204 Dragon Pulse

Dec 19th, 2014
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  1. Dragon Pulse
  3. Evening.
  4. While drinking magic water, I continue my researching by compounding medicine. If this influences everything, then I might be able to assist with the weapon shop Old Man's efforts. At least, I can put magic power into the raw materials, even if I only help with the purification of metals, a something good might come out.
  6. "I made you wait" (Gaelion)
  7. "Mu-! Don't come!" (Firo)
  9. Firo is being competitive again. Gaelion brought Atla with him. Sadina is already drinking sake in my room. This fellow can also use Dragon Pulse so techniques will be learned.
  11. "I have come to sleep in the same room today too" (Atla)
  12. "Ah I see. You came without learning your lesson" (Firo)
  14. Though Firo was entirely causing the disturbance, well done. Incidentally, Ren was running laps around the village throughout today too. Well done. He also helped with the village's routine tasks, consisting mainly of manual or physical labor. Though Taniko has not realized how hard she is to deal with, her high-handed character is improving, and she appears to be opening her heart a little to the villagers. Though I don't really care.
  16. "So, Gaelion. Do you remember any magic besides the ones you use?" (Naofumi)
  17. "There are several conditions, but there is nothing I cannot remember" (Gaelion)
  18. "Conditions?" (Naofumi)
  19. "First, one who has received the divine protection of Firo Rials is improper" (Gaelion)
  21. The Class Up correction thing. In other words, I can assume Raphtalia can't do it. Similarly, Atla too? Or rather, the magic Firo Rials use seems to be of the same system as the magic we use after all.
  23. "How about monsters?" (Naofumi)
  24. "With the exception of a small fraction, they have the same system of magic organisation as Firo Rials" (Gaelion)
  25. "Ohh-" (Naofumi)
  27. As I thought, dragon exclusive magic was something like that.
  29. "Sadina has used both types of magic. In which case, if the Firo Rials' divine protection is not received during Class Up, you'll be able to use it?" (Naofumi)
  30. "Let's see--is it like that?" (Sadina)
  31. "No, I think it'd be considerably difficult. That aquatic beastman is heresy" (Gaelion)
  32. "Is that so?" (Naofumi)
  34. While grinning, Sadina displays her laidbackness by releasing her clenched fist gesturing gu-pa-.
  36. "Human, you can do anything if you persist-" (Sadina)
  37. "That'd be good if so" (Naofumi)
  39. It's troublesome because this fellow makes everything out to be simple. How should I put it, it seems simple when looking, but do it in practice and the endless difficulties are easily performed or something...that kind of idea.
  41. "Well then" (Gaelion)
  43. Gaelion pointed at the water in the jug.
  45. "The training to draw out the power of that water is beginning, I'll show an example" (Gaelion)
  47. Saying so, Gaelion held his hand over the water jug.
  49. "I guide the power of this water, and desire embodiment. Earth vein. Give me power"
  50. "Aqua Seal!" (Gaelion)
  52. The power transferred from the water jug to Gaelion, becoming an embodiment of magic. If I'm not mistaken, this magic created a magic water membrane. It can be used to weaken the effects of fire attribute magics. It's probably useful when you want to go into fire. For practical uses, it seems like it could be used in place of air-conditioning when it's hot.
  54. "I'm guessing there's no magic book or anything" (Naofumi)
  55. "I suppose. This magic is completely different from the process of how you and others materialize magic from your own power. You use power borrowed from other mediums after all" (Gaelion)
  56. "Before, you didn't embody power from yourself?" (Naofumi)
  58. If I remember correctly, it was Dark Nova - Prominence?
  60. "I don't recommend drawing power from yourself" (Gaelion)
  61. "Why?" (Naofumi)
  62. "Anyway, because it is me, you will end up taking out all of your own power if not moderated. At that time, I give guidance to the power in the Breath organ with me" (Gaelion)
  64. So it's impossible if it's not Gaelion or something like that? In games there'd be an energy bar, though it seems you can attack life force.
