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  1. Diaspora
  3. "We had six years warning. Six years of utter terror, of the whole world descending into madness. Oh, the governments knew for longer, but secrets always get out. Everyone wanted off. People would sell everything they owned, their families, their souls, just for a chance of maybe surviving a little longer on some piece of godforsaken rock where they could get cancer and asphyxiate to death."
  5. "A planet of six billion people, all reaching desperately for the stars with society crumbling into dust around them? Maybe a few thousand of us got off, best guess. I still don't know if we were the lucky ones."
  7. Diaspora tells the story of a small group of colonists - the best, brightest, richest, most devious, and luckiest - on one of humanity's tiny and tenuous extraterrestrial outposts. Barely surviving the trip, they have made it to Mars where they must fight for survival and independence. On their shoulders rests the fate of Humanity itself.
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