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Mar 16th, 2011
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  1. --Should MMOExchange Have A "Chatbox" Feature That Allows You To Talk To Other Members And Buy/Sell Things?--
  3. Hello Nation,
  4. I want to let you know my thoughts about an IRC chat for this website, and hope you will respond with your input as well.
  6. I currently help run an IRC Chat on the Rizon Network called #Trading
  8. I think it would be an excellent idea for MMOExchange to link up with #Trading.
  10. The channel includes a channel specific bot which is a quick and easy way to find someone to chat with directly about what you want to buy/sell (using the command !rstrade view, !rstrade add, etc.). The bot also features lookup features for things like runescape items or statistics for a user.
  12. As I'm writing this there are 35 users in the channel, most of whom are buying/selling runescape items, because this is also the server of #rsbot (of which I'm an op), however the channel is meant to be a place for all online gaming buying/selling experiences.
  14. The channel also is home to many experienced IRC users and admins of the network, I myself am nick1 in the chat, and if you would like to talk to me directly you can there.  The reason this is important is that we can easily ban someone by IP from the channel, or if needed the network.
  16. This chat would be very effective in not only adding to the features of the site and allow for ease of use in transactions to create live chat's with another user, but also grow the community as a whole.
  18. Forum staff would of course be given full admin control over the channel, and would be involved in any administrative decisions.
  20. I really think this would be a valuable addition to the forum, here is a picture of what it can do,
  21. Here is a link to a webchat client that the forum could link users to
  22. If you want to talk to me feel free to click here  I will be nick1 and will hopefully be on when you are, or just reply here with your thoughts or if you have any questions.
  24. Another option is for a chat "widget" to be put in place so that you can talk to others while remaining on the site (using qwebirc).
  27. Thanks for your time
  28. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts,
  29. --nick1
  31. P.S. The server info is -j#Trading
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