  20. Then it's going to make you install C++ 2015 (x64)
  21.  - It won't install if you already have it or updated it already, that is OKAY
  22.  - Optional: Find the x86 version too
  23. Once the C++ install starts, it might try to start the VV launcher if you didn't uncheck the correct box
  25. To start the game from the DMM launcher, click on the controller on the left panel under your ugly mug, then the orange button.
  27. -Possible issues?
  28. After installing, if it doesn't boot at all, you're probably missing D3Dcompiler_47.dll, which you can fix with a windows update found here:
  29. Alternatively, do the platform update for Windows (in optional updates), and update your video card drivers
  31. If the game crashes when the launcher is trying to start the game, then your PC is probably an unsupported toaster. Switch to low-quality potato models. It's not 2007 anymore, grandpa, you need a GFX card with at least 2gb of ram to use good models.
  33. If you get an error message in-game, the servers are probably dying or dead, just retry until it works. If you get disconnected during a match, it will automatically finish and you'll still be given rewards.
  35. If you crash when selecting gravure panel, try going through a sub menu like swimsuit or girls menu, then gravure in the bottom right.
  37. Check the official install guide/troubleshooting if you're still having problems:
  39. -Translations where?
  40. Menu translation:
  41. Settings translation (temp):
  42. Your new favorite japanese word: メンテナンス it means you're banned
  46. You get to pick 2 starters but you NEED at least a 3rd girl, getting an SSR for a character you don't have unlocks that character. So it's recommended to not pick someone on rate-up as starters since they have a higher SSR rate in the event gacha. Currently Misaki, Kasumi, and Marie, but ask the thread to be certain. Save watching the gravure/memory videos until you're out of FP because they give owner exp. When you level up you get a full FP bar. You reroll after you do your first 10 roll after collecting 5k V stones and blowing all of your tickets.
  48. The game is like all other gachashit, SSRs are vital and nothing else matters aside from looking cute. You should reroll until you get at least 1 SSR from the first 5k crystal heart gacha, and ideally consider rerolling again if you don't get a SECOND SSR from your next 2 rolls. 2 SSRs should see you all the way into A rank without upgrading, then you need to grind for shit.
  50. Use (+) to create unlimited siblings of your Gmail address.
  52. Just append a plus (“+”) sign after your email address and after that, you can insert any combination of words or numbers to create any number of personalized email IDs with the same inbox. For instance, if your current email ID is, you can modify email to or or use any combination to still receive an email with the same ID,
  53. Hence using this Gmail trick, you will be able to create multiple aliases of your primary ID and that too without tweaking any setting or configuration.
  56. -STRATS
  57. For gameplay, hit the green button before the match to set up your strategy. The button on the top row to the left is for POW attacks, the right is for TEC attacks. Choose the girl you want to attack with, and the enemy you want to target, both of them will lose stamina at a faster rate. The tutorial explains how you can call a time-out in a match to change strategy or swap one of your girls out for the guest girl, who is some P2W cunt you can select before the match by clicking her portrait to the left.
  58. Your Ace is the lead and who others players see. She gets a bonus to gravure panel unlocking. You can change who you're taking into a match by clicking on the girl at the match screen.
  60. Lessons can be ran with whoever you're not using in matches, they give exp mats and occasionally FP drinks on large successes. Large successes are more likely to happen for longer duration but each duration gives roughly the same stuff. Candy/Bananas/GiftBaskets are used to decrease lesson time by 10/30/60 minutes.
  62. -STATS
  63. POW - Used to attack/defend Spikes
  64. TEC - Used to attack/defend Feints
  65. STA - Stamina, low stamina will severely reduce stats
  66. APL - Appeal, which affects the score given for each match point, which determines your match grade at the end
  67. PP - Slots on your accessories for abilities obtained from a girl's affection level.
  68. Max level can be increased with flower crystals.
  69. Skill levels can only be upgraded with dupes in the Skill Awakening screen. At max skill level, SSR have face paint and damaged outfit unlocked. Yes you read that right.
