Quick tips ver 3.6 (outdated)

Apr 14th, 2016
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  1. Quick FAQ for new players because none of you made this yet.
  3. Change your shared medal. No one wants Donald and always choose damage over buffs if you can.
  5. Every outfit you get should be unlocked at least to the farthest cheap node.
  6. E.G. AP, Cost, HP then stop.
  8. Helpful picture guides to maxing your medal. Guilt is a random roll.
  11. Don't bother leveling any medal if you cant max it the first time. The price dramatically increases every fusion.
  12. e.g. a medal starts at level 1 and getting it to 60 the first time with rare dolans costs 400 munny
  13. where as getting it to 55 costs 350 munny and from 55 to 60 costs 20,000 munny.
  14. Bottom line max it the first time or not at all.
  15. For medals level 80 or above even a full fusion of the rare ducks won't net you a max level but by the time you get medals that strong you should have enough munny to max them.
  17. The daily deal is the best deal right now if you can't or won't shill out for jewels.
  18. e.g. 3000 jewels for 10 medals or over a period of 5 days 15 medals for 3000 jewels.
  19. The Daily deal will still drop the new medals the limited time stuff is just for the deals.
  21. The Limited time medals you may have missed so far:
  22. Timeless River Mickey
  23. Judy Hopps
  24. Nick Wilde
  27. Past events:
  28. Dress like mickey
  29. Timeless river mickey
  30. Zootopia boards
  34. Medal lists have been congregated to the OP.
  36. Any egg mission just bring auto damage medals or high multi hit medals.
  37. High multi hit medals with low damage are good for farming Lux as well.
  40. For those worried about missions that have specific * or type requirements for their challenge, you do not need the partner medal to adhere to the restriction.
  42. (I'll add the rest as the game continues to be updated) You all were finally helpful.
  44. Drop tables:
  45. if you read the OP you wouldn't be asking this.
  46. (some rare drops like mythril and fusion medals have been debated. Probably just bad RNG)
  48. Mythril Stone: Quest 25
  49. Mythril Gem: Quest 24(?)
  50. Mythril Crystal: Quest 24
  53. No mission is best for a specific single drop, this list just tells you which levels are the fastest way of opening lots of chests of the appropriate rarity level.
  55. Cheshire Cat: Quest 63, and 80
  56. Merlin: Quest 57, and 158
  57. Fairy Godmother: 174
  58. Yen Sid: Quest 174, 203
  59. Fantasia Mickey: 232
  61. Don't waste your Orichalcums on Olympia and Starlight they're limited.(starlight is great but you get more gains from the other keyblades)
  63. Chip and Dales can be combined to save space in your inventory.
  64. As of December 10, 2015, the maximum a medal can be boosted is determined by it's rank, as follows:
  65. ★1 Medal +200
  66. ★2 Medal +200
  67. ★3 Medal +200
  68. ★4 Medal +200
  69. ★5 Medal +400
  70. ★6 Medal +1000
  72. Raid boss spawn explanation:
  75. That's all I have, keep adding to this.
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