  66. "Though you may be from another world, you are still classified as a human so the Dragon Pulse will not work that well" (Gaelion)
  67. "I see" (Naofumi)
  68. "Also, conducting your own magic power to use Dragon Pulse techniques has bad efficiency. Using magic attained the usual way is probably best" (Gaelion)
  70. ...I somehow understand. Dragon Pulse that is invoked by power borrowed from outside, and magic that materializes as power is drawn out from within. This is probably a big difference. There isn't much meaning in taking the roundabout way and drawing out your own power with Dragon Pulse. Do they have the same roots? But, it feels like something is different....
  72. "On a related note--Dragon Pulse has little magic power consumption" (Sadina)
  73. "That I know" (Naofumi)
  74. "Yes, because you are receiving borrowed power, so of course it's cheap" (Sadina)
  76. I see. It appears in manga, an impression like borrowing power from the spirits of the deceased. In other words, it would be like a magic user and a spirit user by RPG classifications.
  78. "Can it be used without cost?" (Naofumi)
  79. "If you use the same medium too much, the borrowed amount will decrease. Incidentally, it will take some time to recover" (Gaelion)
  80. "Is that so" (Naofumi)
  81. " is possible to draw power from the precious metals of gems. They have lots of power" (Gaelion)
  82. "Hm? Is it different from magic power?" (Naofumi)
  83. "I'm guessing you mean in gem processing. Strictly speaking they differ. That is a technique that pours magic power into gems to release the power inside it. Dragon Pulse contrarily extracts from it" (Gaelion)
  85. Opposite vector huh...this certainly seems difficult to learn. From there, about two hours were spent practicing Dragon Pulse while being taught by Gaelion and Sadina.
  87. "Like I said don't put in magic power! I know just by seeing the weird magic power in the water" (Gaelion)
  88. "You can see it?" (Naofumi)
  89. "The water is quivering isn't it. Not only that, you can tell by a glance from the weird shining!" (Gaelion)
  90. "Please hold on, Naofumi-sama" (Atla)
  92. Atla is cheering me on. I know already so you hurry and go to sleep.
  94. "Naofumi-chan. It's not good if you release magic power like when you use magic-. Rather, with the feeling of being empty, with the image of receiving power from the water" (Sadina)
  95. "That's what's difficult" (Naofumi)
  97. This is difficult because there is nuance, nothing more. Let's see, not by pulling out with magic power, but by receiving power from the water....
  98. And, with even a slight response the water gave power. Ora! I consciously tried sending power.
  100. "Like I said don't put in magic power!" (Gaelion)
  102. Ah enough! So troublesome-! I feel like I understand why Taniko can only use Dragon Pulse now. Sadina who can use both is an abnormality. There is a genius here too. I'm not a genius but the hard-working type.
  104. And, when I was suffering as two hours passed by. Just somehow or another I grasped the trick. Thanks to becoming able to see the flow of magic power, I learned by watching the flow when Gaelion and Sadina chanted and became able to do it.
  106. It feels like requesting earnestly. At the same time make a cavity in your magic power. After, you gently touch the water with magic power like reaching out your hand. Through my magic power, the water's clean flow is conveyed to me.
  108. "That's right. That is good. I'm surprised you progressed faster than I anticipated" (Gaelion)
  109. "That's true-" (Sadina)
  110. "What do I do after?" (Naofumi)
  111. "The aria will appear in your head. Construct it" (Gaelion)
  112. "Okay?" (Naofumi)
  114. I comprehend up to what was said.
  116. What!?
  118. In my head...something like a puzzle is rising to the surface. A really fluffily indistinct enumeration was joined together like a puzzle. I understand that the magic invoked changes depending on this combination.
  120. "Let me see" (Naofumi)
  122. As I am, I cannot complete many shapes. I try to combine to consciously form the shape of Aqua Seal. However, the parts disappear while I am trying trial and error....
  124. "It failed. Try it once more" (Gaelion)
  126. Hey hey. Taniko and Gaelion are always doing this in actual combat? This is getting more more abnormal. Is there a need to memorize, it's become a staircase of problems. Though I say that, being made light of for not doing it is also objected.
  128. I draw power from the water once more. I assembled the puzzle gently floating upward as quickly as possible. The construction shape is different from last time!
  130. Now is probably not the best time to nitpick. But, the necessary parts are lacking. I can quickly assemble another one from memory.