  70. Main matches will give a bonus to outfits of the same type. Event matches give a bonus to the event girl and event outfits.
  72. A girl's affection level is increased by nearly everything. Gifts can help it along, with each girl having specific preferences among the rarer gifts. Those are listed on their profile and will have hearts next to it on the gifting screen.
  76. If you want a girl to wear a normal or rare swimsuit, you have to gift it to her first. Hope you've got some dupes. If you're wondering if you can roll 10 tickets at once, no you can't and you can only use them in the normal gacha. Screenshots you take using the photo mode gets put in a new folder in your Pictures folder.
  78. -Photo Mode Controls
  79. Left mouse - Rotate around focus
  80. Right mouse - Aim camera
  81. Both - Pan
  82. Middle mouse - take picture
  83. Scroll wheel - zoom
  84. Bottom left is F-stop, which is a fancy way to set how close you want to blur the background, does nothing if you turned that shit off in options.
  85. Unlock different scenery/locations by running one match in Main with her as the Ace. Camera icon in missions shows which rank you need to run.
  86. Take 3 shots to enter gravure mode, where she'll do a random pose and take offense to being clicked on. You can pick the pose if you gave her one. Grind event to exchange for poses to gift to her.
  88. -Venus Shop
  89. Venus coins can only be obtained by selling girl-specific swimsuits. 20 from an SR.
  90. 1000 - Unlock a girl (seriously, just hope to roll her SSR)
  91. 240 - Unlock a hairstyle
  93. -Owner Titles
  94. Given from missions in the 3rd tab, these don't have any benefit aside from adding flavor to your profile. You can't even read them.
  96. -Events
  97. Event outfits will increase points toward rewards, but only if they're equipped as the main outfit instead of as a personal outfit.
  98. Grind drops forever to use in the event shop.
  100. ==LISTS OF STUFF==
  101. Options list:
  102. >Item List
  103. >Ingame Settings
  104. >Video Settings (will kick you to launcher)
  105. >>>Help
  106. >Register Birthday YYYYMMDD
  107. >Main Website
  108. >Serial Code
  109. >Terms of Use
  110. >Licenses
  111. >Warnings
  112. >Report Issue (Loads website)
  113. >Staff
  114. >Return to Title
  115. >Exit Game
  117. Ingame settings because I'm too lazy to make an image: Default is off for all
  118. >Automatically speed up volleyball matches
  119. >Invert Camera: up/down
  120. >Invert Camera: left/right
  121. >Reverse mouse wheel
  122. >Wear private outfit in memory events
  123. >Autoskip Messages
  124. >Time Adjustment: #Hours (In-game Hour)
  126. -MISSIONS-
  127. -Daily
  128. Matches 3|5|10
  129. Daily Match Wins 3|5
  130. Daily Match S-clears 3|5
  131. Tension Burst 1|3|5
  132. Lessons 1|2
  133. Give Presents 1|3
  134. Strengthen Swimsuits 1|3 (Per action, just use a single crystal if you have to)
  136. -Weekly
  137. Matches 10|20|30
  138. Tension Burst 5|10|20
  139. Event Match Wins 10|20
  140. Daily Match Wins 10|20|30
  141. Daily Match S-clears 5|10|20
  142. Lessons 5|10
  143. Give Presents 5|10
  144. Strengthen Swimsuits 5|10|20
  145. Clear Weekly Missions 10|20
  147. -DAILIES
  148. MON-POW
  149. TUE-MONEY
  150. WED-TEC
  151. THU-ALL
  152. FRI-STM
  153. SAT-MONEY
  154. SUN-ALL
  155. These do not help with unlocking gravure panels but drop pitiful amounts of exp materials
  157. -Credits
  158. Special thanks to the lazy assholes who never read the thread and never read OP and probably won't read this guide.
  159. Knock this shit off if you want, and fuck the braindead /v/ mod. "Instigating a flamewar"? Is this 2003?
  161. If you think of anything I've missed, just remake this shit and add it in.
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