5e Newbie Game: Kirland

May 12th, 2019
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  3. Agenda
  4. 1. Materials: minis, dice, paper, sheets
  5. 2. Intro:
  6. 1. Roll initiative
  7. 1. This is an ability check
  8. 2. If you were proficient in the tool or skill this involved, add prof +
  9. 2. Winner:
  10. 1. Look at handout
  11. 2. Pick a loot goal, everyone
  12. 3. Reveal the loot goal flashback
  13. 4. You’re in a barrow, on your back, torch sputtering beside you, bangle wearing skeleton climbing on top of you to bite your neck
  14. 5. You hear screams echoing around you; you’re looking back and forth between the golden bangles and the broken teeth
  15. 6. What do you do?
  16. 7. Resolve the action
  17. 8. Someone comes to fight alongside you. Who?
  18. 9. Choose a bond between yourselves.
  19. 10. Show how it’s manifested right now.
  20. 11. Play out the rest of the fight, generating new bonds as the fight proceeds
  21. 3. Show them on the map where they are. Ask if they want to continue exploring the downs, go farther east, or back to town.
  24. Things I need:
  25. 1. Flashback revealing loot goal and granting inspiration transitioning into the present, in a nasty fight, going back and forth between how the loot goal was determined and the pressure to change, i.e., the horror, until finally we see the PC pass through it having had a small but satisfying character arc. YES.
  26. 1. Use this to establish for the first time and to teach the concept of loot goals, ideals, etc
  27. 2. Ask who comes to your aid. Pick a bond between you. Ask how this shows the bond between you.
  28. 2. Rules:
  29. 1. Inspiration whenever BIFTs change
  30. 2. Inspiration: when anyone takes an action that grants inspiration, everyone gets it.
  31. 3. Darkness: the light cantrip works but not in dungeons, where there is magical darkness stronger than cantrip level.
  32. 3. PC Bonds: can get inspiration by showing (and possibly creating in the process) what the bond is like. Are you twins that love each other, hate each other? Show that.
  33. 1. Big and little siblings
  34. 2. Twins
  35. 3. Senpai and me
  36. 4. War buddies
  37. 5. Mentor and student (in faith, study)
  38. 6. Parent and child
  39. 7. One sided romance
  40. 8. Married
  41. 9. Ward and protector
  42. 10. Childhood friends
  43. 11. Rivals
  44. 12. Fated companions
  45. 4. Plots
  46. 1. Restless Dead: the ghost of Lord Nemo’s wife Ophelia and her unborn son Matthew each night of the full moon kills a man whose wife is pregnant.
  47. 1. Background: This happened a year ago. The graveyard monument was completed four months ago. Since then, three men whose wives were pregnant have been found drowned in the river on the night of the full moon. The next full moon is in three days.
  48. 2. If they talk with Ophelia at her monument she will say she can’t enter the castle and needs her husband killed to put her vengeance to rest.
  49. 3. It’s possible to put her ghost to rest by exorcism, but this is dangerous, and side effects could raise the dead etc. more effective if done where she miscarried but can be done at monument.
  50. 2. Orc attacks
  51. 1. The leader demands tribute each full moon
  52. 2. Lord Nemo doesn’t want to pay since he knows that their treasure hoard will spawn more monsters
  53. 3. Can’t expect help from Baron Iudex Meus because of the war against the Ophites and their king Serpico. They are dragon worshipers.
  54. 4. They will show up next full moon and demand tribute. If not given, they say next full moon they will blow through the wall (and they will using explosives from their captive alchemist). Then they disembowel a traveler and shoot flaming arrows and leave.
  55. 3. Dragonslayer Bandit. The brother of Lord Nemo, Paulus, wants to take over from his brother. He pledges to pay tribute from the lord’s vault, including Ophelia’s hereditary jewelry, and then recover it all when the war is over and an army can be marshaled.
  56. 1. Whispers in the tavern from his supporters
  57. 2. Thieves will be asked to steal Ophelia’s hereditary jewels from the vault
  58. 3. He's stolen the hereditary Holy Sword of Saint Beth from her statue in the plaza, intending to use it to slay the dragon and bolster his coup against his brother.
