Jewish Control of CNN [Archived Links Only]

Aug 21st, 2017
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  1. NOTE: This list is under construction. It will be completed in the future.
  3. Lists for NBC, the New York Times, and CBS are complete. To see a similar list for NBC, visit: To see a similar list for the New York times, visit: To see a similar list for CBS News, visit:
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  7. David Levy – President, Turner
  8. David Levy is President of Turner. David Levy is Jewish. The Editor of New Jersey Jewish News, a Jewish magazine, wrote a column that included David Levy (who, at the time, was President of Turner Sports) among a list of the ‘50 most influential’ people in sports that are Jewish. See []
  10. Lauren Hurvitz – Executive Vice-President & Chief Marketing Officer, Turner
  11. Lauren Hurvitz is Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer of Turner. Lauren Hurvitz is Jewish. The B'nai Jeshurun synagogue congratulated Lauren Hurvitz’s daughter, Natalie Katz on her Bat Mitzvah. The Facebook page for Lauren Hurvitz (of CNN) reveals that she is in fact the same Lauren Hurvitz mentioned in the synoguge’s announcement, as her husband and children’s name match up. See []
  13. Louise Sams – Executive Vice-President & General Counsel, Turner
  14. Louise Sams is the Executive Vice-President & General Counsel of Turner. Louise Sams is Jewish. Sams resides near Atlatna, where she works at the Turner headquarters (also in Atlanta), and Sams is listed on the Tribute committee for the Atlanta chapter of the AJC (A “Global Jewish Advocacy” group). []
  16. Juliette Kayyem – National Security Analyst
  17. Juliette Kayyem is a National Security Analyst for CNN. Juliette Kayyem’s husband is Jewish. Josh Jacobs, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, writes that Kayyem “married a Jewish guy and is raising three kids in the Jewish tradition.” []
  19. Peter Bergen – National Security Analyst
  20. Peter Bergen is a National Security Analyst for CNN. Peter Bergen is Jewish. Bergen was featured in a PJ Media story that listed Bergen amongst a number of Jews on the masthead for the Washington Free Beacon. []
  22. Antonio Sanfuentes – Senior Supervising Producer
  23. Antonio Sanfuentes is Senior Supervising Producer for CNN. Antonio Sanfuentes is Jewish. Sanfuentes stated in an interview with Bethesda Magazine that his mother was Jewish.
  24. []
  26. Timothy Naftali – Political Contributor
  27. Timothy Naftali is a Political Contributor for CNN. Timothy Naftali is Jewish. The Rt. Rev. John H. Taylor has stated on his website that Naftali’s father was Jewish. []
  29. Jonathan Wald – Executive Producer, CNN Tonight
  30. Jonathan Wald is Executive Producer of CNN Tonight. Jonathan Wald is Jewish. Wald was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Jeffrey Seigelman. []
  32. Peter Beinart – Political Contributor
  33. Peter Beinart is a Political Contributor for CNN. Peter Beinart is Jewish. Beinart’s parents were Jewish immigrants from South Africa, according to the Jewish publication Tablet Mag, and Beinart has written about how he remembers “walking back with [his] grandmother one night from synagogue. [1] []. [2] []
  35. Scottie Nell Hughes – Political Contributor
  36. Scottie Nell Hughes is a Political Contributor for CNN. Scottie Nell Hughes is Jewish. Hughes has stated that she “was raised Jewish” and that her “mother is a practicing Jew.” []
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