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  1. Con's: Inconsistent on detail at times. Lack of knowledge regarding interrupting during a fight and during actions given by the opponent to provide the interrupt. Forgot to expand on entrance detail which caused significant disadvantage during the fight. I would also suggest further detailing on actions for her attacks, dodging, and counters. Needs heavy focus on distancing during a fight and preparing an attack before reaching that distance or as they're reaching a certain distance. (*I can personally try to offer advice on this if need be.). Rori also allowed damage to her character when damage by opponent wasn’t stated (*However, this can also be seen as a pro since she willfully acknowledged a weapon making contact. I recommend a lesson about this section.). There's various nitpicky issues, especially regarding distancing, but these are major issues I've noticed. I also believe the mentality of not properly fighting as if it’s a death match affects how serious Rori takes the fight. From now on, I really recommend that any teachers do not let anything that is poorly or incorrectly done be allowed for herself or any other further spars so as not to build bad habits by our fighters. I also recommend that she tone down the cockiness a bit, but this is also purely a personal recommendation. Hubris and arrogance is just not something I personally like to see.
  5. Pro's: Really digging that she's actually trying to pay attention and learn. I know how hard some concepts can be to understand but Rori shows no signs of being negatively receptive to instruction, even when I may purposely be acting asshole-ish to make sure she understands how serious a situation can be or how she reacts. She's been practicing and fighting often, which shows willfulness to improve. At one point in the spar, I foolishly forgot to expand on the damage for a move (*see the explosions. Meant to imply that the explosion of the arena floor could cause debris that would scratch her feet if hit but the explosion itself would cause fairly hard damage) and Rori took advantage of it to take the damage smartly knowing it would affect hardly anything regarding her movements. I genuinely cracked a smile at that situation and its cool that she worked around that situation. It also shows she learned from a previous mistake regarding mentioning damage on my part. Which, I must again say I applaud her for being mindful enough to take damage that isnt mentioned but I would recommend in the future to note that if someone forgets damage… then basically shrug off the attack because then they fucked up.
  8. Final Verdict: I, Kazene, personally do not think Rori is ready for Tox's apprenticeship. At least not yet. More time and training is need to understand basics along with some thought processes that lead into advanced level of fighting.
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