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The End.

Ranflax Jan 1st, 2013 270 Never
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  1. [center][img]http://glamdring.se/users/03ce3ec954fde913f71c577fa0a45ab9/PaperBanner.jpg[/img][/center]
  3. [center]I quit.[/center]
  5. Plain and simple really. It's been a long time in the making, but now I feel must finally leave this game. You can stop reading now, close the page, leave a snarky comment or what have you; I really couldn't care. However, if you do carry on and read my entire article, then I thank you.
  7. [center][img]http://glamdring.se/users/03ce3ec954fde913f71c577fa0a45ab9/PaperDivider.png[/img][/center]
  9. It's been over 480 days since I started this game. For me, this is the longest amount of time I have ever spent in an online game. I have met a number of great people and even more moronic ones. I feel my actions have 'achieved', if that is the right word, something of mild import through my time here. Be it through personal or Staff goals, I always seemed to have worked in some way towards the betterment of e-Sim.
  11. Now, I will not name or 'thank' anyone. If you knew me, and have spoken with me, you know where we stand. Sure, my actions have not always been to how the majority of you may think, but they have always been correct or necessary. In both my time as a regular player and a Staff member, I have always done my utmost to draw logical and sensible conclusions to whatever issue which myself, or others, have faced.
  13. I have always been there for you; you just may not have realised it.
  15. [center][img]http://glamdring.se/users/03ce3ec954fde913f71c577fa0a45ab9/PaperDivider.png[/img][/center]
  17. I started back in Day 3 in the United Kingdom. Since then, I have formed a mildly successful Military Unit, helped in the creation of Political Parties and even been elected Country President three times. Whether you liked me back then matters not. I attacked France for 'teh lulz', I helped shape the UK when it was in it's prime. I have also, recently, seen the nation which I helped build, crumble to dust; with nought more than fools and wannabes scrabbling over vestiges of power. It's a shame, really, but I suppose all things great or good must come to an end.
  19. My proudest achievement would be the creation of [url=http://primera.e-sim.org/militaryUnit.html?id=72]Bonkers[/url] with friends. We have always set out to be 'different' or non-conformative - take your pick. But in doing so, we have created a micro-community of friendly, loyal players. I can honestly say, without a shady of a doubt, that every single member in my MU is a fantastic person. If only I could say the same for the rest of the global community.
  21. [center][img]http://glamdring.se/users/03ce3ec954fde913f71c577fa0a45ab9/PaperDivider.png[/img][/center]
  23. I later joined the Staff team and took up a position as a Game Operator. You know, the people who you believe to be 'stupid'. I thought this was a great opportunity to add my own slant to the game. I had ideas, plans, thoughts, different methods which could be tried. I was really looking forward to suggestion them and seeing them worked on.
  25. I couldn't have been more wrong. We are here to moderate the game. No more, no less.
  27. I served my time here well, I believe, and racked up a rather modest set of completed actions. This was evident, believe it or not, in my promotion to Super Game Operator. From this more senior position, I was able to take more decisions into my own hand and also help other GOs even more. I was active, I made myself available as much as possible. I burned myself out.
  29. I know I said I wouldn't mention names. Well, I lied. I will mention but one name: [citizen]Miniteck[/citizen]. This man is amazing. He welcomed me into the team without really knowing me, trusting me with the powers a Game Operator had. I feel like I got to know him pretty well over the last 8 months and this relationship paid off; he promoted me to Super Game Operator just over 3 months ago - at a time when the team was being reshuffled. He trusted me, and for that, I cannot possibly thank him enough.
  31. However, things have not been going well lately. Miniteck, our only Game Operator Admin, is the main person for complaints to be made to. He takes all the attacks against the admin, the game and the staff. This amount of pressure on one man is unfair, and I tried my best to help him. Finally, enough was enough. He did what he had wanted to avoid and posted an article calling out the admin. He did this for you, the players, the community, because he wants this game to be perfect. He was later fired for his actions.
  33. And for that, I quit.
  35. Ever yours,
  37. [citizen]Ranflax[/citizen]
  39. [center][img]http://glamdring.se/users/03ce3ec954fde913f71c577fa0a45ab9/PaperDivider.png[/img][/center]
  41. [center][img]http://puffinpalooza.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/puffin-skip.jpg[/img][/center]
  42. [center][i]No Bewbs this time around. Here'a a puffin instead.[/i][/center]
  44. [center][img]http://glamdring.se/users/03ce3ec954fde913f71c577fa0a45ab9/endbanner.jpg[/img][/center]
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