Aug 20th, 2021
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  1. Why did the policy have to change?
  3. Due to the size and rapid growth of the
  4. OnlyFans platform, where creators have
  5. earned over $5 billion dollars since
  6. inception, we must increasingly rely on
  7. large banking institutions and payment
  8. processors to facilitate payments
  9. between fans and creators. The new
  10. rules are necessary to comply with the
  11. requirements of these financial
  12. institutions and are the only way to help
  13. ensure the long-term sustainability of
  14. OnlyFans.
  16. OnlyFans was founded as a diverse
  17. and inclusive home for all content
  18. creators and we stand by our
  19. commitment to that mission. We will
  20. continue to support and guide all
  21. creators through these necessary
  22. changes, making sure that all creators
  23. have a home on our platform.
  24. We look forward to continuing to
  25. provide an innovative platform for our
  26. diverse creator community.
  28. Thank you,
  29. OnlyFans Team
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