  132. "I guide the power of this water, and desire embodiment. Earth vein. Give me power..." (Naofumi)
  134. With its completion, words unintentionally leaked out simultaneously. No, rather should I say I ended up reading it? It's somehow troublesome with all these differences between magics, like ease of use.
  136. "Aqua Seal!" (Naofumi)
  138. A target icon appeared so I designated myself. With a bashin-, it was confirmed that the magic was invoked.
  140. "Fumu, you grasped it surprisingly fast. I suppose it's as expected of a hero" (Gaelion)
  141. "That's true-. Naofumi-chan is a genius" (Sadina)
  142. "Don't mess around. I didn't think it'd be this hard" (Naofumi)
  143. "No, learning it in one night should not be a simple feat but..." (Gaelion)
  145. Gaelion is scratching his head with his hind foot making a crunching sound. This fellow acts like a dog.
  147. "Somehow or other Naofumi-chan is a hero you know? Being able to do it might be natural-" (Sadina)
  148. "You're settling a person's efforts as being a hero" (Naofumi)
  150. It was even more trouble to learn than magic. With magic it's fine if you just somehow use magic power and chant a chosen phrase after all. Thinking about it, memorizing the magic wasn't that hard, I feel like learning the written language was way more difficult. So with that said, magic would be simpler?
  152. Hm? I wonder what it is. Something is sticking in my mind.
  154. "Worthy of the origin of power. The Hero of the Shield commands. Decipher reason once more, protect that one!" (Naofumi)
  156. In the middle of chanting, a puzzle arbitrarily formed in my field of vision like with Dragon Pulse, but it can be felt as it is.
  157. ...?
  158. I was taught that magic and Dragon Pulse were made of different systems but....
  160. It seems I could grasp something but, somehow it probably won't go well. This is also vital to research into.
  162. "Nn~?" (Firo)
  164. Firo moaned with sleepy eyes. Then her whole body skillfully began shaking with a buruburu. Like I said what is that behavior? It's unpleasant when done in human form so I want you to stop.
  165. ...It's gotten pretty late too. I'm also worn-out from magic practice.
  167. "We should call it a night and sleep soon" (Naofumi)
  168. "That's right, progress was fast so even I forgot about time" (Gaelion)
  169. "Even if you praise me nothing will come out of it" (Naofumi)
  170. "I'm saying it's not a lie but...oh, fine. Well then" (Gaelion)
  171. "Kyua!" (Gaelion)
  173. Right after he finished talking, Gaelion returned to child Gaelion, who tried to invade my bed.
  175. "No!" (Firo)
  176. "Kyuaaa..." (Gaelion)
  178. There Firo kicked off the obstruction, and Child Gaelion let out a voice of protest.
  180. "Give it up, your punishment for mischief as not ended yet" (Naofumi)
  181. "Kyuaaa!" (Gaelion)
  183. Child Gaelion is also starting to want to sleep in my bed like Firo. Though, he's male so I could probably sleep with more peace of mind with him than Firo.
  185. "Beh-!" (Gaelion)
  187. Gaelion kept looking back like he was charmed by his back hairs while walking trudgingly, and left the house.
  189. "Well then let's sleep" (Sadina)
  190. "Su-..." (Atla)
  192. Atla is already sleeping. Her ease of sleep is dreadfully good. Just, Sadina has said she occasionally moves suddenly as if she remembered something so an eye needs to be kept on her. Sadina is somehow or other doing her job properly, as expected of the one Raphtalia relies on...right?
  194. "Well the children are asleep so does Naofumi-chan want to do something fun with oneesan?" (Sadina)
  195. "As if!" (Naofumi)
  197. Really this fellow, she started joking like this after losing to me in a drinking contest. It's not interesting and I'm telling you to stop.
  199. "Too bad, but I'll keep you company any time-" (Sadina)
  200. "Just hurry and sleep!" (Naofumi)
  202. Honestly...oh yeah this fellow is also simply levelling up fast. Seeing she's already up to 62, isn't she fighting even more efficiently than Firo? It's limited to the sea though....
  204. With the trivial chatter finished for the day, I went to bed. Never would I think even in my dreams, that the embers of the problem I overlooked would become such a big fire the next morning.
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