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raw changelog for RC19

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Nov 15th, 2020
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  1. Game
  2. - Removed shaders
  3. - Removed glass reflection shaders
  4. - New gasmask shaders
  5. - Updated gasmask textures for new system | Compressed with DXT3.
  6. - Fixed broken vertex position of water
  7. - Fixed few incorrect variable names, added screen_res constant to gasmask_common.h
  8. - Added PCSS shadow filterind (DX11/10), removed old GSC code for filters
  9. - Changed shadowmap filtering for volumetric lighting
  10. - Fast travel spot discovering now uses a callback instead of updating every 100ms
  11. - Hand should no longer change position when crouch-walking with an AS Val
  12. - Enabled debug prints for timer actions - might be helpful to find which calls break timers for level changing, artefact containers, ...
  13. - Freelook offset wasn't used for basic AS Val HUD
  14. - Removed "on_smart_terrain_visited" in favor of "actor_on_interaction"
  15. - Refresh UIs on changed resolution
  16. - Refresh Level Changer hints on changed resolution
  17. - Holding shift no longer blocks accessing inventory boxes
  18. - Restored old act_arm_berill texture instead of the tree bark skin
  19. - Text fixes, adjustments
  20. - Fixed name on enemy healthbar not showing if enemy was a mutant
  21. - Fixed entering code freezing inventory
  22. - Fixed numpads carrying over code from other ones
  23. - Now you can open doors by enetering code even before finding the corpse
  24. - Fixed not being able to pick up stuff without having an outfit equipped
  25. - Adjusted slider so it can pick only valid values, or fix console command to accept form 0.1
  26. - Added new interactable encyclopaedia entries and supplied them with text
  27. - Fixed npc not using healing items
  28. - Entries now have images, also we have some more text tweaks.
  29. - More entries for Sin, more dialogue for generic NPCS, more text tweaks
  30. - NPC say healing line when they do mid combat
  31. - Removed a spam print, inverted move and donate in trading window and added a debug command
  32. - Improve the infamous Military Stalker note, sorted out weird lore on the knives, polished Voronin further and brought the Resistance tooltips more in line with how Anomaly works
  33. - Fixes, removed unused config lines, removed debug prints
  34. - Fixed losing hunting kit bug with first hip quest
  35. - Make punch drop item only if gun
  36. - New text translation and further text fixes
  37. - Added "squad_on_after_game_vertex_change" and "squad_on_after_level_change" callbacks
  38. - Fixed some shader related issues
  39. - Fixed some animation issues
  40. - Shooting the explosive barrels on darkscape bridge no longer cripples performance
  41. - Updated with latest psi changes
  42. - Added game.translate_string() for xr_eat_medkit chatter character community
  43. - Static hud_fov for the pda to avoid unreadable pda on high hud_fov settings
  44. - Removed physics from the workshop table to fix physics explosions caused by it
  45. - Added missing captures definition for hip's model
  46. - No message if npc too far to avoid spam of npc in combat far from player
  47. - Fix for weapon shading in R1
  48. - Aslan now accepts duty patches for the lottery
  50. Engine
  51. - Allow level map screenshots on DX10/11
  52. - No need to force fullscreen for level map screenshots
  53. - Added missing hud_mode to r3 and r4 lights and adjusted it to no longer use g_fov
  54. - Reworked script onbeforehit callbacks and added "weapon_id" to SHits, SHits can change the draftsman of onbeforehit callbacks now
  55. - Added _G.CActor__OnBeforePHCapture callback (comes with a bool that tells you if the visual you're trying to capture exists in [ph_capture_ visuals]
  56. - Adjusted "wpn_degradation" command min/max to 0.1 - 2.0
  57. - Removed "adjust_hud_fov" field for hud items since it's no longer needed
  58. - Added "hud_fov" field for hud items to give them a specific hud_fov (useful for the pda)
  59. - PiP scopes no longer render in alt-aim or grenade launcher mode
  60. - Fixed :set_visual_name()
  61. - All hud items can make use of custom script ui now
  62. - Removed unused samplers from raindrops blender
  63. - Nightvision framework, tweaked on/off "switch" for gasmask/nightivsion effects
  64. - Added temp rendertarget of scene for SSR
  65. - Clean depth/stencil buffer every single frame to avoid ghosting....
  66. - Added blur phase Info: Outputs full res, half res, quarter res, blurred image. Useful for NV/DOF
  67. - Added bloom phase for new pp_bloom
  68. - Updated gasmask renderphase
  69. - Updated pp_bloom renderphase
  70. - Updated blur renderphase
  71. - Updated depth of field renderphase
  72. - Updated raindrops renderphase
  73. - Updated nightvision renderphase
  74. - Changed grass culling mode
  75. - Updated vertex shaders for postprocessing blender
  76. - Added example of proper renderphase DX9-11.
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