  59. 4. Ophite intrigue
  60. 1. Background: Dragon cultists offer riches and magic in exchange for opening the gates at night. They seek to take the castle tow. and use it to attack Baron Iudex from the rear.
  61. 2. Intro: people at bar bring up the war, with others in the back looking to gauge reactions
  62. 3. Sympathetic: bumped into on street, dropped into pocket a coin of the serpent kingdom. OPHIS ANAX (serpent king)
  63. 5. A town (prices doubled due to orc attacks)
  64. 1. Castle
  65. 1. Lord Nemo has amputated leg, this not out to war
  66. 2. Wants to hold out against the orcs until the war against the Ophites is over and he gets resources to fight orcs
  67. 2. Smith (bank, arms and armor, nails)
  68. 3. Tavern (rumors, hirelings)
  69. 4. Market (Saturdays)
  70. 5. Plaza: statue of Saint Beth, now with missing sword
  71. 6. Tailor with bags, some fancy clothes
  72. 7. Carpenter
  73. 8. Church
  74. 1. Father Ferlin
  75. 2. Deacon Rodgers
  76. 9. Graveyard
  77. 10. Gallows & Gibbets
  78. 11. Stuff to spend cash on
  79. 1. The church repairs
  80. 2. A family’s burned down house
  81. 3. Disabled vets
  82. 4. Widow’s family
  83. 6. Rumors
  84. 1. Orc heads on pikes outside the walls, hanging tree nearby
  85. 2. The Holy Sword of Saint Beth was stolen from her statue in the plaza by the Count's brother, the bandit king Paulus
  86. 3. There’s a hermit in the woods who can tell your future
  87. 4. A child named Therion was lost in the woods several months ago and never was found
  88. 5. Dragon [red] sighted in the forest
  89. 6. Demon boars in the forest and walking trees
  90. 7. Bounties on a bandit, orcs, and a murderer
  91. 8. Strange standing stones in the ravine
  92. 9. Church falling apart, no one will fix
  93. 10. Haunted church graveyard with a beautiful mother and child monument to the lord’s recently deceased family
  94. 11. People have been having bad dreams about (warlock patron imagery)
  95. 12. The Argent house burned down 2 days ago:
  96. 1. the daughter Igni (red hair obv) wants to be a wizard and was experimenting with fire spells late into the night, didn’t realize she had caused a spark in the thatch just before nodding off, will be apprentice and come with. Knows a fire protection spell.
  97. 2. Arcana reveals fire was magical in nature. Smell of ozone still lingers faintly.
  98. 7. A fire breathing dragon in a sunken castle
  99. 8. Religious/social problems for cleric
  100. 1. Warlock patron idol in forest, god will command destruction
  101. 2. Or the church is falling apart and no one will fix it (300 gp)
  102. 3. Lord Nemo unintentionally caused a miscarriage on his wife by striking her when drunk; she then drowned herself. Her spirit and the spirit of her unborn son haunt the graveyard, can reveal cause of death. He has since gone straightedge.
  103. 4. Father Ferlin believes that Rogers, a deacon, is a dragon cultist. He is half correct, using serpent magic to heal. Believes a blessing from god, not a traitor yet but will be radicalized by the spies in the town.
  104. 9. Magical stuff for arcane
  105. 1. Standing stones that can be activated in the wilderness, can be used to portal around and will teach the spell once each is activated. Each spits a magically visible line to the next one, will grant a boon relevant to character’s goal.
  106. 2. Warlock patron idol in forest, gives nightmares, requires blood sacrifice on idol and will bring forth big demon thing to kill more. Will grant limited use special power in return related. Like arm tentacle grapple or something
  107. 3. Potion recipes
  108. 1. Go Off Juice: orc liver, fire
  109. 10. Natural stuff for druid
  110. * Sacred oak, enclosed with ditch and palisade
  111. * can open and provide shelter
  112. * can grant a golden apple once a week like a healing pot
  113. * monthly blot-sacrifice, of horses, pigs, and/or prisoners; boil meat in pots, sprinkle blood on the idols and worshipers; (dark?) elves appear and feast at the meal
  114. * Boars driven wild like Princess Mononoke due to a corrupted spring. Same for little tree baddie dudes.
