Stuck with Starlight

May 13th, 2016
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  1. >”What about them?”
  2. >The pair your gaze was directed towards looked normal on the surface.
  3. >Though the mare was walking, how should you put it… “oddly”
  4. >”Bet you they screwed before heading out, it would explain her walk of shame.”
  5. >Sitting on the patio of your humble home you rocked back and forth on your rocking chair.
  6. >Your companion, a foul-mouthed little pony by the name of Starlight Glimmer kept you company as you watched the people and ponies passing by.
  7. >Not willingly as she so often put it, she was your brother’s slave.
  8. >Incognito the asshole, he got lucky and won some ridiculous amount of money and decided that he was going to fuck a girl in every country on the planet.
  9. >And he made you a very nice offer, a paycheck and his home, all in exchange for watching over his slave pony till he got back, if he got back.
  10. >Last you heard he was wanted on three counts exposing himself in a public stadium in Paraguay.
  11. >But you were happy for him, he was living his dream. His sick, twisted, and demented dream.
  12. >And you were making out like a bandit from his generous compensation.
  13. >Hell with the amount of money he threw into your bank account you’d be able to afford a pony yourself and never have to work another day in your life.
  14. >”Hey fuckwad, what about those two?”
  15. >You were definitely going to get one who wasn’t such a bitch.
  16. >”Yup I can tell, she took it in the pooper.”
  17. >Jesus what did your brother teach this girl?
  18. “Maybe she’s just not feeling well.”
  19. >”Oh I’m sure getting your ass filled up would make anyone feel a little off.”
  20. >Taking a big gulp water you just shook your head at her bluntness.
  21. “Sometimes I wonder who’s a bigger weirdo you or my brother?”
  22. >”Ha! It’s not my fault you humans are such hornballs. You’d stick your dick in anything if it even smiled in your general direction.”
  23. >That’s not true, you had several friends who swore by the horsepussy but not you, no sir.
  24. >Catching the movement out of the corner of your eye you saw Starlight get out of her seat and saunter over to yours.
  25. >Before you could do anything she was sitting in your lap straddling you.
  26. >”See even right now, I can tell.”
  27. >Her hips began rocking back and forth, combined with her weight pressing down was making things happen for ole’ Anon Jr.
  28. >”If I said we could go inside and you could fuck me you’d do it.”
  29. >Her front hooves wrapped around your neck and as she moved closer.
  30. >Licking your ear she let out a needy moan.
  31. >”I’d do things for you that no human woman ever could.”
  32. >If brain work good he say you in street and people see, but brain not work now.
  33. >”Buuuut..” with a flash of light Starlight was back in her seat “I don’t fuck humans, so too bad.”
  34. >You don’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed.
  35. “I hate you so much right now.”
  36. >”Oh I’m sure, by the way you should cover.”
  37. >Looking at where she was pointing with her hoof you saw the tent that you were pitching.
  38. >Yup fucking hatred for this horse.
  39. >”I want to go shopping.”
  40. “What? Why now?”
  41. >”I don’t know, because I want to. Do we need a reason?”
  42. “Well, yes.”
  43. >”I want some lingerie.”
  44. “You’re a horse, what fucking reason do you need lingerie for anyway?”
  45. >This pony was going to drive you insane one of these days.
  46. >Just think of the money Anon, one day your brother will be back and she’ll be gone.
  47. >Then you could be happy again.
  48. >”Because I want some, now get off your ass and lets go.”
  49. “I don’t think you thought this through very well Starlight. You’re a pony, you never wear clothes anyway so why in god’s name would you need lingerie?”
  50. >”I think I would look good in some panties. With a flank like mine I know it for a fact. Besides I’ve seen you eyeing my butt.”
  51. >She did have a nice butt, not that you’d ever tell her.
  52. >”So grab that card master gave you and lets fucking go!”
  53. >Points for nice butt nullified by a completely shit personality, why the fuck did your brother ever get her.
  54. >Before your brother left he gave you a shiny credit card.
  55. >”This is for any expenses that Starlight needs, just use it for whatever. But no hookers, not unless it’s her birthday.”
