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  1. Dark Carnival Remix
  2. 12/1/2019 Changelog
  4. =========================================================
  6. All Maps
  8. - Moderate revamps and polish to maps 3, 4, and 5. Big revamps planned for maps 1 and 2 in the future!
  9. - Significant entity optimization across all maps.
  10. - Implemented a new lighting upgrade that will greatly improve lighting quality in certain areas.
  11. - Versus Mode: [Custom Boss System] Players can now change the custom Tank and Witch spawns by typing "tankspawn X" and "witchspawn X" in chat without quotes, and where X is a number from 1-10.
  12. - Versus Mode: [Custom Boss System] Moved a few Tank spawns a bit closer to where they're triggered from to prevent Survivors from running back and forcing the Tank to become an AI.
  13. - Versus Mode: Dumpsters that are not hittable as Tank are now green to make them easier to identify. Hittable dumpsters remain colored grey.
  14. - Campaign Mode: Reduced ammo spawns slightly.
  15. - Re-Added collision to numerous medium sized objects, including: Green/Blue Trash bins, potted plants, yellow bollards, etc.
  16. - Replaced low quality door textures with higher quality door models.
  18. =========================================================
  20. The Motel
  22. - Fixed an exploit that allowed players to skip going under the bridge.
  23. - Fixed a spot where the cymbal melee weapon could spawn.
  25. =========================================================
  27. The Carnival
  29. - Added a beta-styled texture to the slide (Thanks to Gyroic).
  30. - Fixed an exploit that allowed players to jump on props and skip entering the merry-go-round area through the normal route.
  32. =========================================================
  34. The Tunnel of Love
  37. - Versus mode: Reworked the event and added a new path for Survivors. Instead of taking the double ramp drop, you will instead drop off the side onto the lower coaster platform. In order to avoid the coaster running over Survivors on this new path, a new scene has been added where the coaster cars crash into a gate.
  40. - Versus mode: Reduced distance points from 600 to 500.
  41. - Versus mode: Fixed Tanks not spawning if you dropped down the vent instead of the hole.
  42. - Versus mode: Survivors can no longer run back in the map after dropping down the hole.
  43. - Versus mode: Removed the loud helicopter flyover when leaving the Tunnel of Love.
  44. - Campaign Mode: Fixed being unable to run back in the map if you dropped down the vent instead of the hole in the Tunnel of Love.
  45. - Removed some poles and pipes from the swan maintenence room that could block your movement when walking below the raised walkway.
  46. - Moved an SI ladder immediately after leaving the warehouse further away to make rooftop spawns take a bit longer.
  47. - Moved the large shipping container further away from the warehouse exit door to increase walkable space.
  48. - Made the dumpster in the fairgrounds area hittable.
  49. - Removed Survivor clip brushes above some tents.
  50. - Removed a small red tent near Moustachio to increase walkable space.
  51. - Removed pieces of the Coaster supports that Survivors cannot stand on to avoid confusion.
  52. - Optimized the Coaster model significantly.
  53. - Fixed a hole in the map geometry near the Coaster.
  54. - Re-added clipping that allows SI to stand on a few parts of the coaster wood for spawns to set up death pulls/Jockeys/Charges by the areas with missing wood pieces.
  55. - Reduced the possibility of Survivors who are charged off the Coaster from getting stuck in clip brushes.
  56. - Added some more detail to the rooftop of the building that goes over the coaster.
  57. - Reduced the feeling of claustrophobia and increased the walkable space in the building that goes over the coaster.
  58. - Removed Survivor clipping over some of the railing before the final descent to the event turn-off switch.
  59. - The event turn-off switch is now located in a small shack, in the same location.
  60. - Removed a large bush near the end saferoom to make the path forward more visible.
  61. - Enabled collision on the tree cluster near the end saferoom.
  62. - Added some minor ambient sound effects: electrical boxes will now slightly hum, flies will buzz, pipes have water passing through them, etc.
  63. - Other minor details and additions added across the map: cobwebs in corners, fans rotating in vents, flies around trashbags, new side rooms, water dripping from pipes etc.
  65. =========================================================
  67. The Ferris Wheel
  70. - Remade the raised veranda area during the event. Added much more walkable space and reduced clutter. In Versus mode, the upper floor is now blocked.
  71. - Fixed common sometimes not spawning during the event.
  72. - Increased rate of common spawning during the event, but capped the max common at a lower number. This should result in a more steady stream of infected without feeling too overwhelming.
  75. - Replaced the skybox Coaster model with a more optimized version.
  76. - Fixed the bumper car poles clipping through the bumper cars.
  77. - Fixed a bumper car being stuck in the ground.
  78. - Removed clipping to allow players to jump up the sides of the fences leading into the bumper car area, as in the vanilla map.
  79. - Removed clipping over some small fences, bushes, and other areas for Survivors to jump on.
  80. - Fixed a broken SI ladder near the start.
  81. - Fixed some walls in the barns not being wall-bangable due to having walls too thick.
  82. - Replaced a non-hittable forklift with a crate.
  83. - Replaced hittable forklift by the entrance to the park with a dumpster.
  84. - Removed the forklift by the roof climb area.
  85. - Fixed a broken SI ladder by the barns.
  86. - Fixed a melee weapon spawning in an unreachable location by the event button.
  87. - Fixed being able to trigger the event twice.
  88. - Added some minor detail to help guide players through the event area without getting lost.
  89. - Added some minor ambient sound effects: electrical boxes will now slightly hum, flies will buzz, pipes have water passing through them, etc.
  90. - Versus mode: Deleted some trees and changed some other trees into smaller versions to reduce foliage clutter. This should reduce the feeling of "overwhelming" amounts of detail in various areas.
  91. - Versus mode: The 2 large tents in front of the bumper car building at the start are removed to reduce clutter.
  92. - Versus mode: Removed the loud helicopter flyover when leaving the warehouse.
  94. =========================================================
  96. The Stadium
  99. - Finale layout has been slightly revamped to allow players to traverse the arena easier.
  102. - Reduced the viewmodel size of the custom Cymbal melee weapon.
  103. - Fixed the finale sometimes getting stuck and not continuing after killing the first Tank.
  104. - Versus Mode: Survivors can now start the finale event immediately upon entering the stadium without having to first turn on the lights. Make sure your teammates are inside the finale boundaries before you start, or they'll be killed!
  105. - Versus Mode: Stadium event max common reduced from 25 to 18.
  106. - Versus Mode: Stadium event mob spawn size reduced from 16 to 9.
  107. - Reduced some clutter along paths towards gas cans during the scavenge event.
  108. - Moved gas cans slightly closer during the scavenge event.
  109. - Significantly toned down physical and visual clutter in the stadium and simplified layout.
  110. - Added breakable glass windows to the area near the stadium lights button.
  111. - Covered some windows near the stadium lights button with plywood.
  112. - Increased the width of the stairs leading up to the stage.
  113. - Tweaked the area by the gate button that leads behind the stadium to reduce difficulty: Removed some bushes and foliage, removed an easy infected ladder to the rooftop, blocked off the back of the white van and moved it further away, removed several boxes and crates on the dock area, and moved the large firework explosive closer to the gate.
  114. - The gascan that spawns in the finale during the "more lights!" event will now be underneath a small tent, near the same location.
  115. - Added some detail to the explosive fireworks crate behind the stage.
  116. - Fixed bots ledge hanging when attempting to get onto the helicopter.
  117. - Minor new details added across the level.
  118. - Optimizations for improved framerate.
  119. - Minor clipping improvements.
  121. =========================================================
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