Mar 18th, 2017
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  1. >"Now look at these scissors that I just found."
  2. >Princess Luna holds up a giant pair of scissors as she looks out at the town from the balcony.
  3. >She leans herself against the stone bannister that keeps her from falling, wearing nothing but her underwear to feel the night breeze chill her skin.
  4. >It's about 10:30 at night, and neither of you are tired just yet.
  5. >"Guard, would you be a dear and try to tie my bra back together?"
  6. "What do you mea-"
  7. >The sound of the scissors snipping cuts you off. And you see the back strap of the bra fly to the sides after being split apart by the blades.
  8. >"Could you tie it back together?" Luna's face fails to hold back a lustful grin.
  9. >As you're obligated to do whenever the Princess asks you to do something, you're already striding over, soon clamping the snipped ends of the bra between your fingers and trying to tie them back together.
  10. >"Halt." The princess holds her hand up. "Maybe I should face you. So you have a better grip."
  11. >She turns around, and you immediately notice that she loosened the front knot of her bra.
  12. >The scissors now lie on the ground as you grab the snipped end while reaching around Luna's curvesome body.
  13. >Pull them towards eachother again, and you know exactly what's about to happen.
  14. >You can tell by the blushed smile that's unable to leave Luna's face.
  15. >The front knot of her bra is pulled apart, freeing her breasts from the cups and sending them bouncing into the open.
  16. >They almost brush against you.
  17. >"Oops." Princess Luna makes no attempt to pull the cups back forward from the sides of her body.
  18. >You're standing there with a deep red complexion growing on your face and a solid pillar of meat growing in a certain part of your armor.
  19. >"Will you be able to restrain yourself, guard?" Luna wraps her arms around you and pulls you into a very... cushioned hug.
  20. >Luna makes your armor disappear because of magic.
  21. >You're naked now, and she beams over at you with her smile as she pulls you into a kiss.
  22. >"Shall we go to somewhere more private?" She asks. "We're a little out in the open here, and I'm afraid someone will see us."
  23. "Sure. Let's go."
  24. >You follow Luna down into the dungeon.
  25. >At least 27 flights of stairs because fuck legs and feet.
  26. >Luna guides you to a door in the back corner of the dungeon, smiling at you with her tits still out, of course.
  27. >The door is made of like two inch thick steel. And it takes Luna about ten seconds to unlock it.
  28. >"Not even sound passes through doors like these."
  29. >U-unf~
  30. >Step through the door, and Luna follows you in and locks the thing behind you. It takes her 20 seconds to lock it, really making sure it's nice and secure.
  31. >"Follow me." Luna strides down the long and dark hallway that is the only thing the steel door led to.
  32. >You do as your princess commands, watching her ass from behind as she politely guides you.
  33. >The only thing lighting up this hallway is small torches several feet apart from one another lining the walls, but this hallway is so long, there might as well be hundreds of fucking torches.
  34. >Finally, the end of the hallway... leading to a very steep staircase leading down.
  35. >And it looks like it extends downwards at least four stories, and that's only for the part that's lit.
  36. >"Come on." Luna has to nudge you to start going down.
  37. >As if your feet haven't already had enough.
  38. >Three whole minutes later, and the two of you reach another steel door.
  39. >You can see that this one is at least a foot thick after Luna opens it in another minute.
  40. >"These doors are nuclear bomb proof." Luna tells you.
  41. >...unf?
  42. >These walls are already made of god-knows-how-thick stone.
  43. >After another minute, the larger door is closed, and Luna has to use a lighter in order to see in the new pitch black room.
  44. >It's another hallway, this one even more narrow than the last.
  45. >The two of you go down it, Luna miraculously holding a torch in her hand in order to see.
  46. >You reach an opening, leading to an old, rusty spiral staircase.
  47. >It looks like it goes down literally forever.
  48. >Luna smiles as she takes the first few steps. You follow her, at least trying to see her ass in the now extremely dimly lit place.
  49. >Like, fifteen minutes later, you finally make it to the bottom of the staircase.
  50. >It's a tiny room, and in the center of it is what appears to be a well.
  51. >Luna hops onto the bucket of the well and you get on too, soon lowering yourselves down even further by rope and putting the lotion on your skin or else you'll get the hose again.
  52. >The well goes down at least 200 feet. It's surprising that there are even individual bricks and stones down here.
  53. >After reaching the bottom of the well, you notice a third door in the wall.
  54. >It takes Luna two whole minutes to unlock it, and it's about two feet thick of super reinforced steel.
  55. >There are like 30 locks that the princess must unhinge.
  56. >"Right this way." Luna starts down an even smaller and more narrow stone corridor.
  57. >You, being her loyal royal guard, follow follow.
  58. >So, you walk. And walk, and walk and walk still.
  59. >In a straight line, and you're more than certain that you're not anywhere near Canterlot or Ponyville anymore at this point.
  60. >It's been almost 45 minutes now.
  61. >Finally, you reach a doorway.
  62. >And it leads to yet another, much steeper stairway.
  63. >This one takes another ten minutes to reach the bottom, and there's another long hallway at the end of that.
  64. >The ceiling of this hallway is arch shaped, and it's probably almost a half a mile in length. It takes you and Luna so fucking long to get to the next steel door.
  65. >Luna needs a damn ladder to climb up to a lot of the locks of this door, it's about two stories tall and twenty feet wide.
  66. >You sit on a nearby stalagmite as Luna takes several minutes to undo the dozens and dozens of locks.
  67. >They're all so loud and clanky; the most heavy-duty locks you could possibly imagine.
  68. >After entering all of the combinations and turning the many keys in the keyholes, Luna proceeds to start solving puzzles magically engraved into the door to confirm to it that the locks have been unlocked manually and not broken.
  69. >Luna then turns the giant steering wheel thingy on the door and it very slowly swings open.
  70. >Like, four feet thick of solid, SUPER reinforced steel.
  71. >"These doors are meme proof."
  72. >Luna takes even longer to re-lock the doors. She has to set up the puzzles again and everything, and there's yet even another long ass corridor to go down.
  73. >After you finally get started again, it takes longer and even longer still to get to the next difference in your surroundings.
  74. >Who the fuck even planned this place? Let alone BUILT it?
  75. >And what the hell were they smoking?
  76. >This has to be the longest hallway in the history of hallways. It feel like it's 8 miles long or something. Maybe longer.
  77. >It finally ends... and leads to a giant cathedral ceilinged room with a massive pit of lava.
  78. >You and Luna have to swing on vines to get to the other side.
  79. >After that, there's another staircase. VERY very steep, and it looks like it goes down a LONG way.
  80. >It takes you an unreasonable amount of time to make it to the bottom. You wonder if it's daytime by now.
  81. >Make it to another door, and it take Luna a half an hour to undo the locks and solve the puzzles and riddles that come with the door that turns out to be ten feet thick.
  82. >It's finally closed and locked behind you, and you continue down the next hallway.
  83. >You and Luna are really S A F E now.
  84. >But you keep going anyway. Soon finding more increasingly thick doors, more stairwells, hallways, and it goes on and on.
  85. >You and Luna travel together forever in search of S A F E A N D S O U N D
  86. The End.
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