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  1. hello person that took the time out of your battle to read this. I would like to tell you that the nickname for my pogre was going to be: Mushu: the educated whale that thinks he's better than you. however, it didn't fit on there so it ended up saying mushu the educate. but I didn't want to name it that, so I made this Pastebin so you would know what the entire nickname was. anyways, you should probably go back to the battle now before the timer runs out. but unless you're fine with that, stay here and keep reading. I won't judge, since unless you tell me, I won't even know you're reading this so it all ends up being ok. wow, you're still reading? I'm impressed that you've made it this far. if I saw a random person with a tinyurl as a nickname for a pokemon, I would've assumed that it wouldn't have to lead me anywhere. anyways, I like you. if you tell me in the chat "I am a champion" then I will forfeit the match. I'll say no, but if you say "you are not the champion" then I still won't do it, say the words "leia is fat. I can say it if it's true". then I shall forfeit. but everything has to be done in that exact order, so don't forget. anyways, nobody is going to read this, so I'm just going to go back to playing the game. forget this happened. I don't care.
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