  115. * Corrupted by the dragon, oozing tar and breathing fire
  116. * Spring can be purified by the Druid bit can be contaminated again if the dragon drinks from it
  117. * Tracks nearby showing the dragon’s presence
  118. 11. Bounty for martial
  119. * A bandit figure the count wants taken out, but there’s more to it
  120. * He is the lord’s brother and is hunting the dragon, has a dragonslaying sword
  121. * He wants to take his brothers place, and he is handsome and charismatic
  122. * Another bounty: a man killed another in revenge and the lord has put a bounty on. The man fled with family into the wilderness. All is as you would expect but he begs mercy on account of his family. And the man he killed was abusive and a drunk and had no dependents.
  123. * Bounty on the orcs attacking town, a gold a kill
  124. 12. A hermit
  125. 1. In the wilderness
  126. 2. Rumors to give directions to him in town and at church: his nephew is the priest
  127. 3. Will give visions, read past, gives a test and grants a boon
  128. 13. A mazy dungeon
  129. 1. The dragons lair: kobolds, stirges, traps, slimes, gelatinous cube, mold
  130. 2. A sunken castle
  131. 3. Outside the castle a boat on shore with an airtight coffee in it. Sign nearby “Pay toll. Leave in water.” Toll is for troll living underwater beneath the sunken bridge that is no longer visible from the surface. If not paid, he will emerge once you have crossed to castle and not allow passage back until 100 gp paid as penalty. He has 625 copper and a necklace worth 488 gp.
  132. 4. The dragon is red dragon wyrmling named Urud.
  133. 5. trapped hallway with falling floor into grey ooze with secret door exit activated by pushing in a screaming face carved high on the wall (can be done with a thrown rock)
  134. 6. Kobold den, many sleeping, can stealth through or fight, gleaming statue of warrior at back covered with jewelry and nice gear
  135. 14. Overland travel
  136. 1. Path to the dragons lair. Also a corrupted spring. Corrupted by the dragon.
  137. 2. A few lairs:
  138. 1. Undead barrows
  139. 2. Orc and goblin lair; they attack town. They may ally against gnolls. A grasping goblin wants to overthrow the orcs and become goblin king. The orc king wears the previous goblin kings skin and displays his skeleton and maintains his old harem.
  140. 3. Gnoll warren
  141. 1. they may ally against orcs
  142. 2. They have a child (Therion) they found lost in the woods and have been raising as a gnoll
  143. 3. He is feral and will not wish to leave
  144. 4. Owlbear lair: jewelry worth 2400 gp
  145. 5. Sacred Grove: Awakened tree lairs, with twig blights
  146. 6. Hermit: Sable the Wise
  147. 7. Bandit fort: Paulus the Bandit King
  148. 8. Murderer hideout: The man fled with family into the wilderness. All is as you would expect but he begs mercy on account of his family. And the man he killed was abusive and a drunk and had no dependents.
  149. 15. Characterization/drama
  150. 16. Reasons to want treasure
  151. 1. 1. start a merc band, hire self out to king to get nobility
  152. 2. 2. get a march-castle
  153. 3. 3. build a temple
  154. 4. 4. endow an orphanage
  155. 5. 5. endow a hospital
  156. 6. 6. build a tower
  157. 7. 7. start a guild
  158. 8. 8. ransom relative
  159. 9. 9. pay debt
  160. 10. 10. YOLO
  161. 11. 11. get into wizard school
  162. 12. 12. get accepted into the thieves guild
  163. 17. Monsters
  164. 1. Awakened Tree
  165. 2. Bandit
  166. 3. Bandit captain
  167. 4. Dire Wolf
  168. 5. Gelatinous Cube
  169. 6. Ghoul
  170. 7. Giant Boar
  171. 8. Giant Rat
  172. 9. Gnoll
  173. 10. Goblin
  174. 11. Gray Ooze
  175. 12. Kobold
  176. 13. Orc
  177. 14. Otyugh
  178. 15. Owlbear
  179. 16. Red Dragon Wyrmling
  180. 17. Skeleton
  181. 18. Stirge
  182. 19. Troll
  183. 20. Zombie
  185. Misc. silver = pence. 2 sp a day.
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