  56. >Deep down you knew he meant well.
  57. >But sure as shit he was probably going to give you a call about this particular charge.
  58. “Thirteen hundred dollars worth of panties, I hope you’re proud of yourself.”
  59. >”Oh I am! Especially those black lacy ones. They made my ass looked amazing.”
  60. >Yes, yes they did.
  61. “My brother probably isn’t going to be happy about this.”
  62. >”Master won’t care, he likes seeing me happy. That white thong made me happy, so he’ll be happy.”
  63. >There’s no logic to this mare.
  64. >Sometimes she’ll act like a normal pony, then in an instant she’ll become a tease.
  65. >Oh well, no use in worrying about it now.
  67. >Laying in bed you pondered the events of the day.
  68. >Starlight being a bitch, making inappropriate comments about ponies she didn’t even know.
  69. >Dry humping you, panty shopping.
  70. >Could have been worse.
  71. >Your bedroom door opening brought you out of your musings.
  72. >”Move over.”
  73. >Starlight trotted in paying you no mind.
  74. “I still don’t understand why you continue sleeping in here. You have your own room with a king bed in it.”
  75. >”I do have my own room, but I want to sleep in here. So shut up and move over.”
  76. >When she jumped in bed and snuggled up to you there was a moment of silence.
  77. >”Goodnight Anon.”
  78. “Goodnight Starlight.”
  79. >Listening to her steady breathing you felt yourself slip off into dreamland.
  81. >”Can you believe this garbage?”
  82. >Sitting on the couch with Starlight you watched the show with a neutral expression.
  83. >A lanky guy and a pink mare were both being interviewed on some sort of day time talk show.
  84. >”When I found her I knew she was more than a slave, she was my soulmate.”
  85. >Starlights response was to make a gagging noise.
  86. >The show was about humans who didn’t “own” ponies, rather it was about humans to chose to have relationships with them.
  87. >”She’s faking it, look she’s kissing him with her eyes open!”
  88. >You fail to understand this train of thought.
  89. “That’s important?”
  90. >”Of course it’s important. If somepony’s in love that’s not how they kiss.”
  91. “Speaking from experience?”
  92. >”Pfff anypony with half a brain would know that. That slut’s just trying to get out of being a slave, and what better way than to fuck some ugly human.”
  93. “Whatever you say.”
  94. >”Of course you’d say that, why if some mare just told you ‘I love you, not because I have to but because I want to’, you’d eat it up.”
  95. >Honestly you don’t know how you would respond to that.
  96. >You never had a relationship so who knows how you’d respond to anyone professing their love to you.
  97. >A pair of blue eyes blocked the television show you were both watching.
  98. >Starlight was now in your lap, staring deeply into your eyes.
  99. >”Sometimes I wonder if you even notice how I look at you or how I feel.”
  100. >Closing her eyes she pressed her lips against yours.
  101. >At first you were surprised, but gradually relaxed.
  102. >Feeling her tongue press against your lips you opened your mouth and allowed her entry.
  103. >Strawberries, she tasted like strawberries.
  104. >This was a losing battle, your tongues fought trying to win a battle you really didn’t care about winning.
  105. >Why was she doing this?
  106. >Did she care about you?
  107. >You don’t know how long you two were just locked together but the eventual need oxygen parted you both.
  108. >Both out of breath she opened her eyes and smiled.
  109. >”See, told you so.”
  110. >Sticking her tongue out at you she hopped of your lap and went back to her spot on the couch.
  111. >”All a mare has to do is tease some human with the V and they’ll do anything.”
  112. >Inside you felt conflicted, so what she just did was only to prove a point?
  113. “Starlight don’t ever do that again.”
  114. >You don’t even know why you’re upset about it.
  115. >”Awww was that your first kiss? I stole pwoor wittle Nonny’s first smooch.”
  116. “Fuck off Starlight.”
  117. >Standing up you grabbed the house keys off the table by the door before exiting.
  118. >You put up with a lot of her shit, but this was crossing a line.
  119. >The problem being, you don’t even know what line it was.
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